Patient Profiling: Are You a Victim?

Ever felt misjudged by a doctor? Or treated unfairly by a clinic or hospital? You may be a victim of patient profiling.

Patient profiling is the practice of regarding particular patients as more likely to have certain behaviors or illnesses based on their appearance, race, gender, financial status, or other observable characteristics. Profiling disproportionately impacts patients with chronic pain, mental illness, the uninsured, and patients of color. Like racial profiling by police, patient profiling by physicians is more common than you think.

We rely on doctors to first do no harm–to safeguard our health–but profiling patients often leads to improper medical care, and distrust of physicians and the health care system, with potential lifelong consequences. For the first time, people share their stories:

“I was once denied pain meds after a fall off a 10-foot porch by the same doc who gave my pretty female friend pain meds after getting two stitches in her finger. I felt like my appearance had something to do with it.” ~ Jay Snider

“In 1986 I was in a motorcycle accident. I tore up my face on the road. I was taken to the ER and treated like crap because I had no insurance. They cauterized my facial wounds rather than stitch me up, and then dumped me on the sidewalk with amnesia. I still have distinct black scars; people think they’re tattoos. I went into collections and it took years to pay that one off. Six weeks ago, I fell while trimming a tree. When the ER found the insurance card in my wallet, I was treated like gold.” ~ James Cummings

“I was pressured by our doctor from my son’s birth all the way through grade school. I kept telling him no vaccines whatsoever, zero, nada. I was hassled, shamed, talked down to, and more. Not a fun experience, whatsoever. I was profiled as a bad mother.” ~ Sheri Ricker

“As a teen, I fractured my nose. Many sinus issues later, I consulted an ENT specialist. He insisted that I damaged my sinus passages by using cocaine. His assumptions caused me pain, humiliation, confusion, and anger. I repeatedly assured him that I wasn’t a user. Two surgeries later, my septum was removed. Afterwards, he was so cruel as to continue his tirade about my cocaine use. As the gauze was being removed from my nose, I fainted. When I was roused, he insisted that I leave immediately showing no concern about whether I could even make it home safely.” ~ Lonnie Stoner

“It was 1975. I was 23 and I’d been on the pill for 4 years, but I became concerned about potential negative side effects of long-term hormonal manipulation.  So I researched other contraceptives and felt the diaphragm was the simplest and safest option for me. When I went to the county clinic to get fitted, I explained what I’d researched to the doctor. He scoffed at my concerns, urged me to stay on the pill, and disputed any potential negative consequences. He reminded me that taking a pill each day was SO much easier than having to be responsible for using the diaphragm properly. It was clear he thought I was too young and clueless to make this decision about my own reproductive health care. Although he tried to dissuade me from switching to a diaphragm, I insisted that’s what I wanted, and he finally fitted me for it. After he left the room, the nurse said, ‘Don’t worry, dear; it’s quite easy to use. I’ve been using one for years with no problems. It’s a good choice for you to make!’ It was clear she didn’t approve of his patronizing attitude either.” ~ Patsy Raney

“I injured my back at work. I couldn’t get time off, so my family doc prescribed pain meds so I could get through the day and Xanax for sleep. I returned every six months for two years and he always accused me of taking more than I was prescribed. He got progressively more rude and angry. I brought my wife with me to see if I was imagining it. She witnessed it too, so we searched for another doctor. I asked my new doctor to taper me off of the pain meds and Xanax so I could try medical marijuana instead. He was skeptical. He told me to go to the pain clinic. I’d gone there once before and was treated like a criminal. I didn’t want to go there!  So he wrote up a contract that said I would agree to take pain meds and Xanax and I’d be drug tested monthly to make sure that I wasn’t using medical marijuana. When I told him I wouldn’t sign the contract, he told me to find another doctor. This was at a critical time when I needed real help and was worried about taking the meds for over two years.” ~ Carl Williams

I’ve been a doctor for 20 years. I thought I’d seen it all. Drug addicted patients have altered my prescriptions, even forged my name. Patients have lied to me. Many haven’t followed my treatment plans. Some have died as a result. Still, I try to treat everyone fairly and with respect. But now I’m wondering, “Have I ever profiled a patient?” I bet I have. So on behalf of my colleagues and myself, I’ve got a message for any patient who has ever been misjudged or mistreated:

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Pamela Wible, M.D., is a family physician in Eugene, Oregon, where she founded the first ideal medical clinic designed entirely by patients. She is author of Pet Goats & Pap Smears. Watch her popular TEDx talk “How to get naked with your doctor.” Photos by GeVe.

Do NOT ask Dr. Wible your medical or legal questions. She will not respond. She can not legally give medical advice unless you are a current patient. Thank you.

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717 comments on “Patient Profiling: Are You a Victim?
  1. Mary J DeForest says:

    I no longer wear a bikini and dance in the surf under the moon. Because of surfer and diver’s ear, I cannot tolerate acetaminophen. It simulates an inner ear infection, and I had lots of those from diving. They just see an old woman in a T-shirt and cargo pants, so I can put dog treats in my pockets. I was a Navy wife, and they tell me that I lie, as many old women do, when I say the Navy’s best diagnosed my ears. They get mad, when I tell them to go online about the ear problems and acetaminophen.

    They see multiple allergies on my chart, and they call me a drug addict trying to get the hard stuff. I ask them what drug addict turns down scripts for Oxy and Vicodin? I had part of my nose, lip, and the soft tissue in between removed for aggressive BCC. in Nov. 2012. I was given Lidocaine for the procedures. I wasn’t given anything to take home to kill that pain. I didn’t even go to the ER for the pain, why would anybody believe this could happen? They didn’t give me anything when I had visible wounds on previous visits. I used popsicles and self-hypnotism to control the pain.

    The ER wouldn’t give me anything when I had visible wounds from a pack of dogs attacking mine on a walk. People stopped their pickups, and they came out with tire irons to help me.

    My BP goes up just thinking about modern American meds. I was poisoned by statins in 2010, and it took out my Achilles tendons. I’ve steady gained about 12 lbs each year, since that happened. If I have a doctor that’s in his late 70s or older, I can relax, and my BP goes down.

    Thank you for listening to us.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Mary ~ than you for sharing. It takes courage to share the truth as we see it.

      • Mariona Vasquez says:

        Thank you for your bravery. I never thought I would see the day that a doctor really cares. I thought I was imagining this and that the doctors knew best. My health is deteriorating rapidly because I pretty much gave up on seeking healthcare. Please help me get the help Ineed. I have a lot of problems…so many I could write a book. This one doctor, in 2011 (Michael Britt) told me there was nothing wrong with my knees, that I just needed to exercise more. At that time I was walking 1/2 a mile to 2 miles per day. Now as I sit here with a swollen left knee as big as my hip, Im afraid to seek help for fear of rejection and labeling me. Thank you again. Ms. Mariona Vasquez
        Corpus Christi, Texas
        (361)906-8568 PS. Sometimes I feel that some of these doctors want people to die.

        • Mariona Vasquez says:

          PSS. I can barely walk up and down the stairs. I’ve fallen on the stairs twice…once with my 5month old grandson. Im afraid Im looking at a broken hip very soon.

        • Julie Greene, MFA says:

          I wish I could help you. I know so many people in similar situations. I was told by a doctor that he only wanted to keep me alive because if I died he would look bad. He told me his first priority was his reputation. While that remark in itself did not cause physical harm, I knew something was drastically wrong to cause a doctor, who is supposed to have good intentions, into a person with such evil intent. What I did was to get a copy of my records. That’s when I found out. The hospital saw me as avliability problem due to my past medical whistleblowing. So the abuse in the hospital and all their dishonesty and cruelty was done not as “care” for me but to silence me any way they could (legal or not).

          For me, the scare tactics and persecution went on and on. I relocated and solved the problem completely. Is this an option for you? I know bad knees make moving seem nearly impossible, but you would be free of their attitude and seen afresh by an entire community. The only thing I have left to deal with now is post-traumatic stress from what they did. But actual physical danger, no, that’s in the past. Julie Greeene

          • Don says:

            I wondering about that I got copies of my medicail from my cardiolist 5 years ago .recently I exprenced puting me off for an apointment 2 times and showed up then they said that could find me on the the appointment had to come back for 2 or 3 hours later .Then it was a bad stress test .The doctor wants to do a angiogram was told by the nurse that called.I not having any heart pains.I exercise 5 to 7 days a week.walk and lift weights.

      • brave burrito says:

        One very important correction here is that the truth does not depend on how we see it. The truth is the truth.

        • Julie Greene, MFA says:

          When you have an uneven situation, when an institution has lots of power and money, and you, as patient, have few resources, that institution can lie all they want. Whose side will the law be on? If a doctor has power over a patient, and that patient reveals the truth, no matter how impeccably accurate the details may be, that doctor has power to declare the patient “incompetent,” “stupid,” or “an addict,” if it’s to his advantage or to clear his name. When that happens there’s no recourse for patient victims. You change doctors if you can. Beyond that, you can’t do much. I still think the truth tends to win out in the end, though. Or I hope so.

          • Suzanne says:

            I have a rare condition called hereditary angioedema. Many physicians may not know about it unless they have had a patient with it, or unless they are in a certain specialty that deals with it. It is swelling not caused by histamine, but bradykinen problems. It is a strange, traveling edema that usually starts on the left side of my face, then goes down slowly through the throat and GI tract.
            When I worked as an RN in a small hospital in St. Helena, CA, of which that is the hospital name, I was unfairly discriminated against when I went to the ER for throat swelling. I was hoping one of the good doctors would be on call, but I got Dr. Mishkin instead. Yes, I will use his name.

            Because I have had this condition since I was six years old, I was trying to explain the history and the fact that my mother also had it. I know as an RN, most doctors want to know the history of a patient. This one, however, said it was exacerbation of asthma, but I was only wheezing when the fluid got to the trachael area of my throat. I was not wheezing when it started, two hours before I came to the ER, or after the fluid passed down past the larygeal area.

            IV steroids did not work, antihistamines did not work. They don’t work with this medical problem. I really tried to give this doctor a good history when I could talk. It was obvious he didn’t know about it, which did surprise me some as he is an ER physician. He also didn’t have a flexible laryngeal
            scope. When this fluid got down to mid sternal area, it really was painful. I asked for some pain medication but he deliberately withheld it as he thought I was drug seeking. I wasn’t drug seeking and asked for plain Tylenol. I still didn’t get it. I went out to find him as it has been 1-1/2 hours since I had asked for pain relief. I was assertive because I know he was with-holding pain medication. I know as an RN that is against the Joint Commission standards and policies. Apparently he didn’t like me standing up for myself.

            No doctors believed my condition during that hospitalization, or consulted with an ENT as they know about it. It is okay with me, in fact refreshing, when a doctor says, “I don’t know but will find someone who does.” This doctor was very hostile. When someone is misdiagnosed, they don’t have the right kind of treatment. My problem is, them not even believing anything I said about this.

            I have gone to ER’s in other states where I lived and had never received this kind of an attitude problem. I was so surprised. I didn’t get anything for pain for 3-4 hours after I was admitted to a medical floor.

            I felt so bad I cannot explain it in words and was so angry about this documentation from him as he took his anger out in my medical records. He just thought I would not get them. I wrote the hospital administration about this situation, the medical director as well. Since I didn’t trust this hospital as I had worked there in dealing with this effectively, I also wrote the Joint Commission of Hospitals in Chicago.

            I had three medical errors made,one in the ER, and two from the hospitalist who admitted me. A nice lady who went to Johns Hopkins, but was neglectful and used medical records from a year before to write orders, which were all different than now. She ordered a medication that was also documented in my allergies. These two errors are so basic that no one should ever make them. I couldn’t get any sleep because I didn’t want anymore medical errors made.

            Since medical records are electronic, I knew I would not be able to take what the ER doctor said out. Physicians can amend records,if they want to, at least in California. Another ER physician who is a good doctor, also wrote his own value judgements, questioning if I ever took meth. I said never, only marijuana in the 70’s a few times when everyone else smoked. He questioned this so much and did a drug screen, when I was in the ER for chest pain. I am glad he did because it was all negative.
            I called the California Medical Board and talked with a lady there. She told me that it is illegal to write lies about a patient in medical records. I knew it was, but what could I do about it?
            She said just talk with him. I knew I would not do that but reported it in written form to administration.

            This whole situation hurt me so much for a long time. Most doctors I have had through the years have been pretty good and fairly easy to talk with.

            It is a good thing for people to get medical records of ER visits and sometimes hospitalists who don’t know you. All you have to do is go to medical records, sign a form, and they will give them to you. It is your right.

            Now I live in New Mexico and feel a lot better about the ER doctors I have had here as they are very professional.

          • Eman says:

            I really feel that I’ve been judged or there is something in my medical files that has doctor’s not wanting to treat me. How do I go about getting any of this information from all the hospitals & doctors offices? I want to know what is being put in my files. I’m frustrated & scared to even try to find another doctor. I just recently changed doctors & it seemed as though this one was going to help but his whole demeanor changed on my next appointment. I’m glad I came across this & not the only one feeling alone. Any help would be great…Eman from Phoenix Az.

          • Pamela Wible MD says:

            Order your medical records and read them.

          • troy says:

            I was labeled a drug seeker after the hospital gave me staph infection in my mid/pik line and I went to the ICU and had to be intubated. After that they went to far as to have a nurse’s aid sit in my room to “Watch” me. I get treated with disdain and I didn’t do a thing but get sick. I think the hospital knew I could take them to court so they made me look as uncredible as possible. I wasn’t going to sue anyway

      • pinky haney says:

        Our son-in-law has head trauma and keeps having seizures. He has bleeding on the brain. He was in a car accident last month. He in icu at Pikeville medical center. His doctor is telling him there’s nothing he can do. Harmon is 26 years old a recovering addict. Clean for over 7 months. There treating him like a active addict which he is not. He’s a Christian now. They told him he should be dead already . There treating him awlful. Scaring him to dsath. Won’t tell us nothing. What can we do? Please help us.

        • Pamela Wible MD says:

          Really important to find a good doctor you can have a caring relationship with. Kind of like finding the right husband. You have to date a few of the wrong guys before you find the right one. Don’t give up. Don’t allow yourself to be victimized. Keep the faith and I do think this article will help:

          • Mari says:

            It is no longer possible. No such thing as a good doctor. They are too quick to make conclusions, and base those conclusions on poor practices, word of mouth by other doctors. Seeing another physician changes nothing. Modern technology makes it impossible to be free of cover-ups by medical professionals, bad medicine, or poor interpretations.
            I lost everything many years ago, and continue to fight against PTSD. No point in it anymore. Looking for a means to an end so that I do not end up in the hospital: helpless, vulnerable, and at their mercy. Never going to happen to me again.

          • Mari says:

            It is no longer possible. No such thing as a good doctor. They are too quick to make conclusions, and base those conclusions on poor practices, word of mouth by other doctors. Seeing another physician changes nothing. Modern technology makes it impossible to be free of cover-ups by medical professionals, bad medicine, or poor interpretations.
            I lost everything many years ago, and continue to fight against PTSD. No point in it anymore. Looking for a means so that I do not end up in the hospital: helpless, vulnerable, and at their mercy. Never going to happen to me again. Cannot edit what I have sent, and just realized how it might be interpreted. I am NOT suicidal…thank you very much…smile.

      • Brenda Irwin says:

        I am experiencing a nightmare right now. I am in Southern Oregon and cannot find a good primary care physician. I just got my hopes up and had a great first visit with the new one only to have him turn on me radically the next visit which was yesterday. I see a pain clinic and am trying to switch because of what they did to me. They are pill mills and put me in danger on Morphine I cannot tolerate. I have never been treated like this before. I was started on pain meds decades ago. I can’t just stop and am at their mercy. I lost my patience and fired them and they called my brand new primary and whatever they told him resulted in pure hatred from him without explanation. All plans to take care of long neglected past surgical, injuries, autoimmune disorder….every single plan he had has been stopped and I am terrified now. This pain clinic felt like a Nazi concentration camp. What’s happening is not right. I have had no good care in 2+years and am seeing a pattern. I want off the medications but don’t know how I will be able to especially with no real medical care presently. I am in real trouble. I’m even asking Medicare n Jackson Connect about how to go outside my area. Doctors here are all capped. How can this happen? Everything was fine before I went on Medicare. The timeline is very telling. I have been profiled and retaliated against for filing a complaint about inappropriate narcotic dispensing. I want off of them but ER doc says may not be possible and I’ll need a lot of help. What do I do now?

        • Pamela Wible MD says:

          Medicare is really challenging for doctors and sometimes puts a wedge between the sacred doctor-patient relationship. They don’t always pay enough for a doc to keep their practice open and then there are lots of other problems. See this blog and the video at the end:

          As for your situation now: I would consider paying out of pocket to a doctor outside of Medicare. Check map on my website for ideal clinics. You definitely need a doctor who you can have a healing relationship with!

          • Julie Greene, MFA says:

            I agree with Pamela. Go to someone and pay out of pocket. Don’t even say you were ever on Medicare, and don’t allow the new doctor to see the old records from the previous one, which are biased and inaccurate I’m sure. I was a patient whistleblower myself. I have been to a whistleblower site but cannot get a response since the site is geared toward employees and they are looking for people in high-powered jobs, not lowly patients. I’m thinking of starting a news, information, and resource site for PATIENTS who blow the whistle. Retaliation is real, legal or not they will stop at nothing.

          • Harleymom in ADKs says:

            It is SO important to develop honest relationships with docs & to take your time in doing so. Never go in feeling entitled. Be willing to try what new docs suggest even if you think you know better. Be clear & be candid. When docs give you a modality to try & ask you to follow up, do so. Docs are scientists. They conduct experiments with what they have at hand on what seems to be bothering you. They don’t know if something works or not unless you tell them. They don’t read minds.

            That being said, if you get a hurried, hostile vibe from a doc at the first visit, look elsewhere ASAP.

            Love, Harleymom. I’m a fibromyalgia sufferer recovering from recurrent breast cancer.

        • Barbara says:

          I don’t quite get this. Did u make a complaint to medicare
          Re inappropriate pain med dispensing re this pain clinic.
          Did u already fire these docs at this clinic before going
          To medicare. If u did, then medicare probably checked into
          Your allegation and may have fined them or are doing an investigation. How is this Medicare’s fault? Isn’t this the pain clinics fault. They are the ones that probably blackballed
          You in the first place. If it is the clinics fault, then I wouldn’t be so quick to get off medicare.
          Remember, you may need them once you are a certain
          Age. They also will penalize you by increasing their rates if you don’t go on it at a certain age. Also, whenever you seek a provider,, you need to ask them if they take MEDICARE BY ASSIGNMENT: ( THAT means the provider will take as full payment
          Whatever medicare decides to pay).
          Complaint to Medicare is not being taken lightly. They probably
          Went after this clinic. So to me it still sounds like it’s the
          Clinics fault not medicares. And I also would like to know
          How are you not going to provide records. My records are done
          Electronically by one of the worse HMO’S in the country.
          I have the opposite problem you have and I am
          Being undermedicated while currently going through an acute
          Exacerbation of a. Very painful neurological disease. I already
          Filed a grievance with this HMO and planned to do one with
          Medicare as well. I have one of those medicare advantage plans.
          Also, I read one of my other doctors medical records and I have
          Been profiled as a drug seeker because of this doc writing
          A very libelous statement re my appearance, mood, etc. He also
          Wrote many other lies, distortions of the truth, statements taken out of original context, omitted statements and the list
          Goes on. This particular HMO’S doctors have created a nightmare for me. I plan to disenroll but I am afraid other
          Providers will be biased towards me. But, I cannot tolerate
          Being with their doctors anymore.
          I think you should get all of your records from this clinic and probably see a lawyer if you can’t get medical tx
          Anymore. As for me, I am going to see what the Americans with
          Disability Act has to say about refusal to adequately treat
          A patient in pain. I am disabled by this pain, unable to work
          Because of severity of pain. It is a Human Right to have pain treated adequately.
          I hope my feedback has helped you. Patients with Chronic Pain need to stick together.


      • Martigras says:

        I habe been discriminated and judged by nurses and doctors when they find out that I am seeing a Pain Management doctor, this one nurse completely changed the way she spoke to me and treated me since. I’ve been taking the same medication at the same dose for 7 years, and never asked my primary doctor for any pain meds. It’s heartbreaking to live with chronic pain from Lupus and RA but it’s even worse to feel like your being judged for trying to do control pain. I’ve also as a lot of people lately had to move pharmacy a from cvs and Walgreens because of their treatment of patients on narcotic pain meds, some stopped carrying them altogether and others like Walgreens want doctors to break Hippa laws and disclose what your whole medical background is…It seems like a witch hunt these days to try and live life with the stereotyping and discrimination we go through …It’s not right , and we feel so helpless to do anything …Thie shouldn’t be like this at all, and O don’t know who is to blame, the drug addicts that ruin it for legitimate sufferers or the healthcare community that has been to quick to judge and point fingers but there needs to be a change

        • Lisa says:

          I understand. I have no choice but to live with pain management. Walgreens treated me like a criminal. I have never even had a ticket in my life. Our crimes??? Living with diseases, illnesses and severe pain. The real criminals are the ones who judge those of us who struggle just to get by daily. Does anyone think I enjoy living half a life, or anyone with chronic pain? As for those of you that look at us who stand there holding on to a half smile while waiting for our scripts or doctor appointments, if you really knew what we hid inside you’d never accuse us of wanting to take pills. We would gladly hand them back to you for a life free of pain, a life free of insomnia and a life free of your ignorance. I understand. Hang in there.

          • Pamela Wible MD says:

            I’m so sorry Lisa. We are all in this together. I’m working 24/7 to change things. Believe me!

          • Tracey says:

            Wow I think just like you do I’m labeled a drug addict and who and there right mind wants to be a drug addict It’s a terrible thing to experience I know because I spent 3 months in drug rehabilitation with them I would love to trade all the pain medication in the world to be pain free

        • Tracey says:

          I have cerebral lupus I’m confused with anxiety and depression it’s bad I tried to commit sucide three times this year by overdosing on my pain medication Now I’m treated as a drug addict I wasn’t trying to get high I was trying to die I’m not a drug addict I’m depressed My doctors court ordered me to do a 90 day program for drug abuse I’ve taken pain medication on and off for 15 years for my lupus I never abused it until this year Now I’m labeled a drug addict and I’ve completed a 90 day treatment program all in my medical records I’m depressed not a drug addict I’m stuck and labeled now No doctor will believe me I even had to spend 90 days in a drug rehab When I was there it was so awkward because no offense to drug addicts but I could not relate and had no drug addiction history to share in group or with therapist And they still kept me for 90 days court ordered Plus now no doctor will prescribe me pain medication , which I can understand but I don’t understand why now I’m labeled a drug addict when I wasn’t trying to get high I was trying to die Everytime I try a new doctor they see my records and same thing, they think I’m a drug seeker The more I try to explain myself the more they are confinced I’m a drug addict I’m mad and I’m mad I had to stay somewhere for three months for drug regabilation I was wrongfully placed there I did not go willing It makes me look bad and I don’t see it changing because the more I complain about it the more they think I’m a crazy drug addict

        • Barbara says:

          It’s the federal government and the DEA who are to blame.

          I personally feel that Crimes against Humanity are being

          Perpetrated by our goverrment. I also feel that if physicians

          Became more involved and supported their patients than maybe

          They would be listened to more than we are.

          Instead, they are reinforcing the DEA by standing

          Complacently by and doing nothing because fear of losing

          Their license, prosecution. The pendulum has swung too far

          To the other side On this So Called WAR on Drugs. I CALL IT A WAR ON PAIN PATIENTS!

          • MELISSA says:

            Agreed. Until i started reading here, i thought i was alone. Im probably replying to this late, but i spent 5 hours today crying between phone calls to various doctors and insurance offices. It just feels hopeless. I have ptsd with DID, as soon ad i say that, automaticaaly, it’s all in my head and the last doctor told me, “you dont have as much wrong as you think, you have vitamin d deficiency, high cholesterol, and youre over weight. I ordered vitamincd at your pharmacy, stop eating out so much, and walk every day”

            I went to her becayse I’m 30 and use a cane or walker regularly, though not daily, im having chest pains, weakness, fatigue, irratic sleep patterns, joint pain, no appetite, skin rashes, migraines. I brought a food journal, which she claimed to have taken a copy and read, so she either just thought i was lying or didnt read my notes, which means shes a liar.

            Trying to find care any where now is impossible. Im beimg blocked everywhere i call. Recently i was told by a receptionist “the doc has agreed to let you come in but if she doesnt see anything upon physical exam,she wants you tocunderstand, thatcwill be the end of care”—–last week she said i was being treated horribly, said she would call and get my records, didn’t return the call for 10 days when i called her, then talks to me like theyre doing me a huge favor by seeing me.

            Im terrified of even going and feel like id be wasting my copay and insurance cap to pay to be mocked.

          • Tracie l Rye says:

            YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT, I AM IN COMPLETE AGREEMENT WITH THE STATEMENT THAT WAS MADE IN REGARDS TO THE FIGHT AGAINST PEOPLE WHO ARE IN PAIN AND IF YOU MENTION IT, YOUR DOOMED.. SO inturn people who are critically ill and who allready are suffering from a health issue now have depression, anxiety and fear of talking about the situation and then isolation occurs, then suicidal thoughts start to occur if you don’t have a few people who support your health and the fact that your being bullied

        • Alis says:

          I totally agree with you Martigras. On 3/30/16 I went to my monthly appointment with my pain management doctor I’ve been seeing now for 4 years. I’ve passed every single UA(he got in some type of big trouble with Medicare two years ago for making me take monthly UA’s and he appealed their decision twice and lost both times and is not supposed to be doing them as often as he does because he could not give them a good enough reason as to why he keeps putting me through them), and have passed every pill count. I have my best friend drive me to all of my appointments as well, because 3 years ago I was diagnosed with disease number 34, CRPS, and was told not to drive if at all possible. He has been with me at every appointment and I’m glad. For reasons he would not even discuss with either of us, he practically threw the new “CDC guidelines” at me, which are just that, ONLY guidelines, it states nowhere in the little booklet that a doctor can’t prescribe ANY dosage he feels is appropriate for everything a patient is dealing with causing chronic intractable pain, then made the decision to not give me the Morphine I’ve been taking for the last 8 years. Just stopped me instantly which is extremely dangerous and the withdrawals have me wanting to kill myself. It is that bad. But he did let me have my prescription for the 10 m.g. Oxycodone/APAP I’ve taken since seeing him as well as my Tizanidine. I asked him what I was supposed to do about the horrid withdrawals and again why was he doing this to me? By then I was crying. He still won’t talk to us. And so you’ll know, he never does talk with me. He pops in the entire time I’m there a few times and at the end of my appointment, comes in and sets down for maybe 3 to 5 minutes, asks me how things are going and if the meds are still working okay and then hands me my scripts and we leave. That’s how it’s been for 4 years. And If I do want to discuss anything with him, he won’t or he might say a few words and that’s it. So he then gives me a script for Clonidine which I cannot take, and that interacts with 10 of the other medications I’m on, in particular the heart medication I’m taking having a MAJOR interaction with Clonidine, and a script for Oxycodone 15 m.g. and I’m to take two of those daily and also gave me 5 m.g. Valium and I’m to take ONE of those at night. I already take 2 m.g. Xanax for GAD and have for 24 years! Valium has never done anything for me. He gives me two, 10 m.g. Valium I’m to take prior to the spinal injections to “help me relax” which they do not do. As with the majority of pain management doctors, mine is an Anesthesiologist. And most of them just love giving those spinal epidural injections even though the majority of my diseases and illnesses that cause me chronic intractable pain have nothing whatsoever to do with my spine, but yes I do have severe osteoporosis and several fractured discs, bulging, torn and herniated as well. He has never even really cared about any of my other diseases or illnesses. Just concentrates on my spine. I wish I would have done a bit more research into his practices regarding pain management before deciding to hire him to manage my pain because I finally did some research on him and after figuring him out for myself (it took a few months of observation), then going to all of the “rate your doctor” websites and seeing that I was not the only person with the same issues with this man, discovered that he FORCES his patients to have these injections and if you don’t, he withholds your pain medications. I’m sure there are more out there just like him and it makes me sick. The month prior to this appointment, he had asked me to get a letter from my Endocrinologist who had already sent two letters last year and the year prior to that, telling him to STOP giving me the injections because the steroids were destroying my bones and making my severe osteoporosis even worse. He did not care and I had to keep agreeing to get them. And yes, I’ve tried looking for a new pain management doctor, we all know how difficult that is, so I’ve just stayed with him all these years. Anyway, my Endocrinologist called me after reading my email asking for yet another letter. We had a nice talk and a few days later he sent me the letter to give to my pain management doctor. It specifically stated AGAIN, to stop giving me the injections and explaining very clearly why. That is the ONLY reason my friend and I can think of as to why he did this to me. Because at the appointment where I gave him the letter, he asked me “Well if I cannot give you the injections, what am I supposed to do?” I told him you will just manage my medications exactly as I have had done for the last 10 plus years. My previous specialist prior to getting in with this doctor was a Rheumatologist. I started seeing him over a decade ago when I wasn’t as ill as I am now. Even then with what all I had going on, he knew he wouldn’t be able to touch my spine and never did. And the Neurologist I was seeing said I would never be a candidate for spinal surgery and to never let anyone do it. He told me if they tried to put in any hardware, my bones would just crumble. Somehow I managed to inherit the osteoporosis at an earlier age than most people. My father had it so bad he lost 8 inches in height. And he got it from his mother and her legs were so deformed with it that poor woman suffered so badly from that. No one would give her anything for the pain. God it was horrendous for her and my father as it is now for me. Having those injections, and he gave way too many in a year, caused more pain than you can being to imagine. I kept telling him they weren’t working at all. He just simply did not care. He is all about the money those bring in. The first one he ever gave me, he missed and I literally jumped up off the table. I ended up having the most horrible spinal headache OMG! It lasted 2 weeks, but I didn’t know what was happening so I did nothing about it and was not given any form at all prior to these with any explanations or list of things that could happen after having one and what to watch for. Nothing. I found out later from another doctor that I should have immediately gone to the ER to have a “blood patch/plug” done because my spinal fluid was leaking from the hole the needle made. Oh it was terrible. The man has no real medical personnel working for him at all. No RN’s, MA’s, PA’s, just people he’s brought in off the street that sit and input any information we might have since the last time we were in, into their computer program they use. After the injections he leaves immediately. The doctor or someone with medical experience is supposed to stay with you for at least up to 15 minutes after having one of those. All they do is take my blood pressure and make me sit there for 10 minutes and I go back to the exam room, wait on him to come in with my prescriptions, one of the scribes sets up my next appointment and we leave. And something else he never does that has always bothered me and is a violation of my privacy, he never closes the exam room door. He has had me pull down my pants, pull up my blouse with other patients right across from me or walking down the hallway. They can hear everything discussed which should be kept private and see everything as well. My friend that takes me finally got sick of it at one point, got up, closed the exam room door and the doctor got upset and opened it back up and put the chair in front of it like they all are done. My friend told him, you are violating HIPAA law by doing this. Patients have a right to privacy with their doctors! He didn’t care. Still doesn’t. Before I got in with this doctor, I was seeing another one who I found out a few months into seeing him, had been in trouble with the State Medical Board for prescribing himself opioids. He was on 3 years probation the few months I saw him. He even had a Deputy Sheriff that sat up at the front desk and he was the one who handed you your prescription after inputting it into the computer. He ended up being a total loser so I left there and it wasn’t time to refill my medications and I had to wait 3 weeks to get into my current doctor so I was FORCED to endure horrid withdrawals from not having the Morphine. I tried calling several of my specialists and NONE of them, not even my primary care doctor I’d seen for over 40 years and considered him family, would help me for just 3 weeks. Until I called my Neurologist and he had me come in and totally freaked out about what I was going through and telling me how dangerous it was to just have the stopped like that. That it is considered a medical emergency and I should have gone to the hospital and been admitted and given my Morphine. Anyway, he of course ended up helping me until I could get into my current pain doctor. He made a point to let me know if that EVER happened again, to go straight to see him and he would help me out. I wish he was still here! I was never referred to another Neurologist even though I’d been diagnosed with the CRPS and from other neurological issues I had going on. And the pain from the CRPS is the worst pain of anything you could have. Worse than amputation. Words can’t even begin to describe the pain this causes. It hit me in my right foot/ankle/leg and morphed into my left foot/ankle/leg and in just the last few months, it has morphed to my arms and hands. I found out this disease has no cure and it often affects every organ in the body and many people die from this. It also affects the skin, veins, arteries, you name it. It is caused by damage to the sympathetic nerve and it can be something you did that was as minor as stubbing a toe. It also causes osteoporosis and needless to say, it has made mine even worse. The bones in my lower legs are deforming and getting worse. I can’t stand for long at all. But I can’t just sit all day either because of the fractured discs, in particular the one in my L5. The pain from that is terrible. And I’m in so much pain right now I want to head to the ER but that is pointless because I know they won’t give me anything to help. The few times I’ve had to actually go over the last several years, the most they’ve done was give me 1 m.g. of Dilaudid, let me lay there for 2 hours, the Dilaudid wears off in about 30 minutes though and then I just get sent home. So there is no reason to go no matter how much pain I’m in. They give me the same line of crap “Well you know how it is. There’s only so much we can do for our chronic pain patients.” I’m thinking what in the world??? You mean if I was in a car wreck and all busted up or fell and broke bones you would not give me something more for the pain? On top of what I already experience 24/7? They never answer that one. My friend and I went to the State Medical Board the next week after that appointment and I filed a formal complaint against him, and they were to have done something by now, but I have not heard one word. I’ve called five times, left messages and nothing. I have gotten in touch with the people with the Americans with Disabilities Act and what he is doing to me, having been declared permanently and totally 100% disabled 16 years ago, is discriminating against me and breaking the law. Doctors cannot withhold the very medications you need for the diseases and illnesses you were declared disabled from! I even went to my primary care doctor who is also an Internal Med doctor and the one who finally after many tests, ct scans, MRI’s and a nuclear bone scan, diagnosed the CRPS. By that time it was too late and I was already CRPS II, stage 3. My ankles have atrophied to the point I can no longer bend them. My legs are so bad and the pain as I stated earlier, is worse than what I have had going on for over a decade. It’s unbearable. I was sent finally last year to a new Neurologist and he took one look at my feet, ankles and legs and said he wasn’t going to EVEN touch them. He wanted to do nerve conduction testing but after seeing the condition I’m in, he said no, not even going to chance it as bad as you are. It would probably send you off into a huge flare. Anyway, my primary care doctor said he would help me. He told my son and I he WOULD prescribe me the Morphine. But then I mentioned to him, if you do this, you know I’ll get fired from my pain doctor so you’ll need to agree to just continue giving me all of my medications. He didn’t like that much at all, but still said he would help. That was on the 5th, I’ve emailed him once just a few days ago, and have not heard a thing from him since. So, I have just set here at home, literally dying of pain, so sick to my stomach I feel I’ll start throwing up any minute and I certainly don’t want that to happen because I have acute esophagitis and acute gastritis, GERD and just last year diagnosed with Barrett’s Esophagus. I cannot take the Clonidine and that stuff is so nasty and I had so many issues after trying to take it years ago when I went those 3 weeks going through withdrawals I just cannot take it. Plus it interacts with so many of my other medications especially my heart meds. God it made everything so much worse. And then once you finish that nasty crap, you have to be weaned off of it too because it causes withdrawals too. I’m scared to death, in so much pain I just stay curled up in bed crying. I’m scared, lost and don’t understand at all how my pain doctor could be so utterly cruel as to do something like this to me.

        • Betty Sue says:

          The doc who was abusing me when hospitalized last summer snarled at me and said “I want to know the name of the doctor that has been prescribing these drugs for you!” Feeling powerless I told her…but didn’t tell her the real name…and she said “I’m calling him today to report exactly what you really are”. She forgot that I was aware of my Hippa rights
          and because she had profiled me unfairly and almost destroyed my doctor/patient relationship and I really trusted and respected him and wanted to continue being able to see him. That was also one of my reasons for the report I made against her to the hospital administrator. My truth is that I was checking into the this hospital by telling them that I was addicted to drugs but I wasn’t on anything…I was just severely depressed and anxious. I realized it was serious and needed to be in a safe place for my own protection. I was afraid if I didn’t say that drugs were the problem they wouldn’t admit me so I lied. Sounds nutty doesn’t it…but that is the truth. Every urine sample I gave upon admission was negative because I was not using drugs and I told her to check my chart for that information. She just looked at me with this hateful look in her eyes and stormed off the unit.

      • Holly says:

        As a doctor you should know how to spell. I guess this is why you practice in Florida. Dah!

        • Jan says:

          Some one is upset abowt typos or perhaps just mispelling. I would personully never make a egregious speeing error. BTW I’m an RN and have known docs with terrible handwriting and spelling. And …. the worst part about living in FLA is having to follow to lunatic legislature’s anti-patient laws.

        • William Rogers says:

          I would hope so Pamela; when I first made contact with my current family doctor she had obviously done proper investigation relating to me so she knew who/what I was. The first thing she asked me, “Why did you choose me as your doctor?” I related that I had done an obviously needed background check on her before deciding. Mainly–she was top of her class, an immigrant and a female. Which, to me, means she had to be at least twice as good as a ‘white male’ to get the same grade. She liked that response and showed me her first smile.

        • Cindy Gibbons says:

          Wow, what an assinine thing to say when she`s on our side…It`s not typically a spelling thing`s a typing thing.

      • Sheila says:

        I was denied hysterectomy for thirteen years just because I look like I am not quite all there. By the time I was granted hysterectomy, it was nearly too late. Even so, my gynaecologist said I could not have surgery without parental consent in spite of being 36

        • Pamela Wible MD says:

          Wow. I have a physician friend who was denied a tubal ligation because they did not believe she could make that decision as a 26 year old. She got it done eventually. Now she’s 50. No kids. Happy.

          • Sickofbeingsick says:

            Same thing hapoened to me. One surprise baby, and 2 surgeries later, i was “approved”, and when i talked to doc after, she said she had found the cause of my 12 miscarriages and couldnt believe my pregnancies didnt make me much more ill, beimg high risk already. My uterus was enlarged to 3x normal size with endometriosis, masses, scar tissue, bleeding spots, and those spider web scars that form between orgams that i cant remember the name of currently. My first surgery for reproductive systems, i was 11 years old.

      • PrettyInPain says:

        What a ridiculous post. I have half a mind to understand why they were suspicious of you.

        • William Rogers says:

          I’m sorry ‘pain’……the word ‘suspicious’ is not allowed anywhere in any doctor’s treatment plan.

    • Juliya says:

      I deliberately seek only Physicians in their 60s or older…my so-called ‘main Physician’ is ’44’ is a nightmare to deal with!

      • stephanie says:

        I am so sorry you feel that way, mine is 2 years older than me and is a God send! Please don’t profile all Drs. My “headache specialist” profiled me as lazy and misdiagnosed my rare brain disease at least 2 years.

        • brave burrito says:

          All doctors are not the issue. A particular age is. here is something to be said for different generations of healthcare students being taught different things by the state. All doctors are brainwashed though.

      • Jan says:

        I felt that way too. We changed to the state’s HMO network. I checked out the PCPs and picked one in his 60s who said in the site blurb, “I can’t heal everyone but I will comfort all.” Two years ago I went in for a $40 appt. His whole demeanor changed when he found out I was a nurse and did research… and oh, yeah, I had terrible arm pain. Besides taking an xray for rotator cuff tear he spent the entire visit arguing with me about getting an opioid Rx. I’ll tell more in another comment – woo hoo I’m seeing him again today!

    • stephanie says:

      (((hugs))) how awful!!

    • Linda B says:

      I was assaulted and my head smashed on the pavement. I suffer with post concussion headaches. 31 days of headaches! My doctor finally gave me Percocet for the pain. Any doctor that doesn’t help someone with documented pain, like from a CT scan, is doing a disservice to patients. I have to wait almost a month to get into a pain clinic but they want me to up my anxiety meds more vs dealing with the pain. I was denied pain meds and I’m 31 days out with severe post concussion headache. Probably an emergency room visit for me again. So dumb.

      • Jan says:

        One reason you were denied is because it’s rare that a patient with a post-head injury is prescribed narcotics because it may mask or mimic symptoms of a TBI (traumatic brain injury) like nausea, dizziness or respiratory depression. I had a concussion 2 years ago; drove myself to Urgent Care and got nothing for pain and was told no OTC analgesics either, no xrays, etc. then they let me drive home.

    • kat says:

      I too am a victim of patient profiling. Im pretty much textbook bullied by my surgeons. On June 17 2014 I went into surgery to repair a strangulated umbilical hernia, I developed an infection shortly after and the wound opened up. I suffered for three days with fevers excess of 104 my dr made me wait until my appointment to be seen, I asked for some relief but was refused. Long story short the surgeon put me down as a self mutilator due to some scars on my arms that were at least 15 years or more old accusing me of possibly contaminating my wound, I finally went to a new hospital system for help all went well until my surgeons records were requested. This has been going on a year now where I have developed post surgery abdominal abscesses for unknown reason and I have been labeled as possible munchousen (sp) I even was assessed by a psychologist and passed with flying colors no mental Recently I developed another abscess and it has been discovered that my bowel has been leaking and I will need a resection surgery to correct it, but due to the way I have been treated im quite frankly scared to go back to the hospital. So here I am one year later at home with a high fever and severe pain knowing that I need to get to the hospital asap but I have been shamed and bullied so bad by the ones who took the oath to do me no harm I can’t even force myself to go back.btw I have 4 young children I don’t want to die.
      Believe me this is the short version of what’s happening, and no one is alone I share your pain.

      • Julie Greene, MFA says:

        I wish I could help you. I KNOW the terror. I recall when I was in kidney failure, being rushed to the hospital, what ran through my mind (besides worry about my dog’s well-being) was, “Oh no, I’m going to be abused again!” I was so scared, even though I was literally dying. I was more scared of abuse in another hospital than death itself.

        • Mari says:

          I know exactly what you mean Julie. At this stage I would like to see what is legally possible, but cannot afford a lawyer.

      • Kathy says:

        Sorry to hear that. I wish you the best and hope things can turn for the better for you. I have been through hell to but I am ready to file suit. Doctors in my own family are saying do it and I understand how hard it is to get through medical school but this is unacceptable.

    • tiredoftheiropinion says:

      I am responding to this commenter because I cannot post my own independent comment on mobile. I’ll keep it short. My psychiatrist mistakenly gave me a document stating all of his diagnoses of me. Two of which he never disclosed to me in consultation (PTSD and non specified personality disorder). I just left a message on his machine requesting explanation. What else should I do? Am I overreacting?

    • Hopeless40 says:

      I really need help, getting sicker by the day, dr is refusing any care, profiled severly and causing me severe mental distress and anxiety and told that they”kaiser”, are trying to get rid of me for costing to much money as my health is to complex. What should I do before something gets worse? ? Help!

      • Pamela Wible MD says:

        You should find an “ideal doctor” – a doctor who you respect. A doctor who really cares like this:

        • no doc nys says:

          I found a place of the list in fayetteville, ny.
          The doctor listed is no longer there.

          It is a horrible husband and wife team there now that berate new patients and out right tell you to figure out if you are wasting your time.

          “Directed medical testing” done here… You have no choice if you want to bee seen by the dr.
          my definition of directed medical testing… test that can be done anywhere not just doctor office… ex ekgs, bloo dwork, sonos etc.

          I recorded this visit. In the end I was diagnosed with an infection thru bloodwork( I am sick) and was told he would not treat it.

          I got a termination letter in the mail that week. WHY?

          I am blacklisted from reasonable medical care HELP

          please help i am sick

      • Barbara says:

        Go Somewhere else. I have that insurance company as well. I have

        Been profiled as well. I plan to disenroll.

    • Maryann Hudgins says:

      Dear Wible.
      I no Iron in 2012 and all blood levels were very low.
      Vitamin D. very low. Then in 2013 I bowel and bladder
      repair using the mesh. That surgery did turn out well
      and I had to have to cut the mesh. so I could pee.
      it left me a bowel dysfunction, where know I have hard
      stool that gets stuck. I feel I being profiled. there is
      a lot more to this Issues. I could write a book. DRS. Think I am crazy. how do I fine out if this is true. please. thank you mary.

      • Sandra Aadland says:

        Labeled chronic pain after rear ended; two unnecessary surgeries gone south, still labeled chronic pain. Given mega opiated; got off them but, no help from military hospital where there are tons of incriminating evidence. Mayo also denied care after hernia repair gone wrong – chronic pain

        • Betty Sue says:

          It’s unbelievably difficult when you have had issues in the the past with a medication but have a documented legitimate health situation and are having a lot of pain or are facing surgery and might possibly have to take that medication for a period of time. If you have a friend or family member that can help you with this you should…if you don’t have that support at the time it’s quite challenging to be alone in that position…you must rely on prayer and not forget that potential problems could recur if you don’t keep it real. It takes real strength.

    • Alicia says:

      Since October 2014 I have had some female issues. I am 55, had 3 c-section births, endeometreosis 3 times, and a partial-hysterectomy in 1992. Upon a regular checkup in 2014, I went to a nurse practitioner recommended by my mother-in-law. Then, after having some spotting 4 times in 5 months, I decided to go to practioner to be examined the first week in June 2015. All 3 of my younger sisters have had endeometreosis each in different cases, along with fibromyalgia. My mother’s mother died of ovarian cancer when my mom was 15. So I have had a concern because of my symptoms. The practitioner ordered a urine test to rule out a uti. I have had reoccurring bladder infections since the birth of my first child, so I knew it was negative. She also ordered bloodwork and did a swab on me. She said the swab was to check for “vaginal infection”. This all took place from a Tuesday to Friday. Monday I got a call that the swab was negative and Tuesday a call on my bloodwork. Different lady than from swab results. She was nasty saying I needed to get blood check more than once a year. My husband is self-employed and we have insurance with Christian families to pay as we go and help with major expenses. I asked to have my labs sent to me, since my daughter is a medical assistant, she helps with reading my bloodwork since the doctor doesn’t do it. Then I was prescribed a cream my husband picked up without consulting me. Obviously, a hormone cream and it cost $250. Then I got a bill from Quest diagnostics for over $1,000. I was sooo upset that I was in tears. First, this cream listed reactions that are the same as my symptoms and warnings to not use for those with MY medical and family history (in addition to congestive heart failure, which my dad died of at age 34). After calls to the doctor’s office, 3 different women called me and I had to reexplain my entire sitation, including the financial burden. Oh, the swab that was supposed to be for “vaginal infection” was for 4 “sexually transmitted diseases” and I had told the practitioner I could count on 1 hand the times my husband and I had intercourse over 6 months. Furious! I could not get practitioner to call me herself and out of left field, the third call I was told to use the cream and schedule to see a gynecologist. That’s what I went to her for to begin with! So the third week into June, my husband went into the doctor’s office. I have him listed to access my records. He stood in the lobby window and asked 3 times to speak to someone in private. They ignored him and he was forced to tell my situation with patients and other staff around. My husband also says you could view 4 different computers in the medical staff circle with patient’s files to be seen. An office manager was supposed to call me about the rudeness and my situation, but that never happened. We tried a couple more times through the end of June with no results. My insurance company said they would refund anything over $500, but that’s not the point. The doctor’s office have had the bill from diagnostics cancelled. In trying to talk to lawyers, I was passed around being told it’s not malpractice but billing, and that I had to go out of the county for a lawyer; along with filing a complaint to the medical ethics board for HIPPA violation by the doctor’s ofice. They would be fined but I would not get any compensation for myself. That’s “patient profiling” and I am in worst shape now than when I started! You know your own body, as a woman and I know it’s NOT just menopause (especially with endeometreosis 3 times and the 2ND time was worse–more than just medical). Over $500 ($250 on a cream I can’t use or return) and now I have to find another doctor too. I just finished a letter requesting my records. We’ll see how that goes.

      • Pamela Wible MD says:

        OMG. That is horrible!! This is what happens when there is a breakdown in the sacred patient-physician relationship. Too many cooks in the kitchen and nobody knows the stove is on. The solution: DISINTERMEDIATION (removing the middlemen). Believe me, we did not go to medical school to treat patients like crap. Third parties have inserted themselves in between doctors and patients and created a culture of chaos and distrust that makes it very hard to provide health care. I’m here if you need me. Wish you lived down the street. There is a map of ideal clinics on my website. Check it out and maybe I can help you find a new more ideal doctor.

        • Julie Greene, MFA says:

          I agree. Doctors have to answer to administrators who hold $$ to higher priority than human life. Profit over patient care is the norm when it comes to these large and powerful institutions. I’d only trust a doctor who was working free of insurance, drug reps, and powerful corporations. If you can, preserve your health so you won’t have to go to a doctor! Bad experiences are incentive for those of us without money to find new and innovative ways to get well. I am amazed at how well people do once they realize that you CAN take your body back from corporate control.

          • Mari says:

            There is no such thing Julie. Conflict of interest reigns supreme in the medical professions.

    • Joss says:

      I had a dentist by the name of Dr. Aaron Levitt of Sarasota Advanced Care in Sarasota, Florida.

      I had a filling that I needed to get done by on my lower left tooth (professionally referred to as #19).

      My doctor and his staff, upon making multiple admissions to the doctor and his staff about my gender identity (having felt significant pressure to identify as a woman in order to have my concerns validated), refused to use she/her pronouns or even treat me as such (which I assume is based on my rather androgynous dress).

      This dynamic of me having to seek out my doctor’s approval for my gender identity lead to the creation of a power differential that skewed the balance of conversation in the doctor’s favor, which I find absolutely abhorrent.

      My situation was this: my doctor filled out a crown for me.

      When they placed the original crown in my mouth, I absolutely loved the way my smile looked and felt.

      That was because my smile felt more symmetrical and I felt prettier, which was a significant psychological benefit as a trans person actively seeking to transition.

      However, my doctor made a minor adjustment to the crown, which tragically led to that feeling being ripped from me, as my smile went back to the way it was before, which was a problem for me.

      Disgruntled and feeling completely disempowered as a trans person, my doctor (and his staff) not only repeatedly misgendered me, but also used my lack of presentation in feminine clothing as a piece of evidence with which to patient profile me as drug addled after a mildly contentious dispute, wherein I questioned their authority as a dental official, the dispute was about the crown that was originally doctored and I was asking if that situation could be remedied.

      When my doctor got increasingly angry, I felt horrible and like my vision was caving in.

      That was when my doctor prematurely ended our services and offered me a refund.

      That being said, I am looking for a new doctor; someone with equal credentials but better patient service in the area.

      I wrote this post inquiring as to whether or not I had a legal options for being unfairly patiently profiled?

    • Joss says:

      I had a dentist by the name of Dr. Aaron Levitt of Sarasota Advanced Care in Sarasota, Florida.

      I had a filling that I needed to get done by on my lower left tooth (professionally referred to as #19).

      My doctor and his staff, upon making multiple admissions to the doctor and his staff about my gender identity (having felt significant pressure to identify as a woman in order to have my concerns validated), refused to use she/her pronouns or even treat me as such (which I assume is based on my rather androgynous dress).

