Doctor’s secret: how I quit my job, lost 125 pounds & had a 4-day orgasm

“Two years ago I did stand in front of this camera and I explained that I had arrived at Breitenbush and I had experienced a four-day orgasm. [October, 2014] I just experienced a four-day orgasm at Breitenbush Hot Springs at Dr. Pamela Wible’s retreat. [Fast forward October, 2016 and 125 pound lighter!] So how can I not come back for more of that? So since the week of the four-day orgasm, I left my job, I opened my own clinic with my husband. Our life is totally different than it used to be. I’m healthy. I’m happy. I’m a better doctor.”  ~ Keely Wheeler, D.O.

“I’ve known for my whole life that I wanted to open an ideal medical clinic (I just didn’t know that’s what we were gonna call it) and I have been fighting against corporate medical America since I was twelve.” ~ Rachel Brennan, D.O.

“Corporate medicine has sucked the soul out of American doctors for too long and if you are enraged, you’re right! The requirements of corporate medicine for doctors to see more patients in shorter amounts of time is not only unethical, it should be illegal. It is your responsibility as a physician, as a human being, to stand up for what is good and right and ethical in the treatment and care of your patients.”  ~ Kat Lopez, M.D.

“I was given permission for the first time in my life.” ~  Rachel Brennan, D.O.

“Give yourself permission to be an adult and live your dream.”  ~ Juliet Asher, M.D.   

“I was so empowered here and I was just unleashed. I was made free.” ~ Rachel Brennan, D.O.

“One year ago when I came here I was on the verge of ending my medical career forever.” ~ Yami Lancaster. D.O.

“What comes in here is a big lie that we have been told from day one regarding the impossibility of doing our own thing, going out alone as a practitioner, or starting our own business.” ~ Kat Lopez, M.D.

“We are living under a set of bullsh*t rules.”  ~ Yami Lancaster. D.O.

“I remember my boss telling me several months ago with all the new government regulations coming down that we just need to accept it and learn to fit all this into our current workday.” ~ Kelley Stahl, M.D.

“if you’re a doctor or a patient or a medical student, I just want to let you know that you’ve been lied to.” ~ Maili Velez-Dalla Tor, M.D.

“And we’ve been told very clearly over and over again from the beginning before we were ever empowered to think about it that it was impossible, that we could not make a living in that way. That is a blatant lie and Dr. Pamela Wible has from the ground up built a life and now a movement of doctors who can show you that, yes, like Joe and Mary down the street running their own nail salon, hair salon, people without even a high school diploma can run successful small businesses, have the relationship-based clientele that they’ve been longing for, feed their families, and be wonderful members of their community. It’s not rocket science and your education, training, and now corporate positions have disempowered you systematically and it is time to connect with your inner rage and frustration, stand up, and refuse to take it any longer,” ~ Kat Lopez, M.D.

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore.” ~ Annmarie Ray, M.D.   

“We have a problem.” ~ David Kwon, D.O.

“The current system is abusive. It hurts patients. It hurts doctors and it kills us.” ~ Wendy Schilling, M.D.

“You should exercise more. Do more yoga.” ~ Maili Velez-Dalla Tor, M.D.

“When’s the last time you did something healthy that you told your patients to do? When’s the last time you went for a walk? When’s the last time you did yoga?” ~ Wendy Schilling, M.D.

“There’s no yoga or amount of exercise in the world that is going to remove a bad situation.”  ~ Maili Velez-Dalla Tor, M.D.

“We’ve sat on our butts, all of us, and we’ve just taken it.” ~ Annmarie Ray, M.D.

“I think it was like a 90-hour work week so it was minimum wage so I thought that was just the way it was going to be.”  ~ Lisa Shea Roberts, F.N.P.

“We’re slaves.” ~ Maili Velez-Dalla Tor, M.D.

“I was actually told that I was too thorough in the 10-minute appointments so it wasn’t working and I was looking at bank teller jobs.” ~ Lisa Shea Roberts, F.N.P.

