You can’t bake a cake in 15 minutes and you can’t see an elderly patient in 15 minutes

Hi. My name is Ann Cordum and I’m an MD internal medicine doctor. If you are a medical student, intern, resident, practicing doctor, I am here to tell you that you no longer have to put up with abuse and you no longer have to listen to administrators that are not clinical (that have no idea what it’s like to sit with a patient) tell you how fast to see patients. You can’t bake a cake in 15 minutes and you can’t see an elderly patient in 15 minutes.

So if you are feeling miserable, if you are wondering why you went into medicine in the first place, I want you to know that there is a better way, you can quit that job. If you are not feeling good about it, don’t stay in it—quit it like many of us have done here at Breitenbush retreat where we are focusing on growing and starting our ideal medical practices.

Before my life as a doctor was fraught with a lot of fatigue, some depression, some anxiety, some unsettled feelings and since I started my own ideal medical practice 15 months ago I feel at peace. I feel like I am able to serve those patients. I love going to my job every day. I look forward to it. I know my patients. I enjoy my patients. I have free time. I get to hike. I get to exercise. I get to go to my French class. I get to enjoy music and watch movies and live life again—all while being a doctor and serving patients. I do that free of non-medical administrators and third parties. It is very, very simple. It is just you and the patient and your mission to serve in your called field of medicine.

So if you are feeling like their is no hope, there is hope. Come join us on a retreat or contact Dr. Pamela Wible or one of us that have broken free and please know that there is a way to be happy in medicine.

Pamela Wible, M.D. is a family physician and “liberator of physicians from treadmill medicine.” This video was filmed by GeVe at our biannual physician retreat. Come join us! Questions? Contact Dr. Wible.

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2 comments on “You can’t bake a cake in 15 minutes and you can’t see an elderly patient in 15 minutes
  1. Shalena T Garza says:

    Awesome! Thank you. Thats what they told me I had to do! I had to see my VA clinic patients in 15 minutes each. To clarify the situation, these were patients with multiple medical problems and were all new to me, so the 15 minutes included the review of the chart before meeting the patient, the interaction with the patient and the documentation! I just refused to do it because it was unsafe. I was bullied after that and although it was many years ago, I am still suffering the consequences of what they did to me in my residency program in Indiana.

  2. Shalena T Garza says:

    I want to clarify. I did not refuse to see my patients, I refused to see them in 15 minutes. It was taking about an hour actually, and I could get better at it and do it in 45 minutes probably depending on the case.

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