      This dynamic of me having to seek out my doctor’s approval for my gender identity lead to the creation of a power differential that skewed the balance of conversation in the doctor’s favor, which I find absolutely abhorrent.

      My situation was this: my doctor filled out a crown for me.

      When they placed the original crown in my mouth, I absolutely loved the way my smile looked and felt.

      That was because my smile felt more symmetrical and I felt prettier, which was a significant psychological benefit as a trans person actively seeking to transition.

      However, my doctor made a minor adjustment to the crown, which tragically led to that feeling being ripped from me, as my smile went back to the way it was before, which was a problem for me.

      Disgruntled and feeling completely disempowered as a trans person, my doctor (and his staff) not only repeatedly misgendered me, but also used my lack of presentation in feminine clothing as a piece of evidence with which to patient profile me as drug addled after a mildly contentious dispute, wherein I questioned their authority as a dental official, the dispute was about the crown that was originally doctored and I was asking if that situation could be remedied.

      When my doctor got increasingly angry, I felt horrible and like my vision was caving in.

      That was when my doctor prematurely ended our services and offered me a refund.

      That being said, I am looking for a new doctor; someone with equal credentials but better patient service in the area.

      I wrote this post inquiring as to whether or not I had a legal options for being unfairly patiently profiled?

      Because I am adamant refusing to have this circumstance determine my life outcomes.

      • Pamela Wible MD says:

        I am not an attorney, but malpractice is based on a serious/life-threatening incident that strays from community standard of care.

        • no doc nys says:

          I am sorry for that person experience.

          i hope they find the help the need.

          In NYS trying to find a lawyer to hire is like finding a doctor for reasonable medial care…

          excluding you doc… you are trying thanks!

          Maybe the American Civil Liberties Union can help Joss.

          Don’t give up – we all seem to be discriminated against for whatever the reason… we can work thru being sick and change this broken system.

          We need to organize ourselves… not just doctors or patients…
          that puts up barriers.

          we are just humans… Reasonable humans unite for change.

          keep up the good work doc we need ya.

      • Betty Sue says:

        Joss, this is just my opinion, but part of the problem is that physicians have considerably (to put it mildly) more funds than you do to get the finest attorneys, malpractice insurance, the power to label you as any kind of person they want to and unfortunately much of society still has the opinion that because they are in a position of being held up as more respectable, unquestionably honest and of a better class of people than Mr. or Mrs. Joe Citizen…that they are not to be questioned about even obviously bad behavior. Some people are even in awe of them and would never question their judgement or morals. They are human beings just like you and I and just as flawed…believe me. NOT ALL…FAR FROM IT, but there are a percentage of them who are are money grubbers, addicts, liars, adulterers, racists, etc…just like any other person you might meet. They are in a position of power and trust and have the ability and means to decide if you will live or die. Think about it. They make judgements based on your physical condition because they have confidential information regarding your health history and have been trained to do physical examinations and be aware of a serious medical condition you could possibly have such as a serious heart problem or a deterioration of your vision that leads to blindness. Anesthesiologists have your body in an altered state on an operating table and have control of your very life when you are completely vulnerable, they order testing of all kinds and have the knowledge of those results, your complete medical history, allergies (some of which can be deadly for you if you are very sensitive to a certain drug and cause you to go into say, anaphylactic shock which can kill you) and prescribe medications that you trustingly put into your body without question (unless you are a sceptic like some people I know lol) or just are a fairly informed person who checks out a PDR first…a book that gives info on drugs commonly used by medical professionals…there are books out there not as complicated that are more understandable for the general public, before putting anything in your body lol. Enough of this rant. I guess after you get burned a few times you just get a bit jaded. My internist is the best and I’m so lucky to have him. I dread the day he retires. I have had some really great doctors and some not so great, But a couple I have had as my doctor or have worked with in a medical setting had the truth be known…OH MY! Need I say more? I am very imperfect and do not mean to sound holier than thou, but have the need to get certain things off my chest. I have heard of someone who was a patient that almost died when in a very good smallish hospital that was given a drug or combination of drugs that came close to killing them
        and had to rushed to a major medical center and it was hushed up. Outrageous sounding but a true story.!

    • Aria L. says:

      My doctor profiled me as a Hypochondriac as a teenager. She was convinced that everything I experienced was related to puberty stress. However, when the symptoms continued long after puberty and even multiplied, she insisted they were due to the stress of college. Many of these symptoms were serious red flags like unexplained weight gain, insomnia, depression, very dramatic mentrations and the delays between them, unexplained periods of extremely high blood pressure, etc. (Which turned out to be a thyroid problem steadily growing worse over the years) She wouldn’t investigate anything, unless under major protest and with the barest show of effort. It got to the point where I didn’t trust her because she certainly didn’t take me seriously.

      The final straw was when she diagnosed me with General Anxiety Disorder, which most certainly wasn’t true! I rarely ever get anxious about anything without due cause, and these were very serious symptoms that needed to be addressed. So, to be labeled as someone with GAD was an incredible insult to both myself and people who truly suffer from it! It was a humiliating experience that I never want to go through again!

    • Jacquelyn Spencer says:

      As a smoker, I have been denied medication that could have relieved my suffering but my doctor never told me and won’t prescribe it. I found out about the “pearls” when another doctor at my clinic saw me cause my doctor was not there. He prescribed them and it helped so much. my doctor will not prescribe me this. The clinic refuses to allow me to switch to the other doctor who would help me when I’m sick and suffering.In addition, I am forced to fill out a long survey about my smoking every time I go for a visit. I have to listen to some young girl lecture me about smoking for ten minutes before seeing the doctor on every visit as well. I have already had a doctor misdiagnose me. I had hepatitis c and didn’t know it. This previous doctor attributed my stomach issues to smoking and I got pregnant and didn’t even know I had hep c. Thank god my child does not have it! This doctor totally dismissed my symptoms because I am a smoker. Can I sue my current doctor for discrimination? It is not his job to judge whether I am “worthy” of medication that would alleviate my suffering and prevent injuries caused by coughing when I get a virus. Punishing me does not encourage me to quit. I can’t stress how completely unhelpful this type of physician behavior is to those who smoke. Do the folks with diabetes get a survey on how many bags of chips they eat? Do diabetics get medication withheld that could relieve their suffering ? Does some 19 year old come in and give them a lecture on putting down the fork? Just wondering….

      • Pamela Wible MD says:

        Good points. Health care by robot automatons. By electronic medical record prompts and algorithms. I can’t give legal advice. Generally you have to prove a bad outcome due to deviation from community standard of care. Assembly-line medicine is not health care.

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you for caring enough to just talk about this subject. As for everyone that has been mistreated by any doctor, I’ve been there and I understand. I feel physician’s, some not all, have forgotten they work for us. Please stop assuming every patient is drug seeking, lying, uneducated, homeless, overweight, a wife beater, a child abuser or beneath you, simply due one fact…they did not walk your path. Your path of opportunity. Even if one patient is unhealthy, not as educated or homeless, would any physician feels that gives them the right to mistreat or look down upon that HUMAN BEING? It’s time people who call themselves doctors rethink why they’re walking into those examination rooms? If it’s only for the paycheck, turn around and leave. Personally, I’ve fired doctors who have mistreated me, and I encourage everyone of you to do the same. They all will be a patient one day and if there is justice they will remember every patient they misjudged and mistreated.

    • Lisa Clifford says:

      Hey, I am an other statistic. I have been in chronic pain for fifteen years, Pudental Neauralgia and IC. Nerve pain can not be seen by the naked eye nor the best X-Ray equipment. I have had physicians not believe me, call me addicted, ( A pain clinic doc visited me in the hospital, unable to control my pain, Yelled up and down the halls saying “We have an Opiod addict here!” This clinic I have seen four doctors in the past two years to help me with depression and anxiety associated with chronic pain. Every doctor acted the same, dismissive, looked at me as if I was a pill instead of a human being who needed support. I received no medication. My anxiety heighten every time I had to see a physician. My fear of mental abuse keep me away from clinics, even when I needed help. My anxiety got so bad I could not stand, becoming weak and numb. I finally made an appointment, hopeful for some guidance, the whole visit I sobbed uncontrollably. She told me to do yoga, and said I was to complicated for the clinic. I was dismissed with no medication or any direction. I was devastated! I can not stop crying, feeling abandoned. I am seeking a phychiatrist hoping and praying he will help me. We all need to talk about our experices to support each other. Remember you are not alone. Write your State Senator to help pass a law against physicians profiling and discrimination. We have a disease of chronic pain that needs support, compassion, understanding, and Love.

    • Donna sullivan says:

      I am in a situation now my health is being neglected. I recently got my disability because I have such severe neuropathy I fall, I want feel my feet and I will just fall. These are not even the only medical problems I have. But I had a doctor for near 20 years had me on strong pain meds for the problems. 60mg oxy. I had a good job and Insurance. Then I lost my job and I fought for 3 years to pay for my Insurance under cobra. And then lost out my unemployment stopped. Well In the meantime I was loosing everything my trailer my car got repossessed. And had to move into a hotel well both my daughters were living with me and we had to have an apartment type suite so I had to have a boarder to share expenses so I let a friend of mines daughter also live with us she was 29 just like my married daughter and my youngest was almost 18. Well one of them or there friends stole a zanax RX from me and even though I was going to prosecute my own family, I had police report and turned it over to the FBI not only did the doctor cut me off and also did not take me seriously neither did the FBI. So I have been through hell even getting my disibility. Thank god I did. But the doctor that helped me was 90 years old and retired. He referred me to the pain clinic at this county clinic that is for less fortunate and I was treated kindly at first he retired and within 6 months I was discharged out of the clinic. Mine is a long story and this is only a short portion of it. But I am starting to think I am crazy and need to see psychiatric help. And this is very serious and true. Thanks for Listening Donna in Birmingham

      • Betty Sue says:

        You are not crazy Donna! Seeing a therapist so that you can share with so your experiences so that worries don’t consume you would help if you can find a good one.

    • Vikki Towsey says:

      This past November after 25 years of trying to get a diagnosis for the low back and hip pain I had been experiencing along with constant GI issues, I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Ehler Danlos Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia. I have lost joints due to fusion. Why? There is still a preconceived notion among Doctors that women cannot have AS. It is a young man’s disease. 25 years of suffering and treated for “hysteria” because I have uterus and that means I cannot possibly be feeling the pain I endure. I have been prescribed anti-depressants to deal with what I know now is an autoimmune disorder, and a genetic condition that allows too much space in my joints which causes constant pain. I do not even ask for opiates due to the stigma attached to it anymore. I have had pharmacists refuse to fill my scripts. I have had emergency rooms refuse to prescribe anything stronger than Tylenol. If Tylenol worked I would take it and never need medical intervention. I have given birth to four children and that did not hurt worse than a AS flare. It is a sad day when Doctors who swore an oath to do no harm are more concerned of a malpractice suit due to narcotics than actually caring for the patient in front of them. It is a sad day when patients are required to urinate in a cup to receive medication. No other class of patients are required to submit a urine screen to obtain their meds. Some medications are equally as addicting. It cannot but appear we are profiled and targeted. For me it would be easy to obtain verification through my medical records that I do indeed have a condition, infact several, that causes chronic pain. Isn’t that one of the intentions of the electronic medical record? I know enough to make sure I see the same doctors for my conditions. I go to the same pharmacy yet I know I am in a database identifying me as an opiate user. No other information as to diagnosis or medical history is in that database. A pharmacist has the power to deny me the medication prescribed by my Doctor based solely on this information. It is such a frustration to be chronically ill, have chronic pain, and be treated like an addict. That is why I started the Ankylosing Spondylitis Project and we work with another group, Patients not Addicts, to attempt to change this. Doctors need to hear us. They need to see us as patients with underlying medical conditions. They need to fight for us and with us. We need them. We also need to be treated like patients.

      The current status of our medical system is a heart beat away from negligence. People will die either by their own hands or by a system that is set up to judge them before treating them. Currently there are 100 million chronic pain patients in the US. These patients are having medication denied, restricted, and are being told to take OTC meds that are as dangerous as the medications that the CDC/DEA are asking Doctors to restrict. Furthermore, alternative medicine to treat chronic pain often is not covered by insurance. For example physical therapy for my plan is $40 a visit, and capped at 5 visits a year yet the CDC would rather me do PT than have a prescription of Vicodin to maintain my quality of life. Physical Therapy for an incurable disease that I am restricted to just 5 visits a year. It is like the CDC did not even think about the repercussions of their own guidelines. That forcing people off medication that they did well on, with no history of abuse, would likely send people to meets with drug dealers willing to prescribe Heroine. Congrats to the CDC they just made drug dealers a lot richer. THis is often the problem with prohibition type laws and guidelines. Those guidelines were also full of misleading and false data. It ends up pulling the cart before the horse. Less than 5 percent of chronic pain patients abuse their meds. So who are these guidelines targeting? They will have the exact opposite result because most people abusing opiates are not buying them legally anyway. That is the most frustrating thing about this. Also Doctors should be angry- as we are moving away from patient centered care.

      • Mari says:

        Yep. My son is severely disable with Ankylosing Spondilitis. I knew he had the same thing I had when he buckled over while dining in a restaurant. I had no idea it was hereditary. When I was in teens I was informed by a GP that if I ever stopped moving I would be in a wheelchair within a few years. Physiotherapy and dance kept the worst at bay for me, but since the cancer surgery (the chest tube was left in for nine weeks) I have some serious issues. No one will listen. They refuse to believe me.

    • Julia says:

      Overweight patients get profiled all the time. I took care of a young lady, early 20’s. She was complaining of hip pain. Her doctor told her to lose weight and exercise. She did as he asked and tried her hardest but the pain persisted and got worse until she finally couldn’t walk. Finally tests were done but by then the cancer was extensive and she died 7 months later. I always wondered if she had been a thin pretty young thing if she would have had a different outcome.
      I also have been overweight my entire life. My weight varies 20 up, 20 down. I am active and work steady. I ride my bike, eat healthy and at 61 have no medical problems except my tendency to be a larger woman. But, almost every doctor assumes I am a couch potato who eats fast foods, seriously I can’t remember the last time I did.

  2. Sherri says:

    I have mitochondrial disease. It drives me crazy that I can go to PUBMED and find so much information about mitochondrial dysfunction and disease, yet I haven’t had a primary care doctor in about 5 years now because I gave up trying to find one that accepted my diagnosis which was made via a muscle biopsy. In their mind, it’s rare (if it even exist in adults because they learned that only children get this disease) and because it’s rare, I certainly do not have it. Ugh!!!

    Pain is also a huge issue with mitochondrial disease and it was very hard to get pain meds and I was often treated like a drug addict. Fortunately, I stumbled upon something and ON MY OWN learned that it’s specifically supplementing with branched chain amino acids that take way my pain. I’ve been managing my pain this way now for 3 years. I have many needs as a patient with mitochondrial disease and very little assistance from the medical community. It makes me want to scream.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I have had a patient with mitochondrial disease. I had to read a lot about it, but I really enjoyed taking care of him.

    • Andrea says:

      Dr. D’Adamo in Conn. will treat your Mito disease.
      Hope you stay curious and keep trying things.

    • Shari says:

      I was told I had mitochondrial disease by a colorado Neuro. I moved to florida this year and found a new Neuro whom I had called and asked if he would take me as a patient. He started me on mito cocktail. I saw him this week and after asking how I was doing, I told him I was still choking and had hand weakness making the use of my cane difficult. He looked me right in the eyes and said ” all your limitations are in your head” I am still stunned by this treatment. Previously I was practicing for 12 years in internal medicine and I’m stunned by this. He also bullied me because I keep refusing cymbalta for pain. Telling me if I was really in pain I would take something. I will never see another Neuro again. I just can’t keep seeing these morons. I know the reason he treated me badly was because my long term disability company asked for records (for another disabling condition )and he thought I was going to ask him for disability which I’ve been on for 2 years.

  3. Justina Dies says:

    I sometimes frequent the Er for multiple health problems. In one year I frequented the ER so much in a week and every time I went I was told I had a UTI and an ovarian cyst rupturing (multiple ones in multiple days). To later find out I have endometriosis which was causing my pain and excessive bleeding not a UTI. I then after having the endometriosis was back to visiting the hospital for pain in my lower abdomen and was given multiple pain meds because that is what they thought I had wanted. In result of the multiple pain meds I miscarried the child I was carrying and was implanting which was the result of the pain.
    Another time I was profiled I was in psychiatric unit after trying to commit suicide. I felt it was the only way away from my abusive ex husband. While there I was given geodone (an anti psychotic) and ended up having a hard time swallowing uncontrollable movements of my tongue and my mouth was in a permanent smile. When trying to tell the aids that I needed help they told me I was faking it and to go sit in the common area until another patient took me up and demanded to talk to a nurse and that I wasn’t faking it. I found out I was allergic to the geodone. The same time I was there they ended up putting me on so many medications that I didn’t know who I was or where I was. When I was a little coherent and talking to the doctor I told her I didn’t want to go home because my then current husband was abusing me and I had the black and blue marks to prove it. She told me that I couldn’t stay there any longer and that they were sending me somewhere. They sent me to a women’s shelter in a city I have never been in before, while still on all of the medications. I believe it was because I didn’t have health insurance, and I was only 19 and didn’t know what I was talking about.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      This is so sad. I am very sorry. Sharing these stories is the first step to raising awareness. Justina, thank you for being willing to tell your story.

  4. Chris Dean says:

    In 2011 I became ill. After months of trying to find the cause, my GP believed I had MS and sent me to a Neurologist. At our first meeting, he noted that I had lost a significant amount of weight recently (due to a gall bladder that had simply stopped working and subsequently been removed.) He then pointed to the medical history I’d filled out honestly and completely, which included my bipolar diagnosis.
    He informed me (with NO testing) that I didn’t have MS, I was probably anorexic and needed a Psychiatrist more than a Neurologist.
    In the months that followed, I was properly diagnosed with an auto immune disease and Fibromyalgia.
    Because of this man, I no longer include information about my mental health on medical histories. Patient profiling is too real to risk it again.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      It is true that your medical records follow you from doctor to doctor. There can be erroneous information in the records that should be amended. It is a good idea to read your own med records every once in a while just to make sure things are presented correctly. As in any human interaction, there can be miscommunication, misinterpretation . . .

      • Aria says:

        I’ve tried to hand deliver my medical records after thoroughly reviewing them for incorrect diagnoses and information. There is another lady with my same name in town and our records have gotten confused on several occasions. I find it extremely scarey info that was erroneously included will impact my future health care. This doctor and that doctor is sending each other reports so what do you suggest is best to do in this situation?

        I’ve been told amending health records didn’t change much as the original diagnosis still remains. Have you found amending them to work and how best to approach it?

        Thank you for your lovely blog and fresh ides for being a physician. My dad was a solo practitioner and kept his home phone number in the book. He got calls emergency every Xmas morning and dutifully went off to the hospital.

      • Aria says:

        I’ve tried to hand deliver my medical records after thoroughly reviewing them for incorrect diagnoses and information. There is another lady with my same name in town and our records have gotten confused on several occasions. I find it extremely scarey info that was erroneously included will impact my future health care. This doctor and that doctor is sending each other reports so what do you suggest is best to do in this situation?

        I’ve been told amending health records didn’t change much as the original diagnosis still remains. Have you found amending them to work and how best to approach it?

        Thank you for your lovely blog and fresh ides for being a physician. My dad was a solo practitioner and kept his home phone number in the book. He got emergency calls every Xmas morning and dutifully went off to the hospital.

      • Aria says:

        I’ve tried to hand deliver my medical records after thoroughly reviewing them for incorrect diagnoses and information. There is another lady with my same name in town and our records have gotten confused on several occasions. I find it extremely scarey info that was erroneously included will impact my future health care. This doctor and that doctor is sending each other reports so what do you suggest is best to do in this situation?

        I’ve been told amending health records didn’t change much as the original diagnosis still remains. Have you found amending them to work and how best to approach it?

        Thank you for your lovely blog and fresh outlook on being a physician. My dad was a solo practitioner and kept his home phone number in the book. He got emergency calls every Xmas morning and dutifully went off to the hospital.

        • Pamela Wible MD says:

          Ad you middle name to your chart or your maiden name or something. VERY important. Then meet with the clinic manager and/or doctor and have them amend your chart. It would be dangerous not to do so. You need to have your records accurately reflect who you are. Imagine if you were intubated and in the ICU and they had someone else’s records (wrong allergies, wrong meds etc . . .)

      • Carol Delucia says:

        I go to a clinic how do I ask for my records? Do they have to give them to me?

        • Pamela Wible MD says:

          Yes they are your records. Please refer to your state medical board for rules in your state.

      • Lori Vickery says:

        my dr said I was wrong and they had worked me in for emergency appointment when they hadn’t. He would not even look at test results from pain clinic and said that was not his field. The pain clinic did thirsting that proved I needed help with extreme triglycerides. He did prescribe medication but later visits said he had ordered testing. I saw many errors in my documentation from his office regarding these issues and he argued with me and said His records show it so it is true. But the records were written incorrectly. Also I’m on disability it sucks cause all docs want to not allow you to be disabled cause it means paperwork. The Social security administration perpetuates these problems by not allowing testimony from real people in work place and home that truly see your decline not a doctor that turns in erroneous reports and could care less if you can feed your family because you miss so much work due to multiple health issues…mine brought on primarily by Stickler Syndrome but the doctors never want to hear how my connective tissue disease means I need different or more attentive care than someone without a genetic disorder.

      • Mari says:

        And nothing changes Pamela. The medical file is a legal document that does not permit of change. What would happen if doctors were faced with criminal as opposed to civil charges when wrong-doing has occurred? Is it feasible?

  5. Lisa Weinstein says:

    I am 48 years old. At 42, I began to develop the initial symptoms of what over a dozen doctors, countless misdiagnoses, and thousands of dollars worth of tests would finally reveal…prolapse of my rectum, bladder, and uterus. I had never heard of this condition. I did an exhaustive online search and was astounded by the articles that described my symptoms to the T. However, doctors continued to disregard me because I didn’t fit the profile of a typical women who gets this condition: 65+, and/or had multiple vaginal births. I’m not sure if it was profiling, or just physicians’ tendency to rely soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much on evidence-based medicine that they refuse to think outside of the box and consider that there may be a small percentage of their patients who defy the odds and have a condition that doesn’t fit snugly into an “evidence-based” medicine diagnosis.
    Thanks for giving me a chance to vent.
    Lisa Weinstein

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Sometimes in following EBM and the “guidelines,” we lose track of the person sitting in front of us. Always therapeutic to write your story. And share it with your doctor. This is how we learn – and heal.

  6. Kristy says:

    When I was 28 years old and recently pregnant with my third child, I had severe hyperemesis gravidarum and landed in the ER to get IV fluids. I was feeling pretty crummy and was not answering questions well (as sick people often do). My husband was home taking care of our 1 year old and 3 year old, so I was alone. A doc I had never met before was extremely short and rude with me, asked me if I was on medicaid and suggested I get an abortion for my unplanned pregnancy. My pregnancy was not unplanned, I was in a great marriage to my doctor husband, I have a degree from an Ivy league school, and had good private insurance. My problem was that I was very sick and I was young, so therefore my pregnancy must be unplanned and I must be on medicaid.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Oh no. Did you ever give feedback to this doctor? Cultural competency classes are supposed to prevent this kind of thing, but there is nothing like learning from your own mistaken judgements. Great teaching moment (if you had not been throwing up).

  7. Bev Molloy says:

    My 88 year old mother got shingles on her back. After the sores disappeared she still had pain, but it went on for a full year and the pain was excruciating! She was in to the Dr and emerg several times and they told her it was common and gave a pain prescription. Finally someone thought to do a work up on her and it was discovered that she had a terrible kidney infection! The aged are far too often just given a pat on the head and sent home.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Always good to have an advocate by your side in the ER.

      • Mari says:

        My mother tried to treat an abdominal issue on her own for eight years. When I saw the attendants looking after her I was appalled and asked if anyone had bothered to check if there really was something wrong. Guess what? Riddled with cancer. They never bothered to check out any of her complaints. She bled out. A terrible, lonely death.

  8. channa brennon says:

    When my son was a baby he had colic and was in pain..i kept telling them something was wrong but they ignored me..(stupid welfare mom)then when he went into failure to thrive they said cuz i didnt feed him enuff..they called CPS and for a year had to fight them to keep my son.what saved me was the letter from a chiro/naturopath that diagnosed my son as malabsorbtion problems severe food allergys and immune disorders.then they dropped the case.but they couldnt give me back the year of hell i went thru.

  9. Pamela Wible MD says:

    This is heartbreaking. I am so sorry Channa.

  10. Debbi DeChellis says:

    I have been PROFILED as a “complicated patient”. I am a patient with Crohns Disease, R.A., blood clotting disorder and rectal/vaginal fistulas. I have been told ” There is nothing more we could do”. I have been on almost every medication available for Crohns. I am currently on Humira since september and was on Cimzia for 3 yrs prior. I still have uncontroled daily pain, nausea, diarreah, up to 12 to 15 loose stools a day. The fistulas are my main problem with bowel leakage daily, up to 8 to 10 pads a day and NO normal sex life. A very good friend posted this article and I noticed that you are 50 min south of me. I live in a small town, Sweet Home, Or. I am desperate to find a P.C. Doctor that understands my situation. I do have a GI doc in Corvallis. He works hard to keep me going but we are running out of options. I could go on forever but my need right now is to find someone, anyone willing to work WITH me and not give up on me by saying those awful words …… There is nothing more we can do, you will just have to live with it! I am not that kind of woman to let those words keep me down.
    I was hoping, praying that you might be able to help me? I am desperate to change those awful words to ” We WONT give up on you …. let’s get thru this together” ! I am on disability with Oregon Health Plan insurance ( IHN ). Are you accepting new patients and do you accept OHP ? Thank You for this excellent article and any help you can pass along ……. Desperate in Sweet Home !

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I do not accept a few insurance plans, but I see anyone who wants to see me. I do not turn anyone away for lack of money. There is ALWAYS hope! That is what I believe.

      • Amanda says:

        Debbie- I wanted to put my comment here and hope that you read it. Or someone else with Crohns disease. I have had it at least 20 years and I have been on all of the biologics, etc. Wow, I related to what you said! First off, It made me ache. The pain of fistulas; the embarassment of leakage; frustration about the loss of sexual function, depression and despair at those words:
        There isn’t anything yet-
        Recently Takida Pharmaceuticals released a new drug:
        Entyvio. It went through its trials and I was almost part of the third but was too sick to want to maintain a high amount of prednisone that was required to maintain the integrity of the trial.
        I started it a week ago. My blog is chronicling it. As far as ERs, Dr.s, etc. – it is so sad. Is there a Pain Management Clinic near you? If not, can you maintain some semblance of relief on the prednisone? That is like a swear word or someone running their nails down a chalkboard to your body but taking just enough to help. However, I am there with ya. Prednisone can’t cut it when you are dealing with those fistulas, fissures, and ulcers in the digestive tract.
        I have found some relief in sucralfate tabs for the upper GI (esophagus), I have to be on stuff for GERD. And have slept sitting up a lot so that it doesn’t burn other than Crohns attacking it.
        Every system in the body is affected by Crohns. Joints, muscles, bone, eyes, ears, mouth, and nose! (I have had wicked fungal infections that back up into those parts- And Iritis happens due to those muscles in the eye.) Dang! I hate being a Professional Patient. And a mom….. family is drug along for the ride too.
        So sad. Bless your heart.
        Once a good friend I confided in told me the obvious: “Crying helps.” I laughed. Having a good friend, mentor, faith are all that become left when the well has run dry.
        Even those people and, if depressed, it’s hard to feel God there.
        There are still those moments you can”t roll over in bed. Or talk. Or get help. May those around be in tune enough to reach you. I hope this does. I hope that Dr.s like the one here, will help you navigate a health plan.

        • Darcy says:

          I live a couple hours north of ypu Dr. Wible and it is so refreshing to hear that what I have always believed was true. I live in a small community (Dallas, OR) and we do have a small community hospital that is a branch of Salem Health. I have Crohns’s disease also. I have had it for almost 25 years now. I have had 2 major surgeries for crohn’s and now live with an ostomy bag, honestly the best decision of my life.

          I have had to go to our small community hospital because I now live with chronic pancreatitis that my GI dr. believes is related to my Crohn’s. In going to the ER there is one particular dr. that was there that told me I was a drug seeker and that I had IBS, two very different diagnoses. She had me in tears and my husband yelled at her because she wasn’t listening to me again! The second time I had a run in with this same doctor and she tried to give me Tordal (keterlac), which is contraindicated for Crohn’s because it can cause bleeding, my husband made me leave and he took me to another hospital that is 45 minutes away (Silverton Hospital) they treated me for my pain and after they ran blood tests, admitted me for a pancreatic attack instead of making assumptions.

          once I was released, I did make a complaint to the hospital about her. Come to find out, two of my friends have had the same kind of run-in with this same doctor. She refuses to treat pain and accuses each one of us of being pain med seekers. I am on a pain contract with my MD and my Dr has gone to the point that my contract says if I am in the ER for pain that isn’t being controlled with my at home pain meds, it instructs the ER doc what to give me for pain. According to the letter I rec’d in regard to my complaint, she has been instructed to take a few extra minutes and listen to the patient instead of putting every one in the same box.

          I hate that I have been profiled because I don’t look like a typical crohn’s patient. I am a bag girl aka obese and that is one of the reasons I get treated like crap. Another reason is because it says in my chart “opiate dependancy” and that was all due to me going to a pain clinic associated with the hospital. This dr said that his answer for everything is methadone. He had me in tears because he wouldn’t look me in the eye and talk to me, he would only address my husband. I refused to continue to go there and I almost lost my PCP because of his bashing me in his note back to my PCP. It turns out, he was fired a month later and the clinic was closed down because of many complaints.

          Patient profiling hurts patients, sure there are drug seekers but dr’s really need to listen to the patient. Thank you Dr. Wille for your apology on behalf of other ignorant drs. I pray that one day they will figure it out!

          • KL says:

            Darcy I too have chronic pancreatitis since 1998 with 66 hospital admissions. I too have had ER horror stories. My family doc and pain guy finally got it fixed where I don’t go to the ER anymore. They get the ER is a joke!

  11. Pyrrole says:

    I know a bunch of people who have Kryptopyrrole disorder. They were labeled “mentally ill” for just brining it up. Despite strange hemoglobin issues, and the presence of pyrroles in urine. Dr. simply said, that’s a made up disease.

  12. Julie Greene says:

    The story is too long and complicated and cannot be properly summed up in a paragraph or two, but I’ll try. I went to a mental health center for my eating problems in 1981 after having tried to deal with these problems on my own. I had lost weight and I had been binge eating. It was the binge eating that scared me into getting help. They didn’t know anything about this problem. I found out about anorexia by reading a book. I hoped that psych meds would stop the binge eating. I begged for these pills and was refused. They said I had “no diagnosis” and called me a faker.

    I believe the only reason Lithium stopped my binge eating is because it suppresses the appetite. The weight gain people get from it masks the appetite loss in many cases. I was on Lithium for years and it ruined my kidneys. Along with that, they coerced me into taking antipsychotics, which I never needed. These were the standard drugs that they give patients they don’t know what to do with, the complainers. All I got were devastating side effects from these pills.

    I have been profiled by doctors so many times I cannot count. In fact, it’s a given now. I am treated like a dangerous criminal and you can see the fear in their faces and body language, like they assume I’m about to attack them. I have kidney disease and I’m sick, on care/caid and I cannot get medical care anymore because I am automatically profiled.

    I am trying to switch doctors or even move to another city and REFUSE records sharing, just so they’ll never know about “psych.” I am not on any psych meds and I don’t see shrinks anymore. I am a lot better off now.

    I am hated in my community here, not respected as I should be as a writer with a master’s degree. People are scared of me and assume I’m a danger to society, to their kids, and to myself.

    When I saw your sign, “I’m sorry,” I cried because they never, ever apologize or back down even after they know they are wrong, and have caused me so much harm. I want to go back to each and every one of them since 1981 and ask for an apology. Thanks.

  13. Susan Hunter says:

    My doctors profiled me as “faking” my symptoms and diagnosed me with “conversion disorder”.

    My story is also too long to share here in a few paragraphs but the basics are that in the state of Oregon, over a six year period of time, I saw over 30 doctors due to intermittent, full-body paralysis; gradual, progressive muscle weakness; exercise intolerance; long QT heart rate; fluctuating heart and blood pressure rate and more. After the majority of them misdiagnosed and mistreated me (diagnosed with conversion disorder, prescribed anti-psychotic drugs, lied about me and symptoms in records, accused of being a drug addict, scoffed at, told I was too old to have a particular disease….and more) and prescribed medications I did not need which caused great damage, at the age of 62 I was diagnosed with a very rare, inherited, mineral metabolic disorder (channelopathy) called Periodic Paralysis (PP) by three wonderful doctors who finally believed me. The type I have is the most rare and the most serious form, Andersen-Tawil Syndrome. On a cellular level, triggered by various things such as medications, IVs, anesthesia, sleep, wheat, salt and much more, potassium wrongly enters the muscles causing paralysis and more. Our greatest fear is ending up in the ER where they do not listen to us and proceed to hook us up to IVs and make us worse or kill us.

    I had to diagnose myself. The doctors agreed when presented with the information, the facts, my symptoms and characteristics and after they did what I asked them not to do during a small procedure to insert a heart loop monitor: put me on a saline IV and give me lidocaine. It sent me right into full body paralysis, long QT heart beat, arrhythmia, tachycardia, high blood pressure, breathing difficulty and choking for nearly two hours. They could do nothing but watch, at that point, knowing any medication could make me worse or kill me.

    Although I am finally diagnosed, there are no doctors who can help me, not even the so-called “specialists”. I cannot tolerate the medication usually prescribed. So, I help myself through diet, potassium supplements and avoiding triggers. I am in a power wheelchair, have to be on oxygen 24/7, my muscles continue to weaken including my breathing muscles.

    Since my diagnosis, my husband and I have created an independent organization, the Periodic Paralysis Network. We have a website and forum with a blog, an educational support group and more and we have written a book, Living With Periodic Paralysis: The Mystery Unraveled. We help members from all over the world who can get no help from any doctors and hope to educate the medical profession about PP in hopes that others will not have to go through what I did and therefore end up as bad as I am and that doctors may be able to recognize, diagnose and treat PP appropriately in a timely manner.

    Thank you for offering those of us who have been so mistreated by doctors a place to tell our stories.

  14. Janice says:

    Thank you Dr. Wible, for saying “I’m sorry on behalf of all physicians.” The most thoughtful birthday present I received this year! A gift from the universe, via you. 🙂

  15. Annie Q Crowley says:

    Wow! You are amazing for really hearing these peoples’ stories & saying a simple “I’m sorry”! I’d love to hear “I’m sorry from just 1 of the couple dozen docs who took my life away. Here’s my profiling story:
    1st, I suffered from bouts of crippling pelvic pain every few months from the time I was 9 years old. After puberty, dr’s always looked @ reproductive problems. I had a hysterectomy @ age 24. When these bouts didn’t stop, I was labeled a drug seeker & couldn’t get any care. @ 32, I was having constant, severe pelvic pain & urinating over 100 times a day. I was finally dx’d w/interstitial cystitis & was put on pain meds, which I took responsibly for 12 years. I went to an app’t 1 time after not sleeping much for a couple weeks due to urinary frequency. I was a bit “off” & sent to a psych doc. I was dx’d as bipolar & put on diazepam, Seroquel & Abilify. After 5 years, pain med laws changed & I was forced into rehab, where I was treated like a criminal addict & taken off all 4 meds cold turkey. After 3 months I decended into the hell of prolonged benzo withdrawal, but was still just seen as a crazy drug addict. I acquired yet more psych labels-conversion DO, borderline personality & prescribed antipsychotics (which I didn’t take). I finally found my own dx after months of research & 2 docs dismissed me & said finding a dx on the internet was dangerous. Well, now I’ve gone from having chronic pain (from IC) that was manageable to being nearly completely bed-ridden from the benzo wd for almost 2 years now. I’ve got nearly 60 sx’s & feel lucky I’ve lived thru this. All bc docs profiled me. I lost my business, my friends, my marriage is strained to the breaking point & my body is wracked w/pain & indescribable suffering. If just 1 doc would have listened to me & not read my chart & based their assumptions on top of other doc’s erroneous assumptions I might not be in this nightmare. But, here I am! The only good thing is that I know I’m not crazy nor a drug addict & w/the help of others in benzo & AD wd (& time!) I will heal; w/o the interference of dr’s & their Rx’s & profiling. Thank you for listening to people like me!

    • Rhonda Maddux says:

      Oh, I feel for you! I have refractory Interstitial Cystitis, and it has turned my world upside down. I also has IBS, Chronic Faitgue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, GERD and depression. I have had my bladder nerves surgically severed twice (Ingelman-Sundberg Procedures), have a sacral nerve stimulator that failed, had a failed spinal stimulator trial, have an intrathecal pain pump with morphine, and was seriously looking at bladder removal when a good, cutting-edge clinic started me on Botox injections to my bladder, urethra, and pelvic floor for pain and frequency. I was treated like a drug-seeker, disbelieved, and humiliated. Once, the pain was so severe, I was admitted to the hospital and put on a PCA pump. The next day, a doctor I’d never met was making rounds with residents, came into my room, and proceeded to admonish me not to doctor-hop (implying drug-seeking). I was stunned and humiliated into silence. I wish now I could go back in time and let him have it! He didn’t know a THING about me, and he was wrong. I’m very sorry, so very sorry. IC is terrible and not well-understood. Take care and know that you are not alone.

      • Cindy says:

        Doctor-hop!! Lol. Love it. I went to many many doctors with a mold allergy problem and not a single one was able to help find the disease, just threw an assortment of meds at me.

        Near death, I went to Scott & White hospital in Temple, Texas. I was tested and diagnosed. Treatment? Change classrooms in the school where I taught. Went from being near death to being near perfect in just a few months with no medication. I love doctors who don’t just profile you.

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I have Crohns disease and I have strictures in my small bowel as a result of years of active disease. I have had quite a lot of my small bowel removed as well.
    I went into hospital for an operation and the morphine stopped my intestines working. I felt very nauseous and my stomach was very distended.
    The nurses on the ward refused to give me Cyclizine because of the “side-effects” even though it was written on my chart. I was in agony for days and extreme discomfort for days. Eventually a nurse gave me the cyclizine and I began to get better. I was able to eat etc.
    However the lost days caused me to lose 3kg.
    They did this because they think that I am young person wanting the “high” feeling of the drug. I was extremely upset about this because I have well documented problems with nausea. In future I am going to ask to speak to the head nurse and then the doctor on the ward. I will not put up with this again it was torture. It is good there is a place for this. Medical professionals need to learn not to categorize people.

  17. Diane says:

    Just a huge thank you. Like most who have taken the time to comment, I have had more bad experiences then good.

    If we have to go to a Dr. appointment I take great care. I actually have 2 “hand picked Dr. outfits” in my closet. Carefully chosen to provide the Dr. with something “positive” to profile. Modest, stylish, good quality but not too expensive. Fitted but not too much. Subtle colors. Well pressed Closed toe shoes. No heel, or modest. Subtle perfume. The hair the makeup, it is my “Dr disguise”. Even then it only buys me a minute or two to stall the profiling. Still, I always hope.

    My first major experience was as a “teen” parent. I was 19. My husband and I were poor, but had saved up plenty of money to cover what our insurance did not. In our youth however we assumed everything would be fine. Our daughter was 10 weeks preterm. We were not treated as well as the other “older” more “affluent” families. I remember a Hospital Admin walking through the the NICU giving a tour, she points to my baby and says ” there is a Mexican baby, we get a lot more of those now”- First, not of hispanic origin not that I would mind if he was, but my husband is darker skinned mixed origins. Second, I was mortified that my perfect, beautiful child was being pointed at like a baby monkey in the zoo. I was tested for drugs 4 times when I had a premie and was repeatedly asked what drugs did I take for entertainment. Clean, and they simply could not believe it. When we were finally discharged a nurse was kind enough to take me aside and explain to me that the mongolian spot on her tushie would be seen as child abuse by some, so make sure I carry the clinical notes from the NICU documenting the mongolian spot on my person everywhere I went.
    Drs. are too often a necessary evil. There have been years when I would rather see my Vet for medical care.

    Your efforts to humanize the Dr. experience, to end the “profiling” (abuse of patients) is music to my ears. Keep up the good work!

  18. James says:

    Ummm….. some of these patients are very much exactly as how they were “profiled.”

    Refusing to get your kids vaccinated without a legitimate reason is child neglect in my opinion.

    Getting healthcare and not paying for it? Uhhh… yeah that’s being a “deadbeat.”

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I understand the profiling from both sides, but think it would be best not to generate so much animosity in what should be a healing relationship. I think docs and patients can both do better. What do you suggest?

      • Janice says:

        I suggest doctors and patients learn to communicate better. It would be the healthy thing to do. Unfortunately, patients are in a vulnerable position when they see a doctor, and anxiety about their health plus profiling and intimidation from the doctor equals a patient unable to be heard and quite likely sicker than before he saw the doctor, in my opinion. I found your website and I agree patients and doctors and nurses can do better at times and perhaps communication tips and tools could help in healing.

    • I took an interesting chemistry class... says:

      Hi James.
      I noticed that you had a comment about how refusing your child’s vaccines for a legitimate reason is child neglect.
      I took a chemistry class in college where I was taught about certain vaccines. Many vaccines, including the flu vaccine for example, are created by giving the patient a shot of the virus or flu or whatever it is they’re trying to vaccinate against, just in a weakened form. So, with some vaccines, you are giving yourself a weak version of the illness.
      I’m not a doctor, and I welcome the opinion of Dr. Wible, but it seems counterproductive. Sure, you’re making your immune system get used to the illness, better able to fight it off, but isn’t the whole idea of a vaccine to not get the illness at all?
      Like the flu vaccine. I have had several people in my classes go get flu shots every year, and a week later they have the flu. What was the vaccine preventing? If you don’t get the shot, you might get the flu, but if you do, you certainly get the flu. It doesn’t make any sense at all.
      As for the woman who refused to let her child get vaccinated,
      That’s not child neglect! There is no guarantee that the child will not get the illness if they get the vaccine, it seems, (correct me Dr if I’m wrong) so I think it is a matter of choice. You can put labels like “child neglect” on it, but to me, she’s just taking an active role in her child’s health, and refusing something that she deems is unnecessary, rather than just go with the flow and do what everyone else is doing. The doctors should have listened to why she was refusing the vaccines, not just profile her as a bad parent because she isn’t taking orders like a soldier. And, since the article doesn’t state which vaccines she was refusing, it’s really neglectful of you to slap a label on her without all the facts. Maybe it was vaccines like the ones I described (I know that not all vaccines are like that, and some do save lives and prevent illness.) and she knew about the process. Also, she didn’t state what her reason was, so how do you know that she DIDN’T have a “legitimate reason?” By the way, what is a legitimate reason to you? I would really like to know.
      And the comment about being a deadbeat for not paying for medical care?
      When I was born, I was the product of a rape. My mother chose not to abort me because she believes in the sanctity of life. She was hit by a car during her pregnancy that caused many complications. I was born two weeks late, and I had all sorts of medical problems. The doctors said that I would be in the hospital for six months so that they could keep me alive.
      My mother was able to support herself as a single person, but with a child, it was hard financially. Not to mention that I was on an oxygen tank, and had to go to the ER several times for asthma related complications.
      My hospital bills, a year after I was born, totaled more than 300,000 dollars.
      My mother was unable to pay that. So the hospital signed her up for Medicaid even though she didn’t qualify.
      My mother was not a deadbeat, she was a hard working woman who struggled every day to make my life livable. Does that sound like a deadbeat?
      This article that Dr. Wible wrote was to get rid of the profiling and the labeling. Clearly you didn’t read the article with a brain, because you are assigning labels to people without taking into account their circumstances, much like the doctors that assigned those ridiculous labels in the first place!

      • Ryan says:

        The purpose of widespread vaccination is to create herd immunity. The more people who get immunized, the fewer vectors remain in the population. This is why vaccination rates are lower than their epidemiological effect. You can get 96% “effective” immunity in a population simply because the 86% who got the vaccine serve as a buffer for that 14% who didn’t bother. All the vaccinated kids at their school just don’t have the virus, so the at-risk kids have fewer chances of catching it. The 14% are irresponsible citizens playing with luck, and they deserve to be blamed for new cases of polio, mumps, measles, rubella, HPV, etc. We live in a time when diseases are barely held at bay, so everyone is obliged to take whatever measures exist. Vaccines are proven to massively help, and so far there are merely anecdotal/unscientific accounts of harm. Unfortunately we have to collectively weigh the pros and cons, and for me the debate goes in strong favor of vaccinations.

        • Hi says:

          Ryan, even vaccinated people are playing with luck, as there is no guarantee the vaccine will work for them, nor when (if it works) their temporary false “immunity” will wane. How can you blame unvaccinated for cases of polio, when a person vaccinated for polio can still contract it by drinking poop-contaminated water? Or when parents contract polio from changing their baby’s diaper after their live polio vaccine? You can’t eradicate polio…you’d have to eradicate people drinking contaminated poopy water. And the harm is real…not anecdotal/unscientific as you state. Have you ever even read a vaccine insert where the manufacturers themselves admit the possible side effects up to and including death for some? Gosh…you know, if I took a gun with 100 bullet chambers and loaded it with 100 bullets, would you be willing to let your children play Russian Roulette with it? Just curious….you know, because the chances of them dying on that first shot are not so great. The point is, there is a risk there. Any any risk should require parents right to choose. Vaccines don’t guarantee immunity, so I could vaccinate my child, and it might not even work for him. But maybe as a result of the vaccine, he has a seizure…develops respiratory problems resulting in life-long asthma, his organs shut down and he almost dies (all things that happened to people in my family), so while these examples I personally just gave are anecdotal, read an insert for yourself….I didn’t write them, the manufacturers did. I have a lot more to say on this subject, but I already posted it below.

          • Hi says:

            OH GOOD GOD, I meant 1 (one) bullet…. not 100. Hopefully that was obvious.

            But while I’m correcting myself, let’s throw in seizure in one chamber, asthma in another, anaphylactic shock accompanied by life-long peanut allergy, and symptoms of the actual disease itself (though manufacturers say they are only disease-like symptoms, and not the disease itself, such as vaccine-derived poliovirus paralysis, measles-“like” symptoms, etc.). Would you risk your child getting one of these chambers, just so a parent with a leukemia child can feel safer taking her kid to the library? I say feel, because even vaccinated can carry and spread disease….

      • Nigel N. says:

        So, you took “a” chemistry class in college, and now you are an epidemiologist and you know everything about all vaccines and their benefits (or as you seem to believe, their potential danger)? Well, I’m a chemical engineer with a minor in chemistry, as well as a masters in biomedical engineering. As such, I’ve taken quite a few interesting chemistry classes, as well as quite a few biology classes, plus some biochemistry, microbiology, and some genetics, just to top off the excitement. There are vaccines that use pathogens that are killed, and there are also vaccines that contain pathogens that are attenuated, meaning the virus/bacteria that the vaccine contains are mutated to the point that they will have an extremely minute chance of being capable of causing an actual infection of the disease to which it’s trying to build immunity. In order to do this, the pathogen that is virulent in humans is isolated, and introduced to another host organism. Once the pathogen is introduced into the new host, it will mutate many times until it’s able to infect the new host, but these mutations now make the pathogen sufficiently different – or attenuated – to prevent growth in sufficiently large amounts in the original host to cause an actual infection. The mutated version of the pathogen is still recognizable to the immune system of the original host, which allows memory cells to form in the body, which will produce antibodies should the original version of the pathogen be introduced to the body at a later time. Unless your friends in the case you cite, the flu, are immunologically compromised prior to the vaccine -in which case it probably isn’t wise to get vaccinated – they are not actually contracting the flu. The symptoms that people feel after they’re inoculated, the ones that they *think* are the flu, are actually signs that their immune system is working to build immunity to the flu vaccine, and that makes them a bit more susceptible to catching a bit of a cold than normally would be the case. Remember, in chemistry and all other sciences, correlation does not necessarily mean causation; unless proven otherwise, it’s a coincidence. Also, all of the attenuated vaccines that are presently available offer patients immunity to other conditions in addition to the condition it is designed to protect against. These non-specific effects do not occur with the inactivated (dead pathogens) vaccines; the attenuated vaccines activate all phases of the immune system, which may account for the so-called “flu” that your friends “contracted”. In many cases, the non-specific effects are equally beneficial to the entire immune system, when compared to vaccines that just offer protection from the “targeted” pathogen. This is not the case with inactive vaccines. Also, attenuated vaccines are cheaper, its effects last longer in the body, they’re easier to administer, and immunity from the targeted disease is attained sooner with an attenuated vaccine when compared to the inactive vaccines. The “herd” that Ryan speaks of benefits from the immunity from not only the targeted disease, but the non-specific effects as well. This is because the attenuated vaccines fully activate all phases of the immune system, whether they’re needed or not to give the host immunity to the target pathogen. So, that little bug that your friends caught after receiving their flu shots will be successfully fought, and they’ll likely be immune to that particular pathogen, whatever it may have been. An added bonus: because you did not get your vaccination, you are susceptible to both the cold/upper respiratory infection/”flu” that your friends are fighting off successfully, AND the REAL flu. Plus, since you’re around them and going to catch the “flu” from them, as well as their (much more likely) cold/upper respiratory infection/nothing at all, you’ll be bringing it with you, to your home and to your hypothetical children, and they won’t be vaccinated either, so guess who else is susceptible to BOTH of those infections now? Yes! Your children! Since you decided that you didn’t want to automatically “be infected” with the “flu” by what you mistakenly refer to as a “weakened form” of the virus (wrong again; it’s a very mutated form of the virus and thus, significantly different – but NOT weaker – than the version that will infect you with the REAL flu), you opted to not only forego your own vaccination, but you violate your hypothetical children’s rights to be healthy and safe from a largely preventable communicable disease by denying them the vaccine. The flu is considerably more dangerous in babies and the elderly, whose immune systems are not as capable as a typical adult, and as their mother, you’re knowingly leaving them susceptible to this disease which, for you is likely little more than an uncomfortable burden for a little while, but can hold very serious consequences for your hypothetical child when you bring it home with you. You’re not only leaving your hypothetical children open to diseases of many years ago (polio, measles, mumps, pertussis, rubella, chicken pox, etc.) by not giving them the vaccines that allowed them to be virtually eradicated, but you’re not giving them the benefits of the non-specific effects that come with receiving the available attenuated versions of the vaccines. This will leave their immune systems at a significant disadvantage compared to vaccinated children of the same age. When you inevitably have to take one of your hypothetical children (or, more likely, ALL of them) to see a doctor, you’re sitting in a waiting room that’s full of other children who have the benefit of being up-to-date with their vaccines, but with other children whose parents also violated their rights, and decided to ignore SCIENCE (remember that chemistry class?) that proves that vaccinating children WORKS. These children might have even more insidious diseases than your hypothetical children may have, and your hypothetical children’s immune systems aren’t as well-developed as many of the other children in the room… guess what might happen? Yes! YOUR children are at risk of contracting whatever that child that’s sitting two chairs down from you, and just vomited all over. Or, to be slightly less selfish, what happens if you’re in the same waiting room, but a child and his parents come into the doctor’s office, and that child is fighting cancer, and has a very severely compromised immune system. It’s quite possible that your hypothetical children will infect this child who is innocently waiting to see the doctor, because he has a much, much weaker immune system than any other children in the room. Would you care if your decision to refuse to vaccinate your hypothetical children brings about harm to another child, one who has a compromised immune system through no fault of his own, or that his parents?