“It is impossible to provide good care within 15 or 20 minutes.” ~ Taylor Brana, medical student

“I went into medical school really thinking, ‘Yeah! I’m gonna be a healer!’” ~ Sara Modlin, medical student

“I had this ideal image of just being a relationship-based individual wanting to help anyone who came my way and just providing healing. And then I come to medical school and I sit in a chair all day and I’m told a bunch of information. I am not actually learning. I’m just told to memorize all of this stuff.”  ~ Taylor Brana, medical student

“You’re allowed to be happy.” ~ Sara Modlin, medical student

“Please send this to other doctors and let them know that they are allowed to be happy doctors. They are allowed to spend time with their patients and laugh and hug them and tell them that they love them. That’s okay.” ~ Yami Lancaster. D.O.

“This miracle called Dr. Pamela Wible snuck into my life three years ago and said, ‘Yah, come on. Join us!’” ~ Ana Maria Sierra, Ph.D.

“You can change things one person at a time. And that’s what Breitenbush has taught me. Everybody can change the world and Pamela Wible is the one person who made me start to believe that. She is crazy enough to make you believe . . .”  ~ Annmarie Ray, M.D.

“Pamela has demonstrated through her books and all her crazy accomplishments that each of us has the power to change the world.” ~ Cindy Lay, premedical high school student

“She has and she’s done it one person, one doctor, exponentially has spread amongst all these people and makes you believe . . .”   ~ Annmarie Ray, M.D.

“The people who change the world are the ones who are crazy enough to think they can.” ~ Cindy Lay, premedical high school student

“Somebody has to light that fire and she’s done it. One doctor has made us all believe we can change the world.”  ~ Annmarie Ray, M.D.

“You can just do it! It doesn’t matter your age. It doesn’t matter what experience you have. It doesn’t matter if you have a license or not.” ~ Cindy Lay, premedical high school student

“So start Googling Pamela Wible. Start reading her blog posts and ultimately sign up to come through the telecourse and the retreat at Breitenbush where you can truly heal your own soul from some of the ravages that the medical system as wrought upon you and allow you to become the healer, practitioner, and business owner that you always dreamed of being.” ~ Kat Lopez, M.D.

“One doctor at a time can take back our career.” ~ Annmarie Ray, M.D.

So whether you are a pre-clerkship student an you are completely overwhelmed by the amount of material you need to memorize or you are on your rotations and you’re secretly sneaking off to cry in the bathroom because you are being abused . . .” ~ Rebecca Coish, M.D.

“There is hope. Don’t feel bad because you don’t like your job. Don’t feel like there’s something wrong with you. The problem is that you are not living your authentic life. Let your light shine bright as you want it to be. Come to Breitenbush and be a naked vegetarian hippie with us for a few days.” ~ Yami Lancaster. D.O.

“For anyone who is concerned about attending a vegetarian hippie naked retreat at Breitenbush, I’m not a vegetarian. I thought I was going to be hungry. I have not been hungry. I feel healthy. My chronic headache is gone. I’ve been pooping well without my fish oil probiotic.” ~ Kelley Stahl, M.D.

“Come here. Be with Dr. Wible who is the Martin Luther King of medicine and get out of your little slave ship. Jump ship. Swim to shore.” ~ Dawn Lemanne, M.D.

“There are other doctors in this world who are not going to drag me down, but literally, emotionally, and physically (as you guys did) you lifted me up and that was so refreshing to me.” ~ Stephanie Waggel, M.D.

“I had set my vacation up for this particular year ahead of time because I knew that I was possibly coming to this retreat so I got someone to cover my Epic inbasket . . .” Christina Ma, M.D. 

“If you find yourself in a little cubicle swearing at a computer most of your day, that’s not medicine.” ~ Nancy Noyce, M.D.

“You may be in this job where you think it’s gonna get better or you think maybe if I just worked harder that I would be able to make this work. It ain’t gonna happen! Like if you’re gonna be busting your ass and working that hard you need to get out on your own and do it for you, do it for your patients. Right now all you’re doing is supporting all the suits that are in your corporation and they’re driving their BMW and whatever else. The people who generate revenue in medicine are the physicians, the healers, the nurses, the people who are working with patients. All you are doing is funding a salary for a suit who’s main job is to boss you around and tell you how to practice. Now tell me how does that make any sense at all? You need to get off of your stupid EMR. I know you’re charting. It’s like midnight right now. Or probably your husband is bringing you fast food to the clinic because you couldn’t make it home. You need to just shut the EMR down. Go home. Write your letter of resignation and go open your ideal clinic NOW.” ~ Keely Wheeler, D.O.

