My IUD Christmas Tree

How does a Jewish doctor prepare for the holidays? By decorating her house with festive medical specimens, of course!  All have been retrieved from human bodies, many during autopsies. I’m a hoarder with a medical art fetish.  It started with my turquoise and heart valve necklace. Now my IUD Christmas tree. What should I make next?

Photo credit: Spark Boemi

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9 comments on “My IUD Christmas Tree
  1. kiki metzler says:

    you wakkydoodle after mie own heart you know… but not till you know for sure i’m ded, then you can have it. i looves you keek

  2. Bill says:

    A beautiful smile and a beautiful blouse on a beautiful young lady…the tree is pretty cool too!

  3. laurie st.jacques says:

    Soo cleaver!!!

  4. Serene says:

    My own collection is of old medical and nursing implements. I have a circa ww2 enamelled bed pan that I put bits and bobs in, and a ton of old haemostats. I am trying to get hold of a clements suction jar and old glass syringes. Hard to get. That, and I have no space!

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Glad we have the same style in home decor. I’d love to come over for tea sometime and look at all your cool stuff!

  5. Amy Castellano says:

    Cool!!!! I want to see a picture of the turquoise and heart valve necklace!!!

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