        The problem with non-vaxers is that they ignore the overwhelming and scientifically proven evidence that vaccinations are not harmful to children, they do not cause autism, they do not infect their children with the disease from which the vaccines are designed to protect them. They are violating their children’s rights to grow up as healthy as they can be, and they’re violating the rights of others in society who have an immunodeficiency, be it due to an autoimmune disease or as a side effect of treatments for a different disease, such as cancer or leukemia. “Herd immunity” works well for everyone, this is proven. If someone is so obtuse that they refuse to believe that which is scientifically proven, and they don’t care if they’re endangering the lives of others through their incorrect beliefs about the “dangers” of vaccination, they should be prepared to live their lives isolated from society, because it’s no one’s right to be able to knowingly endanger the health of another person. Their rights end where the rest of society’s rights begin.

        • Hi says:

          With all your educated supposedly related to vaccine mastery, you didn’t mention the adjuvants (like aluminum) and other toxic additives, and their effects on human health when injected under the skin.

          Herd immunity, as far as I’ve heard my entire life, is a faulty idea programmed onto us by the system to encourage vaccine compliance.

          [Previously, physicians were taught that all of the childhood vaccines lasted a lifetime. This thinking existed for over seven decades and was not until relatively recently that it was discovered that most of these vaccines lost their effectiveness 2 to 10 years after being given. What this means is that at least half the population have had no vaccine-induced immunity against any of these diseases for which they had been vaccinated very early in life. In essence, at least 50% or more of the population was unprotected for decades. If we listen to present-day wisdom, we are all at risk of resurgent massive epidemics should the vaccination rate fall below 95%. Yet, we have all lived for at least 30 to 40 years with 50% or less of the population having vaccine protection. That is, herd immunity has not existed in this country for many decades and no resurgent epidemics have occurred. – Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD]

          You know who violates their kids’ right to be healthy? Parents who feed their kids garbage food like McDonalds, mac-n-cheese, hotdogs, chicken nuggets, french fries, non-organic jarred baby food with additives, soda, cookies, candy, icecream, cheese, cow milk….. Basically everyone I know, except me. And they have children with ADHD, Aspergers, Asthma, Eczema, even kids in my family with cancer and one had his colon removed!!! KIDS. All vaccinated. But not my healthy little non-vaccinated vegan baby who’s never had junk food…never sick, not once. One cousin has a medical exemption because his organs all shut down and he almost died immediately after his school vaccinations; sadly, it takes almost dying to qualify for a medical exemption these days….

          When you say vaccines are not harmful to children…have you ever even read the package inserts from the manufacturers themselves? Have you ever scoured scholarly journals for contrary evidence? Because there are scientific articles proving they can harm, and the inserts themselves say so, too. I discussed this with our doctor at length when our baby was born. He insisted the shots were safe, and had the hospital’s simple one-page info sheet on it. I asked to see the package inserts, even after he insisted they were safe, and we reviewed them together… and he learned something new. Huh, go figure, the doc had never read the package insert and had no idea of some of the possible side effects. Yet, even so, many doctors are aware vaccines can cause death (because they’ve seen SIDS cases immediately following vaccines), but will still tout them as “safe” due to their programming. And they’ll still tout them as “effective” too, despite treating patients for diseases they were vaccinated against. Huh, go figure.

          If so-called herd immunity is “proven,” then why do outbreaks still happen in some schools and states with high vaccination rates?

          Hey, it would protect other kids’ health if you don’t offer cake and icecream at your kid’s birthday party. If people wouldn’t smoke around kids (or anyone!). If people weren’t allowed to order even one drink at a restaurant if they had kid with them. But is it fair to dictate to others how to live their lives just because it will (correction, a scant “might”) benefit others? You really think it’s the social responsibility of healthy people to inject toxins into their body just because it might make the mother of a kid with leukemia feel better because she’s been programmed to think vaccinated people can’t get her kid sick?

          With all your vaccine mastery education, I would assume you know (yet you sound like you don’t) that:

          Vaccines have a failure rate and do not work for everyone, and that’s why vaccinated people can and have still contract the diseases they’ve been vaccinated against. So just because Joey next door is vaccinated doesn’t mean he can’t give Kyle with leukemia whooping cough.

          Cancer centers advise to NOT allow recently vaccinated individuals around cancer patients due to shedding of live-virus vaccines. Now, let me get this straight, healthy kids should get vaccinated so that immuno-compromised children can still attend school, library, and other public functions “safely” — yet, you’re all OK with recently vaccinated kids running around your sickling?

          Is it not the sick, immuno-compromised who should be (rightfully, for their own health) isolated from society until recovery? Sick people need to stay home and get better. I understand parents of immuno-compromised children desire for their kids to live a normal life included in society. But so do parents of healthy children. Shall we punish healthy children who aren’t vaccinated by exclusion from society so that immuno-compromised kids can run free? (when they shouldn’t be running free)

          So that an immuno-compromised kid can attend school with a false sense of protection, when their vaccinated schoolmates aren’t even guaranteed to be free from the diseases?

          In fact, studies suggest that even those successfully vaccinated, and therefore unable to get sick themselves from contracting the disease, can STILL carry the disease and spread it to others.

          The problem with pro-vaxers is they also ignore overwhelming evidence, which ranges from also scientific evidence, clinical trials and adverse reactions listed in the package inserts, and also real-life witnessing from real people. I have one cousin whose kids ALL had seizures after vaccines, but the doctor convinced them it was something normal that sometimes happens in childhood, and as older teens now they don’t get seizures, so my cousin is convinced it wasn’t the vaccines; whereas my other cousin’s kid almost died after vaccines, and she’s certain vaccines triggered it. My sibling, a nurse, hates having to get annual flu shot because she always gets flu afterward, and unlike your down-play assuming the above commenter’s friends only suffered a mild cold after the shot, no…she gets full-on flu for two weeks, misses work time, then has to wear a mask when she feels “good enough” to return to work (so she can feed her kids). She knows from year-after-year that flu shot is not effective at preventing flu, yet she’s required to get it for her job.

          You also tout vaccines as a save-all for health, but don’t tout kale or parsley the same.

          You probably wouldn’t do an enema if your life depended on it.

          You probably think Fruity Pebbles is acceptable breakfast cereal for your kids because it’s “fortified” with vitamins and minerals.

          You probably take garbage vitamins like Centrum because your doctor recommended it so you blindly obliged, instead of thinking for yourself and researching better options.

          You probably take your 5-month old baby shopping at Walmart with you, and then blame him/her getting whooping cough on a non-vaccinated child (rather than blaming yourself for exposing a baby so young to such a place). Likewise, if your kid gets a disease, you blame your unvaccinated nephew, rather than considering your child was recently at the hospital for their routine well-visit, during which they more likely contracted disease there.

          You blame non-vax kids, but don’t point fingers at older generations who were only vaccinated once as children and haven’t had boosters in 50 years. My niece and nephew contracted chickenpox from a grandparent with shingles (they are perfectly fine, by the way, as I was when I had chickenpox, and my sister, and my parents before me, and all my classmates who had it….a vaccine for chickenpox? Please….) People jump to blame unvaccinated kids, but the grocery store clerk with shingles who handed your baby a sticker probably gave him/her chickenpox. Not my kid.

          And sure, my kid will very likely get chickenpox, and heal from it just fine. My parents AND parents-in-law all had measles as kids, and hey — they lived, and gave birth to me and my spouse, who grew to have kids too.

          Disease is everywhere. You cannot eliminate it. As we’ve seen with anti-biotics (and unfortunately not learned our lesson), when you fight one disease, another evolves in it’s place. Nature always finds a way. So you want to erradicate all diseases we know how to treat/fight already, and have new scary ones pop up that we know nothing about?

          By the way, the term “herd immunity” was originally coined in the early 1900s in reference to actual immunity.

          By creating a society where generations pass with zero “true” immunity, because all of been vaccinated (false, temporary immunity that requires boosters throughout a lifetime)…what happens to humanity if vaccines disappeared in the future? Do you really want a future dependent on vaccines? In such a future, I see humans dropping off like flies by the millions when vaccines are not available (for numerous reasons, it can happen) when they all contract the true disease, and nobody has natural immunity…..and nobody bothered to boost their immune system properly through true natural health because they believed the all-holy grail of vaccines would save them. People would rather pop a pill for stomach acid than give up their favorite coffee and pepperoni pizza. People would rather get life-threatening super toxic chemo than do Gerson therapy for a few months (which requires they give up their bad foods, and drink fresh organic green juices and raw organic veggies). I’ve heard people with cancer, in my own family, not willing to even try a juice fast, or give up their coffee or soda…. It is known that sugar feeds cancer, yet they’d rather endure chemo than give up sugar. This is the kind of society we live in…get a vaccine, rather than truly promote your own health. And then these selfish losers expect others to get vaccinate to protect them. *scoff*

          I could go on, but will stop here. You shouldn’t mind my long post, since yours was so long, too. And I read it.

    • Aria L. says:

      While I don’t know if I can argue about the vaccination thing, the “deadbeat” was certainly treated unfairly.

      Just because a person doesn’t have insurance doesn’t mean they don’t intend to pay for their healthcare services. And when you’re in a serious medical emergency like that, you need the medical care, regardless if you can pay for it at that moment. Are you just going to let someone die who could be saved just because they can’t pay up right then and there? People go into serious debt all the time because operations and medications were so expensive. Even if you argue that he should’ve been more careful and had insurance or her kids should dedicatedly have vaccines, that still doesn’t give the doctors the right to treat them like that!

      Under a doctor, all patients are equal, whether they be murderer or saint. It goes right along with the line in the moderm Hippocratic Oath to “Above all, I must not play at God.” You can’t pick and choose who the patient is and the kind of treatment they “deserve” to get.

    • bob wendel says:

      James, you are an asshole.

      • Lily says:

        @bob wendel: My sentiments exactly. Thanks for saying it first!

        @James: Have you ever given any thought to the preservatives used in vaccines? The so called “mercury free” vaccines now contain aluminum. Read or watch something other than “Faux News”.

  19. ray says:

    I have been profiled with all of the above. I am now in me second year of bed prison for the second time, Considering euthanasia for the second time and my doctor is OK with that. Osteoporosis, Padgetts, Liver failure and Fibromialgia to name a few. I took my life once and finally got help with pain, Almost got my health back and they took pain help away again. Told no help is coming and should give up. Was a world traveling Geologist but now a worthless poverty person that just wants to get high…At least that is what they tell me. Your not in east Texas by any chance are you.
    Take care

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I am in Oregon.

    • Sheila says:

      I live in E. TX and after having a Posterior Fossa Decompression (brain surgery) for Chiari Malformation I in ’07 developed meningitis. I went to the ER in Palestine, TX. They gave me a shot of Demerol and sent me home. The next night I ended up in Providence Hospital in Waco where they saved my life. I tried suing the hospital and doctor but no attorney would take the case. I was told by all the attorneys that I spoke to, “We have to work with these doctors all the time so we can’t just sue them whenever someone feels like it.” They did not answer for what they did to me and they are still free to go about business as usual. It’s a CRIME yet they still sit pretty and expect me to pay their bills. NEVER! The healthcare available in East Texas scares me. If you can, get yourself out of E. TX, it’s a black hole as far as healthcare is concerned. Have you tried to find support online? I am in several Facebook groups and just having someone to talk to has helped a great deal, they have also pointed me to a great Pediatric NS for my children. Help is available, you just have to look in the right place for it. I wish you luck! PS. My youngest daughter wants to be a geologist, she adores rocks. Yep, odd way to put it but she really does.

      • Mari says:

        Whatever you do do not come to Canada. Most of the hospitals in this country are are like the ones in Palestine.

  20. anne says:

    I’ve been profiled twice that I know of. The first time was when I began working at a large academic medical center and had insurance for the first time ever (multiple simultaneous part time jobs through college and grad school). I chose one based on the recommendation of our internal medicine program director. Went to see him bc I couldn’t stay awake and was having serious muscle weakness, low grade fever, etc. Without examining or touching me, without asking me any questions about who I was or what I did, with his back to me the entire time (looking at my pretty much nonexistent medical record), he informed me that I needed to eat fewer processed foods (don’t eat em at all), read the nutritional labels on cans (only canned food I eat is tuna, and rarely), and become a “grocery store scholar”. My complaints were normal aging, and oh yeah, I should join a health club. My admissions form clearly stated that because of vision issues (no depth perception) I did not drive, and as such, his “advice” to join a health club and stand in the aisles reading labels in grocery stores was irrelevant, since I don’t go to grocery stores, don’t eat crap food, and get all my groceries from a dairy farm that delivers. I had MRSA, from using a patient-frequented bathroom probably. Six inpatient days, surgery, a month of wound vac, ten inch long by 5 inch deep incision, and about a year of internal med cascade including permanent kidney damage and one re-operation. Would have been nice to have actually caught it instead of automatically chalking symptoms up to aging and a sedentary lifestyle (I am aging, but I did NOT have a sedentary lifestyle). He definitely profiled me as a pleasant (at the time!) middle aged female. I was a surgical photographer, painter of large paintings (very aerobic) and could have thrown his skinny ass across the room if he had asked me to.

    Second time was first visit w/a new ophthalmologist after my much beloved former one retired. Again, I foolishly asked for recommendations from a faculty member. This time, I tried to explain to newdoc that my highest priority was close to middle distance acuity, since I didn’t drive. In the next 10 minutes, he referred to my driving several times, including chauffeuring grandchildren around (no grandchildren, still don’t drive) and was bound and determined to get me a general prescription that would let me read the newspaper comfortably but still, of course, drive well. I reminded him of my preference for the best middle-to-close distance acuity (I not only get the tradeoffs, I get the physics, eyes are a lot like cameras), and he said, exasperated, “how much acuity does a secretary need?” Not a secretary, surgical photographer, large scale painter, do post production, also play classical violin (middle distance very small fingering numbers). I do have chronic vision issues including cataracts. He was a high earning ophthalmologist, big name researcher. I said that I was leaving now and if he was puzzled about why, maybe he could actually read my chart for the details he interrupted me when I tried to tell him verbally. And that I expected not to be charged for the visit (I was surprised when this actually happened). My boss went to the same guy and experienced only respect and good care; guess what gender my boss is; we are the same age, so it wasn’t an old people profile, but I suspect it was middle aged female casually dressed vs. Brooks Brothers wearing middle aged male.

    Pamela, thanks so much for the venting opportunity, but more so for the photo of you with the Sorry card. First time ever I’ve ever seen an MD talk like that; whenever I’ve brought up the topic with an MD here, they can’t flee out the door fast enough, or they start talking about “drug seekers” and how they feel put upon by many many entities, including the federal government and patients in general. You are really special, and I mean that in a good way.

  21. Stephen says:

    Reading this column, and the thread that follows, I am reminded of the growing gap between patients and their doctors. Patients expect their doctors to be perfect, to have all the answers, and to hold their hands and be their healer. At the same time, they’re also falsely empowered by the Internet, and come in with oftentimes unrealistic expectations. All the while, patients, insurance companies, hospital administrators and the media are constantly bashing members of the profession.
    Many of the comments above are by disgruntled patients who feel that their doctors missed their obscure diagnosis, or wouldn’t agree with their own preconceived self-diagnosis. Another common complaint is that their doctor profiled them as drug seeking, when they came in looking like street corner dealers. If you want to be taken seriously and treated with respect, look and act the part! Take some responsility for your life! When one decides that they want tattoo’s up and down their body, they better realize that the outcome will be, that they will be profiled, that they won’t be able to compete for a large percentage of high-paying jobs, and their future employment opportunities will thus be limited. If that’s OK with them, then tattoo/pierce away! And why should physicians be expected to act otherwise?
    We physicians are at a crossroad. The government has devalued our services and placed increasing layers of meaningless documentation on us, Insurance companies do the same, then drop us from their panels without merit, patients have unrealistic expectations, and even the President bashes us on national TV. It’s no wonder so many take advantage of this forum to bitch and moan about their doctors. But not many of the above describe moving on to other, more competent doctors. And it’s only going to get worse. Wait until the only available provider is a Nurse Practitioner with two years of training and limited supervision. Statistics show that they get it right 85% of the time. Pretty good average if you’re in high school science class. In healthcare, not so much. Be careful what you wish for. You may just get it.

    • Shari says:

      As a nurse practitioner in internal medicine,12 years. I would love to see where you got your data on NP’s only getting it right 85% of the time. I don’t believe that statistic is correct or even really possible to quantify. I dare say I hardly doubt MD’s have a higher success rate. I concur with some of the points you made but regardless of how a patient dresses or is tattooed they are still worthy of an open mind. The useless paperwork issue is spot on and gets worse every year. I also felt patients had unrealistic expectations and disrespected the process I used in determining a diagnosis. We live in a ” now” world and that is not how medicine works.
      Current practice culture is one of quantity not quality. Too often the providers see to many patients to be thorough and patients are left feeling that they were not taken care of properly. This sets up an environment that is not beneficial to the patient / provider relationship. I believe you will find that patients really like nurse practitioners approach to care and in terms of the common issues seen in primary care the last I read NP outcomes were better than MD’s for most chronic conditions.

    • julie stinson says:

      Not so fast. I haven’t one tattoo anywhere,and if my family dr took the time to examine me,ever,he would know that. I mean ever. He’s been my doc foe over a year and I’ve had an annual physical,lol, but never been examined. I have had major brain surgery and suffer from memory problems so I write many notes. Before a visit I compiled my notes into one list for myself which I had in hand. My doctor comes in, grabs my list, and complains about me having such a list saying “you know,when people come in with a list like this…” “what on here is bothering you the most?” then he writes me a script for itching medication, I happened to be itching all over at the time. During the past month I had been having circulatory issues in my neck R/T a surgical procedure I’d had recently, I also have a history of pulmonary embolism. At the very least an exam,or some blood work,you think? But he scooted me out the door and told me to come back in a month, he totally disregards me because I’m mentally disabled. I was a nurse for 15 yrs. I am a mother and a grandmother. I am not a drug seeker, I don’t dress inappropriately or bash the medical profession.

      • Pamela Wible MD says:

        Julie – so sorry. You are not being singled out. Assembly line medicine has many victims—including doctors. There is a better way to practice medicine. Have you seen my TED talk? I think you will wholeheartedly agree with this humane approach:

    • Courtney says:

      I think your comment is completely insensitive and speaks to a lot of what this article is about. A person’s appearance, whether it is the color of their hair, the number of tattoos they have, or the clothes they wear, has absolutely no bearing on the type of person they are and the medical treatment they deserve. You should be ashamed of yourself. I really hope you don’t judge your own patients based on these parameters. As far as patients not seeking out additional opinions from more qualified doctors, I don’t know what threads you were reading but I saw several mentions of this. If you read my own post (which I just recently posted) you might see that this is much easier said than done. All I want in the world is to be treated by more qualified doctors, but the doctors themselves, insurance, and a pretty strong bias against people with pain conditions are standing firmly in my way. Thank you very much for confirming my suspicions that some doctors just really don’t belong in the care taking field.

    • Nancy says:

      I really object to the street corner tattoo comments. I am a 52 year old woman that has art placed on her body by choice. I work full time, and my husband retired from the Army so I have health care. I refuse to be profiled because I have tattoos!! I am a person ,and as such deserve the same medical care as those with “no” tattoos. And by the way, I have Fibromyalgia, Sarcoidosis, Sojgrens and a now the possibility of Sarcoid Arthritis. Thank goodness I have a wonderful PA that works at my Rheumatologist’ s office……She actually listens, hears and is pro active in my care. Oh yea, I am getting another tattoo next month, and she will still treat me the same!!!!!!

    • Elisabeth says:

      A nurse practitioner with two years training? What color is the sky on the planet you live on?

      I’m an RN. That took four years. In order to become a nurse practitioner, I would require another minimum of 3 years, depending upon the specialty, potentially much more. That’s 7 or more years of training… not two!

      Honestly, the best healthcare practitioners I have ever had have been nurse practitioners. I think you need to check your considerable ego at the door. It isn’t doing your patients any good!

    • Against "Dr" Stephen says:

      Stephen – It is not a doctors job to diagnose the patient based off of their clothes or tattoos. Period. The main point of a majority if not all of people’s stories on this page is due to patient profiling, not patients expecting their Doctors to be perfect. Your statement “we Physicians are at a crossroad” leads me to believe you are in the medical field and are not happy with requirements placed upon you by Governmental entities NOT PATIENTS so don’t take your frustration out on patients.

    • Mari says:

      Ah, my friend. I do not expect anyone to be perfect. We are all just people after all. No, it is doctors, given the power of Gods, and all the rights that go with Godhood, that create the vast majority of problems. My sister, my mother…me, my son. We were lied to, and continue to be lied to, while nothing but truth has come from our mouths. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The profession lacks balance. Their is little, or no recourse for the patient, and they chance to lose everything, including as my mother and my sister did, their lives.

  22. Meg says:

    My mom suffers from frequent migraine headaches and as a result, she became addicted to Dilaudid. My mother and I go to the same family physician. I am an adult and we each chose her as our physician independently of one another. I work as a CNA at a nursing home and have injured my back in the course of my work. I have several slipped discs and suffer with back pain. I have been prescribed muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories for years, but with the nature of my career, my back problems have gotten worse. I recently went to see my doctor and explained that my pain was getting worse. She ordered an MRI, but then informed me that she would not prescribe my pain medications because, as she said “your mom is an addict and I won’t go down that road with you.” So basically because my mom is addicted to Dilaudid, I now have to suffer in pain because my doctor is guilty of profiling. I am going to proceed with the MRI and she how it goes from there, but I foresee looking for a new physician. What I would like to know is to what organization could I lodge a complaint against this doctor for profiling.

  23. jen says:

    I used to go to a certain clinic and had blue cross blue shield insurance. The insurance covered a certain amount. This place was guilty of double billing. They charged the insurance and me. Anyway, I got it fixed and they were not happy at being caught. Then I lost my blue cross blue shield and had to go on ohp. We are self employed and have no access to health benefits. So our family got on ohp. I tried to go to my doctor but my account was flagged and they told me that they are no longer accepting new patients that are on the ohp healthcare. Yet when I have my c-sections they are more than happy to see me. But after the baby is delivered I cannot go there. Makes no sense. I also heard a rumor and was wondering if it’s true. Rumor has it that clinics are no longer allowed to refuse patients because of the kind of healthcare they have since everyone is forced to have insurance or pay a fine. My doctor would love to see us again. They are working on getting permission from higher up to see us again. What can we do?

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      So you feel you are being discriminated against based on your insurance. Double billed with good insurance. Denied care with state Medicaid (OHP). Well, that could be true. Please know that some insurance reimburses SO low and the administrative hassle is SO high that it is simply not worth the potential financial crisis and mental health strain on a practice to accept it. Doctors do not have to take all types of insurance. And for patients –> some insurance may be worse than no insurance at all. Please read this blog: Health insurance is NOT health care:

      For example, I do not accept some insurance plans such as OHP, but I NEVER turn anyone away for lack of money. I see people who want to see me regardless of how great or crappy their insurance is. Hope this helps you Jen.

      • jen says:

        Thank you very much. It does help. I just didn’t understand why they will accept it in certain situations and not in others. And it helps to know that clinics do not have to accept all insurances. Thanks for your fast reply 🙂

        • Pamela Wible MD says:

          “why they will accept it in certain situations and not in others”

          Payments change year by year, month by month, procedure vs. office visit. Docs are sometimes stretched thin especially in primary care. Some insurers reimburse so little that it won’t even cover the light bill. Can’t stay in business that way, ya know . . .

  24. Chey says:

    While living in NY, I was dealing with chronic pain. I could not walk without aids and sometimes used a wheelchair. Then I spent many years working with a doctor accredited in palliative and pain management care, following accepted protocols and therapies, to find a combination of treatments that worked for me. As a last resort, after three years of less-than-satisfactory pain control, we added extended-release morphine to my treatment plan. The change was immediate and amazing. I was able to walk again, although my doctor still considered me “severely disabled”.

    I had been using opioids for two years when we had to move to cross-country. My husband traveled to CA immediately to begin work, and I remained behind to pack up the house to move. I also obtained my extensive medical records to give to my new doctor. My new doctor initially agreed to continue my treatment, as prescribed by my former doctor, with the addition of an opioid contract.

    Six months later, we had to move again, to a different apartment. My pain had gotten worse from accumulated additional stresses, and I asked my doctor for help. She ignored my repeated requests for a reassessment of treatment, despite the fact that I again needed a wheelchair. The week of the move, I had no choice but to self-medicate in order to meet the physical demands of the move. I was not comfortable doing this, so I sent my doctor daily messages with the details of the additional doses I was taking, and asked for her help and advice. My messages went unanswered.

    A week later, my doctor’s finally called to say I was being terminated as a patient because I was “seeking drugs.” She said that a pain contract meant that there could never be any changes made in treatment – ever. I was given no refills, no plan for slow withdrawal, and she refused my referral requests. I was offered no assistance of any kind. I was confused, humiliated, angry, and in pain. A few days later I experienced a mental collapse and admitted myself to the hospital for my own safety. I saw no reasonable future for myself.

    I am better now, thankfully. I realize now that my doctor acted unethically, unprofessionally, and in contradiction to AMA guidelines. I understand that my doctor should have at least considered a diagnosis of pseudo-addiction for an explanation of my “aberrant” behavior. Pseudo-addiction is easily confirmed: When the patient’s pain is finally controlled, the “bad” behavior stops. It is well-documented and patients have died of suicide as a consequence of being misdiagnosed as addicts.

    What I want to know now is: Should I formally complain? Will her medical group take my complaints seriously? Will the CA Medical Board act? I don’t want to punish my doctor, but I do feel she is in desperate need of training, especially in pain management guidelines and protocols. I would also like a formal apology and reassurance that I have not been labeled a “problem patient” or as an addict. I want my good reputation back. And I don’t want anyone to have to suffer as I did.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      You should write a letter from a place of compassion and not anger. Very important to see your doctor as a human being with flaws like the rest of humanity. Be kind. Be firm. State your case. Ask for what you need. You can request to meet if you like. This is not about a lawsuit. This is about education, healing, and offering yourself as an example as a lesson that can be learned. I am sure your doctor tried her best as we all hope to do each day.

  25. Ryan says:

    I can totally see where a lot of patients here are coming from. I contracted necrotizing fasciitis in my right arm almost six years ago, and the nightmare hasn’t stopped for me. From being accused of “drug seeking” in the ER, to being asked MULTIPLE times during my month-long stay in the hospital (ICU and Ortho floors) if I was an IV drug user (I’m not, but evidently clean drug tests and no needle marks weren’t evidence enough) I’ve been treated like total garbage. I ended up losing a bicep and 8 other muscles whose names I can’t recall. A month later, the skin grafts. And years later, I’m in pain constantly. Primary care physicians don’t believe I’m in pain, and they can’t seem to find a pain clinic that will take me because I’m young, and all they do are epidural injections. I’ve found that almost any interaction with a member of the medical community turns into an interrogation. I just don’t bring up my pain anymore, because hell…who’s gonna believe me anyway? Any time I broach the subject, I’m accused of seeking drugs, malingering or both.

    So, I’ve given up. Today the pain’s not bad enough for me to take my own life, but the toll’s accumulating and everyone has their breaking point. Any mention to my family results in them having me locked in a psych ward. After all, I must be nuts; those 10 surgeries in 14 days was *six years ago* and everyone knows pain doesn’t stick around that long. I figure that the doctors, PA’s, shrinks and my family members can decide whether or not the pain was “real” or “that bad” when they read the suicide note.

    • MamaFighter says:

      I am so very sorry to hear how not only the medical community, but especially your family has treated you. Your family is supposed to support you and have your back when the fight you’re fighting is an uphill battle, they’re not suppose to make the battle more difficult. “its been six years, pain doesn’t last that long” Sheesh! Seriously?? You’re damn right, pain isn’t supposed to last that long, when doctors listen and treat appropriately, and when family members care to help you fight for proper treatment! I really hope that you are able to find a doctor who is able to help you and that your family comes around to see that you are not exaggerating. Just out of curiosity, have you considered a more natural approach? Anyway, I really hope that there is never a need for them to read a suicide note. It may make them feel like the shits they are acting like…..but wouldn’t you rather be around to see them feel that shitty? To hear all the graveling, “I’m so sorry, I should have listened to you. I can’t believe you were hurting so bad for so long and all I did was judge you” etc. I really hope that you can find some help to feel better, so you can leave your family to find a more compassionate one. They will finally see what they have done to you, and have to live with that. All the while you will be getting on with your new, hopefully pain free life, never to be bothered with them again! ((((((HUGS)))))) Please stick around, Ryan!

    • B Smith says:

      I want to speak to you from the heart. Do not give up. Go to another place if you can. No one deserves to feel like I did. I have felt that on many occasions. My situation is different but the hurt and lack of compassion is horrible. I understand more than you know what it is like to get abused by doctors for neglecting the real symptoms and to act like I need mental health help not physical. The pain is real and the medical needs are not being met for the disease. I believe if we go to a doctor we should be given the tests for the disease we have before judging. Please do not give up.

      I will briefly tell this story, I was treated poorly, before an ER dic tried to hurt me. I will post that part when I am done reading the comments, but in the end i tried to commit suicide for the very thing you are talking the total lack of respect for our needing support for a long term illness/disease/disorder. It was a mixed bag of nuts who decided i was attention seeking. I got so overwhelmed by personal and medical issue, I just tried to off myself. (sorry crude, but true) Why i felt like i was worthless, alone, and was not believed even though there was proof in the MRI’s. As you see I am here. I still feel the hurt and have to swallow the ptsd issues to get at least some help. It is not your fault. I have said that so many others who are like us and I cant even see it is not my fault at times. You are worth it period. You are worth it so go to another doctor. It may be slow, but if yo find a good one, they will try to help even when they have to send to a specialist, and if the specialist is a blow hard then they will help you get one that is more versed in your disorder. I get so tired of doing this, but I deserve to be treated better, so do you. No doctor should get you to this point. It is sickening to hear.

  26. Rebecca says:

    One of the worst stereotypes I encounter is the “Lose 40 lbs and your problems will go away”. I find it infuriating how many healthcare professionals assume that you eat terribly and don’t exercise if you carry a few extra lbs than is ideal. I had one company deny me life insurance. They asked for all sorts of extra info and tests and forms from my PCP that he was puzzled as to why they thought they needed them. I scoffed and said probably because I need to lose a few lbs and my father recently died young from a heart attack. Later my denial reason was “due to the correlation between your height and weight”. This after asking for 3 years of blood work history plus multiple blood pressure readings and recent pulmonary function tests (all of which were wonderfully in the normal range).

  27. Adrienne says:

    OMG! Someone on a chronic back pain forum posted part of this blog & I read it at the precise moment that I needed it the most.

    I have DDD, spondylolisthesis, mild scoliosis, herniated discs, &facet degeneration in the lower lumbar. I was diagnosed 9 years ago in AZ & it was no problem getting pain management via low dose narcotics. We’d switch types but never mg.

    I moved here to Kansas & the last 3 years have been hell!! I’ve jumped through every hoop these doctors wanted me to ie. PT, ESIs, Facet injections & nothing relieves the pain. Thus I’ve been house bound ever since. This last step was the suggestion for the implantation of a spinal cord stimulator but I have no insurance. Finally, my neurosurgeon wanted me to go to a pain clinic but low & behold my state issued medical doesn’t cover that either & the $900 they want for drug testing at every visit is asinine!

    Thinking that I could get some relief through my PCP until I could find someone, even if it were 3 hours away, I called. Even my anesthesiologist had give me 5 days of “I can actually move” which is out of his comfort zone in which he deals with non narcotic pain mgt. I was WRONG! My PCP told me no & wouldn’t give me any reason besides “because I said so”. I even had my specialist call him to let him know what was going on. The second time I asked (upset beyond reason) I was met with “you’re a drug seeker”. When I called a refill in for Baclofen the pharmacy told me that my doc has dismissed me.

    I didn’t lay down & take it! I called the Admin & let him know. The idiot doctor not only refilled my script but now I have a low dose pain med. I did find a place that will take my insurance but I now have to jump through their hoops.

    This issue with patient profiling is song extreme harm! It’s driving pain patients with documented issues either onto the streets to buy pain meds or to commit suicide. I’ve felt both were an option at times. If an addict wants a drug they’ll get their hands on it no matter what. Healthcare in this country is considered a privilege not a right. It’s another capitalist entity.

    Thx for posting the article. .. We need more doctors like you. … Hell, more humans like you!

  28. Sam T says:

    I have suffered from endometriosis for 24 years. My laparoscopies always showed “only a few small lesions, but in bad positions that’s why you have so much pain”.
    That was until December 2013, my last laparoscopy (My last laparoscopy before that was in 2007.)

    After approximately 3 years of complaining of increasing debilitating pain & bowel issues (leading to a diagnosis of IBS) which impacted on, not only my work & studies; but also my relationship and family life, my social life, my physical health and mental well being; I was eventually offered another laparoscopy. I was listed as a category 2 and told the wait would be approximately 2 months.

    I waited, and waited and waited. I had my GP request they hurry me along and I contacted the hospital on several occasions when I was in agony. Finally, 5 months later; after calling the hospital every day for a week, in tears, begging them to get me in, I had my surgery date.
    The day of my surgery I had been bleeding for 32 days straight and was in constant pain.
    During my laparoscopy, they found the endometriosis was now a Stage VI.
    I had obliteration of the Pouch of Douglas; both of my tubes were completely blocked and adhered to my uterus, and one to my bowel; and, a “significant patch adhered to my rectum. I now can no longer have any more children without IVF assistance and am awaiting a disc resection, possibly a resection, and may require the dreaded “bag”.
    I have since seen a colorectal surgeon to plan this surgery, and was diagnosed with ‘paradoxical contraction of the pelvic floor’. Apparently years of pain have caused me to be unable to relax my pelvic floor muscles, I’m contracting them when I don’t even realize I am as a defense mechanism to all the abdominal pain.

    During all this time I have tried just about every pain medication you could think of, to no avail. The only thing that provides at least a little relief, is a high dose of Morphine. And, as I said, it only gives me a little relief, takes the edge off so I can at least tolerate it, but certainly doesn’t take it away.
    My GP is great, he has been my doctor since before I was diagnosed with endo – he was actually the one who told me that’s what I had, prior to lap. investigation.
    But, when I see any other health professional, I am made to feel like I am a drug seeker.
    It was not so long ago that my GP was away so I had to see another GP from the clinic, I was in there crying to him that I needed something stronger than the Morphine as it wasn’t doing anything. I was told there was nothing else he could give me, that “looking at your records, you’ve tried everything and apparently none of it helps, so what is it that you are suggesting I do exactly?”
    I asked him if he could give me a stronger dose, he sat there looking down his glasses at me without saying anything for what seemed like forever (but, in reality, was probably no more than a minute), until I said “well, are you going to help me? Because if not, I need to be admitted to the hospital because I can’t take this anymore.”
    I don’t know if it was him thinking “don’t mess with a chick on her period and in pain” or whether he thought about me being a burden and clogging up the hospital system unnecessarily, or whether he could see the desperation on my face, and hear it in my voice, but he finally obliged.

    I have had other doctors refuse to give me anything and I have had to wait to see my GP, who is angered when I have been treated poorly when he is away and doesn’t understand why they wont help me.
    And I have been looked upon with contempt and disgust by many other health care “professionals”.
    And, what makes it worse….I am 2 years out from completing my Division 2/ Enrolled nursing and currently in university studying my Bachelor (Divison 1/Registered) nursing and live in a town that is small enough for me to be remembered and, once I have completed uni and recovered from surgery, will most likely find it difficult to obtain employment due to others opinions of me.

  29. Lucky W. Donegan C.I.S. Ph.D. says:

    To begin with I am a Vietnam USAF Veteran and served two tours of duty in South East Asia one tour at Kunsan AFB, Korea and the second tour in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam. I am service connected at 70% disabled from service connected injuries in line of duty overseas. On my return from overseas which was by stretcher from Yakota AFB, Japan. From overseas I was carried off the air craft at Travis AFB, CA. in USA where I met civilians that were wielding rocks, bricks, rotten foods, and vegetables all being thrown at us disembarking. I was carried to a USAF Bus ambulance and transferred to the Air base Hospital later to be discharged from the USAF at Norton AFB in California.

    Later to be rated at 50% service connected. Now onward to my tale of woe.

    Prior to the loss of our home in a three alarm fire. I had been having difficulty with my lower and upper back pain as it was difficult to be up and about doing my normal routine thru the day. The long and short no one returned my call promised by the telephone receptionist the Dr. or medical team would indeed do so.

    About four weeks later still no effort made to contact me by the Doctors Medical Team at the clinic. So the day of appointment with the Doctor, I made mention of such to the nurse that does intake when I arrived at clinic. After the Nurse made her notations regarding vital signs being taken I was asked to go again in the waiting room area.

    Eventually I was called back to the exam room, upon arrival was instructed by the nurse to have a seat in the Doctors Exam room continued; to wait some more. After a while Doctor came in next; I got reprimanded by the Doctor for getting after his medical team, for not receiving a phone call and I was NOT to ever bother his team anymore the team is busy and did not have time to make such calls. The Doctor refilled medications only nor was any inquiry of what I had been calling about or having need of. He refilled the scripts, sent me on to lab for blood work and was dismissed to go.

    Since that day being reprimanded, I have not bothered the clinic and have tried to stay far away from the clinic. I always thought as a patient, has the right to be a part of a medical team to be taking part in one’s health care. Apparently I am NOT a part of such Nor expected to take part in.

    Approximately January 2014 I had fallen due to the ice and snow and badly sprained my right ankle. It being so bad my wife Barbara insisted I go to the clinic and seek medical care for it was badly bruised, swollen and no body weight was able to be put upon the joint. In fact every time I did so, the swelling would get worse so I ended up having to stay off of it. The day my wife took me to the clinic Doctor did see me while there and seemed as if everything was A=OK that day between us but in honesty I was fearful that more reprimanding would be coming especially after having been told to leave his team alone and here I am bothering them once again.

    When our new home arrived at lot site the ground at our property site was very uneven, from demolition and filling in of the old basement. Attempting to assist in getting our home site ready for habitation, I had been doing small tasks to help get it ready for us to move in.

    Doing so one day proved to be my undoing as I found myself up a ladder making certain things were ready when contractors arrived to work that day. In process of leaning against the ladder my weight shifted, to my right ankle which caused my ankle to give out and caused a fall to the ground in back of the house. I ended up waiting till workers arrived to get help. I was taken to the local ER, treated and released back to home. I paid for the ER Visit via credit card; as I did not wish to have the VA notified especially after the reprimand I received. I did not want another chewing out like the one I got for bothering the Doctor and his team.

    When I received the VA appointment notice to contact the Clinic, to make a appointment. Being hesitant to call and strongly considering not to be a bother since I was told the team is busy and do not have time. With the Mental Health Counselor in Polson I spoke of she strongly suggested I do so. As if I did not do so it would be an indicator of being non-compliant. So either way I feel damned if I do, and damned if I don’t. SO in order to be compliant I made the appointment but would rather not under the circumstances.

    I am wanting to change Doctors and medical team at the VA Kalispell Clinic as I honestly do not know if I am to be a active part in my own health care or not. As I was always taught that to be a part of a team one has to have communication. So far I have not been permitted communication for my health care needs.

    It was not until recently did I discover that the Doctor had placed in my medical record a diagnosis I strongly disagree with. I happened upon this discovery by way of My Insurance Company. Subsequently; finding out about the diagnosis placed in my file I would NOT have been aware of such in my medical record.

    I find this diagnosis same as Profiling between loss of home, pets, near loss of life. The frustration of fighting, Polson city, County, Tribal and State government and dealing with the banking community concerns plus all the issues of obtaining a new home. It is a wonder we as a couple have managed to hold it together this past year.

    One would think VA staff and medical team would realize how bad it can be when an individual has had a home and suddenly find selves homeless due to a very bad fire. I understand how it can be when people are busy and wrapped up in their world of work and so little time to do much of anything. I do empathizes for them as it can be hard; but to live as my wife and I have for a year is equally just as difficult as we were unable to get away as the VA Staff is able too.

    So far the way I see it is the clinics empathy has been one sided only. And to get reprimanded for not understanding a situation I feel is unfair to say the least. This also includes the labeling within the diagnosis is equally unfair.

    In conclusion I restate the desire to: I am wanting to change Doctors and medical team at the VA Kalispell Clinic please. Plus I want that diagnosis stricken from my medical record asap.

    L W. Donegan

  30. Jaime says:

    I am a disabled vet and use the va for all of my medical care. From 2002 until 2012, my primary care doctor had continually discriminated against me. I am diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and according to him, it is the cause of all my medical problems. one example, I called the clinic on a Wednesday and told them that I suspected tonsilitis based on the visual of my throat. I was told that I could be seen on Tuesday at 1400. I called back on Friday barely able to speak and was told “I can’t understand you” and hung up on. Monday, I was in severe pain and tears were constantly streaming, my boyfriend called the clinic on my behalf and was told to bring me in the next day s for my scheduled appointment. the next day, I arrived 2 hours early hoping they would see me sooner. one hour past my appointment time I finally made it into the exam room. My doctor entered the room looking at my chart and says “depression kicking up again, huh?” the nurse said, “George, this is serious” after an exasperated sigh he says fine and looks into my throat. I was rushed to emergency surgery because both of my tonsils were abscessed with gangrene. this is just one example. for years I complained about diarrhea, even once suggested I may have IBS or something, he said probably and left it at that. after I stopped using the va, I found out that I actually have severe Crohn’s Disease that could probably have been managed better in the beginning if I wasn’t “just depressed” all the time.

    Move forward to 2013, back in the VA system and suffering with abdominal pain because of my Crohn’s disease. I pay out of pocket to fly from st. croix, usvi to San Juan, PR to be seen at the VA emergency that my specialist is located at. without any diagnostic testing and disregarding my previous biopsy results he informs me that he doesn’t believe I have Crohn’s, have ever had Crohn’s, and is recommending a psychiatric evaluationand should look into drug treatment some I am seeking pain medications.

    once I was told by an ent that my deviated septum was only causing me pain because I was pregnant. it had nothing to do with my 9 month old at the time head butting me. I’ve also been told and given meds for a bladder infection when I was 7 months pregnant because I peed a lot. no tests, me denying pain when I pee.

    oh the list goes on and on. and that’s just VA hospital and clinic. I’m not even including local doctors and hospitals.

    • B P says:

      OMG! I have the exact same diagnosis. Crohn’s Disease and MDD with arthralgia. I am treated as a subhuman because of mental illness. I’m extremely intelligent and this can be mistaken for being narcissistic instead of advocating for your well being.

  31. Rain Rankin says:

    After years of being told that I “probably have MS”…several MRIs and 2 spinal taps the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. I ended up making multiple trips to the ER only to be sent home with Motrin or nothing at all.
    I moved to a new town. New primary doc suggested I see a Neuro. Here I am 2 months later happy to know it is just Parkinson’s.

    • Scott says:

      I have been a healthy, though overweight (who in this country isn’t) young man of 32, until 5/23/2014, when I was stricken with intense abdominal pain. I went to the ER as I have previously had situations where my appendix and gallbladder needed emergency removal, and knew that abdominal pain that is severe is not something to take lightly. I was told by the doctor that I had actue pancreatitis, and given the option to be admitted, or go home. I chose to go home, and follow a liquid diet. I followed up with my Primary care doctor, of which I have seen for over 7 years, and had a decent relationship with. He prescribed me pain medication, and took me off of work for a week. During this time, the pain did not subside, I had horrible diarrhea, and could not eat. My primary care doctor admitted me to the hospital for IV fluids and pain medication. I was given a colonoscopy, CT, contrast CT, X-Rays, and a small bowel scan, all came back ok. I was discharged with a diagnosis of IBS, and given medication for IBS and Pain Medication. The pain and diarrhea continued, I was unable to eat, my diarrhea continued, and I was re-admitted to the hospital and given an endoscopy, which showed peptic ulcers, but nothing else. I was discharged and again told I had IBS. At the time, I was 280lbs, this was July. I visited my doctor no less than 20 times, and the ER around 10 times being sent by my doctor. I would receive pain medication and too many CT scans. During this time he continued to prescribe pain medication, Norco to be precise, and it took it as directed. I recently experienced worsening pain, I was re-admitted with a surgical consult, they very young surgeon who was in his residency, basically told me to google my symptoms and see what to do…. An answer I truly wish I could give in my field of work in enterprise IT infrastructure. I have missed more than 3 months of work due to hospitalizations and being directed to be off of work. I visited my GI doctor, who prescribed another message to help with the diarrhea after having critically low potassium levels (2.6 to be exact, scary, I was shaking uncontrollably) and placed on a potassium protocol, as well as being told that I absolutely do NOT have IBS, that my weight loss was much too drastic, and no diet change has helped my situation, that I was a very complex case and, he realized that it is an alarming problem, but doesn’t know what it is. He gave me a different medication for my stomach that cause severe constipation. I was then hospitalized because the new medication caused an impaction of feces. As soon as it was cleared, I was continued on laxatives, even though I was having persistent diarrhea, the GI consult from the hospital saw me and immediately cancelled the order for laxatives. He prescribed antibiotics, one IV, one oral, and kept me for another day. I was still unable to eat due to excruciating pain. I was consulted by the hospitalist and GI doctor and told to speak with my doctor about a better pain management plan that would be a more stable form of pain management… I took notes, and asked what type of medication would be the type that would work that would differ from what I currently took. They Suggested Kadian, or the generic form MS-Contin. They said that 5 months of an Acetaminophen containing product could start being dangerous to my liver, and that a medication like Kadian does not contain it, that I would only have to take it twice a day, and it would control my pain in a manner that would be less of a bell-curve effect of short-acting pain medications. I voiced that I would like to be referred to a UC or Specialist that may have more resources to find the cause of the pain, and correct it as I do not with to spend my life on pain medications. They agreed, but said that I have a complex case and it may not be a quick process to actually find a diagnosis, and that adequate pain management would help to allow me to have a better quality of life, allow me to eat, sleep, work and exercise. At this point I have lost 50lbs, not from proper diet or exercise, but from the inability to eat, and the persistent diarrhea. I agreed that something needs to be done in the interim to allow me to live with less pain, and they said a good goal is to be in about 50% less pain than I am in currently, which I would find acceptable until a cause and treatment of the underlying cause is found. I went to my primary care doctor, with notes in hand and doctors names who discussed this with me, and asked him if we could talk… He said ok, and I read exactly what the doctors had suggested. As soon as I said they name of the medication they suggested, he wrote something on my chart and said “You’re a drug addict, I think you need rehab”….. Literally confused, and upset, I didn’t know what to say… Once I gathered a thought I asked “What has changed to cause me to deserve that?” He said “Kadian is for cancer patients” I said “Ok, well I’m not asking for anything in particular, that was just a suggestion from Dr.xxxx, and I’m just relaying information given to me” I even gave him the name of the doctor and told him I would like him to contact him to confirm the information. He said, “ya, I’m sure they did… You know, I hear this all the time” Again, confused, I asked what I had done wrong? That I have lost over half of a year to this condition, and that even though they can’t find a cause with the typical tests, doesn’t mean something isn’t wrong… Clearly there is when I am constantly on a potassium protocol due to the diarrhea, and pain of not eating… (I’m a big guy, I obviously enjoy my food)… He said “well, we did all of the tests and we can’t find anything, I sent you to UCxxx and they couldn’t find anything” He did send me to UCxxxx but to the ER, not a specialist, and the ER did a CT like the other hospitals, and found nothing, because they were looking for Emergency problems, they did exactly what any other ER would do, and nothing more, they said to follow-up with my primary. I repeated that information, I said “Well, you sent me to the ER, not to a specialist, we know something hasn’t burst, because I’m still alive, but something is causing these problems, and I would like to figure it out” He said “I’m going to take you off all of your medications, and I think you are addicted and need rehab”….. I repeated that, I have never done any drugs, even in high school and college, I do not drink, even socially, I do not smoke, nor have I ever had any addiction problems in the past….. I have never manipulated my prescriptions, or taken them in an inappropriate fashion, I do not buy them off the street, nor sell them…. He said “Well, you don’t have cancer so you don’t need pain medication”…. He said “I’ll refer you to a pain management doctor but that’s all I’ll do. I said ok.. He then said, no, I’m going to just send you back to the GI doctor. Being that I’ve had plenty of free time lately from being off of work, I’ve read on lots of forums from people who suffer from this type of condition… Plenty of them are on this similar medications, and in fact, plenty seem to actually be Over-Medicated, so I know for a fact that this is not true, many say that long-acting pain medications have given them their life back. I’ve sought, personally, the consultation of a pain management counselor, one who specializes in evaluating people for addiction so that I can have documentation saying that I am not a drug-addict… That I’m a person who is suffering in pain seeking some quality of life. I have made an appointment with a new primary care physician, but I am very upset, and now I have in my medical record that I am a “drug addict” when I have never once been. Things all seem to have changed since the DEA changed medication scheduling and I’ve heard from my many friends in Law Enforcement that the community I live in is particularly bad with pain medication problems. Strangely, I’ve heard that the medication I have currently been taking has been much more sought after by addicts over the medication I was suggested by the doctors in the hospital. I’ve seen many documentaries on drugs like oxycontin, which I would never take, and actually can not take because I was prescribed percocet, and have had a horrible reaction of bradycardia to the oxycodone that is in it. I have expressed many times that I only want to be on pain medication as long as necessary until the problem can be found and resolved. I left the doctors office and drove around the corner and cried. I’m a 32 year old male who never cries, don’t get me wrong, I’m a very kind, gentle person, and I can take a very large amount of emotional stress, and physical pain, but being accused of being something that I am not, in such a horrible fashion, was too much after all of the pain, suffering, probing, testing, loss of wages, and over 40 thousand dollars in hospital bill debt. I feel that there is such a horrible war on people who are in pain in this country. I know people abuse medication, and that is terrible…. However, there are people who truly do need it to live with dignity and quality of life…. I have a fantastic job that I love, that is now to the point of possibly letting me go… Mind you they actually created a position for me to be promoted to because of my excellent performance before this problem. My professional, financial, and physical future has been severely impacted by this condition, my credit has been severely impacted, I cannot now buy a house that was my ultimate goal, that I was very close to. I feel that this reckless mis-use of accusations such as that with no other cause than discussing something that was recommended by another doctor is terrible.. I also feel that, if you are a doctor and living in such fear of the DEA that you will not treat patients with pain, that you should not be practicing medicine. If you are following responsible practices of prescribing medication, you should have nothing to worry about as a doctor, and if you have patients who truly are suffering, who have gone through as much as someone like I have gone through, you have a responsibility, bound by your oath to provide them with treatment to lead a productive, dignified life with reasonable quality to it. Thank You for letting me share my experience.

