Free legal help for physicians who have suffered ADA violations


Have you faced discrimination for a health condition such as cancer, ADHD, substance use, depression, or a suicide attempt—by your employer, hospital, med school, residency, or PHP?

You can get free help from the world’s largest law firm. DOJ is now investigating ADA violations by med boards, hospitals, and residencies. Three US senators sent this demand letter to DOJ citing my research on widespread ADA violations against physicians and medical trainees. If you’ve been harmed, we can connect you with attorneys who can hold your medical institution accountable for violating federal law (as in put your med board on probation). Want free legal help? Join us Sunday here.

Our letter writing campaign has been a success! Multiple physicians have now received videoconference interviews with top DOJ attorneys. Want to submit your complaint letter to DOJ? Use this simple template or join us on Sundays for peer support and strategic guidance.

Have additional questions? Contact Dr. Wible.

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