A Valentine’s plea for doctors

Love yourself first

For all of you hard-core docs who put everyone’s needs ahead of your own.

For all the docs forgetting to eat or drink all day then fainting in operating rooms.

For all my sisters working through miscarriages without taking time off to grieve.

For all the doctors working with strep throat so severe they can hardly swallow.

For all the dehydrated docs hooked up to IV poles that they keep dragging from room to room.

For all the resident physicians working through severe asthma attacks.

For the doctor who told me she was so sleep deprived she fell asleep on her patient’s leg.

For my friend who had brain surgery during medical school and powered through so she could still graduate on time.

For all the female physicians back at work just a few days after delivering their babies.

For all the depressed and suicidal doctors caring for others until they can’t go on one more day.

Please stop the self-abuse.

Love yourself first.



~ Pamela

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2 comments on “A Valentine’s plea for doctors
  1. Martha says:

    Thank you. And same to you, and ALL OF YOU! <3


    doc : I have treated all of these symptoms in the last 18 years.

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