      • Jill says:

        OH MY GOD, this is almost identical to my story!! Except I have RA and an undiagnosed intestinal fungal infection from RA Meds. I have been told the same things. I have also lost 2 years of my life. Thank you for sharing your story.

  32. Nicole says:

    I am 20 years old and I have borderline personality disorder, I hold a steady job taking care of animals and I have been prescribed clonazapem for years by my psychiatrist. I went to a doctor because I was having extreme abdominal pain, on top of accusing me of lying about the pain, she looked up my prescription history and accused me of going doctor to doctor for pain medication because I had recently refilled my clonazapem prescription. Well it turned out that I was severely constipated, to the point where it was becoming extremely hazardous to my health, she didn’t admit it but I’m sure she felt like an idiot, especially when my blood work came back, showing no drugs except the clonazapem in my system. I am sick of doctors accusing me of lying or making things up or being a drug addict just because I have a mental illness. I am a highly functioning human being just trying to make a life for myself, just like everyone else is.

  33. Janey says:

    I was on my way to college with one semester already completed in high school. I got food poisoning which triggered an IBD for which I suffered for 5 years with fevers vomiting weight loss setting me at >100lbs and severe malnutrition and organ damage. When I was dragged doctor to doctor I met some of the most calloused psychologically damaging people and all of them were doctors. Some called me retarded for having to attend a community college even though I’d earned a full scholarship to a privet school’s chemistry program with high GPA and SAT scores, and could not attend do to a persistent malaise but to stay on the folk insurance I had to be in college after age 18 so i went to community with a state scholarship and made straight A’s which very ill. Another doctor spoke to me about my condition as if I was a dog who did not understand her words. She basically said I would either get worse and they would see more clearly what my condition was, or I would die, or I’d get better for no reason and no one would ever know why. After surviving all that I’m left with a damaged heart and kidneys and liver and dove into a deep depression as I had come to the feeling that no one beyond my relatives cared if I lived or died anyway. I was depressed and in shock. I worked hard to get an education so I could work and be normal and the ‘Great Recession” hit and I could find a decent just to save my live so i took what ever I could get, but was so ill from being a test rat for new experimental meds since i have insomnia and now am facing kidney failure with doctors writing in my medical charts that I am a drug seeker because in the 2 years that my family had no cash influx I was forced to use state charity. i found out that other serious illnesses had domino after my initial illness and the ER doctors kept asking “what are you taking”? one tried to look through my purse until he realized people were looking at him like he’s lost his mind and then he acted like what he’s done was cute. WTF? I was in the ER for Heart meds that the medical system negligently allowed me to go without and I never got in touch with the PCP because their system doesn’t allow that. Now because of my 2 years of ER trips for everything from having a 160bpm heart rate to having 3 pockets of puss under my toenail (which I was forced to remove myself in my bathtub with a box cutter, ora-gel and caffeine pills topically to control the bleeding. I ritualistically put antimicrobial i had left over from the times I had insurance and the nail grew back after 3 months. Most of those ER visits did not involve pain and I never asked for pain killers. but just to make your life hell and let you know you are garbage depending on the amount of cash you have be aware that “healthcare” providers almost never care if you are okay, because sub-humans are all you are unless you have cash. I used to think the nuts who shot abortion doctors were crazy, and now I couldn’t care less why they are aiming for the pricks in the white lab coats. I just can’t believe in any doctor ever again. I don’t care about them because they took pleasure in watching me suffer or just didn’t care save about 4 or 5 out of several dozen if not hundreds, and I was only a kid at the time.

  34. Murray smith says:

    I am 32 years old. I’ve had my knee and shoulder operated on. 2 years ago I hurt my back at work. I was diagnosed with spinal tenosis and herniated disc. They want to operate but that scares me. So I’ve been given pain meds ever since. A few days ago I noticed something on my ribs. I went to the ER which I haven’t been to in 7 years. I was diagnosed with shingles. I’m suppose to get my pain meds this Saturday. But anyways. The ER doctor tells me that they aren’t giving me anything for pain. Just steroids and antiviral meds. My ribs r hurting REALLY bad. I ran out of my pain meds 3 days ago. The doctor that writes my pain script for me is out of town until Monday. I feel like every time I go to a doctor other than the one that sees me for my back I am profiled. I think they pull my records and see that I’m prescribed pain meds. Then I’m automatically labeled a drug addict. I wish I didn’t need the things. Like I said. I’m 32 years old. I’ve had multiple injuries in my short life. I hurt everyday. I’m married with 2 kids (2 and 7) and another one on the way. NO!!! I don’t want to take the meds. BUT I DONT HAVE A CHOICE!!! I just wish doctors would treat me and quit the profiling mess. I am not a drug addict. I’m just a family man that is trying to work, raise my kids and be a good husband. Thank u for listening. I’m done with my rant for now.

    • Amy says:

      You should always tell them you are on pain meds, if they find out by looking up your history, they will wonder why you didn’t say anything. If you are on strong pain meds and they give you more, you could die. I am a pain patient and I hate profiling, but we do have some responsibilities when being prescribed these medications. I hope you are feeling better.

  35. leslie says:

    I went into the hospital to have my baby at 32 weeks after finding out at a routine ultrasound that the blood flow was being cut off to baby. When i got to the hospital they diagnosed me with hellp syndrome and needed to do an emergency c section. after losing my life and my baby luckily we both made it through . A few hours later recovering in my room and a baby in the nicu a social worker came in and interrogated me on my “amphetamine use.” I have never used drugs in my life i was completely taken back. I look a lot younger than I am . I am 26 but they made numerous comments about my age and teen pregnancy to me. They kept saying “what are you playing house” and would roll their eyes at me when i would ask questions. They profiled me as young drug using mom. I begged them to redo the tests and do whatever they need to do to believe me that i did not do drugs. They retested my urine, my babies urine, and did a merconium test which all came back negative. After that they contacted child services on me and said i had no prenatal care (not true)and have a history of substance abuse (not true) now this is all in my files and i have a case with child services all because of profiling

  36. B P says:

    I have Crohn’s Disease, diagnosed 5 years ago and have MDD. I too have been victim of patient profiling because of my mental health. My age doesn’t help prior to being disabled by the state I was a thriving litigation liaison. I am intelligent and often had many emergency room visits. I had no insurance while waiting on disability benefits and relied upon emergency room doctors because I couldn’t afford a specialist. My mental and physical health causes horrific panic attacks which physicians perceived as a drug seeker. I have physical pain and to this very day I battle suicidal thoughts because the medical community view my intelligence as a threat rather than advocating for my well being. My mental illness makes me look like a fool. I have anxiety anytime I see a white coat. I just suffer at home.

  37. Jamie says:

    Thank you Dr. Pamela Wible for allowing this unique opportunity of being able to convey our feelings and opinions on this controversial subject.

    My journey with chronic pain beganThank you Dr. Pamela Wible for allowing this unique opportunity of being able to convey our feelings and opinions on this controversial subject.

    My journey with chronic pain began very simple with many of the same characteristics of the previous stories. I started suffering from abdominal pain in my late twenties. I began what I like to call the ping pong effect. I bounced back and forth between a GI doctor and an OBGYN for a few years.
    In the course of these years I had a colonoscopy, which revealed polyps. The OB doctor diagnosed Endometriosis and performed a laproscopy on me removing polyps and scar tissue. At this time, she also discovered I had an abnormaly small uterus that bicornuate and tilted.
    I was given medications and sent home with what I thought was a “cured” problem. After a few months of relief, I found myself with abdominal pain again. This time I went to a Urologist who discovered I had an abnormally small bladder and three ureters. He felt like the problem was Intercistal Cysitis. Not long after I was back at the other physicians performing the same procedures with the same outcome.
    The relief did not last as long this time. I continued to be in pain for a few years periodically getting relief at the ER which reveled nothing. I always walked away with anxiety, uterine cramping, or any of the other blanket misdagnosises that allowed them to ease their mind and say tbis ones ok.
    I began loosing weight the begining of 2012. My OB performed another laproscopy and said congratulations on weight loss even though it wasn’t intentional. By the begining of August i was in terrible pain. My primary decided to send me to an internal medicine practitioner because there were no local GI.
    He then discovered my gall bladder was functioning at 29% capacity and since I didnt need it, we’ll just take it out. I now wish I had known better!
    The gallbladder came out and I had pain meds again for a few weeks.
    I then experienced the worst pain of my life a pancreatitis attack. I took a LOA at work and survived three attacks with no reason why I was having them.
    The profiling had been marginaly occuring at this point. Well it went overboard after this attack. Not only were there several things I was complaining about, no one could pinpoint exactly whst was causing the intense pain. At this point I started recieving the “looks” and the depression, anxiety, and mental diagnosis’s.
    I began to loose faith in the world of medicine. Was I depressed? Absolutely! I still am to an extent.
    Meanwhile, my pain was increasing and nausea, vomiting, diarherra, and constipation were becoming daily life.
    I quit work because I no longer could hold down a job. I applied for disability.
    Febuary 2013, I had been having all of the above problems and now I was bleeding rectally and running a fever. I laid in my bathroom floor for two of those days because the vomiting and diarherra was happening every twenty minutes. I had stopped going to the ER because I was tired of the dru dealer assumptions and because they would no longer run tests due to lack of insurance.
    My mother finally dragged me to the hospital. I complained about symptoms and pain. The nurse that night told me, when I said I was unable to keep medicine to stick the pill up my vagina because it would work faster and that was how the druggies did it.
    I was outraged. Their plan was to send me home with nothing. Luckily my body responded and my BP dropped to 75/38 or something close that. The doctor comes running in and says well I guess we’ll keep you and run some exrays. Turns out I had Ulcerative Colitis, C-diff, and H-pylori. It took a few weeks and tons of medicine and I got better.
    The pain continued. I continued to flare and get better for over a year. With no insurance I could’nt see a desperately needed GI and get meds for the UC. I also picked up a Crohns diagnosis as well when they saw it on a scan. July of this year i found myself back in the ER.
    The attending physician was one doctor I have the upmost respect for. He is one of the only one’s who would take me seriously and try ro help. He performed a cat scan and discovered a slow growing cyst in my pancreas that they had missed on all other scans.
    I finally thought I was going to be listened to and someone was going to try to help me. I spent two nerve wracking weeks getting ti aurvyments with doctors who wanted to perform needless tests when we already had the problem narrowed down.
    Finally, I was able to get on as a Charity case at Emory in Atlanta, Ga.
    In the last two months I have been treated for H-pylori again, had an EUS (cyst was drained), had biopsies taken and discovered my common bile duct is 14mmwhen normal is around 7mm.
    All of this was missed and probably there all along.
    On Tuesday of next week he is performing an ERCP in hopes of discovering the reason for the bile duct blockage.
    Until the last few months, I have been profiled relentlessly. I’m 38, but I look like I’m 19. I have been brushed aside because of my looks, my supposed age, my gender, and most of my emtions. When I’m mad I cry. Countless times i have been stereotyped for all of the above reasons.
    It damages your pride and makes you feel unheard. My symptoms only escalate from this behavior and I play a viscious cycle with my body. I hope with your post you are able to reveal enlightment to just one other doctor. If you show one and they show one, the ship may finally be turned more in our favor and I voices might be heard.
    very simple with many of the same characteristics of the previous stories. I started suffering from abdominal pain in my late twenties. I began what I like to call the ping pong effect. I bounced back and forth between a GI doctor and an OBGYN for a few years.
    In the course of these years I had a colonoscopy, which revealed polyps. The OB doctor diagnosed Endometriosis and performed a laproscopy on me removing polyps and scar tissue. At this time, she also discovered I had an abnormaly small uterus that was bicornuate and tilted.
    I was given medications and sent home with what I thought was a “cured” problem. After a few months of relief, I found myself with abdominal pain again. This time I went to a Urologist who discovered I had an abnormally small bladder and three ureters. He felt like the problem was Intercistal Cysitis. Not long after I was back at the other physicians performing the same procedures with the same outcome.
    The relief did not last as long this time. I continued to be in pain for a few years periodically getting relief at the ER which reveled nothing. I always walked away with anxiety, uterine cramping, or any of the other blanket misdagnosises that allowed them to ease their mind and say tbis ones ok.
    I began loosing weight the begining of 2012. My OB performed another laproscopy and said congratulations on weight loss even though it wasn’t intentional. By the begining of August i was in terrible pain. My primary decided to send me to an internal medicine practitioner because there were no local GI.
    He then discovered my gall bladder was functioning at 29% capacity and since I didnt need it, we’ll just take it out. I now wish I had known better!
    The gallbladder came out and I had pain meds again for a few weeks.
    I then experienced the worst pain of my life a pancreatitis attack. I took a LOA at work and survived three attacks with no reason why I was having them.
    The profiling had been marginaly occuring at this point. Well it went overboard after this attack. Not only were there several things I was complaining about, no one could pinpoint exactly whst was causing the intense pain. At this point I started recieving the “looks” and the depression, anxiety, and mental diagnosis’s.
    I began to loose faith in the world of medicine. Was I depressed? Absolutely! I still am to an extent.
    Meanwhile, my pain was increasing and nausea, vomiting, diarherra, and constipation were becoming daily life.
    I quit work because I no longer could hold down a job. I applied for disability.
    Febuary 2013, I had been having all of the above problems and now I was bleeding rectally and running a fever. I laid in my bathroom floor for two of those days because the vomiting and diarherra was happening every twenty minutes. I had stopped going to the ER because I was tired of the dru dealer assumptions and because they would no longer run tests due to lack of insurance.
    My mother finally dragged me to the hospital. I complained about symptoms and pain. The nurse that night told me, when I said I was unable to keep medicine to stick the pill up my vagina because it would work faster and that was how the druggies did it.
    I was outraged. Their plan was to send me home with nothing. Luckily my body responded and my BP dropped to 75/38 or something close that. The doctor comes running in and says well I guess we’ll keep you and run some exrays. Turns out I had Ulcerative Colitis, C-diff, and H-pylori. It took a few weeks and tons of medicine and I got better.
    The pain continued. I continued to flare and get better for over a year. With no insurance I could’nt see a desperately needed GI and get meds for the UC. I also picked up a Crohns diagnosis as well when they saw it on a scan. July of this year i found myself back in the ER.
    The attending physician was one doctor I have the upmost respect for. He is one of the only one’s who would take me seriously and try ro help. He performed a cat scan and discovered a slow growing cyst in my pancreas that they had missed on all other scans.
    I finally thought I was going to be listened to and someone was going to try to help me. I spent two nerve wracking weeks getting ti aurvyments with doctors who wanted to perform needless tests when we already had the problem narrowed down.
    Finally, I was able to get on as a Charity case at Emory in Atlanta, Ga.
    In the last two months I have been treated for H-pylori again, had an EUS (cyst was drained), had biopsies taken and discovered my common bile duct is 14mmwhen normal is around 7mm.
    All of this was missed and probably there all along. I’m expecting a chronic pancreatitis diagnosis, so I am preparing myself for continued pain.
    On Tuesday of next week he is performing an ERCP in hopes of discovering the reason for the bile duct blockage.
    Until the last few months, I have been profiled relentlessly. I’m 38, but I look like I’m 19. I have been brushed aside because of my looks, my supposed age, my gender, and most of my emtions. When I’m mad I cry. Countless times i have been stereotyped for all of the above reasons. I was also told that these diagnosis didn’t warrant pain medication even though they are documented diseases listed up there with cancer. I don’t want perfection i only want understanding and compassion.
    The treatment I’ve recieved has damaged my pride and made me feel unheard. My symptoms only escalate from this behavior and I play a viscious cycle with my body. I hope with your post you are able to reveal enlightment to just one other doctor. If you show one and they show one, the ship may finally be turned more in our favor and our voices might be heard!

    My journy is far from over nor is it an isolated situation. I have a FB support group that is filled with stories of people who have been profiled and mistreated all because they wanted normalcy and no pain if only for a few hours. Thank you for listening partners in pain!

  38. Tina Martinez says:

    I was profiled, and I am suffering from chronic pain, that started with a gallbladder attack ,over a decade ago. I’m 44 years old, and after my galstones went through my pancreas, I was then diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I then was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, and years later we were hit by an uninsured drunk driver, and I have permanent disc issues. I’m now dealing with the chronic pancreatitis, calcification of the pancreas, gastropparesis, celiac disease, barrettes esophagus, etc. I have been profiled as being depressed because of a cookie cutter test that I answered honestly. All my diseases are doing havoc on my gi system, but my doctor wanted to follow what she was going by. A test asking if my eating habits have changed, have my social life changed. I’m fighting for my life, of course she ignored. I hope that this stops before it kills me. Thank you. for every day we

  39. Lisa G says:

    I am noticing a common theme with many posters. Their diagnosis includes SEVERE. Just an example. Not taken from any particular post(ER) They read along line of “I have been dx with SEVERE Fibromyalgia” Is the SEVERE part something used by a prior MD or the patient who adds SEVERE to the dx?

    • pepperc says:

      Heh. I used ‘severe’… because my doctor used the word ‘severe’. Five fractures, three severe. One of those three was ‘obliterated’.

      Guess I should’ve used ‘obliterated’.

    • Amy says:

      I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis. This was due to my labs and symptoms. My labs were literally off the charts and I couldn’t wipe my own butt or unlock my front door. I was labeled with moderate degeneration of the spine by the radiologist who read my MRI, I would imagine a lot of conditions are diagnosed as mild, moderate or severe.

  40. pepperc says:

    The attitude of the medical professionals toward the complaint of ‘pain’ is a problem in and of itself.

    I went to the doctor every few months of complaints of severe back pain. Over and over, it was the same story. “Muscle spasms”. I was given prescription ibuprofen and sometimes a muscle relaxant.

    I spent tens of thousands of dollars on chiropractors and massage over the years and gave up on doctors for that particular issue. Oh, I’d bring it up, but nobody was interested in checking into it.

    A case of bronchitis was severe enough to warrant an x-ray to check for pneumonia.

    The doctor ‘freaked out’ when he saw my spine. He called me and told me to come in immediately.

    I had five compression fractures – three severe – and four completely destroyed discs. He said that this was the kind of injury that he’d only seen in people who’d taken severe falls or had hang-gliding accidents. I told him that it probably happened from a fall that I’d taken (30 feet – landed in a sitting position) when I was young.

    He didn’t know how I was still walking and functioning.

    I asked him, “Why are you only looking into this now? You’ve been my doctor for five years. I’ve told you about this.”

    He said, “You complained of back pain. I assumed you were a drug seeker.”

    I asked, “Is that why nobody would help me?”


    The horror of that moment, of knowing that I’d suffered for two decades without help because the medical profession assumed that back pain=drug seeker… Oh, you have no idea how… insulted, frustrated, angry, disgusted… Nobody would even LOOK at my spine because of that assumption. I’d never done a drug in my LIFE.

    That day led to a three year saga of steroids, anti-depressants, pain meds, physical therapy, hell and, eventually, to a 12-level spinal fusion.

    Now I’m totally disabled and in unrelenting chronic pain. Now that I need to be treated for chronic pain my every complaint is regarded as suspicious. Even something as basic as bronchitis is sneered at. I’ve brought my family with me and they do witness the exchanges. My husband is stunned that I’ve had to argue to get physical therapy.

    My life is, effectively, over because of patient profiling. I’m killing myself with OTC meds, just trying to survive the day. I honestly tell my doctor about the 5grams of aspirin and the 3g of tylenol and the 4g of aspirin a day and she says that that’s alright, but I’m starting to get scared. I try to quit, but I hurt too much and I’ve got nothing else.

    Why not see another doctor?

    Why, I’m a chronic pain patient. I take 3 hydrocodone a day, so no other doctor will take me.

    I’m so done.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      This is horrible and exactly why we need relationship-driven health care where the sacred (not scared) doctor-patient is the foundation of medical appointments. Fear-driven health care is an oxymoron. Not helping anyone—patient or doctor.

  41. Mary Bradford says:

    I’ve had chronic back pain for years and finally through an mri, was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, arthritis, and degenerative discs. I’ve had nerve blocks and 2 procedures where they severed the nerves. (Ablasions, sp?) None of these have been successful for more than a few months. However, I continue to pull the lower back muscles and that causes incredible pain. If I don’t work, I don’t get paid, so I have to work even with these pulled muscles. When I have done this and cannot reach my pain management dr. my only option is the emergency room. I went last night, the doctor talked to me for less than 5 minutes, examined me for about 1 minute, and sent the nurse in 30 minutes later with a prescription for Norco 5/325. I work as a pharmacy technician, am on my feet and moving at least 8 hours daily, and through experience with my back, I know that Norco 5 is not sufficient for this pain. I told the nurse, who was not there for any conversation with the doctor, that I only have nsaids at home and a new muscle relaxer that does not work, & that I told the dr this. I told her that Norco 5 will not touch this pain and she was compassionate, asked what will. I told her if it’s norco, it needs to be 10 but a short round of percocet 5 works best in combination with flexeril. Asked her for flexeril 5 since I had to work the next day. She asked the dr, came back, said the dr denied the pain meds, but provided the flexeril. Said it would violate my contract with pain management. I told the nurse that is not true, as I would report it to my dr as I have before, but I was not going to argue about it. I gave her back the Norco rx. She urged me to take it, but I told her it doesn’t work, I don’t need to take something that will not relieve the pain. I told her that the doctor is wrong, I am not an addict, that I am someone in pain who has to work in the morning, and my pain management dr will not be available until next week. I also told her that the dr has access to my mri, since it was done thru the same hospital so she could see I have a reason to be in pain but she appears to be too lazy to look or she doesn’t care.

  42. Rose Spoonhunter says:

    I had total knee replacement through a doctor in Casper Wy..his nurse has been sending me prescriptions through the mail but 2 weeks ago she was suppose to have sent my prescription for oxycontins she saidshe did but I never received it so I kept calling that office and now she calls me and tells me they will no longer be sending me prescriptions for my pain and she does a print out on all the meds I got for 6 months and uses that against me. Makes me wonder what happened to the prescription the nurse said she sent.

  43. Melissa says:

    Hi. I hope you’ll respond. For many years I have had chronic idiopathic angioedema. It is supposed to cause no to little pain. but it is always on my face and very painful. For 10 year I was profiled to the point where I refused to see my allergist anymore or go to the ER. 3 months ago I started having attacks in my stomach. this has been confirmed. but first I had my appendix out. I have had 3 more attacks in my stomach. they are the most painful thing I have ever felt. but if I go the ER I am told to go home. they try to send me home with Norco. I don’t want Norco. The pain is beyond that. but more importantly if the doctor doesn’t believe its angioedema why am automatically a drug seeker? why not run some tests? why not try to figure out what it is if you’re so sure. oh, that’s right. because anyone who has chronic illnesses that cause pain are lying to seek meds. right?! NNNNOOOO

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I’m so sorry Melissa. This is why I am devoting my life to helping docs heal so they can be real doctors again. Cookbook medicine and cookie cutter doctors who label patients is not working. Please join the movement for ideal medical care for all Americans.

  44. Cindy Smith says:

    I was given iron infusions for severe anemia and I had severe pain and a trip to the ER after the first one. The dr. on that shift had a scan done and he came back after and said my spleen was enlarged. Another dr. who had given me antidepressants 2-3 years earlier told the dr. at ER not to treat me because I have mental problems. (Is depression a mental problem?)

    The nurse came in and took out the IV and told me what happened. I asked if the mental problems can cause your spleen to be enlarged. I asked if the ER dr. would therefore treat me for my mental problems. The nurse said I’m sorry and
    left the room. The dr. refused to talk to me and a different nurse asked my husband and I to please leave.

    I still cannot believe this happened.

  45. marcus says:

    Last year I tried to get treatment for a recurring rotator cuff issue. I brought in my old medical records which included followups with my old doctor where he noted the persistent but not debilitating pain. I don’t have insurance so seeing a doctor is a financial ordeal. I tell him I’m experiencing pain again and have to wear a sling. Even though I keep telling him I have no insurance all the doctor does is refer me to an orthopedic surgeon and to get an MRI. I walk away still in pain with no ability to pay for those referrals.

  46. Kaylee says:

    My best relation to this issue wasn’t necessarily physical health or exactly profiling but it was still very shady.

    I was about 14 when I started seeing a psychiatrist for a mental disorder diagnosed as “borderline personality disorder.” I had been seeing this psychiatrist for about a month when we realized I also needed a professional councilor, because the meds he gave me helped issues as far as hallucinations and depression but nothing as far as emotional issues. So we got pretty lucky at the time and started seeing a councilor in the same building and we liked him pretty well.

    January after I turned 15 I was raped. A man manipulated me into having sex with him and was later brought to court for it and registered a sex offender and put in jail for it. One day we went to the psychiatrist for an appointment and told him about this happening and that depending on what the court wanted/needed he may need to show up there to say about my mental condition. His immediate response to us was “I’m a busy man and don’t have time to drive 45 miles every time SHE messes up.” I was still in the room the entire time, and as soon as we left to leave for the day my mom took my records and we stopped seeing the psychiatrist and the councilor from before.

    I already felt bad enough for the incident ever happening, and him putting it as my fault didn’t help it any. Now I’m 19 and I see that the situation WASN’T my fault, but it was horrible 4 years ago, but I still don’t have a psychiatrist to do my meds because I don’t want another who is more concerned about their paycheck than their patients like he was.

  47. Stephanie Fox says:

    “I was pressured by our doctor from my son’s birth all the way through grade school. I kept telling him no vaccines whatsoever, zero, nada. I was hassled, shamed, talked down to, and more. Not a fun experience, whatsoever. I was profiled as a bad mother.”

    To be fair, the doctor’s pressure was well-placed, as evidenced by this measles epidemic going on right now, carried right along by anti-vaxxers. Too bad, so sad, don’t make stupid decisions. Profile is spot-on.

  48. Dannette says:

    In 2011 I had my first baby ever, 8 weeks later I had to have my gall bladder removed due to the pain it was causing me. Well the Dr who preformed the surgery completely severed my common bile duct. A few days later I was still in the hospital and they were trying to get me to eat and I just couldn’t I over heard one of the nurses obviously frustrated by me saying “you can lead the horse to water but you can’t make her drink this patient is so annoying!” right after she left my room. They later tried to discharge me and I refused stating I didn’t feel well enough to go home. They asked me if there was something going on in my home life that I didn’t want to be there and that if I couldn’t handle being a mother there’s always adoption. (My child was very much wanted and planned. I had to use fertility meds plus donor sperm to get her here) Later that night I started having breathing difficulties and they found out I was spilling bile into my abdominal cavity. I was in serious condition when they transferred me to a bigger city hospital more equipped to handle this type situation. I ended up having a drain put in to drain they bile and a surgery to repair eveything. I spent over a month in hospital away from my newborn baby. To this day I still have pain in my liver and suffer from chronic cholangitis (liver infections) multiple times a year. I end up going to the ER because it comes on suddenly and strongly. Because of all the IVs and blood draws I’ve had since this I have a bad vein and marks. I’ve had nurses and Dr’s look at my arm and ask “so what’s your drug of choice?” I’ve never tried an illegal drug or recreational drug ever (too scared of getting caught). I’ve also had the Dr’s say “because you’re here again we can’t give you anything for pain because of your history” then they get the blood work back and say “were admitting you for cholangitis. How are you still up and talking most people are in so much pain from this?” I’m not up and talking I’m practically writhing in pain on the gurney. I’ve even received a letter from the hospital stating that they will no longer support my drug habits and that I am no longer welcome there as a patient. This is humiliating and wrong! I’ve never been given the chance to tell them my side of the story or what is really going on. My specialist has me drive over an hour to his hospital whenever my liver acts up now. Which is difficult when you have 2 young kids and not a lot of money for gas and no one to watch the youngins.

  49. Laura Crawford says:

    Hi, I am a chronic pain patient, In 2003 I was over prescribed opiates by a pain management doctor, here in Toronto, Canada. Needless to say, I was extremely naive about them when he put me on them. Little did I know he was giving me a recipe for suffering and possibly death; 9-10 80 Mgs of the old oxycontin; 100 mgs of methadone divided in to three daily doses; 50 milligram fentanyl patch; eight 8 mg diludids; I could not figure out why I was falling asleep all the time and did not know how close he was putting me towards dying until I was told the truth; He is no longer allowed to practice, I wonder why? I would love to sue him? But I hear you cannot touch a doc in Canada. Needless to say, I was cut off when the CPSO walked in and moved to Fort Erie, wherein, I could not find a pain doc or a family doc. I started going into the most horrible withdrawls, not just the flu; it was severely psychological suffering as well.

    My husband drove me from Niagara to Toronto and back to London to get scripts; needless to say I had all the medical reports proving I was in pain and severely injured.

    I had no idea what I was in for and eventually attempted suicide and failed; Thank you God.

    I finally found a pain specialist that found me a family doc in Fort Erie and told him he had to put me on opiates; the damage, although, had already been done; I had been labelled a drug seeker.

    It was wrong what I was told, I trusted my doctors and never abused my dosages, how did this go all wrong? I am extremely angry that a doctor would put me in so much suffering and then get labelled an addict.

    Today, I am on Three 80 mg Oxyneos and three eight milligram diludids daily; I have a healthy respect for these meds and I wonder why anybody would want to abuse these drugs. I take them because I have to! NOW, how do I help others get educated and never ever fall into the trap that was set to me by an old doctor, a supposed top neurosurgeon interested in Chronic Pain, here in Ontario.

    I want to help people from ever being over-prescribed these meds or just to use them reacreationally. How can I help others, any ideas. Feeling helpless and empathetic for others who are naive about opiates; I want to tell my story and help. thanks for listening

  50. Melissa Bingham says:

    About 16.5 years ago I woke up to an acute onset of very large, painful pustules (boil-like sores) over my entire back. I was 19 yrs old and in very good health at the time. When I visited the local ER, I was examined repeatedly by a large group of physicians (about 10) which piled into my little exam room. Blood was collected and tested. My test results proved my exceptional health. The last test was a urinalysis which included HcG level. I found out this day that I was pregnant with my fist son! 🙂
    Although I did not suspect pregnancy, my husband and I were prepared to welcome our new little blessing 🙂
    When I received my discharge documents before leaving the hospital, it was very clearly stated at the top of paper, “POLICE NOTIFED”….
    I was very confused to say the least! As I carefully recalled that mornings event, I remembered a few doctors focusing on the antecubital areas of both my arms. It was them apparent to me that I had been profiled as an IV DRUG ABUSER due to the fresh “needle tracks” on my arms. No one even bothered to inquire about my fresh “Donor Puncture wounds”! I regularly donated blood and plasma to aid others in need, as if my nursing career wasn’t enough…. True story.

    • Tiffani Henry says:

      My name is Tiffani and my doctor(s) profiled me as a drug addict.

      • Kristine says:

        I am viewed as an “unproductive member of society, so I am not entitled to the same services as others.”
        In other words…go kill myself right DR DESHAISES?

      • Jenn brake says:

        So did mine. It’s dehumanizing. Im sorry.

  51. Angela says:

    I was in a car wreck when I was about 1yrs old in 1975. My new neurologist says that my dad beat me with a hammer because I was too young to remember. So right now I do not trust him and I am going without medicine because my primary says I have to go to that neurologist for my prescription even though he prescribed then for me before I ever was refeared to that neurologist. Plus I have been going through repeated denials from Social Security for many years now. Even DARS told me “there is no help for people like you” ….. My parents always negleted and hid my disability making it even harder to survive in this world , which they are responsible for the car accident in the first place. I think I get a lot of stereo typing from doctors because I am considered pretty , and can walk and talk good so they do not even believe that I have a problem. Guess I am shopping for new doctors …. this really gets old.

  52. Jess lag says:

    I was admitted into a hospital on longisland several times. I had the gastric sleeve surgery in January 2014. Since then I’ve had severe abdominal pain. I also tend to get really dizzy, have black our spells and also can’t eat for several days due to nausea and vomiting. I was recently admitted for abdominal pain. When this pain hits me I can take Tylenol with codeine at home and it doesn’t do anything or give relief. I felt like this last admission I was being treated as a drug addict. My surgeon paid little attention to me. All of a sudden I was referred to pain managements care. They saw me. The doctor told me it didn’t seem as if I’ve bene throwing up, mind you it happened several times at the hospital and the nurse on duty witnessed it. She took me off all iv meds and gave me pain meds by mouth ever four hours. Of course I had to sit with pain because it didn’t help. Does this seem as I was being looked at as an addict?

    • Jess lag says:

      Oh yes prior to the gastric sleeve I had three hernia repairs and also my gallbladder removed

  53. Kimmie High says:

    Sutter medical foundation yuba city ca DEFINATLY guilty of patient profiling and for none of the reasons above but for being bipolar as if my husband was going to have some fit of rage while he is under sadation for thumb surgery really?? These Doctors are very uneducated apparently!! 2 Doctors and almost a 3rd denied him the needed surgery to remove an object lodged in his thumb and causing serious infection the 3rd Doctor appologized for listening to hearsay of other 2 Doctors all because his chart says my husband is bipolar he could have lost his life to this infection Thanks Dr Damon and Dr Totosa for showing me that even Doctors suffer from Chronic Crainial rectonitis!!

    • Nigel N. says:

      You accuse the doctors of being “uneducated” while misspelling words, using poor grammar, and acting droll… “Chronic cranial rectonitis [sic].” Attempting to appear intelligent by using words you don’t understand does nothing to make your case. “Chronic cranial rectonitis” means: “ongoing”, “of the head,” and “made-up word.” Rectonitis, which I’m assuming you’re trying to insinuate something about someone’s rectum (yours?), means nothing. I’m guessing that your husband’s poor care would improve if you backed off from his doctors; you’re clearly the one lacking education.

  54. Kathryn says:

    Hi Pamela,
    I agree with many of the comments on this blog. It is extremely refreshing to come across a doctor that CARES about people being misjudged. I have probably been profiled many times, though I cannot think of any specific examples. I do know that EVERY time I leave the office of whichever doctor I’ve switched to in hopes that I will find one that listens to me and will take the time to properly diagnose me, I never feel like I have been taken seriously or treated correctly. Being on a low income insurance does really seem to effect the level of care you receive and most likely is the cause for any profiling that I’ve encountered. I have lots of symptoms that have been ignored or written off as something that isn’t serious or is a result of my anxiety (which is self diagnosed since I’ve never been referred to anyone that could professionally diagnose it either). So I am living with heart palpitations that occur when I’m at rest (very fast paced beating like I’ve just been running a marathon and my heart is trying to beat out of my chest), difficulty breathing after only a short brisk walk or run (and even when trying to sing) accompanied by chest pain and fatigue, what I believe to be stress incontinence from what I have read, and anxiety that an overbite that I have adds to because of the lack of self esteem caused by it. I have also read about problems that misalignment of the jaw can cause and I already suffer from some of them. Since I cannot afford a psychologist or dental insurance, it would stand to reason that my doctor would refer me out to get the help that I need, but this is never the case. My chest palpitations and difficulty breathing have also just been dismissed and are never looked into any further then just a simple listening to my heart and lungs…smh. Probably because, as I’ve said, it’s assumed that it’s caused by my anxiety. I have repeatedly told doctors that I have lived with anxiety for so long that I can absolutely distinguish between an anxiety attack and something else that’s wrong with me. My efforts are futile. I’m so afraid that one day I’m just going to fall over dead and that my children won’t have a mother. I’m only thirty years old and my children are all under the age of twelve. Including a five and three year old. I have recently moved to a new state and have a new doctor and insurance as well. The doctors I have taken my children to here have all been great and even the ER staff is MUCH more attentive and thorough at major hospitals. I have yet to schedule an appointment with my new primary care physician, but I’m praying to God that he will be as amazing as the doctors I’ve encountered thus far. Anyway, thank you for this. It is just so good. Blessings.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Don’t give up hope Kathyryn! There are loving and caring doctors everywhere. Unfortunately, there are always some docs who are depressed and anxious themselves due to this highly dysfunctional medical system that we have been trained to accept as “normal.”

      • Mari says:

        Loving and caring doctors? Where? How much business does this site generate for your clinics? Do you supply the means for any of us to fight back? Can you show us how a letter of complaint should be written? Can you assure any of the patients here that it will not come back to haunt them as it did with my family and I?

  55. jennifer says:

    My primary doctor sent me to Emergency room because he thought my stomach could have been my gallbladder was infected or worse pancreas. I had already had ultrasound 3 weeks ago showed sludge in gallbladder. I went to hospital my blood pressure was still low and dropping at 85/54. Girl in next room came in with same issues as me with gallbladder she told doctor exactly same thing as I was doing. She got CT scan and I got ultrasound again I was getting treated like crap because I have no insurance. Doctor walk in first thing he said you have flu he never look at me asked me just read my chart. When I treat to tell him what was going on he started talking when I was and ignored me. He never checked me. Said I was fine never gave me meds for uti and anything my blood pressure was still low I barley walk out of hospital or see straight. What he doesn’t know bout my I’m military brat as well as my husband is military veteran we lost our insurance and have come up with 411.00 bucks to get tricare back. But because of financial issues and bout lose our house we can’t afford to pay that 411.00 I will never go back to hospital I wanted to cry because I was dismissed sent home.

    • Nova Lee says:

      That is terrible Jennifer! That hospital should be ashamed to even let that DR work there!

  56. Jenni says:

    I will be 22 on Wednesday. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia July of 2013. Ever since then I have been treated like I am not a person. Where I’m from Neurologists only diagnose not treat. I have been to many doctors in the past but every time they see that I have Fibro I am dismissed as soon as they read my chart. I have never been on any type of pain medication so I am coping on my own when ever something comes my way.

  57. Gayle Haider says:

    Hi. I was a paramedic here in the town I live in for many years. Lifting and caring way to much weight for my 5′ 125 lbs. But I loved my job. It all came to a sudden stop several years ago when I had a Ileis. ( bowel obstructions) in finding that they also found a badly damaged esophagus form GERD since early childhood. Also found prenishious enemia, and deoudeum ulser. I vomited several times a day for over 3 years and had really bad pain when swallowing. I went to Mayo clinic where most of this was reconfirmed and also found positive autoimmune. fibromyalgia. Ireatiable bowel. Then for added enjoyment my back and neck began giving me fits. I had a pinched nerve in my neck with cord compression and crushed nerve at L3 andL4. Requiring surgery on both. Pain has never gone away. In 2006 I had to have Rt hip replacement during which time they messed up my syatic nerve which caused drop foot and leg numb from knee down. Then I fell and fractured my Tib Fib on the same leg 5 weeks after surgery. I’m so thank full for finding the wonderfull careing Dr. I have after so many problems. The Pain Clinic being my worst experences. And the Er where the people I worked with closely being the next worse. Then the joint replacement center that gaurenteed they understood your pain and would make sure you were comfortable for your rehab was a Blaint lie. I’m raising my 5 year old grandson and depend on my pain meds for some kind of quality of life. With out it I’d be in a nursing home. Which I forgot to mention from the age of about 23 until menapouse . I had migrains 1 or 2 a month. The only recourse was the Er at that time. I remember one time I was hurting so bad my sis had to register me. I was vomiting. Try to be perfectly still when this women came in to register. I heard the clerk ask her problem. She said I have a migrain. She finished registering and sat behind me. At which point she opened her purse pulled out a bag of chips and began crunching. If I could have moved I would have kicked her out. It’s these people that make it hard for the ones that need Pain meds to br treated properly. And with out being labeled to what we call the turkey file. Thanks for lisitening. G.H.

  58. Hannah says:

    I was profiled as fat, lazy drug seeker. I’ve had issues with my back for years. …. to the point of having a breast reduction in my 20s (insurance covered it all). After 6 children it continued to get worse. My doctor told me to get up, get out and lose weight and all well be solved. In tears I asked her if she ever considered I gained weight BECAUSE of the pain? She prescribed 3000mg of Tylenol 1600mg of ibuprofen and 20mg of bacloflaxin (muscle relaxer) a day. Needless to say I quit going to her and am afraid to find another doctor out of fear of being labeled a drug seeker. Today I rely on my oldest daughter to help with the house and avoid relations with my husband cause I know what the painful repercussions will be. I’ve taken to self medicating out of desperation. Something clearly needs to change.

  59. Polly says:

    As a crohns disease sufferer, and a young woman, I was profiled as an anorexic, told they couldn’t find anything wrong with me, is “I must be vomiting up my food” I was thin due to malabsorption, not bulimia, not anorexia. I was bullied by doctors and threatened with admissions to the hospital..and all I wanted to know, was “what is wrong with me? ” I wanted to know why I was in pain, and losing weight. Why I always felt like I had the flu…… took years for a diagnosis. Until I was showing frank blood in copious amounts…for some kind er doc to vouch that it “wasn’t in my head” and send me to a gastroenterologist. Years of my life wasted.

  60. Heather Hartford says:

    I was sent to a neurologist for trigeminal neuralgia. He said there is help for people like you and you don’t have this after spending 10 minutes with me. He profiled me as a depressed neurotic women and asked what personal stuff was going on in my life. I left in tears. I didn’t give up. 6 months later I had micro vascular decompression for a vessel that was pushing on my trigeminal nerve. This doctor even had my husband doubting me.

    • Juli Morgan says:

      Heather, when I read your comment my first thought was, “Did she and I have the same doctor?” Or, in my case, multiple doctors. For over 20 years I’ve been trying to find out the cause of the chronic pain I have in my chest wall and arm. I can’t count the number of doctors who, after trying the same things my previous physicians have tried – all of which didn’t work -, profile me as a neurotic, depressed woman. I know when it happens because here come the questions about how things are in my personal life. I’ve finally given up, and just live with it. If you’re a woman, especially a woman “of a certain age,” you get profiled and not taken seriously. I live with constant, debilitating pain every day because of it. It’s not right.

  61. Cindy says:

    I have ptsd and have been diagnosed with chronic pain ..they give me lyrica dilaudid flexiril trazadone cipralex ativan
    I have 3 bulging disks in my neck and spinal stenosis all along my spine ..
    years ago i had my lymphatic system swell to the point were my face hands feet were swollen so bad i looked obese and i had swollen patches along my intire body i was given steroids and told it was caused by stress.. i have raynauds as well my hands go blue they give me nitroglycerin.. I suffer from frequent urinary tract infection ..
    anyhow to get to the point none of them clearly are trying to find a diagnosis .. one investigated lupus and dismissed it .. so now they label every problem i have on my ptsd wich is insane in my opinion.. i wish they listened to what i tell them and screen me for something ? sometimes i cant walk cause my right side hurts so bad and i know its not stress cause it hurts when i walk to much or move to much.. i literally started crying when the dr told me it was not lupus .. i didnt want to have it but i want a diagnosis other that chronic pain and ptsd .. obviously something is causing other symptoms other than ptsd ..

  62. June Toland says:

    My support group and my self just started pre-sales of our book. It has loads of stories about us getting profiled. I have Trigeminal Neuralgia. I’ve had three brain surgeries for it. I was diagnosed at age 42 with childhood onset. My whole point is I am including a little peek at the book it is something I wrote.

    Dear ER doctors and staff:
    I come to the ER, complaining that I’m having pains in the side of my head.
    My face is unwashed. (It hurts us to wash our faces.)
    My hair is uncombed. (It hurts to comb our hair.)
    My teeth look an awful mess. (It hurts to brush them too)
    I rate my pain a 12 on the 1 to 10 pain scale.
    I’m very anxious and my jaw twitches here and there. (Facial Tic)
    Am I a drug addict? I realize I look the part.
    But NO! I have Trigeminal Neuralgia.

    So many doctors even my neurosurgeons were taught opiates don’t work on TN but the N.I.H. says different, I say different, new research says different. But the doctor is go off of old science. Give me a humble doctor that knows there is still a lot they don’t know. BTW our book is Trigeminal Neuralgia Exposed “Our Story” we have 54 people from around the world quoted in the book all sufferers of TN.
    I’ve been profiled, humiliated, misjudged and it really does bother me that I respect the doctors intelligence and education but they seem to not see I am just as intelligent and educated. And when it comes to TN way more so. I’ve exhaustively studied it. And now I feel actually I’m coming full circle. The childrens’ hosp that diagnosed me as psychosomatic in the 70’s has asked me to come speak. And The top neurosurgeon in the US and head of the Facial Pain Association wants an autographed copy.

    People with rare pain conditions are victims and we feel like POWS in the war on drugs.
    We get profiled all the time.

    You are a humble and teachable doctor. I also understand how hard it is on you doctors. You guys have to make judgement calls. And I believe that every patient should sign a waiver if I OD or in anyway harm myself by not following doctor’s orders I release my doctor from liability. I should not be punished for what drug addicts do and neither should doctors.

  63. samantha says:

    I have been labeled by my doctor. Claiming my fibromyalgia is all in my head. If it was all tiny head I can defiantly think of better things to imagine than constant pain which has taken my life as I know it from me. I finally convinced them to send me to a pain clinic. Not for narcotics but to find something that works. The doctor looks at me after doing a month of trigger point injections and asks how they work. I told her I received about a day of relief from each session ( mind you though to have my life back for even one day was amazing and I loved it) she looked at me and stays I don’t give pain meds for fibromyalgia because I don’t believe it exists because there are no tests to prove it. Then proceeded to say doctors made up this diagnosis for drug seekers. Seriously that’s what you believe. I can’t go any place else because they are the only pain clinic to accept my insurance. How can I convince my doctors to tests me for a suspected diagnoses my previous Dr wondered? I have weakened muscles and extreme pain that often has me bed ridden?

  64. Abby says:

    I was profiled by my ex physician as an unfaithful wife. I asked for a hysterectomy after my husband had a vasectomy… Turns out I have very painful hemorrhagic cysts on both ovaries that cause pain… I am finally having a hysterectomy in 11 days… 3 years later….

    I am also profiled as a paranoid hypochondriac even though I do have a Chiari Malformation and had surgery 4 years ago, also have anti ds dna and crazy high ana but I am told that none of my autoimmune symptoms are autoimmune disease… I also have a 38% risk of breast cancer after having genetic testing they say I don’t have brca but there is high indication there is an unknown genetic disposition to cancer since my mother, brother, hosts of aunts both maternal and paternal who died from BC before 50, not to mention rare bone and blood cancers…

    I just need a doctor who says “yes the symptoms are present though x, y, or Z test is normal, let’s find out why” instead of throwing prescriptions at me.. I have 14 scripts that account for 25pills per day…. I’m exhausted, I am only 30 and I want to live a better life because of my 2 kids and amazing husband..

  65. Brandi S says:

    I have severe spinal stenosis at 6 levels, severe osteo arthritis throughout my spine and hips. I have all the other fun things that go with neurological issues.
    I have been treated horribly by many medical professionals.

    Then, I found one who was so incredibly wonderful! She didn’t belittle me, accuse me of lying (because 37 year old women don’t have chronic pain-we’re making it up because we are drug seekers). She ordered a full MRI, sent me to specialist, treated the enormous chronic pain, ordered a 4 wheel walker etc.

    A few years ago, I had to move to another state. It started all over again! Even though I have multiple diagnostics, even though I came with letters of reference from my doctors that I am an excellent pain management patient, PT patient an so on.

    I’m a woman, overweight and a chronic pain patient—therefore, I’m prone to lying to seek sympathy and more pain medication (even though I specifically refuse more) , I must suffer from depression which is the majority of my pain (I get a little validation because of my diagnostics), my kids are almost gone and I’m single–maybe a boyfriend would help take my mind off of my issues?? I have heard it all!

    In December 2013, I was struck by a car in my electric wheel chair in a crosswalk. The next morning I could not release my bowels/bladder. I had almost complete numbness in both legs and feet.

    I went back to the doctors time and again. I explained that I could not empty my bladder, start urine, pass bowels etc. Initially, I was told it was pain related from getting hit. I tried repeatedly to dispel that reason. I live in pain 24|7, I know my body-something was WRONG!

    . As I continued to go back, I was told that I needed to move around more, go to physical therapy, that I was seeking attention even. I asked several times about Cauda Equina Syndrome, going to a neurosurgeon , getting a new MRI -only to be scoffed at.

    Two months later, I finally got an appt at a Neuro surgeon that my attorney helped me set up as my doctors would not do it. I was rushed to emergency surgery for a bi-level laminectomy and discectomy. After surgery, my neuro team told me that it was the worst they had seen and another week would have left me wheel chair and diaper bound. A year later now, I have no feeling in my feet and I cannot complete a bowel movement independently. Those are forever because I was profiled as attention seeking, hysterical drug seeker, whiny or making things up.

    I never go to the Emergency room either, as soon as I disclose my medications and, regardless of why I am there (I have gone twice in three years) I’m told I will not get any “drugs” or films. The first time I went because I fell and, with my issues it was very bad. The second time I went was after my back surgery (5 days) and I could not hold any food, water or pain medications down. Vomiting post spinal surgery is a real treat. The ER gave me meds to stop the vomiting, diagnosed it as a post anasthesia reaction and sent me home. It was another 24 hours before I could hold down anything–pain meds included. I suffered for three full days with no meds, no food.

    I still have hope for a good doctor and good pain management doctor. I know they are out there. For right now, I just work with my pain doc and pray for a new one and a new primary. I won’t go to the ER (unless I get hit by another car) I keep my own records and films and letters of reference. I have decreased my pain meds but, never increased them in three years, not even post surgery. I know there are good doctors out there, I know there is help. I just keep my head up and pride in tact.

  66. Courtney says:

    I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (along with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and some other more minor conditions) and I experience profiling in so many different ways. In case you have never heard of it (half of the doctors I encounter haven’t) it is an incredibly painful neurological/autoimmune disorder that is rated the most painful condition known according to the McGill Pain Scale, more painful than Cancer pain, unmedicated childbirth, or even traumatic amputation. It is a kind of pain that you can’t even fathom until you experience (and I had plenty of experience with chronic pain before the CRPS. Most of my other conditions started more than a decade before the CRPS) and it is constant and unyielding. It isn’t even just the pain you have to deal with. It’s the brain fog, the insomnia, the fatigue, the depression, the nausea, the dizziness, the mobility issues, the lack of independence, and the loss of your former life.

    I have been profiled by more doctors (and pharmacists) then I can count and in many different ways. I am young, thin, and from the outside I look healthy. My profiling tends to go one of two ways. People will either treat me like I’m a criminal bc I have a pain condition without even taking a second to talk to me or look at me. They automatically assume I am there for drugs. It’s kind of ironic bc at this point I have learned that traditional narcotics don’t even work on the kind of intense nerve pain that I have so I never even ask for those. I have stopped going to the ER altogether, even times when I really probably should, bc of the horrific treatment I have received. I am not a criminal and it is not criminal behavior for me to seek out proper treatment for my CRPS. The other way I often get profiled is that people will look at me and say, “you are too young to be this disabled, therefore you must be making it up.” This is just as frustrating as the other bc my age has absolutely nothing to do with my CRPS. CRPS can affect children as much as it affects the elderly. There is no age limit.

    Another thing that happens to me often that I think is another form of profiling is that when I am trying to get in to see a new doctor or specialist and I send my records over generally 9 times out of 10 they will call me up and tell me that my case is “too complicated” for them or that they “have nothing they can offer me”. These both seem like cop outs to me.

