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My IUD Christmas Tree →

How does a Jewish doctor prepare for the holidays? By decorating her house with festive medical specimens, of course!  All have been retrieved from human bodies, many during autopsies. I’m a hoarder with a medical art fetish.  It started with my turquoise and heart valve necklace. Now my IUD Christmas tree.

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Godiva Gallstones →

On birthdays and holidays, many girls get chocolates or flowers from their fathers, but my dad is a little different.

One day I receive a package of Godiva gallstones. Wow! I imagine glistening gallbladder sacs sliced open, oozing with coconut cream, cherry chunks, or nutty nougat, and then I lift the cover off the gorgeous gold box to discover seventeen clear containers with tight-fitting lids.

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My Turquoise & Heart Valve Necklace →

People stare. They gather around. “You can touch it, but guess what it’s made out of,” I say.

One woman whispers, “It’s not part of an egg carton, is it?” Then a man behind her shouts, “It’s a condom, blown out and rolled up, ya know,” just as another lady interrupts,

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