How to inspire 4000 doctors with one backpack (in 4 minutes)

One-backpack keynote. How I inspired 4000 doctors in 4 minutes. True story.

Dr. Wible: 4 outfits for Las Vegas that I fit into my one backpack. This is it. And it’s showtime! With my PowerPoint on my Wonder Woman USB and magic backpack outfit #2. (Clapping) This is a medical system that needs to be disrupted. Backpack disruption! Into this one little backpack with 7 shirts, 2 vests 3 pairs of jeans, 2 trench coats, one coat, my bra, all these accessories and makeup. 2 pairs of shoes, electronic stuff, water bottle. 3 pairs of glasses, 2 pens into one backpack and getting on the plane in a few hours. How? Raise your hand if you’d like to know (clapping). Alright. Hey, I’m in the car with Jason who can’t believe this is the only luggage I have.

Jason: “I can’t believe it! I’ve never known a woman to pack 4 days in just a backpack. Amazing! You ought to give lessons.”

Dr. Wible: Jason, the reason why I have my backpack here is because I have some beautiful handmade designer clothing that I had to check at one point and I got it back after my last keynote. I got it out of the plane and it smelled like airline fuel.

Jason: “That happens more often than you think. I deal with a lot of people who fly and the horror stories of luggage ruined, pieces of clothing and such, you’d be surprised.”

Dr. Wible: You can’t risk it. Thank you for the ride!

Jason: Nice talking with you!

Dr. Wible: I don’t have to check any bags. No bags to check. Putting my bag through. I’m at United Airlines counter.

Flight Attendant: Please stow your larger carry-on luggage in the overhead bin and place smaller items under the seat in front of you. Stowing your rollerboards in the overhead compartments wheels first. Let a flight attendant know if you need any help.

Dr. Wible: Hey, I just got home and here is everything that I pulled out of my backpack: two trench coats, two vests, seven shirts, three beautiful necklaces, one bra, two pairs of socks, two pairs of shoes, four pairs of pants, a menstrual pad, some BandAids, some meds, my toothbrush, a bunch of little toiletries, here is my glitter, cases for three pairs of glasses, cords for cellphone, my favorite pencil, handmade wood pen, earplugs, some instructions for where to be so I don’t miss my keynote, seven packages of dried fruit, an apple, a tiny little thing of Tabasco, two Christmas gifts that I received, PowerPak little fizzy, two tea bags, money and receipts, two USB drives, a book that I highly recommend everyone read—An Inflammation Nation, that I got from my great friend, Dr. Sunil Pai, my watch, my lipstick, and two hair ties, my favorite coat that I just made. All this stuff (except for the cat) fit into this one backpack with three areas that you can store things in. Reaction Kenneth Cole is the brand so if anyone really wants to get a really good backpack that can fit a lot in. The side pockets basically there for the dried fruits and there’s a little pocket for your water bottle.

There ya go! You can be a keynote speaker on tour in the most amazing outfits ever—all without losing anything, ever having to check a bag. The crazy thing about this is that overpacked. Several items I never wore. I didn’t need half the toiletries. I brought everything I needed to bring down the house with 4000 doctors as the keynote speaker in Las Vegas.

Dr. Shaun McKee: This is the one lecture you should have seen! Pamela nailed it!

Dr. Wible: Keeping the theme of simplicity which was the theme of my speech, you don’t really need much. You actually can open your own medical clinic with two chairs, a piece of paper, and a stethoscope and if you’re a psychiatrist you can throw that out the door. With my life of voluntary simplicity, maximal joy and bliss through the roof. Launch your own practice! Live your dream! Don’t let anyone stop you!

I highly recommend that all doctors out there, don’t escape into side gigs. Stop running away. Stop using the bullshit term of burnout and get back to the reality of being a real healer. You can do it. On a few hundred bucks you can open your clinic like I did. You don’t need a whole bunch of stuff. You can friggin do all of this with your medical degree and a backpack. Don’t overcomplicate your life.

Need help packing for your next keynote, launching your dream clinic, or leaving assembly-line medicine? Contact me at

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One comment on “How to inspire 4000 doctors with one backpack (in 4 minutes)
  1. Pratistha Strong says:

    Just read this…???…it’s so possible!!! We did international travel for a month with a 5 year old and we had two adult backpacks and a small child bag! Checked nothing, all of our stuff was back in one piece!!!

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