    The only doctor that does none of the above to me and always is in my corner is my family physician. She is caring and wonderful. The problem is, I have to have specialist treating me and I can’t find a single one in my state that either knows about my disease or will treat me with a little dignity.

    Did I mention that I don’t even want the narcotics they assume I am seeking out?

  67. Jen bauer says:

    A family doctor in Grande Cache Alberta wrote me a note and gave it to me in her office refusing me as a patient because of my sexual preference and that I was expecting a baby against her religious beliefs.
    It was a small community, 4 out of 5 docs were related and all practised in same office, so reporting it would have caused more upset to my family in our time of need for one:(!
    I wish I had of filed a complaint!!! We all have regrets!

  68. Anne says:

    The ER’s in my town are profiling all chronic pain patients as drug seekers and possible addicts and refusing narcotics for my Trigeminal Neuralgia or another severe pain disorder I have. The first is know to put patients at high risk of suicide.

    I was profiled as having a somataform disorder because I had been in the psychiatric care ward for severe pain before my Trigeminal Neuralgia was diagnosed.

    I profiled and told I had anxiety when my balance was quite compromised from a drug reaction and because I have depression and PTSD.

    I always try to dress nicely for ER and Doc appts, it makes a difference. Only time that hasn’t mattered was when taken by ambulance to the ER.

    I have been profiled by a neurologist as not having a neurological disorder because he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with and then said I had a functional disorder. Was in the hospital after collapsing with severe gastroenteritis, he never read the ER report sent with me.

    I have been profiled by a Family physician as complaining about so-called minor leg problems after being diagnosed with 3 times by EMG with neuropathy.

    I have been profiled so many times because of being a chronic pain patient and having mental illness, it is sad, beyond sad. It is unethical and delayed my diagnosis with several medical conditions, some acquired, some congenital. I have a hard time trusting when I see a new doctor and will fire any doctor who does profile and treat me accordingly. I now am strong enough to tell them how I feel and whatever is appropriate for the situation.

  69. helen powell says:

    How do we find out if we have been profiled? Aren’t we entitled to this information?

  70. Tina says:

    I’m 44yrs old with diagnosed chronic pain conditions. Chiari Malformation, Tethered Spinal Cord, DDD, Ulnar Nerve Neuropathy, Sensorimotor Demyelinating Polyneuropathy of the legs, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. I am currently in the process of being tested for Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Although I have been diagnosed with chronic pain conditions I am still unable to receive adequate pain relief. I understand that the many drug seekers have more or less added to the level of distrust given by many physicians. However, when a human being is legitimately in pain with documented conditions, it should not be impossible to receive help with pain reflief. I am now walking with a cane due to my deteriorating health and am seriously scared that I will be wheelchair bound at some point. I have a new primary care who seems to be caring. She did get me handicap placards, which has helped tremendously with my walking issues. She was not, however, willing to prescribe anything for pain control. She sent me to a pain management specialist. At my appointment he read my diagnosed history and said well I don’t believe you have these things and would not help me with pain medication.

    There is much more to that story but sadly I don’t have enough time or space to write it all out. I’ve been dealing with these diagnoses for many years and have been profiled on many occasions. You are too heavy, you are young only older people have these issues, I don’t believe in these diagnoses, you are a drug seeker, you are a liar. I have heard it all. I will not give up until I find the proper care. I am just very disappointed in our healthcare system and most of the doctors that I have seen. It is very dangerous too when these doctors misdiagnose or simply don’t believe is due to a preconceived notion about us as a person and patient.

    I am hopeful that these issues will improve over time.

    • B Smith says:

      Here i want to tell you of a support group that I have been in for about a year…It is called chiari and syringomyelia support and awareness group on Facebook. It is a good place for you to get support for what you have, Many of us have more than just chiari or syringomyelia. I do know EDS is painful and has some very hard symptoms like chiari and syringomyelia. Check it out. Anyone who has chronic pain knows that the pain is real and even though you cant see the pain there are ways to show where it comes from. Keep the hope. Here is the group. It is closed and you need a profile on fb.

    • B Smith says:

      I was reading all the comments on here and my heart just felt so overwhelmed by the sheer hurt i feel myself.

      Here is my story and i am ashamed to know it is this widespread with abuse of power. My disorder is a life sentence for me. I have now come to a point that i can go slowly and help the docs with what needs to be done. It may not get a warm reception, but when it come to this part of my disorder I have to try harder to not get angry. It is because of the past treatment i have to go above and beyond egos that i cannot control.

      Well i was seeing a pain doc a few years ago and before i even got in there he was in judgement about med taking. I was told no pain meds for me even though i knew it was my back that needed to looked at. I had been to several docs about the spine pain and it was ignored that i may have had something more than arthritis. I was told to get epidural shots and i did, which resulted in a diabetic reaction and also now that i know it was probably the syrinx i have that got messed up with getting one shot in the wrong place. That was in itself a little demeaning to me to be told by a dic he did not do anything wrong. I cannot blame him for the syrnx being there it was before diagnosis, yet he was rude regardless and i felt ashamed somewhat. After that about two months later i had what could have been a TIA or a csf issue. To this day i cant say it was because they did not look hard enough at my back. For years i stayed at University Hospitals for I was afraid any doc would not believe i was physically sick.

      The second big tadoo with the ER docs this time. They could not figure out why I was having trouble and they began the voyage to labeling me and blackballing me for standing up for myself. I was in the er several times for issues that i was saying were from my back. I did not know about my syrinx at that time, and i was seeing my ptsd come back out after trying real hard to deal with that and my abusive past. it was plain and clear that they were thinking that i was faking it after they could not see the source of the issues i got from the TIA possibility. There was a visit to which i got the records for and was not amazed at how cruel they were to me. it was there in black and white, except for the karate chop was done to me while i was semi conscious and not able to respond properly. The records showed the whole disgusting way i was talked about.

      This is the ending of the records were the diagnosis and possible diagnosis’ were listed not the notes. conversion disorder, possible Munchhausen’s disorder, i was accused of abusing hydrochlorithiazide. A water pill. The end result was i was alone in the room with the er doc and nurses. Yes I did hear and feel everything. The doctor then yelled that i was faking it and pinched me and then he did the karate chop hit to my chest area. It was the worst thing i could have ever heard until i saw the records. he was saying i was feigning illness and did not realize part of being semiconscious is that we can respond, but it comes out sounding like i was out of it. He did not get reprimanded and the funny thing is the advocates ruled he did nothing wrong to me. No report of anything with the hit so it wasn’t to save me. I responded physically to pain stimuli because it was a reaction to the pain. I all of a sudden felt so horrible that he treated me like a piece of trash.

      The avalanche of domino affect started the blackballing of my health care. It was a nightmare for me and my ptsd was in full swing with not trusting any doctor there, and i had good reason. I am still going to therapy for this and my other issues, but it did damage to me and my family all over. I was being questioned by my own son. He does believe me now it took hard work and patience to show him i was telling the truth. He is still a little worried that i might be, but it hard to not notice the changes to my walking and to my pain and muscle spasm. On top of that any other doc questioned my mental health especially the specialists i saw. In the course of three years i watched my esteem being pummeled and i was stuck, because instead of working with me they profiled my mental issues first, and it made for a lot of hurt and anger and MISTRUST TOWARDS GOOD AND BAD DOCTORS. Not all docs are bad, but the system is protecting the ones who are bad. It is so horribly wrong to feel this bad for wanting to feel better, get better or maintain any of the symptoms they neglected to see. got me to the point of just wanting to die because the worthlessness i was given by the attitudes of the doctors.

      Now that i changed to the clinic it has been better, still kinda get the not sure thing, but they are willing to do what they can to get me to maintain my symptoms due the fact no surgery is allowed for now. I have a csf leak from my ear and it si not getting better, I get so worried i wont be believed, but i am trying to remain calm while knowing i need to find out what is leaking out my ear besides wax. Plus i think the hit that the asshole doctor did may have made the symptoms get worse and now i see that it may have had a longer affect once i either get hit there or right by the spine. I fell a few months ago and my spine got a jolt from the corner of the walls after i slipped going down the stairs. No scans of my spine to which it would be more helpful to do one type of mri…the list goes on, but they are chipping slowly at the wrong info given to get me the docs i need. My part is to have communication between docs on a steady sharing of what my needs are symptom wise. it is so horrible to know i have to watch my body respond to spinal issues and not have a specialist that works with my spine issues. there are more than one, including Degenerative Disc Disease, possible infection within the spine(in order to get diagnosed you have to check the possibilities to which the symptoms fit), cysts, nodules on thyroid, tumors in my adrenal glands , and more.

      it is hard for me and i want to get the er doc fired for his abusive behaviors towards me. I want him to feel and get what he gave me, yet i just want to maintain an ugly rare disorder to which has n cure and pain is a big symptom along many other symptoms that is weakening everything on the left side. I have bladder and bowel spasms that would knock out anyone who has not had it happen to them, my chest has a baseball size swelling or something. I do not want to give up and is not an option for me to give up. Why? my personal trauma and and medical trauma made me realize that there does need to be a change for the better.

      I am a little all over the place, but to be able to say to others it was a doctor who hit me in the chest and to not get blackballed for telling the truth. This is long and i am sorry for that, but to all the people who have been where i have. Do not settle for one doc if they are abusive, malicious, ignoring real symptoms, misdiagnosis, and so on. You are the patient and they are being paid to take care of you no matter who the person is. It is what you signed up for in the end. Please stop punishing the patients.

  71. Sheri says:

    My sister died because of patient profiling. She was being treated for an un named auto immune disease in Florida but when she moved to NY state she was told by her PC and subsequent Specialists it was all in her head. They refused to refil her methotrexate or pain meds. She deteriorated in to seizures and much worse. She got double pneumonia and died 24 hours later. The labeled her “drug hunting” and that is what the police officer who investigated her death at my request parroted back. It wasn’t until all the Florida records came into play that someone actually listened. Some Doctors don’t deserve to practice, they don’t deserve the trust of the public.

    • kara says:

      Sheri I am so sorry about your sister. I suspect this happens way more often than anyone knows. My other fear is how many commit suicide due to pain and just get written off as “just depressed” rather than acknowledging that if they hadn’t been in excruciating pain they likely wouldn’t have resorted to such a drastic action. I am saddened by the thought of how many people get caught in these preventable situations. My heart goes out to all of you, both those suffering and the ones who love them.

      • Mari says:

        It has been well documented that of those patients erroneously diagnosed with somatoform disorder (its all in your head, or you are faking it) who do go on to commit suicide are found on autopsy to have a verifiable, and recognizable illness. The last study I checked claimed 86% could have led reasonably long and healthy lives if not for the so-called labelling of medical professionals. The profession continues to get away with such actions because their peers will back up them up, refusing to expose the sadists, incompetents in their midst.

    • Jill says:

      I hope you sued them! Even though it doesn’t bring your sister back

  72. Becky says:

    Just recently I’ve been forced to switch PCP’S by my insurance company. It was a very hard decision for me as I loved my current PCP and she took very good care of myself and my family. I planned on being with her for many years as. she was young and it had taken me several Dr’s to finally find her. Anyway about 20 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia so that is the start of my story, but the real story begins January 22, 2008 when I was rear ended on the highway by another motorist who was talking on her cell phone. Conditions were wet and snowy and everyone was at a dead stop except the distracted driver behind me. As it turns out all of my injuries were in my lower back and I have been a regular patient at our local pain center for the last seven years. I’ve also had 2 back surgeries and 1 knee surgery as a result of the accident. Since my last back surgery I had a spinal cord stimulator implanted for my lower back now all my pain has decided to migrate to my upper back. I am also suffering from an unexplained shoulder /arm injury right now that neither an orthopedic or neurosurgeon can figure out. I give you all of this background information because it’s important to note that I have required many medications to manage my pain, and yes those would include narcotics. So a few weeks ago i finally begrudgingly went to meet my new PCP. It was oddly a very short visit for a meet and greet. She asked very few questions about me, went over my prescription list, made me sign a form that they could drug test me whenever they wanted as I was on narcotics and sent me on my way. Well about two weeks later I received a letter in the mail stating I had been discharged from the practice due to my history of narcotic use that they looked up in a website that tracks just that. Well being the person that I am I wanted to handle things in person so I went to their office the next business day and requested to speak to the office manager or person who made the decision to mail out the letter in hand. The receptionist, rudely I might add, stated those letters are final decisions when mailed out. I said I understand that may be the case but I have some things I would like the opportunity to explain. She again said the decision is made my management and the Dr’s and that I wouldn’t be speaking to anyone. All I wanted was the opportunity to explain my medical conditions and ask that they request my medical records from the pain center before they judge me. I was never given that opportunity. Unfortunately, I was mad and turned around and walked out with a statement of “you guys make me sick”. Which in all reality they do both mentally and physically. And might I add that the letter states that my medical condition is very serious and requires constant ongoing care, all in bold letters and underlined. Yes, I’m very aware of that and that is why I go to my local pain center regularly and was looking to them to just treat my minor ailments. But my story does not end here…I decide to go across the street to another PCP’S. office that my daughter has been to for OMT and I’ve had facials at to see if they will take me as a new patient. Mind you I am very honest and show them the letter because I do not want to do this multiple times. So they takes a copy of the letter and have the office manager call me back the next day. I ggod ave spoke to this office manager a few times before and could tell from her first words she was irritated. She asked me what could they do for me so I explained the whole story, with medical history, and she rudely stagnated that knowing that another practice sent me this letter that their practice would want NOTHING to do with me. (Her words). Talk about feeling judged and unwanted for something that ypu NEVER asked to happen to you in your life. Now I’m working with my insurance company getting letters from all my specialists about what they treat me for and what medications they prescribe and also a letter of reference from my former PCP as to my character and that I’m not a narcotic abusing patient nor have I ever asked her to prescribe any. Actually the opposite, I’m always looking for ways to take less and go more natural. NOBODY should have to go through this simply just to obtain a PCP! Why I ask are Dr’s allowed to do this?

  73. Lisa says:

    I have multiple medical conditions and have had my conditions minimized by so many doctors over the years because they are hard to diagnose and do not show up on routine tests. I remember once when the cluster headaches first began, I was at the emergency room pacing back and forth with elevated blood pressure and “the worst headache of my life.” I was specifically told by the urgent care nurse to tell the triage nurse that because given my symptoms, they would have to take me back immediately because my symptoms could have been life threatening. Wrong! They looked at me, saw a young, thin, woman who was claiming a headache and who was crying and wrote me off to a drug seeker. I had never in my life taken a narcotic; nor had I stepped foot into an emergency room. Hours later they took me back, treated me very disrespectfully-the pain was so bad, I cannot even explain to you-I almost wanted to die-and I have a very high pain tolerance. Once they did a scan, the doctor came into the room and his whole demeanor changed. He said he had figured out what was wrong with me. I had the worst frontal sinus infection he had ever seen and it was triggering a cluster headache. This was day TEN of this headache. He immediately started oxygen and pain meds. They pushed them so fast I started vomiting. But at that point I understood why they had treated as they had-they did not believe me. That was at the very beginning of my health troubles. Years and years of being treated poorly by doctors have made me jaded. The final blow to my trust in doctors happened more recently. My doctor, who I thought was great and who I had recently thanked for saving my life in the ER when I was in anaphylactic shock, sent me a letter dismissing me as a patient. It was a blow that I cannot put into words. When you have chronic illnesses, your doctor becomes a part of your life. I trusted her. I cannot understand it. I paid her in full and on time. I did not ask her for pain meds. I was not rude to her or her staff. I came to all my appointments. The letter was dated the very day after I had called and asked if she would consider signing a disabled parking permit affidavit because I get so weak and symptomatic when I try to run errands, it might be helpful to me. I explained I would only use it on my worst days. The office staff was so rude and condescending and explained that because I do not use any assistive devices (wheelchair, walker, etc), I am not really disabled. I tried to explain that recently I had to be taken out by ambulance when I tried to shop because I get too weak and pass out or end up in allergic reactions, etc. I tried to explain that the heat in the parking lot in the spring and the summer causes me to pass out. They again explained to me that I can walk; so, I am not disabled. So, I politely thanked them for calling me back and let it go. Even when I am treated rudely, I remain calm. Yet, I do not get the same respect. I have seven specialists and a long list of diagnoses. The problem is I look fine on the outside. So, now I must look for a new doctor, and I am left to wonder, “What did I do?” What was the problem? I realize it wasn’t me. It was the doctor that could not hack it in her chosen field. But it hurts nonetheless, and it causes me to be defensive and skeptical. I want to say “THANK YOU” for writing this. Thank you for genuinely caring. And thank you having the courage to be different. It takes courage to practice with integrity in a field that is riddled with those who are in it for all the wrong reasons. Sorry this is so long. I do just want to list some of my conditions just in the hopes of raising awareness. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Neurocardiogenic Syncope, Alpha-gal allergy, asthma, degenerative spinal arthritis, chronic migraines and cluster headaches, suspected mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS) and a few other random things but mostly things that result from those diagnoses. Thank you for reading.

  74. ann gunter says:

    an er doctor profiled me as a drug seeker this year in January I was having abd pain, went to the hospital the er doctor said you’re faking and stop seeking for attention, I called my gyn she came over and found massive cysts in both ovary’s by doing and ultrasound which he didn’t do, decided to admit me to the hospital to remove my massive cysts when she went in there both ovary’s needed to come out and my was up near my ovary’s when she removed them and my endometrosis came back as well. The doctor did get a complaint in and reviewed my case afterwards and felt sorry for accusing me of faking pain.

  75. Kara says:

    I just read this and feel compelled to comment. This is the best thing I’ve read on the internet in I don’t know how long. I don’t usually read the comments because more often than not it consists of small minded idiots spewing nonsense but not in this case. We are truly at a crisis point in this country and I am terrified of what is happening and what will continue to happen as we continue in this direction. The blame lies both with the health care system crippling docs so they can’t do their job and with the ways most docs are trained. I read a book, written by a doc, about how there is too much reliance on tests (lab, radiological, etc) when those should be used to confirm or rule out a diagnosis after the info has been collected. First there needs to be an exam using eyes, ears and hands and a full history. The patient has the info the doc needs in the majority of cases if the doc takes the time to listen to the progression of symptoms. But a study was done whereby it was found that most docs start interrupting within 5 seconds of the patient talking. And yes, some of this blame falls on docs only being allotted 10 mins per patient. I wish I could remember the name of the book. Maybe someone knows to what I am referring, I’d like to read it again. There are a few good docs out there but they are hard to find (& usually not accepting patients) I’ve seen my share of bad ones. I won’t tell my whole story. All I need to say is I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis in Dec of 2004. I went through he’ll for several years as docs played hot potato with me. I now have a wonderful pain mgmt team and live in fear that he will be hit by a bus or something. I have yet to find a GI or pcp that is worth my time. We are in a very vulnerable position when sick and/or in pain. I’ve said several times I wish there to be a special designation of some sort to allow those with chronic illness to find the docs who are up to the challenges. Most docs don’t want anything to do with a chronically ill person. They want the instant gratification of fixing the problem. That’s fine I guess but it leaves a massive gap, a chasm into which too many fall. I don’t know what it will take to turn this around and I’m frightened by the thought of how bad it will get. I belong to a cp group on Facebook and a woman from a small country in Africa commented on how ironic it was that she gets better care than those of us in america. We want to believe we are this great nation but in my opinion a great nation doesn’t disregard it’s citizens this way. It makes me sad that there is often too little regard for the sick, the elderly, our veterans and those struggling just to live their lives. Maybe it’s a worldwide problem, I don’t know since I live here. Thank you for allowing these people to tell their story. There must be a way to band together and demand what we deserve- compassion. I think I speak for most when I say we merely want to be treated as a human being in need of help, to be listened to and taken seriously. No one expects perfection from their doc. I’d rather be told “I honestly don’t know but let’s figure it out” than to be told there is nothing wrong, it’s in your head. If the test you ran look normal that only proves what it isn’t. Docs and patients should be able to work together towards solutions but all too often there is too wide a divide. Minds are made up and decisions made prior to the first word being said, before the doc even steps in the room. I’m so sorry to each person who has experienced this. We are told to take control of our own care but many docs don’t like this and become defensive and offended. We are all caught in a terrible trap and no one wins. I wish I had some words that would fix your pain and suffering. All we can do is try to support one another. It’s amazing how much a kind word and some validation can do for a person.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      85% of all diagnoses can be made just by LISTENING to the patient. I describe the solution to this madness we call medicine here in my TED talks:
      Time to get real. Be real healers.

      • Denise says:

        We are all an articulate frame of our being. We can heal within our own being. Those that choose to speculate and profile our human existence is nothing more than a frail piece of the puzzle. I am now looking inward toward the pearl of my life. I wish to help others as I have for 17 years in the healthcare industry. Yet when I could no longer I sought depression and anxiety instead of listening to my body and soul. There is so much out there to go forward. My knowledge, skill and love of people can be given and I shall find that. Time is the element I found last night while partaking confusing moments of why my organization accused me of being impaired when I was in so much pain while working I moved about a lot. My cane I dropped and and I fell against a wall. My co workers none of them offering solace or help. Instead I am being accused of being impaired on the job. Having this character defamation I am only awaiting next steps. best employee for 15 years. Two workmans comp claims from patient falls that hurt Me. Yet I get accused and a drug test. How embarrased I was. I was and still am with my heart ready to just go forward yet nothing, no phone calls, nothing from my union, nothing from the organization disability unit. I shall go outside and find my source and fight my rights. Not just for me but for all those being treated like garbage for being disabled. Why???
        This battle will not end until I have the answers needed not just for myself but for others in my boat. The waves are strong but they cannot sink our little boat. Their ship may or might be stronger but it is not just or worthy of those attempting to just live an honest hard working day of pay with a body that does not cooperate, walk, not tremor, not hurt to extreme that laying on the floor during break does not hurt anyone.
        I worked for a Dr. that she closed her doors to lay on the floor because her back hurt her. No questions, not theory. Yet myself my 20 minute break during a 10 hour work day I am questioned why I am laying about. Because the hard floor made my spine feel better. The co workers I worked with had it in for me from the start. I came from smiles and helping to hard core phone work. So my smiles and happy mornings were not appealing. I tried so hard to get along. Yet my Supervisor told me twice that the co-workers did not like that I was quiet and that my tremors were noticed. My tremors are from my bad spine. What right did she have to say anything against my disability. She harrased me in her office with no one around. She was one reason it was so hard to go to work. She made me sick to my stomach and my heart. Why are people so cruel? thank you for listening. I am a fighter, my courage will set me free to another place where I am accepted as me not harrased for having a disability.

  76. Karen says:

    I have several conditions due to a birth defect which are visible for everyone (like walking with crutches). Despite many operations and experimental medications that had bad side effects I managed to work full time for almost 20 years without a complaint. When the pains started to worsen a couple of years ago the two doctors who I was seeing said I was overworked with mental problems. My GP gave me antidepressants which caused me to collapse because they are muscle weakeners as well which is not a good idea when someone is partly paralyzed. When I looked up things on the internet she did not want to listen to me and warned me that looking up things on the net is a bad thing to do. I had to find my own way and with help of experienced others with my condition I found a good neurologist and neurosurgeon who were able to explain my physical issues. I am for from getting better, part of it is a progressive condition, but having the feeling a doctor actually listens to you and trying to make you better is already a major improvement. But it is not over yet, for my treatment I have to see different paramedics and medics and every now and then I still get to hear that “I do not look ill or disabled” and my issues are stress related. I even had to see a psychologist for six months to be able to deal with this profiling without feeling lost all the time.

  77. Sharon Stone says:

    I have a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. EDS causes a wide range of symptoms which vary in severity from minor to life threatening. It is a condition that many doctors know very little about. My diagnosis came after a many years of unexplained illnesses, finding a doctor who was willing to listen and consulting a geneticist.

    It has been such a struggle for me over the years. When a doctor hears about my EDS the most common response is “Who told you that” not “Who diagnosed you” The first words out their mouth pretty much makes up my mind about their ability to be a part of my care.

    I have researched my condition so that I can advocate for myself in the medical world. Because I am knowledgeable and seek active involvement in my care I am often labeled as a hypochondriac who is just seeking attention. Often times I will not seek medical attention when I probably should because I don’t have the energy to deal with this negative attitude.

    I recently had my first EDS related surgery. I have been seeking help for many years over shoulder pain. I have been told over and over that there is nothing wrong with it. I finally found a shoulder specialist who listened and went in for a look. I was on the verge of a total shoulder replacement, he could not believe the amount of damage he found. He told me tests don’t show everything, you have to listen to your patient. He is a keeper. I have a wonderful PA and a PT who both work closely with me on my care. I am dreading the day that either one retires and I have to start the whole long process of finding a caring, responsible, ethical, doctor all over again.

    To all the doctors out there who make a snap judgement the minute they lay eyes on a patient, please remember you are also making a first impression, you are not perfect and you are treating a person not an illness.

  78. ann gunter says:

    in 2006 i was passing out every day, doctors didn’t listen to me that there was something wrong with me , they ran tests on me all came back negative, I got angry and upset at them for not listening to me. In 2008 I got diagnoses of a rare disease and I was right all along.

  79. Gwen H. says:

    I fell down an escalator in a town about an hour away from my home. It resulted in multiple leg fractures which required rods and pins to put back together. I had 38 staples holding my skin closed. I was given a few days worth of percocet when I left the hospital and was told to follow up with my GP, who is 5 minutes form my house, if I needed something else in the next month before my follow up with the ortho. My GP said he does not like to prescribe pain medicine and offered to give me 10 Tylenol-3 to get me through the next 2 1/2 weeks.

    Uhhhh I’m in a wheelchair, just had surgery, my leg is broken in many places, the outside of my leg looks like Frankenstein’s monster, and bruises all over me the size of softballs. If this is not a time for actual pain medication when is? I even had my medical files from the hospital sent over before the appointment. I demanded to see another doctor in that practice. This led me to the wonderful doctor I have now. She actually listens when I say things. It is amazing what the right doctor will do.

  80. Lisa W says:

    PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I don’t know what to do. I have been disabled since 1991, lately my pain is out of control. I’m prescribed 2 percocet a day, my doctor is always late on refills, I asked for 3 a day, and have ppl in the office talking like I’m a drug addict.
    So I’m a drug addicted, whiner, who is not really disabled but plays the “game”
    They want to send me to a dr 100 miles away, I can’t afford to go, I can barely afford to eat.
    Please!!!! What can I do. I hurt so bad, they treat me so badly, but I can’t afford to go anywhere else.

  81. Craig Stevens says:

    I’m 31, I started seeing doctors for pain management around the age of 13. I’ve had 4 major hip operations and numerous broken bones from….well…being a kid. On every occasion I can think of since the age of 20 I’ve been an adult unfairly profiled as a junkie by doctors, especially ER professionals. I found one doctor who would help me, but in an unfortunate chain of events he died of bone cancer. I understand doctors, they’ve been burned by former patients. That’s no reason to treat hardworking people like criminals. I want to know, what right do these so called “professionals” have to toy with people’s lives?

  82. Kenny C says:

    I was profiled as a drug user and gang affiliated and sent home..I went to another hospital and saved me from this hospital is doing it.

  83. Marcella Liston says:

    My husband had aseptic meningitis, was hospitalized, and released three days later with orders to rotate Tylenol and IBU to manage his fever. Two days after his release, we started seeing the same symptoms he had at onset- very high fever, vomiting, and befuddlement. He was urinating in the kitchen drawers, and did not recognize me or other family members. I called his Dr.’s answering service, and when the physician called me back he demanded to know what my husband was on, “drug wise” because he was clearly using some kind of illegal drug and that was causing his reaction. I finally took him back to the ER the next morning, despite being made to feel stupid and like I was a liar and his WBC count was through the roof. It turns out that his meningitis was caused by the IBU that he was taking to manage fever and pain. If it weren’t for his neurologist looking at my husband as a human being- I shudder to think what would have happened.

  84. Stephanie says:

    I am constantly getting profiled. I was 11 when I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and I had so much pain and bleeding but back then there text books didn’t have pain as a symptom so they kept saying it was in my head or that it was impossible, not is on all the commercials and everywhere you look pain is associated with UC. Then I became septic from my UC and had to have a collectomy at 23, was in the hospital for 7 weeks and had a ton of complications. I was in Texas when that happened and then moved home and the doctors here refused to do a j pouch surgery because I have no kids, so I was supposed to have a colostomy bag and try to find a good man to marry and have kids before they could do the surgery. Ha try dating with a poop bag. Not all its cracked out to be. Then they kept saying all the puking and pain was in my head because my family has depression. Not going to lie having a colostomy bag is depressing but I rocked it add next add I could. Turns out a simple blood test would have shown them that I have primary schlerosing cholangitis which is an incurable liver disease that is associated with UC!!! Crazy that it took one good doctor and a blood test to figure out 3 years of problems. Now I get profiled from everyone because my I have invisible diseases. I look like a healthy 29 year old but I have a broken body and if I say or act like I’m having a bad day people are like just wait until your older.

  85. kathryn (kathy) dean says:

    I was injured in a car wreck, it caused a bone to be shoved into the S1 nerve going into my right leg. I went to the e.r. and had x-rays done. I saw them and I could see problems, there were extra spaces between the discs in the lower part of the spine. They said there was nothing wrong and to go home without and pain medication or andy form of help. I went to a chiropractor and he saw the issues on the x-rays also. He tried to fix it but it made the problem worst. Then my husband started taking me to another er in Augusta. of course there was no insurance with the company he was working for and I was not working. they thought I was just drug seeking. I could not walk. I was crying from all the pain I was in. I couldn’t even move my leg, i couldn’t feel anything in it except pain and numbness. I had to keep going back every weekend until after five months they finally got tired of me coming to them that they had a neurosurgen look at me. with the color of my leg being purple from lack of circulation and it being 20 degrees cooler than the left leg.
    this was it looked like every time I went to the er every weekend but they would say there was nothing wrong. well finally I got in with the neurosurgen. they ran a test called EEG and MRI, MRI showed rupter and hryanted discs and the other test couldn’t be done until the used a blower dryer to heat up the leg and foot. it show a serious issue, I had almost served the nerve in my leg in the accident.
    and today after over ten years I was diganosed with S1 nerve damage and Cronic pain and reflex sympthatic disorder. No cure for it now. I could have been in better shape if the doctors would have listen to me instead of thinking I was drug seeking and being unissured at the time insignific at the time. I now have to take four different pain meds and a muscl relaxer because they would not treat the issue then. I still have very use in the leg and it stay numb most of the time. I have to use a can adn brace to walk. sometime when I don’t want to put shoes and brace on I will use my crutches and /or walker. I still have issues with the leg and it give out. the pain gets so bad that I cannot sit for a long period of tme, laying down causes more pain and even walking and standing causes pain. My pain managemnet doctor said if he could have gotten to me sooner, like right after it happen then I would have gotten 80% to 90% of my leg usage back instead of may be 30% change now. that is what patient profile has done to me. AN atheletic person going from being so active that people could keep up to someone who has to have getting in and out of a vechile and can barely get around now.

  86. Carol Levy says:

    2 of the examples I am not sure that it was profiling. (I think the woman who refused the vaccinations was not acting in the best interest of her child and doctors who treat pain patients often ask for a pain contract to be signed. Unfortunately that is from the DEA’s alleged “war on drugs” that is being taken out on those who live with chronic pain. That is wholesale “profiling’ if you will as most patients, to my knowledge tend to be asked to sign and if they do not they are not accepted into the doctor’s pain management practice.
    That being said I was profiled becaue I had chornic pain, trigeminal neuralgia. The proof of the cause, a birth defect (sturge weber) was proven on surgery(ies). I found the profiling was 2 fold, 1) that I was in chronic pain and narcotic medication was all that could be offered and 2) because my story, despite the proof was not textbook, actually it was in all but my age; I was “too young”.
    Often the “profiling” seems to have more to do with a doctor’s unwillingness to accept his (her) own limitations in either not being able to offer more then narcotic medications or lack of knowledge in diagnosing/understanding a patient’s illness.
    I am not defending any doctor however given the limitation of time, my understanding is that a doctor has 12 minutes per patient if he wants to make a living and conform to insurance demands. Take away 2 – 4 for “Helo, how are you, on both sides. A minute or more for “please undress” or show me where it hurts. a minute or 2 at the end for “goodbye” or call me or this is what I want you to do and it does not leave much time for actual interaction with a patient, learning not only why they are there but enough about them to be able to not profile. Unfortunately profiling says a lot of time, discounting how much it cab hurt a patient.
    (I am an advocate for women in pain awareness. Gender bias against women in pain, having a harder time being believed, diagnosed and receiving adequate treatment, has been proven through research, so immediately 50% of the population who sees a doctor for chronic pain issues will be profiled merely on the basis of their gender.)
    Carol Jay Levy, B.A., CH.t
    author A PAINED LIFE, a chronic pain journey
    Founder, administrator FB group, Women In Pain Awareness Group
    The Pained Life, 30 years, and counting.Blog
    columnist Pain News Network
    accredited to the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities member U.N. NGO group, Persons With Disabilities

  87. Diane says:

    At 12 yrs. old I had Rheumatic Fever that left me with severe body pain that would not leave. I lived with pain as my Doctor didn’t know what to do for me. At 27 years old, I suddenly became will with multiple chemical sensitivities and by 30 I had to quit work as my whole body was racked with chronic pain. I’m finding alternative methods to cope but once in a while, I have a health issue that takes me to the doctor and no matter whom I see, I do not get any help with managing pain and their attitude toward me is distant and cold. I do not go often….perhaps twice a year. Each time I come away with the attitude, “why do I bother?” For the past 25 years, I have had to drive out of the area to see an Alternative Medical Doctor who has diagnosed me first with Fibromyalgia, then Mixed-Connective-Tissue Disease and then more recently with Lymes. He believes that I have had Lymes for a long time because of the damage that it has done to my central nervous system. He is in a private practice and marches to a different drum. I feel that I have fallen through the cracks with all of these problems and that there is nobody locally that is willing to work with me. If there is a label on me, I’m assuming it is, “chronic complainer!” It appears the whole Mayo System, no matter which Mayo Doc I see, knows my label.

    • Denise says:

      I joined this circuit because I have too few friends. I want to offer something in life that I can no longer. I used to take care of patients. I can no longer so what I offer is this. My heart for listening for it is pure. My ears for they are clear of what others may think pain is while they have never lived it. To offer my mere presence here to listen that I will do. For that is what I seek as well. I never thought after struggling and working so hard to get better. Well ya, we falter. we are who we are and the custard that lines the plate cooked can just pretty much not know what it is like to eat a pie without its contents. Well played I say for now I being pushed out of a job under the ADA RULE and I am going to win because I as all of you are fighters. Miss Denise

  88. Kristen says:

    A few years ago soon after my husband and I were married we wanted to have children. My obgyn diagnosed me as having PCOS. She realized it was hereditary due to my Mother’s issues. She advised I go to infertility specialist. I am overweight, but not grossly. So is my husband. My Paternal Grandmother had diabetes due to being an alcoholic and no other reason. No one else in our family was ever diagnosed with it. The fertility doctor took on look and my husband and my self and solely focused on us being diabetic. He was even insistent that my brother has it too. He never met my brother. My brother is a cross country runner and does not have much body fat if any and is healthy! My fasting sugars were only a few points higher than they should have been. I was immediately placed on 2000mg of metformin. Then he placed me on actos as well for 3 months. I refused to keep taking the actos and I told him that. He said I should call the company to see if they can help me pay for it. I refused. This is after 1 year of being treated by this doctor and we were not any closer to having any fertility treatments done. I stopped going to him frustrated.
    My family Doctor was amazed as to what he prescribed. The metformin was extended release tablets. She changed them to regular as my system was not breaking down those other tablets. She kept lowering the dose. I was down to a half tablet a day. 2 years later she discovered I had some nodules on my thyroid. My thyroid ended up being removed. I had to stop taking it altogether as I had a massive blood sugar drop. I called her and she told me to stop. I have not taken metformin since. My blood sugars are just fine.
    So to sum it up, my thyroid was not working right, but because that fertility doctor seen to overweight people come in his office he just automatically assumed we were diabetic.

  89. Kristine says:

    I am a mother of two beautiful children, I am a skilled and seasoned paramedic for the last 10 years, I am also a chronic pain patient. I don’t have the severe pain every day, most days I can get through no problem. When the pain gets bad I have a protocol I follow, and I have done it so many times my GI specialist does not want me to call him anymore, just go to the nearest ER. I have Sphincer of Oddi disorder, malabsorption disorder, chronic nausea/vomiting, and a few other GI disorders thrown in for good measure. Due to liver damage from years of undiagnosed SOD, I am unable to take NASIDs or APAP…. You can imagine the reaction I got when I went to an ER that wasn’t familiar with me…. I was told by the ER doc she thought I was faking, that I needed to go to rehab, not the ER… I asked her to just run my labs, see if my LFTs were elevated, and if they were, then treat me…. She looked at me and essentially told me my illness was in my head, that there was nothing wrong with me. I got dressed and just left…. My husband and I drove straight to the hospital I work out of, withinn 5 minutes I had 2 IVs, fluids running, labs sent off, pain and nausea meds on board and they were on the phone with my GI doc. I was admitted with acute pancreatitis and severely elevated LFTs, I spent 2 weeks in the hospital, had an ERCP and sphincterotomy with 3 stents placed. I work in the trenches with the doctors and nurses of the ER, I at least give the person the benefit of the doubt. I take everyone’s complaint of pain seriously, I figure, just because this person may have or had a problem with drugs, alcohol, whatever, does not mean they are any less deserving of pain relief. I am going to medicate the inmate I pick up at the county jail with a broken arm from a fall on the basketball court the same as Memere who fell and broke her hip…

  90. Pamela Bell says:

    I am a T10 paraplegic with MS and Epilepsy. I was going to a Pain Management clinic for 8 years with no problems. The last time I went I had a false positive test come back accusing me of drinking alcohol and hydrocodone.
    Mind you they started me on a Rx for Hydrocodone the previous month, but I don’t drink alcohol because of my other conditions.

    The test was run a second time and was cleared for the alcohol. Needless to say the clinic still dismissed me. Trying to find another clinic the doctor said that I was a sudoaddict and refered me to Methadone Tx.

    I have been on 50mcg Fenetal and 60mg Oxycontin Tid for 8 years.
    How can they consider me a sudoaddict when I don’t abuse what I have been on religiously?
    Fortunately my Neurologist has taken over my case.

    • Denise says:

      I am so sorry for your course of life. I feel your pain, Mine is none the less for yours is more. I will give the universe your requests that you be treated with kindness and not profiled. May life reward you with beauty for that you are

  91. Denise says:

    After losing my wonderful PCP for over 11 years I had to choose another Primary care Provider (DR). One was assigned. I trusted it. I was to go and establish care, continue with my treatment opiate therapy goals and contract. Upon her entering the room she did the once over from feet to head, one notices when there is no eye contact. “Boy do we have alot to go over today” Staging this in a demeaning way that brought distraught within those first five minutes. Her first question was about my use of current therapy which I have been on for over 7 years. All tests to date, excellent vitals. No liver problems, colon, heart, nothing that could or should alarm. She pursued me with her own vigor of wealth. Looking at every inch of spector she could find. Turning to me with her look of defined will. Not once did she ask how I felt. What my pain was like. What was going on. Not once. She pursued a recent 1.5 previous visit to the ER at which I was quite ill. I am not a drinker but my spouse and I attended a wonderful Party to celebrate nuptials. We have been married 34 years and so such a great time. I never knew that is what is was because I do not dumpster dive into strong liquor. It hit me hard. Party stopped at midnight. I showed to the ER at 7am so of course the amount still in my body. I do not digest the same for I have IBS and 4 feet short of my intestines from a near fatal emergency surgery 8 years ago. Lost 132 lbs, I merely went to a party. I got my first profiling at the ER. Everyone that was so nice changed their outlook and treated me like a drunk. I am a professional healthcare worker.
    Thus back to my new PCP. From this she said do you drink everyday. “No” I have wine on occasion with my husband or a drink when we go out. “How often do you go out”? four times A YEAR. We cook at home as our preferred means to eat. Thus. She said well if I am going to continue your therapy we have to reduce your current use slowly but you first have to go to addiction medicine. I agreed because she said had I not I would not get my scheduled therapy. So I did everything she asked, did another urine and blood test. She tested everything. I have nothing wrong. As said my vitals are great. No bad cholesterol, no diabetes. She tested so much. She called me three times within four days of seeing her. The final call stating after my drug count she was so afraid and scared for me that she could not continue me on my opiate plan. she was taking me off everything. ONly two meds. Yet she lied to Me. She never heard ME. She only held her paws out loud enough so I could only hear the roar after her decision. She never heard my pain. I am not a drug seeker. I was there to continue what I have been doing for over 15 years with this HMO. She was out to profile ME. She wanted nothing more than to control my every event. I sat in a room of cocaine abusers. DUI alcoholics. I was told it only takes one glass of wine. My previous Dr. said one or two on great occasions. Our agreement. This person that sat before Me had it out for Me even before she met Me. I was humiliated. Taken apart by those quieted still drawn paws with claws drawn and I wish no one this type of instilled hatred. For that is what profiling truly is. She used her title to tell me how to run my life when she knew nothing about me. Never asking me it felt like to not be able to not tremor from the nerve damage of my neck and thoracic spine. The horrific pain felt upon waking just to make each day and work. To work my body and walk and make it work. I do not just sit around on pain meds. I work full time. I work hard. Some days the pain so horrific and I am not sure how to get through. Did she ask me that? No she decided it would be her way and not mine. Thank you for listening. Thanks for this website. It feels so good to know I am not the only one. So My sign if my picture were here would read. I am a human being that is disabled, why did you profile and place your label on ME. How would you like to live my life????? I happen to believe with all things that happen good does. So I continue to strive forward with positive reasoning. Lesson learned. I will never be profiled again. For now through work that is my next chapter for it is happening there right now due an occurance two weeks ago while struggling with pain at work from a patient falling on Me. But I still made it to work. Now I am being profiled as a bad employee for over 15 years of service and now investigated for a mistake I made which to date they upper mgmt has yet to show what I did wrong. I will stay here, keep you all posted. I am a fighter. Like all of Us here writing. I refuse to give in.

  92. Shay says:

    My doctor profiled me as an exaggerator/drama queen.

    When I was 13 I began having my periods and on the very first day I passed out from all the pain. My mother started to take me to her gynecologist and he said that I was being overly dramatic just so I could stay home from school. He said I should take Tylenol and “suck it up”. (It often took 15 Tylenol taken every 4 hours to alleviate any symptoms of pain) My mother in turn believed him and forced me to school where I would be embarrassed from throwing up and passing out on my cycle. The school nurse was horrified, but believed me 100% and tried to make due the best way she could. Finally, the nurse convinced my mother to keep me at home those days.

    Finally, at 18 the gynecologist said I should go on a birth control pill. It only made matters worse. and when I told him that he said recommended I should see a psychiatrist for the issues in my head. I never did do that because I knew I wasn’t crazy.

    One evening, at the age of 23 I was in excruciating pain (but of a different kind). I was rushed to the hospital by my partner and they found out I needed an emergency appendectomy. A week later I received a call stating that I had Stage 4 Endometriosis eating away at everything in my body. It had engulfed my appendix!

    I can’t get my teenage years back, but it was finally nice to at least have the answer to my “exaggerated” condition. Now I have found the proper doctors who understand that Endometriosis is no joke. It was a journey.

  93. Ruth says:

    after 3 back ops , pancreatitus that was critical er gall bladder removal , heart surgery and dying of two heart attacks .my drs call me a drug addict, Though i had myself removed from opiates.

  94. Grant says:

    Hello I am a army combat vet, I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2004 by a sent physician. I left the army in 2004 and have been in a fight with the va to get treatment ever since. I substitute the lack of treatment there by trying to see my family physician. I have gone through 7 doctors in the last 5 years because when I come to see them they ask my symptoms so I tell them depression, anxiety, nightmares, insomnia, etc. They all have prescribed me celexa for the depression, which I am thankful for, but register to give me anything else for the other symptoms. I was told by one doctor he wouldn’t give me anything else because I have a certain “look”? I have tattoos, but I am also a loving husband and father to 3 great kids. I have been profiled as a addict because I look a certain way and need certain meds to help combat the ghosts of my past me and my wife feel I may end up in a psych ward or worse sometime in my future.

  95. Jay Barness says:

    I was in a Motorcycle Accident and i had a problem with my right leg shin. I was admitted to a Herbalist then again had a Girl in my life. I had sex during the Shin Plints Problem And i think its getting more serious after the sex. Im sad now and i need a Medical Guidelines to heal my Shin Problem.
    Any Doc?

  96. TOBY MILLER says:


  97. Sanday Seymour says:

    Pamela Wible MD,

    Thank you for allowing the patients here to feel it’s okay to speak, be human, and to feel that what they say will be heard, and validated, even if we don’t have all the solutions to what has become a huge epidemic gap, the loss of honest Dr./Patient Relationship where Communication is not always safe, words must be chosen carefully because so many of us are not, “Drug Addicts”, but are in serious Chronic Pain, and at the mercy of a failing system. A Governing agency, who has openly admitted this week it accepts bribes to be entertained by Colombian Sex Workers, who are paid by the Cartels, or so it is said, that the agenda was to deface the Woman who did nothing to reprimand these agents, therefore she was fired. Another part of that controversy is the allegation that she was not in agreement with our President of US to legalize Marijuana. That’s another issue, but I believe there are deeper politics involved that are pretending to look the other way as (last week) a 7 year old child with Chronic Pancreatitis, was denied treatment 4 times from his local ER, and later died the same day. A few of us concerned patients have formed support groups online to address some of the various issues of having our pain dismissed, under-treated. and often sent home from ER’s when in Acute Pancreatic Crisis. I have what is called Chronic with Acute Episodic Chronic Pancreatitis. Yes, then there’s the never-ending stigma that still has many Doctors asking how much I drink, to cause my illnesss. I tell them I’m not a drinker, that I do not consume alcohol, but I had my first attact (acute), which often starts the chronic process, sometimes unknown until these attacts become more frequent,and the pain never goes away, it just goes from bad to worse. My heart breaks with sorrow as I fear a silent genocide is happening that forces us patients to ‘shut up”, stay away from ER’s and smile while we are dying. We are lucky if we find one pain doctor to give us a contract that says we cannot ever say we have tolerance issues (even if they never did initial tilt-rations to adequate doses). All of our rights to be a part of the solution are removed. I was with this horrifying pain for a year because my GP, who I’ve been with 20+years, can no longer prescribe any pain relief meds, although he used to for arthritis. Then someone complained and he feared so everyone was off to see a pain doctor. I never thought it would be me, but even when it first started years ago, I remembered wondering why? Another job for another Doctor, idk? Well, backing up here a second to explain that in 2005 my arthritis was diagnosed as RA (Rhuematoid). So my Doc, said we need to hit this hard because we need to put you into remission. I was given weekly doses of Methotrexate (a chemotherapy drug). I remember being deathly afraid to take it, but my friend say you worry too much, they know what they are doing, ect. I decided to be brave. After 6 months of taking it, I can honestly say I felt hips improve, and most of major joint pains were bearable. I could drive without fearing, it seemed a Godsend. My Rhuemy was one of those kind that get in and out all in five minutes. I didnt seem to mind because he knows what he’s doing right? If you cant tell by now, I was taught do not question the “authorities”. So fast forward a year after this, and all the sudden I am not feeling well, weak, cannot ride a bike, huge bruises black, and I am swelling up when I eat. I should add my gall bladder was removed in 2006 for “attacks after eating”. Surgery found, “bad cells, or sludge” it was described. So this brings me up to the day when the pain after eating landed me into ER, puking bile, fever, ect. They say your having Acute Pancreatic Attack. What meds, drugs, alchohol ect. After giving them a list of prescribed meds, the moment they heard Methotrexate they said stop taking it. This drug, while it may help, it kills the pancreas. Stop or it will be too late. I did stop, and the months to follow felt kinda like life was very fragile, but I didnt go to ER for every weird event because I lived in a rural area, and sometimes it was just to hard to have energy to go. I started trying to eat soups and not much at all. Then this went on bloating up like a balloon pain, but not miserable, red rash that turned my bath water red when I shaved, well all that when away. I never knew what that was but it only happened once. Anyways the strange bruises and weakness started to improve. I ate like a vegetarian until one day while internet searching I found our local university college had hired a renowned surgeon, who had brought with him an innovative team of doctors. They were doing robotics and many other revolutionary firsts, and they also had a “islet cell transplant” center, which would allow me to use my own “islets that are still functioning”, and to have them transplanted into me to act as a pancreas elsewhere. It took me a year to get the gallbladder diagnosed, so when I called to tell them my symptoms seemed to be on par with what they call, “Chronic Pancreatitis”. I was treated like a valuable person, and within a week foregoing waiting on a referral, I was in the hospital at UAMC in Tucson, AZ getting seen by groups of Doctors. Dr. Gruessner, who had just made news for saving politician, Gabrielle Giffords life, when a man gun man shot her in the head. Him and his team saved her life, and she went on to speak about new gun laws. Within less than a month, I had been officially diagnosed with CP confined mostly to the head of pancreas. I was told that my insurance would only cover the removal, but not the injection of my own islets transplanted into my own body. Primarily because Medicare felt a person can live quality life as a brittle diabetic. However, because I still had good islets the doctors were hopeful fund-raising could cover the rest, and we still had time to work the lady who helps organize fundraising options. So even tho everyday was quite painful, and I still had no pain doctor, these doctors did their best to provide me a script to last a a few months hoping that it would take no longer than this to find a pain doctor. Thier pain specialist was overwhelmed and said he could only write up a plan that my GP would need to prescribe, but that was not an option, so they kept searching until we found a pain clinic. My first visit there the doctor said I can put you on lowest patch and continue the six breakthru pain meds. The next visit he lowered break thru to 4 a day saying that I was too young (mid 40’s), and that he didnt understand CP, and that I should go back and tell my doctors just to remove the pancreas. I did as he said, and called the clinic. The patient advocate said he was a ____! That even if they did as he said it did not mean my pain would go away because brittle diabetics had a different set of pain issues and severely uncontrolled blood sugar swings, which are incredibly hard to control. She said they chose him for all their CP patients, gave him a tour, explaining to him that CP pain is very hard to control and they needed a compassionate doctor, ect. So I figured at my next appt with pancreas specialist, I would ask them to help advocate for us patients. However, this appt never came. I called to make an appt, and was informed the clinic and all transplant clinics were closing. They couldn’t say why but just very sorry, and something about the doctor “wants to do surgery”. This is a long story that has made headlines in every major city. I’ll try to simplify because I’ve already written too much, but it’s so rare that I feel I can talk to a doctor who might empathize. What happened is they had hired a CEO, who was not doing well, and making himself a known narcissist. He called my doctor from his vacation home and essentially said he was letting him go for poor performance standards. Prior to this many other doctors brought in by Dr. G had also endured similar situations. Dr. G was standing up for his colleges, and he was asked in an interview with a governing board whether or not this CEO was innovative and able to take the hospital to one which could compete with Mayo Clinic, ect. Dr. G gave his honest opinion and said he didn’t feel he had the same views and ideas for the hospital, and that he created a fearful and retaliatory environment that created undue stresses between doctors. Because Dr. G was truthful he felt this was the main reason he was being fired with undue process, which he fought for and won initially. His terms have always been to restore his reputation and let him get back to treating his patients. He has had to as last resort file lawsuit, still asking for his job back in lieu of millions. When Dr. G was looking into reasons for “poor performance” he noticed that in many surgical records he was omitted in successful surgeries and added on as primary in less than successful surgeries. In court it was realized that he did no wrong by pointing out the errors and asking them to be changed because they were only looking to slander Dr. G’s reputation, and a team of outside Dr’s and experts agreed. So, even tho they followed Judges orders to give him his job back, a public apology, and to pay attorney fees. They said he could only work as a Professor of Surgery without any clinical duties, which doesnt allow him to help us patients still, and they gave him a year to find a new job because they already hired a new doctor for his prior position. Here’s the thing, after they let him go, within about 8 months the Hospital had to accept a buyout. All of us transplant patients were hopeful this buyout included provisions for the many abandoned transplant patients who have been waiting, partially because we were promised follow up care, and mainly because we trust Dr G and his staff, and they have an 85% patient satisfaction in surgical success as compared to the CEO’s 15% percentile. Everyone was sure it would never go this far, that by now they would have resorted this doctor and his patients. It is my understanding he invested millions of his own monies into the clean room needed for islets. Where we are at now is that Banner has control now, but they are not listing islet transplants as an option for CP, instead it seems they have stepped backwards requiring the kidney to fail first before medicare would pay for life saving pancreas transplant. It seems that they have catered all their services toward the millions of grants monies given to hospitals to find cures and treatments for diabetes. Now CP patients (as this 7 year boy) are dying because the stigma that goes with a CP diagnosis. Even though new studies have linked diabetes in CP as a precursor toward the progression of Pancreatic Cancer in Chronic Pancreatitis Patients. Congress has told advocacy groups that CP is a ‘black box”. This is so very sad, because if preventative care was given without insurance holds it would save them tons of money. Especially considering early CP has a great prognosis and patients can use their own islets which are allowing many to live a pain free life, and some don’t even require a need for insulin. So this is how I have been patient profiled. Stigmatized as an alcoholic, when I do not drink. My literature I bring to pain doctor, who admits he only had an afternoon in school on treating CP. And without the hope of my pancreas specialists, and a worsening kidney issue recently. I am fearing how much time remains for me to find a new clinic, raise the money needed once I can finally figure out where I can be treated. As this hospital keeps listing doctors on it’s web pages, my gp and pain docs keep writing referrals to phantom docs, who they deny knowing, so it makes getting anything started difficult, which in turn makes my pain doctor take it out on me with threats of “maybe I can see you for another month, and were not even addressing the spinal MRI that recently came back showing a multitude of other issues, spinal stenosis, herniated disc, DDD, blood tumors, ect. I apologize for the lengthily response. However, I am anxiously hoping you will have some helpful tips on how to navigate getting improved care for those of us left in limbo, and because, daily, while unable to eat, I am hearing stories of others suffering mostly due to stigmas of “drug seeking behaviors”. I cant even understand how transplant patients are given benefit of the doubt. I feel stuck, this is my first time in pain mgmt and I’m afraid to make any doctor changes until I have a new pancreas specialist, who can possibly help me due to them usually having a team of integrative care physicians. My other hope is that Banner had given UAMC employees six months probationary trial. However, they have not even addressed the issue with abandoned transplant patients, which really bothers me. I feel like we are being silenced, and medically abused by intimidating ultimatums. For example, I am not even given a quarter of the average dosage that many who have my condition are given, and I was told if I go up to next level of patch my break-thru, which have already been cut back would be cutback again, by only 4(5mg) pills a day. Im in so much pain I cant sleep most nights, and my anxiety is heightened. My GP took those helps away because he thinks pain doc should prescribe them. I told him Im afraid to ask because of the contract, so he had me try a anxiety pill that is actually for depression. I started with half dose just to see if any side effects. I should have maybe research it first, but desperate to avoid panic I took it only to have my pancreas in severe pain within a short time later. It also increased my anxiety to the point I needed to use my last pill left of my old script to get through that night. However, the pancreatitis worsened with fever and severe pain. I couldnt go to ER because I was afraid if would cause a delay in my urologist appt for the kidney issue that was causing kidney to swell. I seemed to keep it at bay after a few days of water, water, water. I also couldnt afford t miss my pain appt. I think God helped me, but my blood pressure was pretty high at my pain appt. This month I saw NP, she is nicer, but wont change dose. I am now reading that DEA wants to make it that only Doctors, and not PA’s or Nurses, will be required to write scripts for controlled substances. I would love any ideas you could give me on how to advocate for myself, and to share ideas with others on what they might do. One lady said she wrote the DEA herself stating why she needed liquid medication, and it took a couple letters, but the DEA responded and said the even tho CP isnt termed “Cancer “, it was meant to be understood that Dr’s would know they treat these patients without fear of retaliation of DEA. Do you think this would be a good idea for someone like me, who is having trouble with a patch that sometimes doesnt stick when skin sweats. The short acting pills seem to work better if crushed, tho they taste awful. I told the doctor. I feel at this point I may have no choice but to try to find a new one but this a scary prospect. Once again, I’m sorry this is so long, but it seemed I needed t explain all the factor that make this situation is complex and multi-factored. I’m just very thankful there are good doctor like you and my pancreas doctors who are not fault finders, who do care about human life, and that patients and doctors should be allowed to have healthy communications in order to have best possible outcomes in care. I have written my pancreas doctor who is listing himself as patient care advocate. His whole team went to Congress too and pleaded with them to allow islet transplants. I don’t believe all doctors are villians, and I’ve learned so much more about hospital politics than I ever wanted to know. This doctor says he is going to follow through to try to help other doctors and patients. I hope he is successful. I wished there were more like you out there offering this kind of assistance. We just cant have little kids dying due to disease stigmas, and reluctance to treat. Thank you and Best Wishes. Sanday S.

