Honoring those we lost to suicide amid COVID-19

View award-winning documentary that honors physicians we lost to suicide here.

Dr. Lorna Breen recovered from COVID-19, yet was traumatized from witnessing so many deaths she required psychiatric hospitalization—then died by suicide. Dr. Leigh Sundem lost her job due the pandemic. Indian Dr. Poulami Saha, a pediatrics resident stepped off the 6th floor of her COVID-19 hospital before her shift. French physician, Dr. Bernard Gonzalez died by suicide recovering from the virus while in isolation with his wife. Within a week, we lost two Italian nurses. Daniela Trezzi, RN, recovered from coronavirus yet feared she may have infected patients. A second Nurse died by suicide in Venice and another Nurse at her London hospital. Rookie EMT John Mondello traumatized by so many deaths in NYC took his life. In the last few days we lost Sgt. First Class Leo Paz and a US Pediatrician. I just learned of an Australian Intern Dr. Ira Poon this evening.

We must be proactive to prevent more suicides.

And I need your help.


Join us here to honor these beautiful people & watch award-winning documentary (view movie trailer) by Emmy-winning filmmaker on how to prevent physician suicide. Included are expert panel discussions on coping with vicarious trauma & preventing physician PTSD.**Please share**

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7 comments on “Honoring those we lost to suicide amid COVID-19
  1. Tom fiero says:

    Thank you Pamela for all you do

  2. Helene ruiz says:

    So very sad. I think it is wonderful that you do this. Unfortunately I can’t join with the technology i have but I commend your work on this heart breaking subject.

  3. RBJ says:

    Your Blog will now be read by those who can fix things.

  4. ES, pharmd, DO says:

    There are more to these stories than just the pandemic. So you are telling me that an ER doc with 20 plus years of experience, seeing every trauma imaginable, kills herself because of a damned virus??? No way. Something else like mental illness(major depressive disorder) is the commonality among all these cases.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      EM docs are in the top 3 high risk specialties so of course she had untreated vicarious trauma PRE-pandemic.

  5. Elaine Ingulli says:

    For Dr. Wible:

    I am trying to reach your mother, Dr. Judith Wible, to speak with her about a 50th celebration of the founding of SJ NOW-Alice Paul Chapter. I would be so grateful if you could please forward this information to her. Thank you so much

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