Grieving the loss of our doctors

How to cope with the unexpected loss of physicians in loving memory of Drs. J. Barton Williams and Timothy H. Krahn of OrthoSouth in Memphis. Live event hosted on Saturday, February 27, for all clinic staff. If you are grieving the death of a physician you may find comfort and guidance in this recorded session.

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10 comments on “Grieving the loss of our doctors
  1. John Drake says:

    Thank you so much Pam for this great presentation. In my department of now 22 OB/GYN physicians if one doctor was lost to suicide there would be untold damage. If 2 physicians did were lost I can’t imagine what would happen. 6 1/2 years ago we lost the groups practicing patriach due to heart disease and cancer and our group disintegrated into madness. We got no counseling or support but were corralled by the board into signing a contract stating what they were going to control us or we could leave.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Just an FYI that suicide is only part of the problem. Dr. Barton Williams died of Covid after getting the Covid vaccine: (multi-organ system failure – MIS-A with no underlying health conditions). As sadly did an Ob/Gyn with thrombocytopenoa/ITP no underlying health conditions as far as I know.
      So doctors deaths increasing for multiple reasons. So so sad.

      • LAUREN WILLIAMS, RN says:

        Dr. J. Barton Williams, or “Doc” to us, did not die as a result of the vaccine. He lost his life from a very rare and still researched result of having COVID. The vaccine did not take his life. And he would be ashamed and disappointed in anyone that tried to associate his death with the vaccination. GET VACCINATED. Do not use his name in vain, or in any way as to not learn the facts. A MIS-A (and MIS-C) protocol exist, because his life, his body, went to make sure that researchers and physicians like him could help others. Do not spread information, such as “he died from vaccination”. It lacks fact and shows ignorance in those that choose not to do the homework.

  2. Anon Doctor says:

    Our lives suck. I had four deaths in less than a week in hospital some cardiac arrests and some stemis . They gasp last right in front of you and then you have the family and their emotions. You don’t knowYou don’t know them. You have never seen grandmas and grandpas before but you can never disconnect emotionally.

    The grief that you see in the eyes of a sister who’s watching her brother die in front of her is not easy to comprehend.
    A wife of 60 years saying goodbye to her husband or vice versa is not an easy thing to watch. A Daughter holding her dying mother hand who expires right in front of your eyes is not some thing one can disconnect from. We cannot go home without being affected by all this.
    And The system is fucked up all it demands is more from us they don’t treat us or the patients as humans.
    More paperwork more explanations more regulations.

    Seeing family members at bedside side when they’re gasping their last and they r still hopeful That their loved one is going to come back iz not easy to watch.

    The CEOs don’t watch that, the medical boards dont watch these scenes , the regulators don’t watch these scenes , the people sitting in Washington DC making policies do not watch what we see every day.

    Listening to a grandma conversation with her husband who had cardiac arrest and had flat line on monitor and a daughter standing in grief there, was really heart breaking. Yes we can say the patient was too old. But For them he was their universe , everything. They will go home to see an empty chair of his and empty room, they may also think they are hearing his Voice sometimes.

    Walking back from ER it felt so heavy inside. I was tearful And when I came home I had to wait in my car in garage till the eyes dried before i went in home.

    The CEOs, the boards, and ABIM’s the regulator sitting far away and controlling us threatening us do not see any of this. I’m sure there are thousands like me in medicine who feel the common human pain every day but they can’t even bring it on their lips because otherwise we fall below the systems expectations of us to be “ robots without hearts “

    we are even scared to openly talk such things.

    Two distressing things that I noticed in Medicine over the last few weeks-
    1- the same medical work force -docs and non docs who risked their lives over past two years , who were “flatteringly” labeled hero’s, are now reduced to zero in many states when these heroes ( now reduced to just “disposable health care workers” by the system ) wanted to exercise their right not be jabbed , they are being fired by the thousands. Imagine the trauma and the suffocation they must be feeling now !!

    2- the medical societies and boards sending threatening emails to their members to comply with vaccine mandates aka Fauci’s agenda , and any logical Scientific, critical discussions about the jabs can be considered “ misinformation” , I don’t see docs anymore having any discussion about medical topics. They have basically taken away patient-doc and doc – doc discussion about pros and cos of medical interventions. We are scared because anything can be reported by anyone listening around as “ spreading misinformation”.

  3. Becky Norris says:

    I regret so much this happened. After experiencing this with my father and seeing many other victims, I can tell you the 2nd vaccine is what catapults the body’s immune system into attacking the organs. It is not a rare symptom. It’s receiving the vaccines WAY TOO CLOSE TOGETHER. The body had not recovered from the first dose. Once the 2nd is given, no one knows if they might be the same victim. No vaccine has ever been administered a booster within 3 weeks in history. It’s common sense. The first dose should have been given and studied more closely before bullying people into taking a 2nd one; and now a 3rd and 4th. This is absolute destruction to the body. Why is it not being reported???? It interferes with very effective immunotherapies that treat cancer. I personally know 32 people over 65 who have developed some form of cancer since taking the last dose of Pfizer in February. These were perfectly healthy people who then reacted to immunotherapies with TENS and SJS. These are also syndromes fueled by the 2nd dosage of Pfizer. Most of these victims reacted to Opdivo which never showed serious side affects until Pfizer dosage number 2. Please pay attention to this. It’s vital.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I understand Becky. A dear patient of mine was in remission for 5 years from a very small shallow melanoma and once she was corralled into our local stadium for a mass-vaccination campaign, she developed a 4.5 cm huge lymph node under her arm (opposite side from her injection, same side as prior melanoma) and now has METASTATIC MELANOMA. So upsetting, submitted to VAERS. Huge lymph node appeared after the second injection. VAERS still has not reviewed her records and has only given me a temporary ID #. These adverse events are not being studied in any comprehensive way. A physician from Italu has contacted me also concerned about the rise in unusual melanomas after vax.

  4. Joe DeLuca says:

    Hi Dr Pam. My name is Joe DeLuca. Retired RN/EMT. I was an ER, EMS helicopter and military Nurse, volunteer fireman. I have had numerous orthopedic surgeries at Ortho South. Dr Tim Krahn did a total knee on me 7 years ago. Now I have to have the other knee done. I just found out today that Tim died 2 years ago. When I asked ortho south what happened I got no answer. I asked was it Covid, drugs, heart, suicide? No answer. I was shocked.

  5. Joe DeLuca says:

    ok thanks.

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