    • Tina says:

      Wow! I had an islet cell transplant at U of MN. I never thought I’d encounter another patient since it’s so rare and no physicians outside my surgeons understand it. I had the same issues of being called a drug seeker or its in my head. I recently moved to Phoenix and was pleasantly surprised Dr Tje (G) at U of Arizona trained under my surgeon and was trying to do islet transplants here. I went undiagnosed for 12 years until imaging showed a pancreas full of stones. That’s painful. My surgeon said I may still have episodes that feel like pancreatitis. So I go to the ER. This is rare and nobody likes to go to the ER. I went to Banner and found out I was flagged as a frequent flyer because “you always come in for pain”……right because the most common side effect of CP is pain and vomiting that my home meds can’t control. I was informed I entered and signed a pain contract with them. I’m labeled bilgerant as I just wanted to know why I was being treated differently. I wasn’t asking for more meds or a prescription. I kept making that clear when just wanted to know why the doctor before examining me said “you’re a chronic pain patient so i’ll give you 1 dose and then you have to go”. This was upsetting. The strange thing is had she not said this to me I wouldn’t have been upset after this visit as what she did worked to control the pain. I didn’t need her or the charge nurse telling me “you’re already on so much medication” (my pain docs say I’m on a low dose compared to most patients). I didn’t need to hear before exam “I know I won’t even be able to reduce your pain much”. So now what do I do next time I have a flare as Banner hospitals are closest. I know my chart says bad things about me for simply trying to advocate for myself. I have even researched other hospitals but with the advent of electronic medical records I’m sure I’m flagged no matter where I go. My pain docs are awesome and that’s a blessing. But ERs need to realize one can’t see pain nor diagnose it via lab work or imaging all the time. So now I’m a drug seeker even though I have a legitimate underlying cause. If anyone lives in Phoenix I’d love to know what hospitals will be compassionate and actually listen to patients before judging them.

  98. Tracy says:

    Yesterday I found your website and I got so emotional that I went on a rant about some of the things that has happened over the years. I know it is unlikely that I will ever be a patient because I have tried to get a doc in this area since I moved here. I travel nearly 3 hrs 1 way each month to see my doc. Anyway, what I am trying to get at is your page made me feel better knowing that at least 1 doctor admits to what they do, what they may have done or what they have done. It is so incredibly frustrating and tiring to constantly fight with doctors just to try to live an even semi normal life. I am not a drug addict. I have never had a bad UA and I have always done what was asked even when I disagreed. Patients should have some say in how they are medically treated, it is our body after all.

    Dr. Wible I want to say thank you for giving me hope that maybe someday I might find a doctor as understanding as you seem to be. I hope all pain patients, well any patient who needs to see the things you said, sees your website because I think it might give them a little bit of hope, like it did for me. Everyone should have a doctor who doesnt make them feel like a criminal.

    On another note: pain patients might give an opinion before 5-20-15 I went off on a rant there as well but I am exhausted, frustrated, and annoyed that I am still having to fight to be out of pain after nearly 25 yrs

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Labor of love Tracy. It is an honor to be of service. Medicine can still be a beautiful profession. I am helping my colleagues overcome their cynicism and PTSD (our training programs dehumanize us) and get back to being the wonderful doctors they always wanted to be. . . . Keep the faith! <3

  99. Gina Dingman says:

    My GP doctor wrote in my file “patient comes in complaining” about a bad taste in mouth. It went on for a month and he told me it was just allergies. Two weeks after that I went to a Walgreen’s Take Care Clinic where they told me I had severe sinus infection. This has happen more than once. About 4 years ago the same doctor brushed me off and said to come back if it is not better in a month. Again, I went to Walgreens and was diagnosed with Severe Sinus Infection, bronchitis and laryngitis. I also noticed my blood work results continuously show white blood count on the low end and he told me not to worry about it and that is costs my to do more tests. I am furious! It is my body and my insurance why should he care about the cost he is not paying for it. I have since paid out of pocket and had tests done through Walkinlabs. Sick of doctors, they waste my time and stress me out. I am a 46 year old female competitive runner and he had the nerve to tell me biking would be better for me and to stop running. Just because he is now fat and used to be a runner in college my gut tells me he is jealous of that. What is wrong was people these days.
    Then there is my male OBGYN and did something not appropriate. Who can we trust anymore.

  100. Carly Matthews says:

    Two years ago, I brought to my GP’s attention that I had been having frequent episodes of unprovoked tachycardia. I actually remember having the episodes since I was a little girl, but they were far less frequent than they started to become in my early thirties. He did an EKG, which did have a slight abnormality, so he referred me to a cardiologist.

    The cardiologist took me seriously – at first. He told me it was probably Wolff-Parkinson-White and explained about cardiac ablation being the treatment if that was the diagnosis. He ordered an echocardiogram, and a cardiac event monitor worn for 30 days. The echo was normal. The event monitor showed no abnormal rhythms, even though I most certainly did have symptoms during the time I wore it. And the abnormality that was on my EKG was not the delta wave that he insisted HAD to be present to diagnose WPW. So he decided it was all in my head and offered me anxiety meds. I of course did not know there were other anomalies besides WPW that could cause these symptoms and would still be treated by ablation.

    I declined the anxiety meds, and for the next eight months or so, tried to follow his advice to just ignore it and go on as if it wasn’t happening, since according to him it wasn’t. Then I landed in the ER with an episode that wouldn’t stop no matter how long I ignored it. The paramedics saw it happening, confirmed my HR at 188 on both the pulse-ox and the cardiac monitor on board the ambulance. However, by the time we reached the hospital, the rhythm had corrected. I went back to the cardiologist, and he was still skeptical. The hospital had apparently not bothered to keep the printout from the ambulance showing the abnormal rhythm, and further, he arrogantly chalked it up to the paramedics not knowing what they were doing. Because, you know, it takes decades of medical school to read a number on a screen.

    He decided to do a nuclear stress test, which was also normal. I had no tachycardia during the test, but actually went into an episode while I waited outside for my ride home. I immediately went back inside, but of course it had already converted back to normal by the time they were able to connect the EKG.

    Only because I remained stubborn did the cardio finally agree to refer me to an electrophysiologist. THIS was the doctor I really needed! The EP put me on Cardiazem as a trial to see if the tachycardia could be controlled by medication. The drug only increased the episodes, and a couple months later I was in the ER again. This time the tachycardia was still in full force when I reached the ER, and only resolved with adenosine. There was no longer any denying that this was real! I was admitted to the ICU, unfortunately under the care of the original cardiologist, who spent five days trying drug after drug to control the episodes while they only got worse. I began having runs of v-tach in addition to the SVT, and during the rare times my HR was normal, I had frequent PVCs.

    He finally transferred me to the hospital two hours away where the EP practiced, and I had the EP study and ablation I needed all along. I didn’t have WPW, but a congenital defect where my left atrium and ventricle had not fully separated, and a small piece of remaining tissue was acting as an extra electrical pathway and creating a short circuit. The ablation completely cured the tachycardia. I do still have PVCs and probably always will. I don’t know if that could have been avoided, had I had the ablation sooner.

    The cardiologist still pats himself on the back for having helped me by sending me to the EP. There is no acknowledgment that he delayed my treatment by profiling me as a hypochondriac simply because I didn’t fit his textbook.

  101. David Raful says:

    I have various back issues, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, and fractured my spine a few years back. Only recently did I seek help for my pain since my daughter was born. I couldn’t work (still don’t) and the pain had gotten to a point of me being unable to take care of myself. I had been to the hospital a few times and they just gave me prescriptions for pills with no explanation for my pain. I had a follow up appointment with my primary doctor, and she prescribed me sixty 5 mg Norco without any hesitation. I followed the instructions and only took 1 pill a day. When I called my doctor for a refill, she promptly gave me a urine analysis, which I had no problem with. I came up positive for oxycontin which I know was a false positive because I hadn’t touched anything else but what I was prescribed. She told me I was taking more than my daily dose, which is a lie because it had been two months since I filled them originally. She took me off the pills and put me on amitripyline which she said would help with my pain. So far it’s been 3 weeks without the Norco and the new meds make me extremely depressed. I have tried to talk with my doctor about it but she told me verbatim that she believes I’m using the pills to supplement my income. What is wrong with this world? I’m in legitimate pain and my doctor keeps ridiculing me. I’m a great father and not a drug addict. I’m due for a spinal fusion, so hoping that will work. I really loved this article and could relate to other people’s experiences.

    • Susana says:

      I am 64 and most of my life I have had really good doctors. I am also a retired RN and have worked with doctors for 34 years. I know some doctors have attitudes and a lot don’t. I would advise anyone that if you have a doctor with a bad attitude and controlling behavior, don’t go back to them. I have done that as a patient several times because I will not tolerate anyone putting me down. Sometimes people just have bad days. I’m talking about something different. Realize as a patient, most people have choices about physicians, nurse practitioners, etc. Just change and address the attitude issue with that doctor. I have had several doctors apologize to me at work as I stood up to them in a professional manner. A lot of doctors are very fragile emotionally when they lash out at anyone and have an ongoing behavior with negative attitudes, but I don’t let anyone do that to me if I can help it.

  102. Robert Iafrate says:

    Deal with your pain, what do you want Cape Coral Hospital ER to do?

    I had not slept in 7 days and the sharp pain in my right side lower back, running down my hamstring to my calf and to my toes, was not going away.

    It was Monday afternoon, April 13, 2015, my fiance and I went to to the Cape Coral Hospital ER. I mentioned to multiple staff, including the doctor, that I had an MRI. The doctor ordered an I.V. of two pain medications. I did not feel any relief from these meds, I told the nurse that the pain was not going away, she became very frustrated and slightly angry. She told me that she was going to get the doctor. The nurse came back in the room about 30 minutes later without a doctor, and told us that I was being discharged. I asked her why, and she responded with a very agitated, “What do you want us to do???? People are in pain, I’m in pain, it’s just pain, deal with it!!!!” I stood there in shock with the I.V. hanging out of my left arm, confused and exhausted.

    I wrote a letter to the hospital and then a woman from Lee Memorial contacted me via phone to review the visit. She did not care about what happened at the ER. It seemed like she kept trying to re-direct my story to blaming my chiropractor for something.
    I was charged $1,135.30 by the Hospital and $590 by the doctor or PA or whoever prescribed the IV. I don’t understand these charges. It seems like I got billed for a failed effort to hide pain and for a nurse to tell me that I came to the wrong place among other things.
    The Cape Coral Hospital made judgments about me, categorized those judgments and treated me accordingly. If that’s what the standard for health care is, the word ‘care’ should not be included. That experience seemed more like failed drug care.

    Why not perform any tests, lift your leg, touch your toes, try to figure out the source of the problem? They could have looked at the MRI and saw that I had a disc bulge and a disc protrusion that is causing nerve root impingement. I don’t have insurance, would I have been treated any different if I did have insurance?

  103. Lynne Harris says:

    My obstetrician profiled me as a cocaine user. My doctor was great up until right before I went into labor. The placenta had broken away from my uterus which caused a lot of bleeding. The doctor refused to give me an epidural because he said the placenta broke away due to me using cocaine. Uh…excuse me…..what? They made me submit to a drug test but didn’t get the results until after I had my baby and, of course, it was negative. The doctor and the nurses all treated me horribly throughout labor. I mean just downright awful. It was the worst experience of my life and should have been the best.

  104. Lisa Hoag says:

    I have many health issues Fibromyelga, migraines, degenerative disc and joint disease, PCOS, arthritis, I’ve been dealing with a rash that steroids, allergy meds and creams don’t even take it away, I have a past history of blood clots and PE”s. I’ve had 2 cervical fusions and a disc removal since 2007-2011, in 2011 I had a L5-S1 fusion, laminectomy, and discectomy I had problems, constant pain, epidural injections, pain meds. I have a pain dr so I don’t go from dr to dr looking for pain meds, in 2014 I was told my fusion never fused so in December 2014 a different surgeon went in a redid my fusion, he did a bone graft saying that it would help the fusion heal better. I was doing great! I had my bad days but that goes with the territory. Before I go on let me add that I have always had some degree of weakness on my left side, arm, leg weakness and up until my second surgery I had severe never pain shooting down my left leg. Let me also add the I KNOW what sciatica pain is and I did not have that. The day after Easter I started losing feeling in my left leg and I had horrible pain shooting down my leg, then I lost feeling in my left foot and toes. My husband took me to ER, they did a CT scan and a MRI they confirmed my fusion was healing great, good news! But had not reason for my left leg weakness, they sent in a neurosurgeon’ who suggested a EMG and an MRI of my brain, those tests never took place, they admitted me after 3 days and said PT would be in to evaluate me, I laid there for another 5 days, someone from a impatient rehab person came to see me and suggested I go to impatient treatment which I was okay with, in the mean time still waiting for PT to evaluate me. Finally after the 9th day PT came in and agreed I go to an impatient facility. Now here’s the issue, the neurosurgeon that came in that was going to run more tests decided to list my primary diagnosis as Conversion Disorder, he’s basically saying its in my head. First off it’s NOT in my head, secondly I was doing great at the rehab, making HUGE progress then all of a sudden my insurance company (Blue Cross) said because of my diagnosis the insurance company wouldn’t pay anymore even though the Dr, PT, OT and nurses said it would not be in my best interest to go home. I worked with many OTs and PTs that have said that they have worked with people that have conversion disorder and I DO NOT have it. The drs, nurses, PTs and OTs all agree that I have something neurological wrong with my leg. They also did a home visit with myself and the PT and OT and they told the insurance company it was not SAFE for me to,return home. My bedroom and only bathroom that has a shower in it is upstairs. They also expressed the concern that due to my husband working and kids in school I would be home alone all day long. If it wasn’t for this neurosurgeons diagnosis I would still be there getting the care I need. I was also told by other drs that the neurosurgeon had no business making that diagnosis without doing other test to rule out other possibilities. Is their anything I can do? I’m in Michigan and I’m really struggling. I’ve only been home for 5 days but I feel like I’m regressing, not moving forward because of the care I need and I’m not getting. Advice please. I’m really at the end of my rope, I’m exhausted from fighting with the insurance company. The rehabilitation facility really fought for me and they are in total disbelief that this happened.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      It is absolutely crucial to have a primary care physician who can go to bat for you.

  105. Cat Cat says:

    Thank you so much for writing this article. I’m currently on an ever expanding trail of doctors myself. As much as I would never wish this Herculean task on anyone, it has been comforting to read the stories in the main article and thread.
    I honestly burst in to tears at your photo.

    One aspect I was surprised wasn’t mentioned was profiling based on insurance. I know it’s not a factor with all doctors, but the difficulty when billing and receiving adequate compensation from medical assistance (not the mention the stigma of being a low-life) has bounced me, and many other people, from specialist to specialist.
    Not to mention the resentment that came along with the new wave of patients after the Affordable Care Act.

    During some appointments while on medicaid, the doctor didn’t even bother to see me, just sending in an assistant to tell me their was nothing they could do for me without an examination or even a “Hello”.
    I am not traditional looking, with tattoos and a mohawk, but that’s barely a factor when the Doc won’t even come in the room. Some would rant to me about how they were being ripped off by the ACA and my insurance, how it (and I) were ruining them.
    It’s appalling, and degrading, and I can’t imagine what would happen if I had a more life threatening or terminal issue. As someone on medical assistance, I’m Clearly not a policy maker. It frightens me to think the medical profession protests new regulations and compensation by taking it out on their patients!

    I’m thankful I don’t have many of the painful, nightmare conditions of a lot of the other commenters, but in a way my fairly basic problem makes it all the more frustrating.
    I dislocated my arm while kayaking, popped it back in best I could, and kept paddling. When it was all over I could no longer control my hand, my arm was out of place, and the nerve problems progressed until I could no longer work, drive, raise my arms, or care for myself. It’s been 2 years, and I had my 30th birthday in bed on a heating pad being cared for by family.
    Initially rejected for even attempting to reposition my arm without an MRI I couldn’t afford, I’ve not seen 43 doctors.
    During the first under insured year, I managed to see 28 doctors and only convince 13 of them to actually Look at my shoulder. A number of them I had to argue with and pulled up my shirt sleeves despite their protests.
    I can relate to a lot of the horror stories, and have been accused of everything from drug seeking, to attention seeking when I started to deny any pills in an attempt to be taken serious, lazy and too sensitive, to depressed and hysterical. All with my arm moving on its own and having extra corners.
    One doctor, who did offer surgery, told me I would never go back to sports or my physical job because “Little girls shouldn’t do such silly things”. He suggested I become a ballerina or learn how to sew instead.
    When I wanted a second opinion of conservative treatment, be put in my records I was a resistant patient.
    Another doctor literally tossed his pen on the floor and stormed out after yelling “We’re done here!” when I insisted my chronic shoulder instability wasn’t psychosomatic. Yet another threw a chair out of the waiting room when I disagreed with his treatment plan of ‘waiting and resting’. And another told me during the examination he was the wrong kind of neurologist, but after I called him on his vacation to report negative side effect from the nerve medication he personally canceled all my appointments with his colleagues in the correct specialty and told them I have a psychiatric disorder (reported to me through the patient care advocate at the hospital.)
    Again.. All with a dramatically visible shoulder deformity and scapula sticking out like a shark fin.

    That’s just the highlight reel, excluding more and more profiling form being female with no visible wound (I’m clearly exaggerating my pain and hysterical), having a long roster of previous doctors, and ever suspicious denying pain medication. Too butch, too well put together, too sloppy, too emotional, too impatient, too assertive, too dependent when i brought my mother along to try and advocate for me. It’s like a Dr. Seuss book from hell.

    I’m still seeking treatment, and my access to care and general courtesy has drastically improved since spending the last of my savings on better insurance. Although i finally found a doctor who agreed that constant dislocation was gross and a painful problem, and sutured my shoulder, years of trauma have left a lot of nerve problems. Like a lot of people, it’s a constant game of finding the right costume, the presentational balance between desperate and stoic, removing the notes from my stack of records that have “black marks” encoded in them, and not trying to seem too cheerful, or letting them know how much this battle depresses me.

    Thank you again for writing this, and letting us wretches share. I hope my griping helps someone else as much at the previous has helped me. Maybe others on medical assistance playing this game can re-examine their trouble finding help, and be able to call their doctors out on this type of discrimination.
    Fingers crossed on my working hand that I find a doctor like yourself Very soon and end this madness.

    • cindy nelson says:

      Thank you Doc for posting this agenda. I don’t know what or how we as many voices can change this horrible, horrible health care, and it is in regards to pain…
      I recently visited the local ER. I hadn’t slept in three weeks. My B/P was 150/100. I sat for 4.5hrs only to be told “we can’t help you with your chronic pain” Really? I dont’ think it is chronic, but ok. I also have a very bad back, MRI to prove. I have been without proper pain management for two years, after I disclosed I was using something that wasn’t me.. During that time I never saw a dr, or anything. I just checked out for awhile. I was honest. Now it follows me around like a dead weight. I am judged, not treated for my severe pain, just recently lost my job over it, and I am just plain sad. I recently was told by a urgent care doc “how do we know your not going to sell your pain meds?” just cause I made a mistake doesn’t mean I am going to go to the street and sell my pain meds to get something that is evil..I was crushed. This was two years ago that I had a problem, was honest, and now I am a What I dont’ get is we have a methadone clinic here, if I was a heroin user I could get help, and your not judged..

      • Pamela Wible MD says:

        So sad. Please know I am working 24/7/365 to heal the healers so patients can get ideal medical care:

        • Mari says:

          You are opening clinics. Making money and a name for yourself. You are changing nothing. If you are serious then I will see these comments posted after moderation. Hope I am wrong, but so far all I have seen from your postings are platitudes. Nice going…smile. Bet you are doing a booming business. That is what is wrong with medicine today. Conflict of interest. It is not the patient who matters. It is the business.

          • Pamela Wible MD says:

            Ive never turned anyone away for lack of money in 12+ years in a clinic designed by my community. And running a free suicide hotline for 4 years out of my home between patients. My work in the world is a labor of love.

  106. Steve says:

    After spending the last three hours in bad chest pains and shortness of breath I was told that it was all in my head and it will be find in a hour or two. I beg him to give me some air or something for the pain and he said it was just bad gas or something and he gave me some gas pilles. I was on my way home from that ER and the pain got so great I couldn’t stand it so I had my wife to drive me to another hospital to their ER. They took me in and within 20 minutes I was on a helicopter going to a heart hospital and 1 hour there I was having a cardiac bypass surgey. In the rush to get me to a ER we left our insurance cards at home. With no proof of insurance that one hospital was going to let me die, flat out die because I didn’t have insurance, or so they thought and I was in so much pain I wouldn’t remember who it was or the number. Our daughter went home to get them and she met us at the heart hospital and they told her to hang on to them because I was going to surgery. They never once asked to see any insurance until the last day I was there, some one came and asked it if had it. My first doctor profiled me as ” Not human enough to save his life”

  107. Handley says:

    Why would a former GP not take you as a patient??? I went a Great Doctor and received care for a year. I Loved him!! really.. But was driving two hours so I saw another Doctor who was a lot closer and willing continue with the exact same protocol the Great Doc was…. That was 5 years ago. Since then been having some thyroid problems I know he can help with….. Now for the puzzling part, I called last week talked to the intake person, she said I now have to be a new patient.(time elapsed) No problem.. Got a call today, she said I’d have to find another doctor. I asked why? If I had done anything wrong or if it was something medically. She stated that the Doc. “Was in private practice and he could choose who he wanted to see.” in a stern voice. Wow!!! I feel like an idiot!! I Feel so rejected. I’ve sent so many referrals to his office. My brother, who I referred even goes there… (Who he’s helped tremendously). My my question is ” What makes a Doc choose not to take a patient in his/her practice?” When his web states he taking new patients. I Feel like I should call an ask to speak with some else and ask why? But will they really tell me? Confused???

  108. Sanday says:

    Dr. Wible,

    Hello, I was diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis in 2012. My gastro said, “Well, how much do you drink daily to get this”. I am not a drinker. My first attack of Pancreatitis was in 2007, about a year after my gallbladder removal, and approx 2 years after being put on Methotrexate, a powerful chemotherapy drug given to me for RA. As you may already know this drug can do severe damage to the body. I knew there was side effects, but they all seemed to be ones I thought I could catch. In the ER they told me stop taking it because it can destroy your pancreas. I did, and shortly after that visit, I began vomiting bile at home. I was very weak and covered with dark bruising. I remember shaving my legs in the tub, and the water turning blood red. I had noticed all these litte red tiny dots on my legs but I thought they were under skin. I’m not sure what caused that because I never went to see a doc that day. I was too weak to leave the house for a while. I remember thinking I might not make it. I finally began to improve but would bloat up after meals, and there was discomfort but not much pain. Then in 2011 it started to become very painful. Upon typing my symptoms I found a pancreas clinic that said they would get me in right away. Finally I had a diagnosis. Since then it’s been a nightmare trying to get adequate pain control. My pancreas docs were great, but informed me I would need an islet transplant. However, the clinic closed the following Sept due to hospital politics which caused almost all transplant clinics to close. Long story, but since then I am without an advocate for other doctors who don’t understand how debilitating Chronic Pancreatitis is. My pain doctor has me walking a tight rope with threats that I better do something soon because he cant see me forever. My third visit he told me just tell them to take your pancreas out. When I did that, the transplant coordinator called him a choice name. She said if we do that you’ll be a brittle diabetic right away, and that is not without pain in itself, and you wont have blood sugar awareness. Since then I have witnessed just how mean some Dr’s can be. I came across a site where Doctors were discussing how they injected strong pysch meds into IV’s instead of pain meds. They were hateful against anyone with CP. One of their own was familiar with CP, and she really let them know how she felt, so did a few others, but their arrogance was profound. I have since started an online support group. My first week into connecting to a few others who had their own groups. I heard that two members with CP had taken their lives. They were suffering immense pain, and one of them did it in a face chat with another member. I think he hoped that it would be reported and discussed on the media. It’s hard to listen to the woes of so many. Thankfully not everyone is without adequate care, but way too many are suffering. The pain is terrifying. It’s said to be one of the worst kinds of pains one can have. I believe it. Due to how I was treated in ER after the clinic closed down. I have avoided as much as possible and ER visits. I have been given pelvic exams, and ovarian workups even after telling them what I had. All my records were on file with same hospital. Sorry this is kinda long winded. I was so happy to have found your site, and very thankful for your courage on speaking up on this topic. I know it’s not easy to make oneself vulnerable to those who might disagree, but your humility and caring speak to the heart. Doctor’s like you can erase the wrongs of many and give hope. Thank you. My pancreas doctor is like you too. He has advocated much for his patients, and has saved the lives of many. It’s too bad he’s in a position that is preventing him from treating his patients, but he has said he want’s to prevent what happened to him from happening to other doctors. This hospital has since had to change it’s name and it’s been a huge ordeal here. I hope to find a doctor with a heart to care, and courage to face obstacles that are currently preventing both patients and doctors. We need those who will speak up like you. I know your patients will do the same. Thanks again for your spirit, and humanity.

  109. Ed says:

    I’d like to say that I know there are people worse off than I am, but I’ve had some of the worst profiling over the course of my lifetime–more than people can imagine. I have a lot of health issues, but I get treated pretty badly by most healthcare providers. A few have been the exception to the rule and blessings in my life. Most have only made things worse for me. If I told everything that’s happened to me, you wouldn’t believe me. Now I’m getting old and fed up, and my tolerance for B.S. has grown mighty thin, so on top of all that I’m beginning to get a reputation as simply a bad patient or someone with a bad attitude. I have so much rage built up inside me it isn’t funny, and it certainly does nothing to improve my depression or my other conditions. Frankly, I can’t wait to get out of this rat race. The sooner it’s over, the better as far as I’m concerned.

    • Mari says:

      That I can perfectly understand my friend. The problem with ending it all is the finality. You can’t come back to change the wrongs that have been, and continue to be done.

  110. nancy taylor says:

    I just went to my first appt. with an OBGYN as a new patient, and she stated that it noted *substance abuse, in my records ( I have never even seen this doctor before) and then when I called my insurance to inquire they stated they had not such record of that either. What should I do? I am beside myself.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Just tell the truth and have your medical records corrected/amended by a doctor who knows you. The great value in having a personal relationship with a family doc. Don’t worry. These things can be fixed.

  111. emm says:

    After a head-on car accident 16 yrs ago, at a time when I had no insurance, I was man-handled by the x-ray tech who was trying to force my injured shoulder flat, all of my injuries were ignored or brushed off except for PTSD. That sealed my doom. I begged for someone to examine my lower back, sternum, and shoulder. I was told, “Oh, you have PTSD? If I had seen that earlier it would have saved us both time.” In fact, I had 2 herniated discs (L4/ L5) and a permanent dent in my spinal cord. My sternal pain complaints were noted as “psychosomatic: PTSD,” although I did find out, years later, that I had also broken a rib. My shoulder pain was dx as bursitis and I was given a steroid shot (which hurt a lot), yet nobody can explain why my shoulder blade still aches and pops. I also had a breast injury, that still has not been addressed because of the Dr. statement of “you don’t get breast cancer from a car accident.” I was blown away- I needed to know the full extent of the muscular and soft tissue damage. Yet, 16 yrs later, it still hurts constantly and is deformed. Even my 1st panic attack was misdx as asthma! Since then, I’ve had dx of Celiac (which I had to beg to be tested for), Graves (when noone ever checked my thyroid when all symptoms were present), and idiopathic ovarian failure (and my husband & I seem to be the only ones that care why) after 15 yrs of menstrual issues. I did change PCP and she seems to listen to me, she sent me for thyroid tests the 1st time we met! Now I have an arm injury from a fall, my PCP referred me to an ortho, and I am so terrified of having yet another injury misdx because I have anxiety disorders that cause me to cry. I don’t trust the medical field except my PCP. I called for a psych eval, got an appt, and had an intake exam- no psych eval. The LICSW asked me what I do to try and control my daily panic attacks and I told her. She then handed me a packet of info on how to control panic attacks- with the exact same things I’ve been doing for 16 yrs! I again requested a psych eval, was scheduled for a med eval with a Psych NP. I called to reschedule, BEGGED for a psychiatrist and was given such a bs runaround that I told the receptionist to forget I even called because she obviously did not care. I’m done trying because it just makes me cry more

    • me says:

      It really is awful to be ignored when you ask for help. I fell a year ago, was diagnosed with a sprained elbow. My outer elbow pops, painfully, and now the first 3 fingers on my dominant hand are numb. I went to the neurologist, he completely ignored my outer elbow. He said I have Cubital Tunnel Syndrome (ulnar nerve entrapment), which means my INNER elbow. I went back and gave him a daily log of my symptoms. He asked if my wrist hurt and if pain kept me up at night. I answered no to both questions. He told me I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (I disagree as my symptoms do not match up). I begged my PCP to send me for an MRI and a second opinion. I have left messages when I missed the call back. I have not heard a word since. I have decided to completely give up trying to get any help seeing as it only brings more anxiety, while not relieving any of my physical pain. Thank you for ignoring and profiling me, all of you so-called medical professionals. Tell me more about your hypocratic oath, hypocrites.

      • me again says:

        4 months later and STILL in this nightmare. Elbow pain has continued, still no feeling in my thumb, still no Dr. that seems to really give a flying one. I endured the torture of 2 ncs/emg, normal results yet NOONE in the medical field seems to be interested in helping me find out why I can’t feel my thumb and my elbow is in so much pain that I take 12 220mg Aleve DAILY!
        Big surprise there is no response from the MD on this page either. Thank you for proving that you are just as bad as the rest of them.

        • Pamela Wible MD says:

          Lashing out at others is unlikely to help you reach your goal. I am working 24/7 to humanize medical education, save suicidal doctors/medical students, and treat my patients. This blog is a resource for people who would like to share their stories in a helpful way. I am not able to be your doctor over the Internet and obviously it would-be best to seek medical care in your community with a receptive attitude.

          • Nope! says:

            Receptive attitude? Seriously? Wow! Are we all supposed to be receptive to horrid treatment? Is a person that is desperately searching for answers and proper medical treatment supposed to be receptive to less than sub-par medical care? At least your comment was some sort of a response- too bad it took 5 months. Thankfully, yes, you are not my Dr. Thank you for showing your true colors.

  112. Kasey Sprouse says:

    I am being treated as a high level drug seeker at my local hospital because I am allergic to Demerol (seizures) and Percocet (Toxic Skin Reaction). I went to the ER last night due to breathing issues (en route the medics clocked my resperation at 30 and above) and said my right lung was not moving air. At the ER I was given 2 blood tests before being given 250mg of Solumedrol. Post steroid my blood sugar was never checked (and we all know Solumedrol raises blood sugars). I was then given Toradol by IV. As we all know, Toradol is the LAST thing to give someone in respiratory distress.
    So…my question…in Alabama, can I sue for being profiled as a LTDU? I needed treatment not drugs. They should know by now I usually refuse pain meds.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Would address issues with clinic manager and doctor and try to resolve locally or get a new doc first.

  113. Victoria Hall says:

    I have had to search out a new PCP in the state of Oregon as my previous PCP retired. I am on the Oregon Health Plan Program,collect SS and am Low Income. I have been diagnosed with a spine disability with All appropriate medical documentation as well as current MRI findings that support my disability. New state PCP was assigned to me by the state of oregon. I supplied him with detailed medical information from the last 8 years including all doctors that have cared for me, all test results,requested all my medical records from each and every doctor release all records with a signed release form to this new state PCP…Upon my first appt. this new PCP was not interested in assessing my Disability issues instead attempted to manipulate my issues to something unrelated to what I have been suffering with for well over 15 yrs and all the health records to support my disability he ignored. He was also attempting to demean my character and was not interested in ALL of my medical records and specialists reports supporting my disability. He was & still is de-humanizing the pain patient. Im not alone, others on the Oregon Health Plan have shared the same experience as well…My visit to my local ER in Oregon, ER doctor would not assess my ER visit issues at the time and was manipulating my ER visit into an Eye Exam visit??? I said I have an eye doctor here in town, I see him for my eye concerns not the ER. Being on OHP Program, low income and a pain patient on a monitored monthly pain management program, I was not assesed as the Patient profiling continued & my ER issues comtinued progressively worse & ER doctor did nothing…….This killing inocent people with this drug war & de-humanizing the pain patient who isnt abuseing their medication in any way must stop. Since the Obama Health Care Program has become State Law, Patient Profiling is HAPPENING! Im at a loss as to what I can do to get myself properly doctored and back on my monitored monthly pain management program. My quality of life has been whisked away…..Thanking you in advance for your response. Sincerely, Victoria Hall

  114. Tammy says:

    I am in a interracial relationship and my daughter’s Physician because of me being a White Mother Assumed that I was being abused by my daughters Black Father.
    When you are dealing with a child that is sick and you cant do anything in you own power to help you own child RIGHT THERE, you feel defeated. Not Abused Just Defeated!!!!!! and add Poverty to this you will get a women that looks distressed.
    Physician’s truly need to understand the difference between Poverty and Abuse.
    Some many time we spent in children’s Hospital Milwaukee and treated unfairly by his profiling me and my family. for no reason !!!!!!!
    And worst of all I don’t know how to change this. I believe this Physician has put something in my file that I am being asked more an more this question, and it is only with Dr. who have to get my records from him,
    Please help how can I get help with this.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      You experienced patient profiling and racial profiling. I would approach this with compassion and understanding (as hard as that may seem). Stay calm. Educate the physician regarding your concerns. In this case, you may really change the way that doctor treats all patients for the better. You are now the teacher and the guide for your doctor. We all need feedback and we can all learn from one another. As for your records, they are yours. You can request a copy and read them. If there is something incorrect you can have it amended. If all else fails, find another doctor who is a better fit for you and your family.

  115. Matt Reid says:

    I was just accused of drug seeking by Janet Stiles, MD, who works at chc of cape cod. I injured my back this afternoon and it is really bothering me pain wise. I rejected her prescription for ibprofin as I have plenty at my disposal. I asked her about a low dose of muscle relaxers as that was prescribed in the past and alleviated the pain and she said she would prescribe it but there was no evidence of soft tissue damage, i said nevermind then if you dont think I need it. She then left the room to get my xray referral. Upon returning we asked if we could goto the er for the x ray tonight she said no they were closed, and to go in the morning, “But if you are looking for drugs we’re not handing anything out.” I was disgusted and highly offended. I have drugs at my diposal, and just wanted answers, not profiling. I’m going to the ER, time for a second opinion.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I’m sorry Matt. Much of what ails health care could be improved with better communication. All doctors really want to do is help people.

  116. Fred says:

    Let me see if I misprofile you. Do you reach out and help the poor and indigent or do you only take care of the rich and lucky ones in life that have good jobs and don’t get injured? ‘Cause that’s the New American way.

  117. Reticula says:

    Yes, my doctor refused to look into the cause of the inflammation in my hands that manifested 5 years ago after I got a bite on the palm of my hand, and would only prescribe Celebrex, which I refuse to take. She said it works for her “older patients.” I was 56 years old, and I was there because I was having trouble playing my guitar through a 3-hour band practice or riding a 25-mile bike ride, not because I wanted a day pass from the nursing home. I’m still pissed off a year later. And I’ve still received no treatment other than the unused Celebrex.

  118. Kenneth says:

    I just left the PCp on my insurance card I have three bulging disc in my neck the first visit was to run a kasper and two months later I go back and he offers me Ib I have paper work with meds I been on in past and two surgeons stating I need pain meds yet he wouldn’t give me because I’m a convicted felon on top of that I ask him about a cough and he said I know your poor and not used to having insurance but I can’t take or talk about all your problems on one visit

  119. Aimee says:

    My name is Aimee. ER doctors routinely profile me because I have a mental health diagnosis.

    The stigma attached to mental health is still as prominent as when it first became a field in medicine. Along with that come the endless misconceptions. We cannot be intelligent, informed, or stand up for our right not to be discriminated against. When we do we are labeled as uncooperative, delusional, or my personal favorite, unreasonable. I have noticed this most often with ER doctors who don’t want to take the time or my word, that I am in fact receiving all of my medication from a psychiatrist and not the street corner, my symptoms and pain are real, and walking into the exam room announcing ‘so I see your here for psychiatric trouble’ after I’ve been complaint of a severe headache for 5 days and have REFUSED pain medication is not the way to start off I conversation.
    While discrimination is on the rise across the world no matter what your situation the point I would like to make to the doctors of the world is this.. When you are sick and vulnerable the last thing you want to be doing is defending yourself. That is your job. So please stop ridiculing us and just save us.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Totally agree. Unfortunately, doctors have been abused by the health care system and many (the majority) have mental health conditions as a result. The wounded treating the wounded is not a great formula for success, but please know I am working to change this with every breath I take—literally 24/7/365 devoting my life to healing our healers and our health care system.

      • Aimee says:

        Dr. Wible
        I honestly didn’t know much about you when I made that post. I read your bio and your transcript regarding your radio interview about physician suicide. I have a background in Veterinary medicine and left the field because it was very emotional, stressful, and filled with death and sadness. Thank you for what you do. Thank you for standing up for your colleagues and promoting change. Thank you for making the medical profession realize that doctors are people and not robots. Thank you for helping them to heal in order to help heal the rest of us. And thank you to those doctors who are saving people and put themselves at personal risk. Just thank you.

    • Ann Noyed says:

      I have chronic small duct (autoimmune) pancreatitis. My pancreatic enzymes do not fluctuate anymore during a flare up, however my liver enzymes do! I spent months on TPN feeding on jtube feeding. Obviously this isn’t “made up.” I take Percocet when I need it, but not daily. I do take Zofran on a regular basis. I’m a clean cut (no tattoos or piercings) woman. I do have a history of allergies to NSAIDs including Toradol. Last injection required if Benadryl and several doses of decadron. Again not a joke. When I took prescription naproxen I broke out in hives several
      Hours later and sent pictures to my primary care. I have had the same doctor for 10 years. I do go to the ED frequently for flare ups which I understand is a red flag for physicians. Not sure why I even go because they refuse to treat me. I get iv Zofran and iv Ativan if I am “lucky.” I have both of those meds at home. The iv fluids are the most beneficial at that point. I have been called a “druggie” or a “drug seeker” or an “attention getter” and things have been said to me at almost every visit that are unimaginable. They won’t even admit me. I am in the midst of a severe flare up and my doctor is on vacation. My meds aren’t working. I drove my care off the road into a deep ditch yesterday in hopes of rolling and dying. I can’t take it anymore. I failed. Last night I overdosed on gabapentin and sadly woke up…in pain. Nobody understands. Yes I am a “drug seeker” from the same doctor, the same ER, the same complaint and the same reason. I want “drugs” or medications or relief but it doesn’t have to be narcotic or controlled. I want relief. I want compassion. It’s not going to happen. The only relief at this point is death. I’m a young mother and I’m leaving my husband with two small children because the “system” is treating me this way. I’ve never done illegal drugs, smoked and I don’t drink. I had to sign a pain contract to get the Percocet and that included random pill counts and drug tests. All of which I have always “passed.” I’ve never doctor shopped etc. I’m rambling. Today is the day I’m going to end it all. Another chronic pain life lost because of profiling. I can’t take the pain anymore.

      • Pamela Wible MD says:

        Please do not lose your life over this. 1 (800) 273-8255 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. I am working to heal our broken health care system 24/7/365.

        • Mari says:

          Are you nuts? Do you know the laws re. suicide? Never tell anyone, for any reason, that you are thinking of ending it all. Even placing it on this website could result in a knock on your door in the middle of the night. By law they can take you into a facility and lock you up for observation for days, not hours. It only takes one doctor to state that you may be a threat to yourself or others to keep you institutionalized for as long as they want. Please be careful. You cannot help your cause if you are incarcerated. Especially not in a hospital. Believe me. You never want to be at the mercy of anyone in the medical profession. Certainly not if you can help it. I know agonizing pain. I know what it does to the body, and the psyche, but you would not be here writing if you did not want to live. You would end the suffering…I understand…please do not end your life.

      • blacklisted and sick NYS NO REASONABLE CARE says:

        i am sorry for your suffering. profiling stinks…
        I am working in my state to change laws. the issue is that the doctors and lawyers and buddies in the back room.

        good luck

  120. James Wilson says:

    I am a disabled veteran with several disabling injuries including Agent Orange related heart disease I worked until I could not hold a job any longer by then we had 6 kids that never wanted for anything. Started my own business but my health failed me again after 2 years. My kids on Medicaid, wife had no insurance and she could not understand why the VA could not see how the gun shot wounds to my legs had altered my ability to work . They did not even check my heart and discover the heart disease until my rating was over 50%.
    I took care of the kids while my now ex would stand with sick child at the hospitals. Nurses and Doctors ALWAYYS ask WHERE IS THE FATHER and even Noted ” Father never visited “. I guess the late night visits I made to the room went under their net. I did keep a low profile because after all I was there when 5 kids were at home asleep.
    So many women were quick to judge me as a dead beat dad and I never tried to empress them but made them mad a few times when I stood up for my kids they were ignoring physical problems which turned out to be diabetes and Spina Bifta in 4 of my kids. I never expected an apology or anything from my showing them what they were missing, Instead I got a cold shoulder and ignored totally. One will not even see my kids anymore since she blew off my concern and he almost died. I knew 2 of my kids were not growing but the could not hear me because Mom had Custody I was no longer a voice for my kids.

  121. amanda clark says:

    i am still being profiled by doctors and clinics , back in 1999 i was seeing another doctor for pain and my family doctor didnt like him told me to stop seeing him and referred me to another pain doctor . i told him no thanks this one is fine he got me walking again . the doctor put in my records that he thinks (she is suicidal and or homicidal , not a threat to self or family at this time but needs monitored ) then he goes onto say i dont care who she sees as im not going to be with this clinic for much longer . i didnt see these comments till 2012 when i left clinic and got copy of my records ,,,,, advise all to get copies of records you cant do anything about it but at least you will know why they treat you as you are just another mental patient , they have gone as far as contacting the doctor i see now to ask if im following through on meds etc ……. i havent taken any meds related to depression in over 2 years ,, they do nothing for me but make me sleep oh the doctor still tries to push the drugs and i have told him on many occasions it does nothing for me just makes me sleep his answer to that is ……. here try this one . it got to where i told him he is nothing but a licensed drug pusher lol ( sorry i had to say it ) , he finally stopped pushing the drugs ( now has his nurse call me to ( see how i feel , i screen my calls and do not return calls to them , i will when im sick not moment sooner . see all i need the doctor for is my thyroid blood work ( i have hoshimotto hypothyroidits, all he runs is a tsh and will only do so 1 every 6 months so i told him since he wont run ( he said tsh is good enough < since he wont run full panel i dont see reason to come before the 6 month and no i can not go to another doctor he is last one to see me have been asked by 2 others to leave because i refused to do as im told and stay on the drugs ,they dont listen to they dont work just make me sleep and as for therapy they dont listen to how does dragging up the past help you deal with the future i call therapy a bit– fest .so in reguards to the doctor who destroyed my ever of getting help for thyroid or anything else ,( they all assume depression and push drugs instead of what im really there for ,, oh and physicals or flu shots <<<<<<<<<<< never sick but for thyroid ,, ) but because of 1 comment from a doctor whom i told no to i am now labeled , so please when a doctor says to you they will listen or it will go no further or how about i will put in your records that you have never shown signs of suicidal ,,,,,, please they are lieing just deal with it there is not an honest one among them i really think they are taught to lie anyway just another patient who was lied to and about … amanda

  122. Roxann Hamilton says:

    I was profiled in a Charleston WV ER as a drug seeker.

    I presented to the ER in an ambulance with severe abdominal pain, nausea, sweating, vomiting.

    I told the ER Dr. who checked me I had a recent history of several incidents of small bowel obstruction. These resolved without surgery. I also told the Dr. I am insulin dependent and brittle. I also told him I had history of TIAs, CAD with 3 stents, and hypertension. I was 63 years old. I was a college professor at that time.

    The pain was horrific and worsening. I asked for IV or IM pain medication. The Dr. said I was lying about the pain because if it were that bad for 6 hours, I would have come to the ER sooner.

    He got mad at me and left. Another Dr came in and told me the same thing. About 2 hours later 1 more Dr. came in and told me they don’t give pain meds for abdominal pain.

    I couldn’t take the pain any longer, and told him I think I’m dying. My intestine is blocked. Please do a CT or MRI to look. I was crying silently as it hurt too much to even cry.

    He sent me to have a CT scan. When I was being wheeled back to the curtained area, a team of nurses gathered around me, starting IV, cutting off my clothes and told me their abdominal trauma surgeon was almost there. They said they were prepping me for emergency and asked who should they call in my family.

    The surgeon got there in minutes and I was told I had a blocked bowel and I may not survive the surgery. If I did, I would be in ICU and the incision would have to be left open for 3 days and I would be in an induced coma. He asked me who I wanted notified.

    Inside, he found 24 inches of gangrenous bowel. He removed it.

    In the hospital I got C-Diff. I was not liked by the nurses because I was demanding and ornery. They would not believe something was now wrong with my left hand. I took pictures of it with my cell and sent them to my daughter in another state who called the Dr to look at my hand.