“If you are really scared to open your own practice this is what you do. Right before you get here (you can do it before you fly on the plane but if you are really scared pull of into the gas station right before Breitenbush) write a little email or letter to your boss and give them your 30-day notice. Then you might feel really panicky so quickly drive down into Breitenbush and you’ll be met by the most supportive group of doctors and health care providers that you can even imagine meeting. They’ll inspire you to open your own clinic. They will show you exactly how to do it.” ~ Kayla Luhrs, M.D.

“I beg you, please come here. It will be the best thing that you ever do for your entire life. Please, please, please come here.”  ~ Annmarie Ray, M.D.

Okay! Let’s recap: 3 steps to quit your job

1) Write your letter of resignation at this Oregon gas station. 

2) Soak in the hot springs (as you plan your dream job). 

3) Celebrate with your new best friends! 

Doctors quit their jobsDoctor quits jobDoctors opens clinic

Enjoy the benefits: 1) Lose 125 pounds on the “I love my job” diet. 2) Eat and poop normally. 3) Your chronic headaches disappear. 4) No more charting on the EMR at midnight. 5) No more sneaking into bathroom at work to cry. 6) Have a four-day orgasm. Are you ready? 

Mark your calendar for 2017!

Spring retreat: May 2-6

Summer retreat: August 27-31

Fall retreat: October 15-19

To get on the list,  contact Dr. Wible now.

Doctor Keely Wheeler loses 125 pounds

Pamela Wible, M.D., is a solo doc in her ideal clinic designed entirely by her patients. She loves inspiring others to open their ideal clinics too! Grab your free guide to launching your ideal clinic.

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12 comments on “Doctor’s secret: how I quit my job, lost 125 pounds & had a 4-day orgasm
  1. Devinder says:

    I am sold

  2. Amy Hardt says:

    I bet that “4-day orgasm” line is probably getting you a lot of hits – what’s not to like about that?? But seriously, I’ve been meaning to write you for a long time now. My question is whether NPs welcome to come also? I am a nurse and have this crazy dream of opening my own practice, maybe specializing in holistic psych…have been watching two local NPs struggle for years to keep a small practice open and wonder if it’s really possible after all…

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      YES!!! YES!! YES!! NPs are welcome. See website 🙂 I list NPs, PAs, pretty much anyone in health care or human services is totally welcome to attend!!

  3. MIchele A Scott, MD says:

    glad to know that you include NPs; I know many who are wonderful and who could use some support

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Midwives, counselors, nursing students, premedical high school students, naturopathic physicians, PAs, massage therapists, veterinarians have all attended our retreats so do join us! Contact me if you have specific questions.

  4. Elliott Oppenheim, MD,JD,LLM Health Law says:

    I have read Pamela’s heart wrenching book with the physician suicide letters, viewed her TED Talks… I believe in her work. I nearly died from a drug overdose in April 1979 and I only wish someone would have been there to help me. I was so alone and felt I could not discuss my problems with anyone… I am almost 70 and have a great life by independently discovering Pamela’s truths. Don’t let what I went through happen to you. I plan to attend her retreats.

  5. Alison Days says:

    How does it work if you are already running your own practice, but getting bogged down by administrative duties and not making enough money to keep the place open? Any suggestions on CHANGING your current office to work better (as opposed to leaving another job)?

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Oh Yes! Alison, tons of docs (NPs and others) end up recreating the big box in a smaller box when they open their own clinics. Remember this is your life and your dream. Do it YOUR way. Contact me here and I will totally help you see what to do to liberate yourself from what’s not working.

  6. Pamela Wible MD says:

    Wow! Just got this email. “The doctor who introduced me to your ideas is a Memphis native White Male Republican Baptist doctor who trained at Hopkins and sites your Ideal Clinic /Ideal medical care model as one we psychiatry residents need to keep in mind and try to emulate in any way we can.”

  7. Danielle Murstein says:

    I am trying to reach any psychiatrist who has completed this program to discuss it. Is there anyone who’d be willing to talk about it? The boundary issues in psychiatry are different than in other branches of medicine, and I wonder how that works with the Ideal Clinic in terms of some of the practices.

    Child & Adol. psychiatrist

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