Medical Cult Indoctrination 101

Ever wonder why idealistic med students lose their empathy? Here’s a 58-second explanation.

Here’s how medical training works:

Promise to fulfill their dreams . . .

Encourage separation from family, dependency, conformity.

Don’t give them time to think.

When in doubt, they will do what everyone around them is doing—and believe that is normal.

Control their behavior.

“Wear these clothes.”

“All you need is two hours of sleep.”

Keep them receptive to bogus scientific research.


Revert them back to childhood dependence.

Control their thoughts, their emotions.

Induce guilt by attacking the self—and inducing a mental breakdown.

“You are not living up to your potential.”

“You cheated on that test.”

Block out information critical of group.

Encourage members to spy, report on one another.

Discourage autonomy and individuality.

“I don’t know who I am anymore.”


Isolate them from the rest of the world.

Make them feel part of an elite group with an important mission.

Tighten group’s bond by establishing scapegoats and enemies.

Demonize outsiders as less than human.

Develop an us-versus-them mentality.

Critical thoughts are evidence they have committed crimes against the group.

Start investigating them.

Make up crimes.

“I think I want to leave.”

“You must be insane.”

“We’re doing important work.”

“You’re weak!”

“There must be something wrong with you.”

Suggest if they should ever leave something bad could happen to them.

* * *

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