    When the Dr. came, he said the nurses did not write notes about my hand and fingers. Turned out when the BP monitor was removed from my radial artery, it had blood clots. Portions of my left thumb and fingers and hand were gangrenous. I had to have several parts of them amputated. It has been 2 1/2 years and I still have little usable movement or grasp. I lost my job, I lost my housing, I had to move 1100 miles alone back to NE.

    To any Dr.s reading this: Please believe your patients. If they are in pain, help them…. don’t ignore the seriousness of their complaints. Never call us liars. Stop profiling us.

    And with us elderly patients: don’t be so arrogant to think we are not intelligent and capable people with professions and training in something. We aren’t stupid. Be honest with us, don’t talk down to or ignore us and believe what we tell you.

    Hugs to all good Dr.s and all patients.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      We all have so much healing to do Roxann (my favorite name, by the way). You still have compassion. Even for those who profiled you. What a beautiful person you are.

  123. blacklisted and sick NYS NO REASONABLE CARE says:

    My total medical care was abandoned in August of 2013.

    I to this day have no reasonable medical care.

    It has been a nightmare. I almost died in this time periond from a doctors “care” after a proceduere… he in the past has lost his license.

    I got blacklisted and need help.

    I live in a rural area and these guys are all buddies… I am dying here.

    I need help in New York State

    Our local urgent care won’t even treat me for anything I have ever been diagnosed with.

    At this point I see them my local health managed people ASSHOLES and the doctors that ignore suffering should go the hell away… they only want pay checks, they are not care givers…. they are CARE TAKERS>

    please help me.

    please help me
    time is of my essence

    • Kristine says:

      Same thing has happened to me. Not even my primary care doctor will see me and I pay out of my PENSION FOR HEALTH INSURANCE.
      I am only 54 and was switched from ANTHEM/BC to MEDICARE for primary only to find out I am BLACKBALLED.
      I AM BEGGING FOR HELP from anyone as well…teeth started getting pulled when I was over medicated….
      YOU are NOT ALONE in this “fockery”.
      People in JAIL & dogs get treated better,
      I worked my entire life since I was 13……summers under 110 degree tobacco nets while my friends were vacationing at their lakeside cottages.
      Maybe if we rob a bank and go to jail we can get some healthcare!!!

    • Gage Goliath says:

      Most certainly in NY state there is a way for you to get to NYC? That place has to have tons of different medical centers and facilities. I’m from the south and I can’t imagine what NYC doesn’t have because it has to have everything.

      I am sorry they are all buddies and gang up, I totally get what it’s like to have a group of people mistreat you because either one of them has issues with you so they all do or they all just have the same issue. Unfortunately my hate gang is more on a personal life level and I kind of have to live with it.

      Venture to the city, if you come back empty handed, I will never understand NYC.

  124. Zac says:

    I’ve served in the Marines for a little over two years now. My poor experience with medical started when a mefical officer used a pair of scissors to cut my thumb open to drain an infection. He took one look and said i wouldn’t feel anything, so without any sort of person medication he cut from the center of my right thumb to near the tip and proceeded to play about with popsicle sticks in my hand. After he finally realized that was torture, he had one of the corpsmen come in with lidocain. I was so relieved that i closed my eyes for a split second, that was a mistake because that incompetent fool put the needle straight through my hand. I’ve also been in and out of medical for various joint problems and have never once been taken seriously. It has led to a difficulty exercising and depression. During a medboard for my depression the va representative mentioned ligamentous laxity as a potential cause for my intermittently painful joints. She thought so after i showed her how my both my knees can visibly wobble side to side with little effort. She also believed there was damage to my right elbow due to the distinct popping heard when it is straightened and turned. I have not simply been ignored because of this. I have been belittled and yelled at. My pcm on base saw me for my elbow and told me to take some motrin and dont bother coming back. I can’t live like this, a Chief in the Navy called me names for seeking help. I’ve gained thirty pounds at least since all of this started. I don’t know what to do, they won’t document any of it and my peb has already come back, so I can’t be seen by the va for any of this if it gets worse in five years.

  125. Melinda Czarniak says:

    I was hurt in a work accident 15 yrs ago, I have been through EVERYTHING , every drug ,test ,& whatever the Dr asked me to do .. Through the 15 yrs I have seen soo many pain management doctors they think I’m dr shopping, but they don’t realize that most of them Dr said they don’t know what to do with me anymore.. I have been on high pain meds ,too no meds .. I have lost my teeth cause of one of the pain med i was on, not including I have skin problems, stomach problems, & many more problems that I have picked up along the way ..!! The last Dr I seen ,I saw for 5 yrs said he didn’t know what to do w me , sent me too a Dr I told him I DID NOT LIKE SHE PUT shots in my back sitting on bed & missed so my whole bottom half went numb..!! Then she gave me a choice of which med I wanted & just took me off the other cold turkey.. These drs ever think of what they are doing too my body ripping me off these drugs?? I had to take my self off actiq suckers cause drs couldn’t get it straight.. Now , I do know I’m addicted to the meds I am on now, but the only person that knows my body is ME ..I have been without meds before , cause one of the drs said it may help well it didn’t I was WORSE ..I couldn’t move & was in extreme pain ..!! Plus , since my husband & children left I have no one to help me so I had to get out of wheelchair , there’s no help here in buffalo ny ( I have begged) so who is gonna do it for me but ME !! The drs see dat as a improvement, but really it’s not ..I black out from pain ,or my right leg gives out on me so I often fall yes I have walker but scared to use cause I fell on it broke my rib & a cane isn’t gonna help if I black out ..!! I have so many other problems that I should see my primary Dr, but I don’t trust or have faith in them . No 1 seems to care , how I feel just bout the money ..

    • Kristine says:

      Let move in together…my family hates me too….they are sick of being around someone who can no longer cook for them.
      My life is essentially over
      Where can I sign up for assisted suicide?
      I bet they do….I am so ready~

  126. JA says:

    What about nurses who refuse to let you see your doctor at a scheduled appointment just because you’re rude? I was in for an appointment today, and the clerk who I checked in with kept confusing my appointment today for an appointment I have in a week, and my explanation for why my appointment was not in the usual scheduling system (I made it directly with the doctor) kept falling on deaf ears – she never listened to me. Then she asked me for my SSN, and gave me a blank stare while holding a pencil as I recited the first 3 numbers. Finally she wrote down some other random stuff, then asked me for the social again. This time she wrote it down, took my driver license, and wandered away, leaving my SSN in huge penciled letters on a blank piece of paper visible to anyone who walked in and stood in line. While waiting there, I exchanged insults about her with my partner, and a nurse in a nearby office overheard us. Some 10 minutes later when it came my turn to get my vitals taken by the nurses, she immediately started yelling at me about I can’t be using unprofessional language because they all work hard. I told her if she doesn’t stop talking to me right now, she’s about to be on the receiving end of some unprofessional language too. Another nurse who actually knows how to behave professionally and do her job ended up taking my vitals, then sent me to a waiting room. When the doctor was ready to see me, a different nurse came out to get me, but stood between me and the door demanding to know if I was going to polite or if I was going to curse someone out. I demanded to know if I was seeing the doctor or if I needed to leave, because that’s all that is relevant to her. She refused to let me see the doctor if I was “going to be rude.” I told her I can’t predict the future, but I have no intention of starting out rude. She finally led me to the doctor’s office, and as she walked me in, she introduced me to him as, “This is [my name], and she doesn’t know if she’s going to be civil with you.” The whole group of nurses was completely unprofessional, incapable of doing their jobs effectively, and a bunch of bullies hellbent on trying to force me to kiss their asses no matter how badly they screw up, how little they listen, or how much of my personal information they compromise.

    Any doctor worth his salt should know that medical problems can directly contribute to behavioral problems (even though I exhibited nothing out of the ordinary), and that getting jerked around by incompetent nurses and clerks is a clear instigator. Is there any law protecting patients from abandonment just because the doctor, nurse, or clerk doesn’t like them (because they’re “rude,” which is entirely subjective)?

  127. Kristine says:


    You don’t have permission to access /blog/wp-comments-post.php on this server.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    I TYPED OUT a detailed response for HELP, and I got screwed again.
    I get your emails by the way and after being FORBIDDEN from responding you just proved you are just like all the others!

    Walmart is open and so it the package store…..there is hope!

  128. amanda clark says:

    yes you publish all that we comment on here but you dont respond to all , and by not responding you are just making it clear that only select few will have a voice ,,

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I’ve responded to many. I don’t always have time to respond to all. My prior responses often answer multiple similar concerns. Everyone has a voice as their true experiences are published unedited. Please remember I have no staff and have a clinic where I am seeing patients. I am running this blog to give people a place to share their stories.

  129. Janine Raitt says:

    I am 58years old. Female with chronic pain. Both of my hips are total replacements and I have had severe pain in the right hip, lower back. I fell about 2 years ago and injured my neck. I decided to have my neck surgically repaired after a second opinion where the doctor thought I should “hold off” on the surgerjn

    4. I am unsure of how long I will have our local CHP insurance which was a factor in my decision. I have been in pain management for about 5 years or so. Also, I was recently diagnosed with a mamagionom that is a Little larger than the eye balls. It wasn’t there at all in April of 2014 or seen. This is part of my history. I have had kidney and a neurogenic bladder for many years. 4 X small bowel obstruction ( 3 x in my earily 20’Saturday and in October of 2006 when my right hip was done. My right side is week and it causes extreme pain as I drop things and bend over to pick them up!. I saw my neurologist in December of 2013 and had 2 unnecessary carpel tunnel surgeries. My neurologist had a heart attack the week I saw him and after so much time I am being evaluated and hopefully diagnosed.
    So, That is most of my history. This past week I fell again and was unable to get up. My husband was to far away to hear me calling. I was stuck on the kitchen floor for about 4 hours. My hips gives out sometimes and I had got up to write a note to my husband about taking something out of the freezer for a sick friend. My vision was double….that’s been difficult to write or do my job. I hit my head on a granite counter and may have been unconscious. When my husband found me he called 911. They checked me out and thought it would be good to go to the ER. I reluctantly went. The minute I gave the nurse a luster of my medications it quickly went sour. She began getting upset and acting terrible!! I had some xrays and more lectures about meds. They tested me for drugs and alcohol. I just wanted to go home. They would not release me until Iwas able to self-cathing a urine. If I refused then I had to sign a form stating that I was leaving against physicians orders. The second they got the urine I was out the door. The nurses passed judgement and treated me like a drug abuser from the second I gave my medication list which includeday PRN medications. It was really awful to be done that way. My experience in the ER as well as my primary doctor’s recommended neurosurgeon horrible treatment leave me frightened. The neurosurgeonew left…..we were seven minutes late for my appointment. He had left, but, returned for something and did see me. However, I appoligized for running late as we were caught in a storm. He began by telling me to appoligize to his family. He accused us of doctor shopping and dismissed the neck issues that concern my other doctors. I have been sent away.and he did want a ch&

    • Janine Raitt says:

      Please fix my typos!thank you so much. Some odd words were changed likely due to smart phone and user ignorance

  130. Cathy P says:

    I have been under the care of a pain management doctor for over 15 years due to multiple back problems. Each section of my back, cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. I’m am routinely tested in the pain clinic to make sure I’m taking the meds as prescribed, and I don’t mind a bit. However, what I do mind is that every time I’ve had to go to the ER for anything and I tell them about the meds I take, they treat me like I’m drug seeking. The worst time that stick in my mind is the time I went to the ER because I had broken my leg. I knew it was broken. I heard it snap and I went down like a rock. The ER people acted concerned until I gave them a medical history. They left me in the room without even taking my blood pressure or checking on me for hours. Finally, they did and X-Ray and told me it wasn’t broken. I argued with them because I knew that it was. They accused me of drug seeking and I left. The next week I went to an out-of-town orthopedic doctor and sure enough the leg was broken. Not only that, it was a bad break.

    My most recent experience has been over a constant pain in my side that has lasted for 4 years. I’ve seen every kind of doctor and had test after test (CT,MRI,ERCP, gastric scopes-lower and upper, etc). Each type doctor has gotten their pound of flesh by doing and charging for every kind of test in their specialty. It has gotten so bad, my pain doctor has down multiple splanic blocks. I finally went to my very nice, very concerned, family doctor last week. He did an abdonmial x-ray and brought it in the room with me. I looked at it, and pointed to something shiny in the area of the pain and asked what is and what it was there for. The only surgery I’ve had anywhere close to that are was having my gallbladder removed, but it wasn’t close to that area. He said it was a surgery clip. I asked him if it came from that surgery, he said it could have, it was according to how he did the surgery. I dropped it until I went home and watched multiple videos of that surgery being done and none showed placing clips under my liver. I went back the next week for something else, and told him what I had found. He agreed to set me up to see a surgeon. The surgeon said it was from my gallbadder surgery, and it had come loose and migrated to below my liver. He also said it wasn’t the cause of my pain and it didn’t need to be removed. I asked if it could move again an maybe puncture my liver, and he of course not. Bear in mind he is a partner in the only surgery group in my town, so, yes, he is a partner to the guy who did the original surgery. I’m not sure what to do now, but I just know that something is cause my constant pain, and this is the only thing that has been found.

    • Gage Goliath says:

      You should of sued that ER. I can’t imagine being in that kind of pain for hours and not helped. I had the worst migraine attack of my life several years ago. I took OTC pain meds, I rubbed muscle rub on my forehead and even hurt so bad all over that I put half the bottle all over my head, in my hair and everything.

      (By the way muscle rub or any kind of cream like that is a home remedy I discovered by trying it, usually is only good if the source of the headache is in your forehead, unless you want to shampoo your hair with it. I never do, I did this one night because the pain was so bad.)

      The muscle rub smelled horrible and was so strong (There are kinds that smell better or are odorless) and I was trying so hard to go to sleep and I threw up beside the bed, ran to the toilet, threw up in there (first time in my life I attempted and made it to the toilet to vomit) and I was able to count each time.

      We got to the ER and my boyfriend dropped me off, he needed to sleep for work, I understood, he told me to call and he would pick me up. I walked into the ER doors and this hospital, it has a little foyer type room where ER is on one side and outpatient on the other.

      I went through the main sliding doors and (I laugh about this now because it was so dramatic, I can only imagine how I looked.) I kicked my flip flops off, yanked my glasses off, threw everything off and away and collapsed to my knees. I counted the seventh time I threw up, the next day my body hurt from having done it that many times.

      The rushed to me, got me up in a wheel chair, grabbed my things and gave me a bucket thing and I nearly threw up an 8th time but managed to hold it back. I was put in a room and had an IV needle and tube stuck in my arm. I waited and I waited and I was crying out for a nurse but I was so weak.

      Finally took everything in me but I screamed out just as a nurse was walking by and begged her for something for pain, I was so desperate. (I’m Autistic with a low pain tolerance. Even a small cut on my finger causes me a lot of discomfort)

      She left and came back and injected something into the IV tube and I asked her to shut the lights off over my part of the room, which she did. I don’t know if it was morphine or what but within a minute the pain slipped away, I moaned in pleasure and I can only imagine what the person on the other side of the curtain thought. I didn’t care, I moaned and laid there in the dark and I didn’t want to move and I just closed my eyes.

      I was referred to a neurologist and have since been diagnosed with cluster headaches and migraines that I’ve found are likely blood pressure/hypertension related as I was given a BP medication that has worked wonders, I have had attacks since but never one like that ever again, I’ll get nausea but I never throw up. The most common spot the attacks occur are my forehead, which makes it easy to remedy with cream, I try anything non prescription first but I feel like it must have something to do with the blood vessels and hypertension/increased blood flow. I’m a kind of easily stressed (neurotic) type of person.

      Kind of like Piper (if you’ve ever seen Charmed) just for longer periods and a little more intense.

  131. jason says:

    I been seeing a psychologist,i told him some personal infor,and he told me to leave my wife and kids,and he told another patient that I don’t have sex with wife,i felt hurt by this this,jessica works at arbys and told my wife what he said,and she told me,i was like wow,,i never told no one what I tell mike,so I ask him about it,he said he is closesing my case and getting me referalls,that was aug 17th,havnt nothing yet from him,how can he tell other patients he see about ur sex life,iam hurt by it

  132. Tracey says:

    I have cerebral lupus I became very confused, withdrawn and depressed I been feeling this way and fighting my mind for years Finally this your I tried to commit suicide three times by taking over dose of pain medication I don’t even remember doing it I don’t know until I wake up in hospital Now I’m treated like a drug addict every doctor I go too I can not get relief from the pain because no be will prescribe me pain medication. I understand why the doctors won’t give me pain medication What I don’t understand is why am I treated like a drug addict I’m not a drug addict I’m depressed and my illness is causing it I wanted to die not get high I do remember wanting to die I don’t remember taking the medication Now I don’t know what to do because I’m not a drug addict I’m depressed I’m stuck because of now I can not be treated for the pain and no doctor will listen to me And I don’t understand why now I’m considered a drug addict because I tried to commit suicide with pain medication. I wasn’t trying to get high I was trying to die Now everything is messed up and I don’t even know what to think

  133. Kristin Cheslock says:

    My teen daughter has been in pain and sometimes it has been excruciating. She has been to the er at least 5x in the past year due to the amount of pain. Recently she was taken to Berwick Hospital er. They took blood, urine sample, ultrasounds. Dr came into daughters room and started yelling at her and accusing her of filling urine cup with water. He had my daughter give another sample with a nurse watching her the entire time. My daughter was completely humiliated. Nurse told me that a lot of patients in the Berwick, Pa area are on drugs and try to manipulate the urine samples. I found the doc and asked why he treated my daughter this way. He again accused her of filling cup with water. He then held up the last sample and said, “And THIS ones going to the lab!” He performed a drug test, pregnancy test and checked for a uti. Drug test was without my knowledge or permission. I believe he was hoping for a positive drug result to prove that my 14 year old daughter was trying to hide something. Results came back. ALL NEGATIVE!!! After giving 2 urine samples doc says bladder still completely full. Daughter complained pain was a 7 and skin on back was numb. Never gave daughter ANYTHING for her pain. Told me to take her to pediatrician who will then set up appointment with urologist. I complained to the hospital administration and the nurse in charge of er that morning who was present when doc did this and who was also the one who watched daughter urinate into cup. I was completely blown off.

  134. Emma says:

    Sheri Ricker IS a bad mother. Seriously — you’re not going to vaccinate your kids? Then they shouldn’t be allowed to use public schools, libraries or other facilities. They are a danger to us all. And Sheri is a danger to her children.

  135. Michael McDonald says:

    I have 3 situations that I think need to be posted. I’m not sure how much I can write on this site at a time, so I will post all 3 in separate postings.
    Situation #1) I spent 10 years in the military as a fireman. And 6 years in the Federal system as a firman. Even as an Assistant Fire Chief. I have been in 2 wars & 6 countries for my country. I have also even been a Correctional Officer in the civilian world after all this. My 1st encounter was with a Dr. In my area. Dr. Arla. They even named a street after him here in KY. At that time I was only experiencing pain from my Chron’s Diease. He suggested I see a pain Dr. that comes to his office every month. So when the pain Dr. saw me, he suggested I take a liquid of coding & promithizine. That was in 2006 before peoole started abusing it while mixing it with sprite and jolly ranchers to try and make it cool. They gave me a suringe and told me to take 5cc’s twice a day. Well, that was too much and made me lathargic. So I lowered my dose to 2cc’s, and that was much better. I also didn’t need it everyday. So I only took it when I was hurting. When I was re-evaluated after the 1st month, they pee tested me. It wasn’t in my system. I explained the situation to them, but they accused me of selling the medication. I really wish I would have brought the bottle in with me, to show them that that was not true, but they didn’t believe me, and just left the room and would not speak to me. I did not know the DEA laws, and had no clue that it was that serious. I tried to get in touch with them several times after that. But it was to late. They made their decision, would not talk to me, and put it out there for several other pain doctors to know about. Needless to say, I lived in pain, and even missed my daughters big birthday party at a theme park here, because I was in such stomach pain, and had nothing to help relieve my pain. And this is a Dr. they named a street after….

  136. Michael McDonald says:

    I started posting on your website, and I don’t see my posting anywhere????

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      That’s because I have to get to my computer to approve it (I approve 99.9% of posts). So when I am seeing patients and working my day job, I can’t approve right away. 🙂

      • janel says:

        im 41 born asthmatic,last yr I had the same fam dr,same asthma dr,on ssd for mac degeation,ssd cut off ,y blue cross,forced me n2 medicare,now my grs r saying I font hav asthma constantly sob,dont smoke/hav unhralty habits,had 2 lung bloof clots and a nodule in my lungs,phenpmia 4 times,asthma and all showed on ct scans,have perment scaring of my lungs,yet since I was forced off of my blue cross from ssd,into medicare,my doctors e sayin my constant sob is anxiety/the other says hypervenation syndromr,i live in taylor ,I and need a better sstma dr and primart dr,that understands peak flows,ct scans,past med recordsmthey treated me gr8 b4 I lost my blur cross,now theye refusing my med refills,im also crippled from diabetes.and am 5 ft3 weight of 220,on ssd cause im doin blimd at 41 from mac degedation,i hav str8 medicare,need a bettwe primarty dr,asthma speciaslist,and a good pulmanologost,and want 2 know why my frs of 2 yrs s denyin the healyh vare they gav me before when I had privarw ins,since I was forced n2 mefivare,my frs mp ;pmger care

  137. Anonymous says:

    I HAVE high blood pressure and my spouse has a ulcer, we are unable to find a GPS for care because we go to a pain clinic. WHY

  138. Ellen Buchanan says:

    My infectious disease doctor profiled me as a nut and observed me suffering lymphatic dissemination with a rare virulent pathogen. I have been left with untreated bacillary disease, have developed an eosinophilic infiltrative disease and an immune dysregulation. I am struggling to get help in New York and still having trouble because of his original negligence and mistreatment. Am praying to find someone to help me. My family is also affected with this emerging disease. No help.

  139. Lynda says:

    I took Dr. Wible’s handout to my PCP at her suggestion and then all hell broke loose. I bound it in a yellow cover with red binding and made an unimportant medical appointment just to present it. I thought he would be pleased. I am now waiting for a next appointment to try to clarify and return to the place we once were. I used to love my doctor. What happened? He has stopped all pain medication which is fine with me because I am not an addict. I was scheduled for a neural stimulator to try to control the pain, but I have put that on hold as well because who wants to go through surgeries without pain block? Also, his nurse now comes across as angry and frowning at me. I wonder if it is worth my effort any more or should I just get a new doctor? I know this may sound a little paranoid, but I know I am not paranoid. I think I am just sick of the medical “profession”.

  140. wanda collins says:

    My primary doctor profiled me as a drug seeker and addict. He dismissed me as his patient on the last office visit I couldn’t believe the way he treated me I had fell down a flight of steps an fractured my left wrist My surgeon had wrote me medication for my wrist which were Norco 7.5/325 the same medication my primary physician had wrote me as well. I went to the pharmacy to see if the medicine I got from my surgeon could be filled and when I could fill it because I didn’t want to get into any trouble they told me to just hold the prescription until the end of the month and the would fill it for me.I have chronic back pain, lumbar disk disease, gerd, copd, an anxiety disorder. I was going to a pain clinic in Lexington Kentucky to see about have the back stimulator put into my back to help relieve my back pain but my primary physician talk me out of having it done he said it was a money scam an would not help my pain an that he would give me my pain medicine I needed so I did not return to the pain clinic. My primary physician has dismissed me as his patient not giving me time to seek other medical help for my other medical problems. I received no letter from this physician dismissing me as his patient he did refer me to a pain clinic but because of the report he sent to the that I was only seeking pain medicine they refused my as a patient. I had to call the hospital an ask for a copy of my medical records this is how I was able to find out what my physician has said about me. I’m so hurt and confused I just don’t know what to do I have been labeled as a drug seeker and drug addict. I did find another local clinic on my own where I can get my other medication. I’m a 60 year old women who had never abused my medication, my primary physician was so rude to me he would not listen to anything I had to say I’m lost right now I don’t know where I will ever find another doctor who won’t look at me as a drug addict I live in a very small community where there is only 3 local doctors I have no mean of transportation I feel so hurt an abused by what has happened to me I a very proud person who had a good reputation in my community and like by everyone. If I did anything wrong I truly didn’t mean to and now I don’t know how to fix it. I feel that I may have to move to a different state just to get the medical help I need what can I do.

  141. Bridget says:

    I was called a slut as a result of an abortion, then he cut me off my anxiety meds during the abortion. He was really nice when i was celibate as ” people like me shouldn’t breed”. I used to have a drug problem, and criminal past years ago. He said I made him ” sad”. Very cruel man.

    • Bridget says:

      He also had his nurse, MA lie to me about 290 cholesterol results and when I asked her why I was not ” good enough” to treat ( I live in Lyons Colorado, very rich and sophisticated), she said ” I’m just the messenger, he told me to say that”.
      I got the results from another clinic who let me know I was not being treated fairly.

      • Bridget says:

        He told me the AMA and BOARD would never believe someone like me. He was right. I have 3.5 months to live as a result of his hiding deadly kidney results from me, as I have no insurance and would be too expensive too treat. I am scared and ashamed ( of my low life ways)of doctors now. I have not stopped crying since I discovered this very recently

  142. Stevie says:

    I went into the hospital because I was an infection in my blood stream, a month before I was treated for the same thing and it was not resolved… I was admitted to the hospital last time and I was also admitted to the hospital a few days ago…..when I was in the hospital before the only person who came to visit me was my boyfriend…. Now I should mention that I am an active drug user but when Im in the hospital I always suck it upand detox myself with nothing….today this doctor not only comes in and switches all my medication he tells me that my boyfriend is not allowed in the hospital and that he is not going to give me any of my medication until he is gone….my boyfriend has done nothing but been supportive. He does not use drugs but because I do, we are both being discriminated against…is there any legal action I can take? And if so what? Thank you for listening

  143. Margaret Schlecht says:

    I have a failed back surgery. I am in tremendous pain everyday of my life. It extends to all areas of my life. On my last dr visits my doctor actually called me an addict. I have only ever gone to one pharmacy, one doctor( no dr shopping) taken my Rx as prescribed. My doctor will not prescribe a long term remediation for me. I have done nothing wrong. All I want is to be able to have relief, I don’t “get high” on my prescriptions, nor do come anywhere close to achieving full pain relief. I have been profiled because I am in obamacare and my injury stems from an accident. Medical won’t pay if there is a potential suit. My pain is so tremdous, I am lucky to get a few hours of sleep at any time. Family and friends do not want to help me. I am so alone. If my trusted advocate and long time dr has no compassion, then who can I trust. Sometimes he seems genuinely nice. Other times I almost feel he treats me like a criminal & then I have to pay for waiting 3 hours and degradation & humiliation. I am a GOOD person. I follow the rules.if ear pain mess we’re not developed for pain patients, what are they for. I think they judge me by my appearance and the fact I’m on medi-cal. Help me please. I need a compassionate pain specialist.
    Thank you, mother in agony.

  144. Dorothy Newman says:

    I was seen at urgent care for a lump under the skin and I have bad teeth and the doctor said very loud while the door was open so every person around heard her say you must be on meth really I have bad teeth because of not taking care and brushing them. It hurts me to be treated like this. I was told that the lump was most likely a lymthnod to wait a month and see if it goes away. I just feel lost at this point.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I am so sorry Dorothy. ER and urgent care docs are suffering and many are low on empathy. Don’t take it personally. It says more about their mental state than it does about you. Hugs from Oregon <3

  145. Teresa Robbins says:

    My daughter Lauren just was seen by a Dr.Davis in Hermann Mo. for something not related to the comment he made to her directly..He said have you thought about weight loss surgery for being obese. It through my daughter off guard for a second, she came back with I’m healthy and told him he was unprofessional and she wasn’t their to be seen by him anyways..To keep a long story short this quack had my daughter taken from me awhile back because he said I wasn’t taking care of her diabetes when she was a teenager.. She was in 2 foster Homes. First one was a nightmare from hell…removed after me fighting with D.F.S worker and then placed into a good foster home …I fought tooth and nail and got her 2 months and 2 weeks from the day she was taken from me in the hospital…The judge and my lawyer helped me get my daughter back…This Doctor falsely accused me of medical neglect and yet he still practices medicine…and I proved I knew my stuff about diabetes. It forever scarred my daughter and angered me…I didn’t have anger issues till I had to go up against D.F.S and this quack that calls himself a doctor…I had to anger management classes and jump through hoops to get her back and I promised I wouldn”t stop till I got her back and then I joined an advocacy group to help those who are falsely accused and kid’s being taken needlessly from homes.. This doctor is just very lucky to still have his licence….a mother who’s angry with the system…..

  146. Roy Riddell says:

    My name is Roy ,I’ve had 10 back surgery and 2 neck , because I had a doctor that the dea charged with over prescribing ,he was a great doctor.I couldn’t find another doctor to treat my as I find now I’m proved just by that ,

  147. Teresa Thurston says:

    I have been having migrains forever. Since my 4th c section I have been having bad pains with my stomach. My potassium drops as well as my count. I had been to hospital a few times. Florida hospital in ormand beach Florida called my doctor from nj who not only confirmed I was not a drug addicted but also confirm he prescribe me pain medication himself. After this Florida hospital in ormand gave me pain meds. Now I live in Orlando I have been twice to Florida hospital they have accused me of requesting pain meds by name. Which is not true. Because of there lies I recorded my last visit. Again they accused me of being a drug addicted. Only this time I recorded it. My finance who a narcotics detective for Orlando police calls the hospital to get answers. He said he listened as the nurse claims I requested pain meds by name. She also claims I refused test. She also claims I ripped my IV out. All not true the video shows this. When my finance told the charge nurse there was video she said was very nervous. He said he will be given a copy to hospital administrative personal. She then said it wasn’t necessary. He said it is. Cause he shouldn’t have had to drive me 2 hours away to another hospital who by the way has the same sustem and is the same hospital. This is cruel and unusual. It wrong.

  148. Susan Mills says:

    My doctor received a voicemail from my sister 500 miles away she lied and said on the voicemail that i sold her daughter which whom i raised since she was a baby she yold him i gave her a bunch of my pain medication and she was overdosing well he really didn’t believe that because he said why wouldn’t she be calling 911 but she threatened to call the medical Board on him if he kept me as a patien so he was arranged of losing his license so he dropped me as a patient even though i had already told him when.i first started seeing him how she always harnessed me and she always causes drama but he still dropped me now i find another doctor my question is this is he legally allowed to do this to me ? Please Help

  149. Frank Hartmann says:

    10 years ago during a routine blood test I tested positive for Hep-C. I never used drugs or engaged in risky behavior-married to same woman since high school. I had a blood transfusion when I was in the military service. I took the peg intron treatment and have been free of the live virus for 9 years. I never got over the side effects! I have anxiety and depression-I had two heart attacks and a back injury in 1985 started getting so painful I had to be put on pain treatment. After I asked for help getting off of the pain meds because when I tried to do it on my own and couldn’t my primary care doctor now labeled me as an addict after I stupiodly told him. NOw wherever I go for an explanation of why I feel so bad the doctors assume I am seeking drugs even tohugh i explicity tell them i am not! Most physicians now practically kick me out of there offices. I saw a rheumatologist yesterday who wouldn’t even shake my hand. Alkl of my labs indicate a high ana, anemia, low hemoglobin, testosterone. I have documented spinal stenosis and my PHD psychologist tells me he can find no mental disease other than depression for the way I feel likely triggered by the interferon. Because of my heart medicine I cannot take benzodiazopines or even anti-depressants! The ones they tried I was naive-the ones that worked cause my liver to flare up as I am stage 3 for fibrosis. I feel like I am dying and no one can or will help me! NOw i am profiled as an addict when just the opposite is the case. I never asked for pain medicine-it was freely offered. ONly until i asked for help getting off them did things go wrong. I believe I will get a fake ID and start over and never be honest with my doctors again.

  150. Connie Christenson says:

    In 2007 I started visiting the doctors office on a regular basis for extreme fatigue, weight gain, body aches, cold all the time, not sleeping, mental fogginess, short term memory loss, dry itchy skin, hair loss at hairline, edema, and other various symptoms. The doctor kept doing tests and then diagnosing me as depressed. After about a year and almost losing my administrative job my doctor was on vacation and another doctor tested me for hypothyroidism. The TSH test came back as 29.5 and a real normal range would be at the highest 3.0. Soon after I also was diagnosed with Invasive breast cancer. A few years after chemotheraphy and other treatments including mastectomy of one breast I changed insurance and immediately the new doctor started telling me I was depressed again without even seeing her for symptoms of depression. I believe the doctors not only profile, but your misdiagnosis follows you along with your file.

  151. Mike Roskamp says:

    How can I get a hold of Dr Pamela Wible? I am a family man who is losing everything very quickly because of being stereotyped as a drug seeking piece of garbage. I have now been off work with out pay for a month. I’m going to lose my family, my job, everything I care for. I’m at a loss. Help!!! I have had three surgeons tell me ms back issues is not operable. Manage the pain. But then to gave a dr who is opposed to pain meds come and tAke them from me and say ” try to be optimistic ‘ and let your brain overcome the pain. Is insanity. I’ll die like this. And the depression is unbearable. I’ll travel to the end of the world for help.

  152. tony says:

    ok i take pain meds for pain not prescibed by doc no insurance ok besides the point.when i dont got or can get i eat over counter meds useally around 5 to 8 thousand milligram a day just to work im a mecanic hard work very important work i keep the world being able to go to work so iam needed. any who i cant smoke pot and go to work no more i get lazy unless it is the cronic stuff a hit here and there but it cost to much ok its not about me its my freind he just got cut off he has hepatitise b stage 4 mild seroses liver problems degenarative disease and neck issuse from reck wat the heck it is nuts doc busted him for pot and i no him he dont smoke to get ripped onlo for pain when out off meds . so wat we kill our self to get rip of pain or wat me i no wont die yet i got a good woman and kid but cant work but few days aweek not able to support them so i have them stay with her mother 3 hours away not fun i was suporrting them but at the cost of 100 dollars day in pain meds of the street . u no life is short its a shame we the real needy have to suffer . hay all just feelings ive got and issues i can deal with it but not my buddy. and to the 20yrs oregon md known as pamela wible i commend you for what you said and i do got your number to give to my freind so he may use it in the future if need be. some of my spelling is bad i have problems to sorry all thank you world for listening amen.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      We are all in this together Tony. Don’t give up hope. I’m working 24/7/365 to help doctors be real healers again. We’ve all been abused by this sick medical system too long. Bless you my friend . . . Hang in there . . .

  153. William says:

    I’m so frustrated. I went for pre-employment screening just the other day. I have never been made to feel more ashamed, to be made to feel as if I was nothing more than a street addict.
    This screening included drug screen, hearing test and what they called a physical. During the 10 minutes the doctor inquired why I was taking the medications, which were hydrocodone 10/325 4a day, zanaflex 3 a day and lucynta at night. I barely was able to say that I had AR, when he said he was concerned that my treatment was quite disturbing to him, that I was taking narcotics and had gone from nothing strait to narcotics. This man has no clue about my medical history at all, not what I have done prior to get to where I am. To be brief my job history includes paramedic, fire department, and now for the past 20 years I have worked with our local sheriff’s office. The new job is basically exactly what I do now/supervisor in communications, I’m just migrating with our offices communications to the newly formed emergency communications district.
    A brief medical history, ra, degenerative disk disease, bone spurs in the spinal column,dishydrosys, bone spurs on my heels one of which causes micro tears in my Achilles tendon
    Floating patella, bulging disk,ankylosing spondylitus?, migraine(diagnosed by Neuro as cluster migraine). I have had mri after mri so many cat scans and xrays I should glow. I have had surgical consults(which the 6I have had all say now is not the time, the most recent was 5 months ago and she said she thought the best cost of treatment Was what I was doing)

    But this Dr knew it all….of course he never let me speak, he just spoke to me like I shouldn’t be allowed to work, like I was a drug seeker and a bother to him, even though he said at the end he was just concerned for my well being, he has no clue that while yes I have been on pain management I don’t take the meds as prescribed, sometimes I can deal with the pain, but in the total time I’ve been on my treatment plan I never asked for an increase in any of my medications…
    I don’t get why some docs have this type of attitude, and how they can talk to people in such a degrading tone as to make a person feel like sum….thank you for listening

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Doctors are abused slaves to be blunt. This may explain things William (watch these 3 brief videos) ==>

      • William says:

        I do understand what they go through.I have witnessed first hand, but are you saying, that the way I was made to feel, the attitude I was subjected to isn’t his fault? So I should just understand? Not to sound crass but I have worked in some very high stress high violent jobs, and no matter how I felt the people I was there for were the most important people to me at that moment, I couldn’t bring myself to openly degrade a person. Yes I know med school is no cakewalk, I have many physicians friends I’ve worked for some of them and they never made anyone feel worse about their situations. …mind you I may have missed the point you were getting at, but this particular doc does nothing but this type of work, no pvt practice, no group practice, this is all he does…I will be the first to apologize if I misunderstood where you were going.

        • Pamela Wible MD says:

          Certainly all people are responsible for the words that come out of their mouths, their actions and inactions. I am simply giving the backstory. None of these doctors went into medicine to injure their patients. We wanted to be healers. In the process many, many of us have been wounded and we have not been allowed to even seek help without punishment and loss of license. Sick, sick system:

          • William says:

            I absolutely agree….the system as it is now has lost sight, the old saying of “physician heal thyself” has been amended to include…”after”, but after what? They retire? Die?… However, I have also witnessed a strong resentment toward the specialty of pain management by some GP’s who I believe, think it is removing them from their overall treatment of the patient, or in the case of some, they just do not believe in pain management. I don’t know what the answer, what do you say to a physician who does this, especially when the can prevent you from gaining employment? How do you deal with the one you have no choice but to see?

      • Dee says:

        How to get down to the source of my 3 year olds behaviors after dental surgery almost 18 months ago. He said the anesthesiologist hurt him but the hospital said they did nothing wrong. Is it too late to do a police report? I am like a pit bull on this one. He is most important besides Christ and our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit. I trust God as I walk this out. Very unfortunate situation. Providing a sense of safety for us has always been a priority. Legal advice? His telling me what happened has started since the day they brought him to me from surgery and then he was 2 years old. Part if my our worst nightmare. Trusting and releasing my faith to find out about everything. Making sure he is healthy and a great edition to society is a priority. Sound and efficient advice is needed. No slights toward us pls. Thx.

  154. J.J. Whittle says:

    Gee Whiz, Thank you Dr. Wible, thank you. And to everyone who posted of their awful treatment, thank you, too. My heart is with you.
    Five years with an undiagnosed leg problem (who has time to really help & think outside the box; no doctor I’ve met) more painful than I can convey, 24/7, a life not possible without pain medication and heck, I DO look like a drug addict. At age 50, when this started, folks said I looked 35; Now, at 55, I look closer to 65. I have begged doctors to help diagnose me so I never have to take another pain pill again (yet I need them to live, drowning in ironies). Only those who live with the chronic pain/pain med stigma (& whoa be to the undiagnosed-malingering, anyone?) could ever understand the abject terror we endure at the thought of losing our lifeline. Where I go I’m treated terribly, yet I sit, afraid to breathe, terrified I’ll hear, “We can’t help you anymore.” The end of J.J. Period. And in two years, no one has ever asked me a single question about my legs. Not once.
    I would, literally, give up my every possession (yes, even my Linda Ronstadt collection) to have a doctor that would, as needed, prescribe the medication I must have without the judgment that hurts so deeply, while truly working to help me – researching, thinking outside the box, working with me, to try and figure out what is causing this pain and what, if anything, can be done about – sans pain pills. But, therein lies the problem to which I can no longer even imagine a solution.
    Again, I want to thank you, Dr. Wible, and all of those here for sharing your stories and pain.

  155. Tabitha Gladfelter says:

    my doctor failed to write me my prescriptions due to the fact that I had recently been put on the methadone program I have only been on it for a month.this doctor who’s name is Dr. Chula Soo Kwon,has been treating patients that are on the methadone program and have been on the methadone program for years but when I came to my 10:30 am. Appointment today September.28,2015. I handed him a piece of paper that my psychiatrist was supposed to fill out well, when he saw the name of the methadone clinic. he then said he is not going to fill out my paperwork because of the name of the methadone clinic that I am on, he said this place is very dishonest and is non trustworthyand he also refused to write me my prescription 4 tegretol alprazolam and Paxiland told my counselor after I had already called her and got her on the phone, he said this would be the last time that he was see and treat me. Mean while he treats plenty of patience we were on the methadone program, every time I go to my doctors appointment with this doctor Kwon, these patients are always nodding out and some are pregnant. I have informed him of many things but he chooses to ignore them. So bc I just got on the methadone program he refuses to see and treat my or write my prescriptions any longer and I have never not a nodded out in his office, I have never abused my medication and take my medicine as directed. This doctor needs to be brought down nd have him medical license revoked. she basically made it clear to me that he treats patients that abused methadone and not out in his waiting room as well as not out in front of my 5 year old daughter when I go to my doctors appointments.. so he’s basically saying if I’m on the methadone program and I’m not and I repeat NOT nodding out then he will not treat me so in other words I have to be nodding out and I’m using my methadone in order for him to write me prescriptions that I have been taken for over 3years now. he has a crooked doctor he is prescribing prescriptions to the wrong people for the wrong reasons, I have done everything in my path to do what I’m supposed to do as far as being on my medication goes. the only reasonI got on the methadone is bc I’m on probation and this is part of the rules and regulations of Wat I need to do in order to stay out of jail. I even went to that extent of explaining to him y I even had to get on methadone but he refuses to listen and is sticking by him desicion..

  156. Sarah says:

    Yea doctors treat me like shit all the time…

    Tore ACL when I was 16, doctors in e.r. kept telling me it’s a sprain… After 6 months of me going in daily finally took me for a MRI telling me they would find nothing..
    ACL completely ruptured and damage to cartilage in knee cap. They took another year to get me a surgeon who bruised my entire leg somehow doing 4 small inscisions in my knee, to do the surgery. And entire leg was in Agonizing pain for next 5 years (I’ve gotten to point where I ignore the pain now but still feel it), where he told me the pain is all in my head and I need anti depressants to deal with it.

    Even now, I have been undergoing stress for past 4 years, and have chronic fatigue, tight squeezing in chest, on top of a myriad of other symptoms all the time,
    And all I am ever told by doctors, “what do you want me to do about it?”
    It’s like they just want people to kill themselves so they don’t have to deal with it!

  157. yohonna fields says:

    I too have been RACIALLY PROFILED by a physician.I went to the E.R. due to chronic bronchitis and was pending a major surgery in 2 weeks. My usual meds for recovery are antibiotics and cough supressant.Works like a charm. UNFORTUNATELY a student resident asked me..Of the two medicines which one makes you “feel” better?I complained to the nurse manager and she assured me that she was only doing her job because some people come to the E.R. drug-seeking! They told me to go home.Take some robitussin and in 2weeks I had surgery and wound up in ICU due to the bronchitis being mis-managed.

  158. colt davis says:

    let’s say my high risk 4 month pregnant wife went into the ER due to a problem with the baby. they found out that the baby’s heart rate was WAY to high, so they gave her a risky medicine that could possibly kill her. the baby is fine but when we were getting discharged from the hospital she was profiled as a bad mother. and it is stressing her out beyond the point of normality. is there anything i can do leagaly to make this hospital stop doing these things? this is not the first time that this hospital has done something screwed up to my family and other family’s. i want to put a stop to this i just don’t know how. i believe if they actually cared about people my aunt would still be alive, and my wife would be non-stressed, and my wife’s uncle would still be alive as-well. In Law and Order SVU, if a rape victim refuses to disclose or go on the stand, that raper will rape again he has to be stopped now right? this apply’s to this hospital in Panama City FL. just minus the rape.

  159. Tyler says:

    I was wondering if you could advise me. My pcp pushed me to urology and they haven’t given me hope. I recently heard of prostatitis and I can’t see my doctor or urologist for a month. Should I goto the er? I’ve already called and they won’t tell me anything.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Can’t give medical advice unless I am seeing you as a patient. I would say that if you are concerned to continue to seek help. Having a good family doc to oversee your situation is essential. Lifesaving.

  160. Jason Frerichs says:

    The anti-vaxxer is not only an uneducated moron, she is a terrible mother. I side with the doctor on that one.

  161. William Rogers says:

    Firestorm: I’m a Ph.D. in both [Bioengineering and Psychobiology.] Used to be member of an organization, United States, that was quite helpful keeping up with latest needed info. However, became very upset when many of my fellow docs felt the need to inform the rest of us ‘what to look for’ to tell if a patient was lying’. I called and wrote to the seemingly ‘leader’ of that group who’s mindset was, to me, unacceptable. I simply relayed to him that he must make up his mind whether he wants to be a doctor or a policeman; he cannot be both. His response was ‘angry and almost out of control’. He made a considerable effort to besmirch my reputation–to the point of possibly being ‘unstable’. Luckily for me my ‘reputation had been set in concrete worldwide years ago; consequently, he began receiving communications from a number of unimpeachable sources advising him to ‘back off and apologize immediately. He did apologize completely. I, of course, accepted. Point basically is –there still remains a large percentage of ‘doctors of mind and body’ who continue to not quite understand the primary purpose of what they do. They continue to ‘run around’as unauthorized police authorities. And in the doing so, ruin many peoples lives. I have more pressing things to worry about now….but, from time to time, I still am motivated to ‘correct’ or ‘redirect’ docs who treat their patients as ‘the enemy’ And I’m not so nice now.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      I never wanted to be police officer. I wanted to be a healer. That’s why I went to med school.

  162. vaunda says:

    I am 24 years of age before another doctor took over my clinic I was being prescribed pain medication for my back I have been to a kyropracter and had been going to every appointment until my medicaid was cut off I was diagnosed with spinal degenerative disease and sever arthritis along with a disalignmemt he recomened me to a pain clinic but as I said my medicaid was cut off and the pain clinic cost far to much Ithe new doctor that took over my clinic say at my age I should just be able to take some tylynol and go on I am a mother of two and the pain causes limits to the things I can do with my children and a time limit before I finally start hurting and can’t go anymore what should I do and where can I go to get a doctor to run the tests that are needed to prove I am not a drug seeker and am genuinelygenuinely pain. To the point it efwects my life with my children and in my work place

  163. Penelope says:

    I was horribly profiled by several doctors as social workers. During the height of a crippling nervous breakdown, I was refused AL benzodiazopines and told I was an addict. I was practically foaming at the mouth but was told by so called professionals to drink camomile tea, listen to music and go to a spa!!!!!!. I finally found a doctor who gives me the meds I need and I finally live a pro ductile live.

  164. Filiz says:

    My toddler has been sick for over a year and our hospital has flagged me as an anxious mother, now our second toddler is showing similar symptoms which could mean that it’s connected and no one will take me seriously. We are about to go to the states because our children have several swollen lymph nodes throughout their body and no one wants to do the nessessary testing to see why. Feeling hopeless

  165. Nestor Colone says:

    I had a car accident 15 years ago the impact broke my spine and damage all my nerves to the point that my legs are numbs. I have a spinal cord stimulator, a duson L5- S1 also a morphine pump and still the pain is so bad that coast me seizures, depression, anxiery lack of sleep. Finaly i found a pain management that listen, after he implanted the pump i was using hight dose of pain meds to the point that they were making me sick. I ask the doctor if he can help me to low doses little by little so for six months i reduced on taking oral meds to the point my life started to make sense again. Never fealt so happy in my life. The only meds that i couldnt stop using was the muscle relax soma helped me with uncontrolled muscle movement. I being taking it for 15 years. Because im allergic to many others meds. He got sick and had to go to a operation, the clinic brong a radiologist. From day one he took me from the little meds that i needed to combine with pump. Took me from all meds as one coassing me withdraws, the depression came back i ask him why he did it never gave me an explenation why. Now his refusing to treat me, he see me every month only to give me whatever nedication he feel like it. Im allergic to baclofen and i said no and he still injected inside the pump i tild him a week later that i being having ashma attack three times he let ne waiting until next aopointment. He tooked off the pump and send me home with nothing. all this time I being treated like nothing like addict. When the other doctor was helping me slowly and successfully. What I should do? I wish I can have the privilege on speaking with you to explain you better doctor. This is my number 352-553-3409 please help me.

  166. Kim Moll says:

    BROKEN T-Spine-4-24+YEARS Now; and alo perm./24+Year SEVERE G.I. Chronic Diarrhea/Vomitting/35THIRTY-FIVE-Percent weith loss in last 90 days(I-Quarter ALONE-am I gonna DIE finally?)??!!.HELP~!
    NEW Severe G.I.&Ulingual canal/LT.Testicular hernia and BRAND NEW&SEVERE Bladder LOSS of Anything remotely close to”NORMAL”-It BURNS/Hurts as bad as a BROKEN T-Spine Failed Surgery in 1990&there’s about 100+OTHER Things&Have ALL-ALL Medical records and 47+SURGERIES records from Local/Cleveland Clinic/Mayo-Clinic/Johns Hopkins/Univ. of Mich&FAR More-have OVER 20,000+Pages of medical documents from”1969-“1969-2-PRESENT alone also-I’m a .01%Level patient!!HELP-Plz. don.t let me suddenly DIE after 24+YEARS of dealibng with it and Now is Near AMBULATORY PAIN&PROBLEMS-last 15 Months!!Why wait so long??
    2-Fold.AFRAID&SCARED& NOT seen ‘ Specialists Here NOR Abroad-4-it and suddenly gets like-( is your pain level on scale of 1 to 10&I’d answer NOW-NOW about “25”!!!)..Either plz. help or use Potassium HCL and allow me-2-pass without such EXTREME AGONY-compared to prior 23-24+Years-OR PLZ.HELP!WHOM should I SEE @ Colo.Springs,CO-BUT also BY U.C.-Denver Hospital TOO&Been seen there in mid 90’s-BUT NOT since”!
    Why again? My ‘ PCP CAUSED this with an IMPROPER Prostrate exam and a LOT of J.A.M.A.&Other papers that speak of WRONG LEFT&LEFT ONLY Wrongly done prostrate exam&Leads DIRECTLY to my subsequent problems of Ulinguial Canal Hernia&BIG PAIN&ONLY LT.Testicular pain&LT.HIP-Girdle pain&Upper thigh& Sciatic severe Pain too1!!
    BUT; this ‘ PCP-KNOWS HE&HE alone caused it and Now refuses-2-admit ANY/NO Liability/NO-NO Treatment and NO-NO Help-4-patient-I.E.ME&then even face-2-face THREATS 4X he would NOT “TREAT Problem / Would NOT Help w/problem/Would not REFER-2-NO-ONE for specific problem as it would leave HIM Open to A.M.A.&Colo.M.E.B.and Dr’s Lic.&Would have to’ADMIT Liability that HE&HE ALONE Caused this NEW SEVERE Problem-IF go-2-a specialist,I thus have to tattle-tale on MY PCP DR&Mal-Practice&He’s been prescribing me for over 17+YEARS for my “OTHER 5+Broken Spine &Other Disabilities and HIGH Levels and then I DIE from Sheer SHOCK from 60m.g.QID to ZERO&NO Titration also”!!Ultimate catch 22 type problem-But I NEED HELP&Get fixed-I’m NOT in it for the MEDICATIONS-Just wish-2-B-as pain Free&Problem free as is Possible-(I was PRE-Med@Univ. of Mich w./a 3.97 G.P.A.&Thus EXCEED a LOT-LOT(TOO-Many DR’s Intellect&they don’t like it-I can;t help if their study habits were NOT as good as Mine and had thwe MONEY-2-finish Med.School with a C+ Average”!!!..:(HELP-OR should I just allow self to DIE and Companion Daschund without an owner and DIE TOO?????????????

  167. Michele Townsend says:

    my doctor refused treatment when I disclose that I was does bipolar 2 I had a severe back problem and he refused to treat me for that. this is a chronic condition that requires steroids and I never asked for any pain medicine

  168. Annon says:

    My former doctor profiled me as a pervert. I was referred to her by my regular doctor after admitting to him that Id had an acute single episode of major depression after a sudden divorce. When i saw her for a pap smear and gyn checkup she molested me in several ways right on the examination table. I was in “stunned” mode while it was happening and was speachless. Directly after i left her office and called my old roommate to tell her what happened. She told me to file charges. I did. I was interviewed by three LE detectives and filed a complaint againster with the ama and nmc. Then I tried to get a lawyer but no one wanted to go after a doctor. So I posted a detailed testimony on yelp. I even encouraged her to sue me if she thought i was lying. Nothing happened. Until later.
    As I saw ofher new doctors in different sttes after i moved for work and school I began to notice being yelled at, doctors avoiding touching me, actin nervous when they asked me to remove clothing, not treating me. I had been turned down for gyn appointment sight unseen by doctors for no reason. They just refused to see me. One doctor even crossed to the other side of the room when I tried to show him a surgery scar near my chest (one site of the molestation). I get the side eye from too many new doctors to think this is just a coincidence. I think the offending gyn has doxed me to the medical community and the simple minded responders dont think its even remotely possible that She is the pervert and not me. Disgusted.

  169. Tina says:

    Maybe someone can help. Several years ago i suffered a spinal cord injury along with brain and nerve damage. My current neurologists had been pretty good to me. Although i suffer much pain bc of my injuries. I recently had to see a different dr. And he insists that even though i have the injuries that i do that i have conversion disorder and my symptoms are not real. Medical evidence is there but now my neurologist is treating me different and so is my pcp bc this other dr stated the crazy diagnosis.

  170. Melissa says:

    I need help as quick as you are available to give me advice.
    I have a friend that has been going through the worst time trying to get her brother help. He has been in and out of the hospital, (mostly in) since July. They are both from Louisiana. She has lived her for some time, but she got her younger brother to help him out and get on his feet. He was here for three days when he feel awfully ill. She took him to a nearby hospital here, where he stayed for a couple of weeks. His liver was bad they told him, but they couldn’t tell what it was. They said that there was not a lot they could do for him, because he didn’t have insurance. they kept him there and had him on pain medicine then saw that he had fluid in his liver after a couple of days. They didn’t want to drain it because he didn’t have insurance. His sister is his only family taking care of him, and she had to fight for them to drain his liver. They could not tell her what was wrong with him, just kept saying there was nothing they could do , “really” she wanted to take him somewhere else so they could get help because they were being awful to her, and her brother. After almost a month in the hospital, they sent him home, saying that he was just constipated. after a day of being back at home, his stomach started to get big and hard. He was not able to keep anything down. they go to the ER, but they send her someone where else saying there is nothing they can do. She can not get answers from anyone. He obviously is unable to work, so he cant get on insurance, but they wont give him Medicaid because he is not a Texas resident. He has to have something in his name to prove he lives here, and back around in a circle to impossibilities. After almost giving up hope and stressed, and angry beyond belief, they are able to get into a hospital. They seem a bit more willing to help, but still not much of it due to the fact that he does not have insurance. After a few weeks in the hospital, they find a tumor in his stomach. Once they found it, they told his sister there is nothing they could do and had HOSPICE Call her. She said she wanted a second opinion, they told her, “If you want to try that, you can, but it will only be a waste of time.” “A WASTE OF TIME” This is a 26 year old BOY. He came to Texas so that he could better him self. He is in no way a waste of time. They will not operate on him. They have told her several times there is nothing they can do. HOSPICE has called her everyday. If they would have ran the proper test, this would have been caught in time. The physicians told her that they may have been able to do something a few months ago… HE GOT HERE IN JULY! She has asked everyone what she can do to get help. who can she talk to, HOW SHE CAN KEEP HER 26 YEAR OLD LITTLE BROTHER ALIVE, and no one has answers. they can figure out whats wrong with him because they wont run the test, because he doesn’t have insurance. He cant get the type of insurance that he may qualify for because he does not have a diagnosis. She lost her mom in 2008 from breast cancer. Her family does not care for her because they think she is stuck up, because she came to Texas to get a degree, a better job, to look for better opportunity.Please someone help me find the help. Dallas, TX is where we live. If you have read through this entire communication, thank you. I know that i am writing this with too much anger in my heart for most of it to make since, and not be so wordy. This young man has been profiled has been mistreated and profiled on so many levels. He is too week to fight, but he is been treated as if he is ignorant. a young black man from Louisiana, with no address. He hasn’t been able to keep anything down, so his face has started to sink. So now hes a young black man from Louisiana, with no address, who is more than likely an addict. My heart breaks that this is something that “just happens” that “there nothing we can do” There is plenty of opportunity out there.

    in 2011 i was in the hospital for two weeks because of shortness of breath.the first week they treated me with oxygen, and pneumonia medication. after a week they sent me home. i was back after the weekend. they treated me again for some allergy. Both times i was put in ICU. The second time they cut me open and did a biopsy of the tissue in my lungs. I got better, but everything came back as an allergy, but were never able to tell me what. I did not have insurance, not did i have a job. I do understand that since 2011 ‘Obama care’ was put in place. However, while i was in the hospital, i witnessed sick people being profiled so many times. A man collapsed on the floor, and passed out and the front desk receptionist, SLAPPED him and told him to get up. It was fine though because it was overheard that he was an addict. This is not justice. He fight harder for dogs to keep from being euthanize than we do for our people. Yes i am an animal lover. I love my animals like i do my 8 year old son.

    My brother had testicular cancer at the age of 26. there were several hospitals that would’t take him, in fact some that even told him that no one would do anything that he would just have to let it play out. We were gracious enough to find someone. I feel like we were able to anything because we are not judged as soon as someone sees that we look like nice white folks.

    Please someone help me get him the help he needs. Who do i speak with to ask what his rights are as a patient, regardless of insurance? They told him he is not allowed to have his medical records until he is discharged, but did not give him any other information of other options. Its almost as if because of the semantics of the questions he is asking they are answering according to those words. They refuse to help him with other options.we have called our 211 local line. (the number where you’re able to get information for government help.) She is beating her head against the wall with all of this, and i just want to see her get some relief. Please please help me. My heart is broken for her. Shes already lost her mother. She was worried about her brother everyday with him being in Louisiana, not knowing where he was going to be from day to day. She cant lose him altogether.

    Thank you for your love and support.
    God Bless you all

  171. Chris says:

    I’m unsure where to begin so here goes I was born in 1981 and was a 23hour baby only power napping which I still do.I have been on massive amounts of different medication and suffer with ocd bipolar and addictive personality. In 2011 after battling alcohol and drug addictions I put myself into detox and almost 4 years on I am still clean. My concern is that I have recently been taken off my medication without warning and am being told that they were only supposed to be prescribed for 6 months so iv been taken medication for almost 3 and half years without any professional questioning it and were still prescribing me these.I don’t know what actions to take regarding this and feel the system has abused me and left me swapping maybe one addiction for another

  172. James Wood says:

    I am not sure if I was profiled or just criminally treated. I was first turned away for healthcare then diagnosed at a hospital but referred to a primary who suppressed the diagnosis and treatment including pain management. I switched primary doctors only to have this continue. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hypertension. To this day 2 years later I am not being treated for either and in fact was being given drugs that greatly increased my risk of stroke and heart attack, both ibuprofen and naproxen. I had just found recently this diagnosis of RA and high-blood pressure while going through my medical records. I was in fact diagnosed with gout nearly 15 years ago but then told after 2 years that I was a special patient and that I was cured. My rheumatologist said I had gout and now osteoarthritis but still not RA, nothing in writing, and not a peep about my hypertension. Fortunately for me I went to social security who wrote me a good note after seeing their orthopedic physician declaring me severely and permanently disabled but was mis-placed on SSI and not RSDI which affected my back pay of $22,000 of which now after a year I have not seen fully paid.

  173. heide says:

    I went to a pain management doctor for 6 months. The last timethey said I had some other drug in me,so I went to my primary doctor and had anotherurine test,that said I had nothing in my system. So now I cant get any help from a doctor because of this, Am I redflaged ?

  174. kelly says:

    I have a past with opiates I have horible back issues and opiates did become a problem. I decided to get on methadone I have the same Dr. that I had when I was on lortab. I have not abused opiates in almost a year no ers noyhing I now have a large herniation in my disk along with sciatic nerve pain . I cant eat sleep walk cook dinner so on and so on. i am in Pain he refuses to prsribe pain meds temporarily until the pain becomes under control or sighn a doctors note that I cannot work. I will lose my medicaid for me and my son and food stamps can he do this? is this really fair to be made to suffer? thank you

  175. Carol says:

    Please Help!! I know I have been a victim of patient profile!! I’m at my wits end & contemplating suicide . I’m so frustrated & tired of being told there’s nothing wrong with me !!!! Then why was a pain management doctor seeing more 6 years and then released me of his care for missing an appointment & that he no longer would take my insurance (state insurance) that he only seen me as a courtesy!! For 6 years!!! Never had a failed drug test . So I found a new pain management doctor a few months later . My first visit I had a urine drug test done , I left my sample on the back of toilet set as ordered . I left the visit with schedule procedures. I was back to the office about a half hour later that my sample was in the trash!!! That maybe another patient or patients children may have thrown out . So I rush back to give a new same . 4 months later I go to my appointment have another urine test , I’m later notifed that I failed my test ! That my test came back positive for cocaine!! I said no way ! The doctor would see me one more time to fill my script one last time , and discharged from his care. So in order to find another pain management doctor in my are that accepts my state insurance I changed my primary doctor . She referred me to a doctor 45 minutes away , he immediately told me before I could speak that he received my records from previous doctor. That he was not going to prescribe any medications. He would let me explain my situation, he would give me any kind of drug screening . Or a pain management contract ! He said he could schedule me for injections the following week & give me a list of clinics for my drug addiction!! I was livid , I walked out . He later sent a message to my primary that I refused a drug screening, I refused to sign a contract, I refused all suggestions!! That’s a crock of shit!!! Please help I don’t know what to do !!!! 224-325-2494. Help before its to late, I beg you or anyone to please help!!! Thank you!

  176. Rocky says:

    I was in a horrible car accident the other day. A state trooper ran a red light t-boning us. When medics arrived,we were ignored and the saint of a man state trooper was quickly cared for. I’ve been to the hospital twice now since the accident which was bad enough to make the evening news. I am a recovering addict and I take methadone. I’ve made it clear that I’m not a drug seeker. I have a head injury and I’m sure I have some nerve damage because my back hurts and my feet are numb.Every time I’ve been to the hospital (Witham in Lebanon Indiana) the doctors have not done anything but give me shit about being on methadone. Not one has examined me. Keep telling me I’m fine. I have had a headache that makes me loose control of my body.
    I’m no longer an addict. I’m not a bad person. This is not fair. I can not get any care and I’m miserable. I did nothing wrong. I was hurt by an asshole cop.
    I’m so mad

  177. David Buckner says:

    I am a 100% service-connected diasabled veteran. As a veteran, you are often treated according to specific symptoms, and not necessarily specific illnesses or injuries. My arm and back pain have recently been attributed to bulging discs in my cerevical spine. During the MRI evaluation, the Radiologist noted that she saw a growth on one of my kidneys, a condition which my mother had when she died. My doctor noted the spinal problem, but did not address the kidney since that wasn’t the reason for the MRI. Nor was the mass in my left lung since Iam not a smoker. Good thing these things can’t be the cause of shortness of breath or pain in my left side. We often get misdiagnosed or mistreated due to bias on the part of the system, not necessarily the doctor.

  178. Gracele sacco says:

    I arrived at the Emergancy room almost dead I had a hard day at home and went for a glass of wine.I couldn’t find the corkscrew and proceeded to open the bottle with a knife and a hammer ive done it like this before I didn’t expect the bottle to break and my wrist to be sliced in half causing me to loose tons of blood the emt got to my apartment and started working on me I was dying they ask me several times if I tried killing myself and because I didn’t have insurance they were arguing about where to take me when I got to the emergency room they sent in lady to collect insurance information and the emt and doc where fighting in hallway about me and why did they bring a patient in with no insurance that Tryed to kill herself I had a blood pressure cuff around my arm while they left my writs wide open to discuss what they thought happened even though I told them over and over they were very rude to me and I got horrible care they would not give me anything for pain and released me as soon as they could get my blood pressure back up the worst visit I’ve ever had

  179. Janice downs says:

    I have had disk diseases for about 8 years I’ve had back surgery an shots and doctors til one day I found a doctor who gave me enough pain medication to get me threw my days still in pain but I could deal with, until last year he retired an a knew doctor took his place now they hold my medications over my head drug testing me over an over my insurance was paying now I’m getting charged more an more an told if I can’t pay then I won’t get my medications , how many drug test is enough when you have pass everyone for every drug known you have mri showing you have a liget problem an can’t afford to pay a doctor who only takes your pea an hands you a peace of paper every month, something has got to be wrong when a doctor has tested you so many times an you feel like you are being treated like you are going to a drug dealer every month, to doctors that has seen you for years then they say if you don’t take the test then find another dr. I get so nervous going to my pain management maybe buying your medication on the streets would be more beneficial , then at least you would have the respect these drs. For get that there is real people out here that need their help an the act more like drug dealers than doctors. What are people going to do? I hope that someday someone will read these requests for help an do something for all the people out there trying to live right an live without pain .I no there is plenty of people out there that are addicted an is a real problem but treating everyone like that is not fair an their is a lot more people who is in çronic pain that needs their medication just to live, WHAT ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE..

  180. Taylor Boyd says:

    I had my daughter when I was 19 years old, on March 1st 2014. She was full term and perfectly healthy, just a little on the small side. We were on medicaid, because of our low income at the time so we found a doctor that accepted it. She was a decent enough obgyn, but she was out of town and was not present for the birth which I hear is quite common. Her on call doctor is who showed up to deliver my child. I had been leaking a very small amount of amniotic fluid but nobody at the hospital seemed concerned. The minute the replacement doctor showed up he took one look at me and decided to just give me a c section. I had only been at the hospital about 2 hours, and so far everything was proceeding as normal so this came as a shock to me. I have piercings and tattoos and some long since healed scars from self harm when I was like 12 years old. I’m used to being looked at strangely, but not forced into having surgery because my doctor doesn’t approve of my appearance. He never once gave me a choice, or reason to why he was determined to give me a c section, despite my questioning. He even took my child’s father out in the hallway and told him that I was an unfit mother and I should have my child taken away, he then proceeded to scold him in how he could let me get pregnant, And that he better not ever let it happen again. I was never once given a choice in the matter, I signed no papers to my recollection,but they did the procedure anyways. During the procedure he told me ” oh look at least you have a fat stomach, so you’ll never have to see the scar”. Then he went as far as to call cps on me and tried to have my child removed from my custody. Cps didn’t see anything wrong with myself or my family, so they dropped the case.i made complaints with the hospital and all I ever heard back from them was a thank you for submitting your concerns. He ruined every second of the most special day of my life, all because of the way I looked. I think about it almost every day, and I don’t think I will ever go to the hospital or a doctor ever again. I just can’t even trust them to treat me like a human.

  181. DiDi says:

    So what do you do to stand up for yourself when you’ve been a victim of patient profiling? Please respond.

  182. donna richardson says:

    I was trying to clean my bathroom ceiling and my husband said stay off the ladder he was leaving and I would be alone.then an half hour later I was wiping the ceiling while standing srattling the bath tub and my foot slipped and came right out from under me.ifell hitting my ribs on the side if the tub and when I hit the floor my head hit up after a few minutes and was has in severe pain right side and was having a hard time breathing,my neice took me to the hospital and I sat in the waiting room almost an hour and a half,then when they called my they wanted me to walk to xray I could not stand up and the pain was so bad my neice said she cant walk we need a wheel chair after 10 minutes she didn’t come back so I told my neice I cant stand the pain anymore lets just walk,i went xray and they did a chest xray,not my ribs,then an ekg and blood work,when the doctor came he ask I told him what happened he said blood work ok ekg was okay so lets xray your ribs.he also acted like he didn’t believe me.they gave me a Percocet and amuscle relaxer,i gotalittle relief,but when the doctor if you want to call him that came in he said no breaks and how many percocets did you take today,i said none I didn’t need ant til after I fell.then he proceeds to give a letter from the hospital telling me don’t treat cronic pain pateints there and I would not be given any pain meds to go home.i felt you know what I don’t think I have any words that describe how I felt.iwas almost in tears I told my neice to help me get dressed and get out of here.and I told the nurse I would never come to this hospital again he said he was sorry for how the doctor treated me,there was no blood no bruise showing yet,so all I wanted was drugs.i could say so much more but I wont thank you donna

  183. Deborah says:

    In trying to find a good doctor I could see for my heath care needs. I was profiled as a drug seeker. I am a older woman with back pain a anxiety problems. My first visit I felt attached and mentally abused. I asked to have another doctor appointed to me. Not sure if I will get a new doctor. I am left having to wait and see. I am also on medical assistance.

  184. Jim says:

    I can’t say I personally understand a lot of the issues people suffer on a day to day basis. I’m commenting as a worried brother.

    My older brother is 30. He has battled myriad stomach issues since he was 8 years old and they’ve only grown worse with age. He is in chronic pain. Around 2010 he was put on drugs I think he called endoset and dancetron (sounds like a lame Decepticon). It really worked for him. For the first time in my life, I saw him function like a normal person. He was able to go to college, go to work, be social, he even ran a marathon.

    His doctors then decided that he should be moved off the opioid endoset onto what has been an ever changing list of new drugs.

    My brother, due to his almost inability to function because of the pain had to quit his job, leave school, and move back home so that he could be taken care of by the family.

    I’ve seen him wet his bed some days because the pain of walking to the bathroom is so great.

    He has had doctors ouright tell him that they’ll never consider opioids, and despite his requests no doctors will do any exploratory measures beyond an endoscopy. He has told me countless times that he’d rathet have his stomach removed and suffer those consequences than continue to live with the pain.

    Recently, he’s gotten very depressed because of his inability to function. He’s been seeing a therapist, but I am very worried that he may do something drastic or suffer some sort of melt-down if this persists.

    I’ve no idea how to help.

  185. shane lambert says:

    My son in law has bad asthma and the ER told him last night he can’t come back he goes to ER to much. He has blue cross blue shields what the hell does it matter

  186. NotSoDumbBlonde says:

    I’m 6 months pregnant, and my daughter has nonsyndromic structural brain abnormalities. I spoke with a genetic counsellor who explained that there is nothing in my medical or family history that has caused any problems. Aside from an absent septum pellucidum, partial agenesis of the corpus callosum, and ventriculomegaly (slightly over 12mm), my baby has no issues. The amniocentesis (which was kind of forced on me- the mfm doctor wouldn’t stop badgering me) came out normal. The first mfm doctor gave me a misdiagnosis of holoprosencephaly (!!). I had to ask for a fetal mri. She told me that the other doctors who read the mri were mistaken and that she was correct in her ultrasound diagnosis. She made me feel like abortion at 22 weeks was the only option. She wouldn’t give me the mri report. She thought I wouldn’t understand it (I’m a highschool dropout). When I finally received the report, I was elated to read the words: “there is no holoprosencephaly.” That doctor won’t meet with me anymore. She is scared of my husband because he asks intelligent questions that she cannot answer. She sent one of her colleagues in to meet with me at my last appointment. He treated me like a child. He told me that we’ll probably be shunting my sweet daughter’s brain to remove the fluid after she’s born (although the ventricles aren’t that big). I asked if there was a possibility of the ventricles returning to a healthy size. He said he didn’t know! Then, he proceeded to ask a barrage of silly questions. One of them stuck with me: “Did the neurosurgeon that you met with tell you if there was something that you did to make this happen?” I have been extremely careful about this pregnancy (it’s my first!). I explained that the genetic counsellor (their genetic counsellor) told me that there was nothing I did wrong. Then, he mentioned drinking. The last time I had a drink was a few weeks before conception. I was so offended that he would ask questions that he already had the answers for on paper. He treated me like I had made a bad decision by keeping a child who has brain abnormalities. Then, since I was having Braxton-Hicks contractions, back pain, and cramping, he hooked me up to a monitor… and forgot about me while he tended to another patient. They treat my baby and I like a problem they don’t want to deal with. It’s almost like “here she comes with her retarded fetus.” I have to read about my baby’s problems because they basically tell me that she’s going to be all messed up. The research I’ve done points in a more positive direction. There are people in the general population who have these abnormalities and don’t even know it. I feel as though I was profiled as a dumb blonde with Obamacare who wouldn’t understand medical jargon and would just do as the doctor ordered!

  187. Marshes scott says:

    After having the same physician more than 10 years and being treated poorly by staff,I complained to there supervisor. he confronted me about it at my scheduled appointment,a week latter I received a letter droping me as a pacient. The letter defamed my character,stating him and his staff are deathly affraid of me. I have hypertension, c.o.p.d,and shortly after fell I’ll from an upper gastril intestinal bleed with a peptic ulcer. its been ,2years without a doctor, just er.I need help on how to go about taking this public.I’m desperate

  188. bill skinner says:

    Well I had a heart transplant , and immediately after I was woke up I realized I could not understand my nurse ! She was unmistakably from another country ,as much as I tried I just didn’t understand her ! Another nurse was assigned to me , and in about an hour my surgeon came in and said “this shot is going to stop right now , you fired my best nurse and this is not a hotel ! You best not poss these people off ! Now mind you I was laying there and had just had a heart transplant , was scared to death ,and was abused and taunted throughout my stay ! I look back and if not for a few , I would have died ! That haunts me everyday and I constantly dream over and over about the abuse ! I live in constant pain !

  189. christopher wiley says:

    I fell from a roof broke my foot and got red man syndrome from anibiotic they cept me on it even thogh i was elergic and i had infection they ended up cuting my foot off i have never been to phisical therapy and my prostetic dont fit rite i have complained multiple times to my primary care and no one listens im in severe pain i feel like i have been put on the back burner and neglected i just want to walk again what can i do can anyone help me pls i beg u to help me get back my life pls im thirty eight years old i just wanna walk like a normal person again pls help me

  190. Carla baker says:

    I was wodering can my dr dismiss me because he thinks I was sharing my pain meds with my fiance when I wasnt I found out my fiance was taking some from a friend for his back but I didn’t give him any I have had pill counts and I always had the right amount plus I have had drug test and I have always had some in my system but when this happened I didn’t know he took anything the nurse asked me if I have him any and I told her no but a week later I received a letter stating I was dismissed for sharing my meds and that I have 30 days emergency care I have done everything I am suppost too but I am getting kicked out for something I didn’t do I even have the right amout of pills on me but she never even asked me if she could look at them to count them

  191. Kaile says:

    I’ve been labeled incorrectly by doctors so many times in ways serious enough to result in causing me permanent disability and having my life been seriously bat risk.

    The worst was when doctors labeled me a junkie trying to doctor shop for pain pills which led to the infection I was suffering from get worse and spread to my spinal cord paralyzing me and leaving me in a wheelchair for life.

    Other doctors have labeled me in the same way, and each time it’s resulted in permanent damage like a 6 inch scar behind my leg from the surgery I needed to remove a soda can size mass that would have never gotten so bad if doctors had believed me when I first came to them.

    Another time an infection in my ankle wasn’t treated properly because the doctor was certain it was the result of me injecting drugs into the area despite not just my claim I hadn’t that were supported by having passed every single drug test from when I first came into the ER throughout my entire month long stay as well as the visual exam I had when I first was admitted determining that there wasn’t a single minuscule puncture in my skin from needles, cuts, or ingrown hairs any where in the area.

    Another doctor labeled me a drug addict and to get me to stop complaining about my severe pain without giving me any sort of pain relief he tripled the dose of the anti-psychotic medication I’d been stably taking for bipolar for over 5 years all without telling me.

    One doctor accused me of lying about my mental illness and tried to make me take a medication that could have put me in a manic state so dangerous I would have had to be committed in a psych ward against my will or even could have been killed.

  192. Sandrine says:

    I’m just home from the ER. I suffer a rare form of angioedema (acquired type II), cryoglobulinemia, myasthenia gravis and chronic muscle, joint and nerve pain from the cryo. My allergist had asked me to go to the ER next time I experienced a sever angioedema attack so that I could get an ultrasound to check for free fluid. Well, I had a severe attack last night, but when I got to the ER, vo iting profusely, intense migraine building, the young up and coming hot shot trainee doctor had me pegged for a drug seeker it seems. He had noticed I take pain killers for my conditions, and decided that I must be here for some fun. As I repeatedly puked and tried to explain my doctor needed to be called, and why I was there and by the way, I am in severe pain with a migraine and an hour from home, he latched onto the pain and began to curl his lip at me. I used to have hep c from a blood transfusion as a child, so I know when I am being judged. Next a nurse came to take blood and give me an IV. He told me as if I was to understand his hidden meaning ‘gee, this vein is scarred’. I believe he was telling me that my years (since childhood) in hospital with it’s and giving labs had been interpreted as me shooting up – I’m sure at this point he too had seen my chart – she takes opioids and a history (now cured) of HCV. The doctor decides to treat my screaming migraine with three Tylenol. It only gets worse. I don’t even have the heart to tell the rest of the story. I should have left, but I was convinced to stay, and as I did they cut my doses of medications in half, and cut out many others so that my migraine soared and I went into further agony. Any pleas for help brought scorn. My husband, assured I was a in good hands had taken our dog home as it was cold and she needed feeding and had no idea. I quietly wept in the room, and it was the most alone and a used I have felt. So many were involved in my judgement, abuse and tremendous agony I endured. I awoke with such severe angioedema I think it shocked anyone that entered the room, alas no one that night would see it, and my treatment would not improve, because the doctor that was always promised to visit never showed. We left, late afternoon with filthy looks from the nurse while the doctor writing the discharge but never showing. Broken, and faith in humanity completely changed forever.

    I’m an attractive woman who was labeled a drug abuser. The more I needed help for my pain, the more it proved their belief. I should have left immediately, as it was apparent from the start. I will never enter a hospital again unless I am near dead on a gurney. I wept all the way home. I spent 24hrs in severe pain and withdrawal, and nobody cared at all. Not a nurse, doctor, cleaner, nobody. It was the most alone in public I have ever ever been.

  193. Tina says:

    I have a 20 year history of abdominal pain that went undiagnosed for 12 years. I was sent to pain management. Finally a dr told me my pancreas was full of stones and the reason for excruciating pain. I had surgery but as my surgeon said I may have occasional episodes that feel like pancreatitis and require a trip to the ER as my home meds don’t work when this happens. I went to Banner in AZ today and was told I can only give you 1 mg of pain meds as you’re a chronic pain patient and there’s nothing I can do. I asked if I wasn’t on pain meds would you treat me the same? Then I was informed I was put on a pain contract they insist I was told about. I feel hopeless. I’ve been dealing with Drs not listening for years and because I have a high tolerance I get a lecture and treated different. I was put on contract because “you always come in for pain”…..yeah because I have a chronic illness that isn’t always controlled by home meds. I’ve been to this hospital 5 times in 2 years. I feel hopeless. Labeled as a drug seeker. Wondering what to do the next time my pain is out of control. I threatened suicide there. I meant it. They let me walk out the door. I hope they sleep well at night as I have legitimate pain that labs and X-rays can’t detect. Help me

  194. Sophie says:

    In March this year I took my son to a hospital because I was so worried about him. I saw an on-call doctor at the time that came down to see me at the hospital. He checked him over, which he wasn’t impressed at to say the least. Then he told me he had a chest infection, to which he prescribed antibiotics. My son was only 11 months old. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, as him being my first child and I am 20 so don’t have a clue about Medical procedure (not going to lie). I took him back and when his dad called the doctors the next day his antibiotics weren’t even written on his discharge letter.. I am now being penalised for obtaining the medication myself and am not aloud unsupervised contact with my son. I have missed his first steps, his first word, him running for the first time, feeding himself and even drawing his first picture. It is destroying me a little more everyday. I’m currently going through the courts to try and get joint custody, but this medication mishap with the hospital may stop me from getting that. All they will let me do is “put in a complaint” but it’s not enough in my opinion. I want a full investigation on the matter!! I love my son, more than words can even begin to describe. I breast fed him for 4 months of his life, I woke up to him every morning, I put him to bed every night. I gave him his baths, I read him his stories and nusery rhyems. I was the one who snuggled on the couch with him every afternoon while he took his nap (just because I loved it really). Why would I want to do something to my beautiful boy, when I love him so much?? I miss him and it’s obvious to me that he misses me too. I’m in a terrible situation and don’t quite know how to get out..

  195. Dot Dowlin says:

    What is this patient profiling? Some kind of joke? What do you Doctors do about it? I just got a bill from a Hospital for being in the E R with my daughter.
    This is no joke I took her for back pain as she had fell in the bath tub, the Dr. Treated her like she was crazy when I went to talk to him he told me, she walked into the Hosp. She can raised her leg so no need to do any thing, no ex rays, no MRI, when I told him this Hosp sucks. And the nurse at the desk that this Hosp sucks she told me to leave, I told her no. I went into the room and got my daughter, and reported the ER. 2 months ago, now I have a 63.00 bill. They won’t get paid as I have reported that to the Hosp. And my Ins. I need to sue this Hosp for sending out false bills. Thank you.

  196. Jason mizhir says:

    My doctor wouldn’t perceive me anything but ms and percet , I kept telling him I didnt like the way it made me feel …five months later I still was unable to see him ( only his nurse practitioner s) so I got mad and went to see another doctor ,he wrote me persriptions but I couldn’t fill them because the old doctor said I was doctor shopping and sent me a letter firing me … My gp believed the them and I couldn’t treat anywhere for two years….. I finally have a good pain dr who listens to me… I wonder if what happened to me is leagal

  197. Jami says:

    Just came across this site, as i started researching denying patients of pain meds..Because today i had gone to the emergency room for my ulser which i was diagnosed with at this same er almost a yr ago they told me to take prilocec and i normally do faithfully but i ran out a few days ago it was a horrible mistake i wont make agin bcuz it sent me to the er doubled over in awful pain i would honestly rather give birth five times over so when the dr was asking me questions about drug and alcohol abuse i was honest and said yes but it was 8 yrs ago and im not looking for narcotics i just was my stomach fixed some how and after i told her this thats when it was oh have ur daughter step out for questions and ask me if im having withdrawal symptoms im like omg no im dying in pain from an ulser and after they gave me some med for stomach ache and made me drink lidocaine w malox i still wasn’t getting any relief so the dr came back and i asked “can u look up what they gave me when i was here the last time cuz whatever that was it works” and she looked at me and said “it was dilotted (which is a narcotic)and im NOT giving that to u” and i said “ur just gona let me die in pain” and she says “u cant die from being in pain” was completely shocked i wasn’t asking for a prescription i didn’t care what she gave me as long as it was going to help me. I dont understand how this type of thing can happen bcuz i was a drug addict 8 yrs ago i have to suffer un pain thats not right and even if someone IS a drug addict right this second that shouldn’t matter in this day and age there r so many different medications that can be given to help someone whos in that much pain its down right inhuman! 🙁

  198. Artemis says:

    Do you have any suggestions for how an honest person should respond when accused of seeking meds or being an addict / doing illegal drugs?

  199. Jason Wiley says:

    I don’t even know where to begin. In 2004, I started having changes in cognition (cognitive decline) and had a catastrophic reaction because things that used to be easy for me were becoming a struggle. A family member brought me to the ER and I was sent to a mental health unit at a hospital. From that point on, there has been nothing but problems. The doctor at the mental health unit either accidentally of purposely entered false diagnoses of opiate dependency into my health records and this information was passed from one doctor to another for years. I’ve never used or abused street drugs, I’m a non smoker, non drinker. I have also gotten multiple psychiatric diagnoses that have been ‘treatment resistant’ (I have been a guinea pig for 25-30 different psych. meds). My cognitive abilities have progressively been declining. I have a family history of neurodegenerative disorders including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Having been ‘profiled’ as a drug addict and as a ‘mental patient’ has harmed me in many ways. My past medical records do not accurately reflect my condition, as doctors have portrayed me in a biased, non objective way. This has prevented me from getting correctly diagnosed and treated. I have had extensive neuorpsychological testing done that proves there’s been a progressive, insidious decline in cognition. It doesn’t matter, because I have not been able to use that information successfully to advocate for myself. This whole health information sharing network means my health records are circulating and I have no idea who has access to them. I do know that being profiled as being a addict and/or as being mentally ill would explain why I haven’t been treated fairly or taken seriously by doctors.

  200. FMActvist says:

    I have been on pain meds a very long time in 13 years I have never doctor shop pharmacy shopped said I lost my meds yet I am getting treated like crap I have kaiser ! My Pcp is a rude witch and has put in my chart many time opiate dependence (moderate use disorder )
    I called membership services and had to complain 3 times and finally the chief of staff removed it and she was pissed I saw her Friday and she said the so called people that watch people on meds are watching me saying I am on to high of a dose I call BS I asked is this because I complained complain about her putting opiate dependence (moderate use disorder she said ugh no but I wouldn’t remove it someone else did but every time your here I’m putting it back I said that is not right opiate dependence (moderate use disorder ) the moderate use disorder Is saying I’m drug seeking and I’m not ! I am angry and sick of people accusing me and assuming if I go to the ER for vomiting or something else I am labeled !
    This doctor hates me and made up her mind and I’m not sure what to do she won’t listen to me and I’m trying of her holding this power over my head ! Has anyone gone through this with there doctor or with kaiser ? It’s not so easy to change in there system I need some input

  201. Jason Neiss says:

    Thank you for this. My spouse is a master’s student studying medical anthropology at OSU (just up the road from you!) And a former geriatric care nurse. She is also a 25-year type 1 diabetic.

    Within the past two weeks she was refused treatment by a specialist at the local clinic essentially because the doctor didn’t like her symptoms. Her obesity is a symptom of her disease process, not the cause. The doctor refuses to treat her until she loses weight.

    I on the other hand am a skinny middle-aged white guy with breast insurance. I get treated like gold.

  202. Lindsey says:

    I was just recently profiled by doctor and nurses at a er. Visit recently my mom called ambulance because I have bad panic attacks and had a little seizure the paramedics automatically assumed I was on drugs told the doctor I was probably overdosing so they began treating me like garbage they forced a catheter in me and when I refused they threaten me with they Wil do it the hard so they went and got another nurse to hold me down and forced one in me before I was even tested for anything.g they were calling my room the overdose room where everyone could hear and shoved ammonia in my face when I rolled over and closed my eyes when it was tome to be discharged I was negative of.drugs and the doctor said my diagnosis was that I probably wanted attention and was watched while I put my clothes on I feel like trash

  203. toni sobers says:

    My primary care dr. Refuses to c me or provide refills for my blood pressure meds due to a pending Bill in collections I am unable to pay in full. Will not accept payment in a plan because length of time. I have Medicare. Toni S

  204. Stephanie Gonzales says:

    I’m a 19 year old woman, currently 22 weeks pregnant.
    About a week ago I went to my obgyn and had my first “official apportionment”. The doctor asked me when was my last period, i honestly couldnt remember considering it’s very irregular. (Apparently my first mistake)
    My nurse told me she had set up an appointment for an ultrasound on the 27th of october yet she didn’t say what time. I was waiting for a paper with the adress time and date of my appointment. So when my doctor walked in i told him i haven’t gotten the appointment time. (Second mistake) i mentioned that i haven’t felt the baby move at all he checked the heartbeat, but considering im 22 weeks and hadn’t felt movement i was upset. Then he said “its usually the skinny women who feel the movement at this point. When he was giving me ny perscription he asked who my nurse was. (Just that day i had met 3 nurses) i told him i couldn’t remember. He responded “oh well it seems like you dont know much about anything do you. I got a little frustrated with his remarks the whole day and his facial expressions. I said I’ve only been here twice and ive met 4-5 diferent people. Then he proceeded to tell me that i had a bad attitude. I feel like he thought i was incompentent because im young and of course i had a lot of questions (im pregnant who wouldn’t) he introduced me to my offial nurse who is a sweetheart. I asked her if i could switch doctors i was pretty offended by this point i was crying. She said of course. My so called doctor walked in and asked if i was okay. I said no i feel like you have a problem with my age and humiliated me in front of other patients and im not stupid i just have questions its normal.i asked for a different doctor. He responed ” oh well you had a bad attitude im glad you switched doctors” you’ve got to love those doctors huh

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Oh no. So sad. Please let go of the grief and frustration and know that this doctor was probably just not having a good day. It’s really hard on doctors right now (no excuse). Really. Don’t take it personally. They guy was just stressed out about other things. Has nothing to do with you. <3

  205. Tony B says:

    Today I went in to see my doctor regarding a minor change in my medication for my anxiety and depression, as well as acne. I went to my primary due to the fact that I can not find a open psychiatrist, because I gave up mine for my girlfriend. I am a fairly large tattooed male with stretched ears. Instead of getting the care I needed I was labeled as a alcoholic, and a drug addict. As a young man I do admit I enjoy drinking,and was very up front with her, but my doctor told me she would refuse my care unless I stopped drinking. Than told me if I wanted help I had to take a drug test, and come back after 3 weeks to make sure I was “clean”. When I began to ask qustions as to why she would deny me care, she replied with threats. She told me that if I would not say yes she could easily take me off my medication, than when I called her bluf she told me that she could make me go to an inpatient program if I needed the help “that bad”. She seemed as if she wanted to play God with my mental health. I think this is largely due to my tough guy look. This exspierance has left me with a panic attack, and a lack of trust in doctors.

  206. Gary says:

    I am 51 yr old male diagnosed with Chronic Migraine Headaches. I have been taking Maxalt (10 Mg) for past few years. If I feel headache oncoming, immediately take meds. If no success, will head up to hospital E.R. for shot of Toradol (60 Mg) I.M. – normally this cures headache. If, however awakened in middle of night with full blown migraine attack ( accompanied w/ nausea) or meds are ineffective I opt to go directly to hospital E.R. – problem is when my headache reaches this point, no tradional migraine remedies (Toradol, Maxoram, Stimatil) wifi make slightest dent in alleviating migraine. Pain in my head is excruciating and normally increasing exponentially by minute. Only treatment found effective is to make pain bearable (Morphine) and let migraine run its course. After administered Morphine, pain level drops dramatically (60-70%) and released from E.R. w Ativan tab to help rest/ sleep off headache. I would estimate 40% physicians follow this protocol, because, I guess, nothing elapse works. Other portion of physicians have no interest in this treatment ( almost emphatic to my state) and will try list of normal migraine remedies. Of course, as I’ ve explained to them, these drugs just don’ t work when migraine has reached certain level. Finally after what is normally 2 hrs of ineffective treatments, Doctor will give in and administer pain reliever. The past 2 visits, however, the dosage administered was very weak and my plight continued. Question is how do I convince physicians of treatment that works if delivered properly, but, dr’s simply will not listen . Already aware pain medicine is not traditional migraine treatment). I am currently at wit’s end as I have chronic migraines and another trip to hospital is imminent. My family physician has already instructed E.R. As to effective treatment – does not cure headache, but makes terrible pain bearable and I can be released in order to go home and rest. His instructions seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Any suggestions would be very, very much appreciated….Thank you.

  207. Terri Holley says:

    I am going through a patient profiling issue right now. I have put all of the information on my website, along with the proof to back up my claim. Please check out my website and see how Boulder City Hospital treats their patients. Thank you.

  208. Karin says:

    My Dr. Forgot there are 31 days in July and August and expected me to run out on the fifth of every month. I showed the bottles to the front desk receptionist and said if you count the days there are 62 and I only have two 30 day prescriptions.I was called to say I can pick up my new script and not have to wait two more days. I was sent a letter to my house over 30 days later and had 2 visits since then. The letter stated I have 30 days to find a new Dr. Immediately and they can no longer treat me. I called them and they said I threw a prescription at one of the staff which was a total lie. I went to get another refill from my Dr. Who said several staff members witnessed it. I placed it on the counter big difference. Amy way they lied. I was referred to another Dr. I went into shock had chest pains. Called all over the office to try to get someone to confess the truth.I went through a nitemare trying to clear my name. If they falsified a report like this about me,I wonder what else they falsify at that office. They said they will transfer my records and the reports made won’t be included. They need to be investigated.

    • Karin says:

      Reply to myself. I am not going to do anything about it. They were always nice to me and will treat me in the next 30 days for emergencys. I just wanted to vent. Very sad they lied. OK,traumatized more like it. I can never work and going to the Dr. Is my only livelyhood. Heartbroken the trust between my Dr.s office and me is destroyed.I will let you know what happens at the next Dr.s office. Maybe I should record all I say and do so I have proof of the truth. Not a bad idea.ttyl.

  209. L. Charles says:

    I thank Dr. Wible for stepping up. There are too many doctors that are getting out of hand with their off-color remarks, arrogant ways and maltreatment of patients. But what is going to be done with these comments? Are they going to help with patients getting better care? There are thousands of injured workers being treated like animals. The doctors, lawyers, and many politicians will not help them. The politicians that are trying are the ones being given negative backlash. The rest are siding with the insurance companies that are blatantly in the wrong. Quite frankly, the doctors of this day and age are the worst I have encountered.

  210. Tiffany says:

    I am 29 years old and was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse with regeritation in my mitral valve when I was very young! I now have 3 heart valves that are leaking and SVT. I have suffered severe migraines for several years. The doctors associate these migraines with having my heart condition. I have tried EVERY treatment there is and nothing seems to be working. Multiple ER visits and neurologists and nothing will help.I then was sent to pain management and they did a propofol injection which took my migraines and severe headaches from 22 days a month to 3 within 2 weeks! I fell down my stairs 8 months ago and ive been sent to pain management for treatment. The pain management Doctors will not treat me with any medication and refuse to believe the pain i am having! The same pain management now refuses me the propofol for my migraines. The ER and doctors think i am a drug seeker because of the multiple ER visits. With having the health conditions that I do and the back issues on top of it, i have no one that will treat me and run tests to find out what is going on. There is a genetic bone disease (AS) which could be the issue and the tests wont be done. I suffer daily and am pushed from one dr to the next and still have no answers, and am continued to be treated like I am a drug seeker! I dont know what to do anymore. This is ruining my life. These Drs continue to label me and refuse to take the time to listen and help me.

  211. William Westlake says:

    I’m dying because I was refused treatment for a chest infection as I have lung disease this is fatal. I told the doctor who said that was all rubbish. I told him I was told this by a specialist from the local hospital the lung disease would not effect me untill my mid eighties. Unless any chest infection was not treated all that will be out the window. Now my lung disease is now active. This was done deliberate !

  212. Jeff white says:

    I have been on pain medicine since 2001 I went to Washington state to see my daughter and tried medical marijuana and came back to tn and the next day they called me in for a drug test and being truthful I peed in their cup and they discharged me and now I’m suffering for being honest it’s not fair what do I do ? I never abused them for 14 years all Dr.s around here are scared to prescribed them!

  213. Scared for my Mom says:

    Hi my Mom is going through this now. Her doctor can’t figure out what is wrong so she thinks she is crazy. She keeps telling her to see a psychologist. She does have an appointment, but what do we do? She has had TIA’s now stays dizzy and nauseous, blood pressure going extremely high and not only that she has now had diarrhea for 5 weeks!! Yes FIVE weeks! Her doctor sends her back to work and she completely passes out, which to me says ok she is up working not sitting around makes sense. Her doctor says it doesn’t. We have tried to get her a new doctor but new patient appointments are 1-3 months out. Emergency clinics and the ER say follow up with the PCP. What do you do?? She did a couple small tests, stool and blood, and they came back normal. Oh and I talked to my shrink of course at my appointment and she says no way is it “panic” attacks causing all that! We are just at a loss. Once this doctor has it in her head that my mom has a psychological problem she just won’t let it go. I’m worried it’s going to cause some really bad damage. Any suggestions???

  214. Inda605 says:

    In 2009 I had A very bad leg break. Prior to that I had occasional flare ups of chromic back pain that started when I was 16, my parents always took me to the same family Dr and I rateley but on occasion was given pain medication that I filled and medicated but always ended up throwing them out because I hated how I felt on them. I never heard of pxy hyrdo norco or all that stuff and never cared I don’t even know if that’s what Dr gave me for back in young years I said back pain chronic but off and on randomly since 16 and the broken ankle in 2009 I was 34. I had never been in so much pain and shortly after arriving by ambulance for the ankle ( when I say bad I mean over 70 breaks and 180° dislocation) within 5 mins I was uncinsious and I dont know if it was because they Gave me stuff OR it was the lady saying its really bad but we have to flip it back around and I said okay then lights out. I knee I needed surgery right away and when I woke up I thought I was foxed and able to get on home but here is when it begins at least here in this moments… Obviously its stated somewhere but as I wake I see family andbi said oh the surgery must been good. I was told I had to wait for some swell to go away or something. I was on a pain pump thing and was told to push button when I felt the pain coming. It was just fine accept when I fall asleep I wake up in exteam pain and could not contain my emotions of agony at all. It was a definately 10 times 10 on max 10 pain scale… How dumb that scale anyways.real worst pain o ever had was a eye injury and a blown ear drum with holes needing skin graphed patches yet all I needed was the er visit and no take home meds whatever they shot me was enough for the day and if u was not aware eyes and ears he fast so there was no need to seek pain relief to me anyways SK I did not. How can the worst pain a person ever has be compared to different areas and scopes of injury/illness? I would like worst leg pain 1-10 worst leg 1-10 worst eye pain 1-10 or something but back to my point and story, when I was sleeping I could not press the pain pump to control my pain so no less that. 3 time in 1 days I woke up uncontrolled pain and they shoot me up something then I go calm and sleep. i had surgery thr following day and Dr aid it was a bad NAD break never seen before I needed up with a 7 inch plate on outside leg with 6 screes and 6 screw’s holding my ankle together. Pain was fine I was still on surgery meds and a pump. 2 days I had similar incidents of waking with lvl 10 pain a d again I’m told to press button but his when I sleep??? My wife fimaly got upset at my pains and told the nurse maybe oral meds be best so not having hit button and just give dose on schedule and nurses reply was with his past history the Dr doesn’t want to give any oral meds and my wife took a step bacm and was confused… Past history… What might that be? After some pesistacne and searching we find out I am apparently an adict and am a risk for the narcotics pains medicines if they were to treat me with them.. I remember a few years prior I had done a stress test because of palipitsiins and arithmia and I completed a history and didn’t lie I mean I was my life on the line perhaps. So, I filled the substance used boxes that pertained to me believing I must to get correct test results or diagnosis. I said I had tried weed weed I was 18 I smoked a can pipe with a guy at lunch from school and after break I fell asleep at the table and ended up go home ill and slep til 10 hrs also I said I tried a line of meth when I was 18 I hayed it it scared me and I wore down a pair shoes and a sidewalk talking to my self because o never seen it or heard of it before a guy just said u got try it this little half inch line can’t kill me, or harm me so I believed.but then the nurse inquired about my admitted usage I told her I didn’t enjoy it (meth) and weed I could careless but told her it was a natural plant and harmless.yet I was not a regular pot smoker. She asked if I smoked cigs I had QUIT AND SO PROUD 18 MOS at that point.sttess test came out well but from me honestly admitting the one time meth use and lass than 5 times in 12 years smkmed pot made me an addict and a liability! So now wife is really mad and her being in the nursing Field over 25 years now knew even 6 years ago that one way or another my pain was going to be controlled immediately and propr or there was going tk be a big deal arising to the board and whosever else that in charge of these drs. Once I on oral all was well pain under control bcus nurse wake me to take the meds now so maintained the control went home after 5 days and 2 days later I was not feeling same symptoms it was squeezing my leg into the cast it burned it stunk so at literally 455 pm and clinic close at 5 Friday no less!! Dr did not want to do anything o was just healing but he cut the cast off AMD it was oozing and draining green and yellow and stunkkkk bad. Instantly my wkfr said OMG infection and docs reply no we just put a loser cast in it will be fine its okay and healing normally. Waited 2 days til Monday went back to surgeon 8am and was immediately admitted and put on a vancomiacin don’t know spelling but IV drip of that and was back to stupid pump for pain was told infection was extremely bad and not sure what’s going to happen antibiotic may not work and was never told what it was but I was hospital for another 9-10 days and they let me take orals after 3 days SK could leave my room AMD get air from outside so pain controlled didn’t amputate but woukd never say what or why I was infected and never acknowledge the initial Friday visit may have prevented worse issues over the weekend if the doc didn’t want to get his weekend stared and either gave antibiotics or admit me then. So broke in July november still not healed yet all surgion would say is it was a bad break and I was to follow up with my primary and my primary said notttt dealing with that leggg no wayyyy! So I stayed with the surgical center for follow ups and and after they pushed me away I found another dr in same place for second opinion and the second opinion was without any Care or evaluation I said maybe a cat scan something is not right it still Hurts tremendously and was told the first dr is right and they now say I am seeking pain pills for addiction And will give me nothing. So 5 months in a cast before I could even step down in pressure using a walking boot cast thing and nknkdy cares the pain I’m in KR that I feel lime something is wrong. I waited 3 weeks believing maybe they right it be okay healing deal with it. Then I was woke up in er had passed out and nlokd pressure sky rocket 170/100!!! They said it was my pain lvl that took me down and I should follow up with the primary who won’t touch the leg… Yet was so quick to give me a cocktail that’s what he called it.. Norco/neproxin/cyclonenzoprine for a sore back way less painfully affected area. I went to the enemy for a 2nd opinion and after a qucik cat scan noticed 5 mos later I’m still non Union on my inside ankle breaks by 1/2 inch and 2 screws hold nothing and I needed another surgery ASAP. This one cost me my job FMLA 12 weeks yep way past that now. They took out the pointless screws and close the non Union with new screws and by march I was able to walk without a boot cast and work no meds I was good to go pain was tolerable for a few years and I forgot about the whole incident til nerves and pain reminded me I was scarred for life and never again will I be the same. 4 years go by then coukd not take it anymore saw the second surgion another time and needed some hardware removed not all some they was running tendon or never blahhhh. East 10 min surgery turned 2 hours Cuz the screws broke. While in there he said I had 4-5 years left on the ankle arthritis was taking over and there was just to much trauma to ever fully recover then a new primary decided to pain management me so was placed on a contract i did as required filled monthly 20 mg oxy time release 2x day and 5 MG’s for break thru pain 4-6 times a day that was nest I felt not barely any pain at all worked 50-60 hours eeeks had my life back for 2.5,years I was dosing the same and one day I got a letter and it said due to my contract violation they were void my contract due to filling and a pharmacy other than the contracted one… Yes its a fact I filled at Kmart instead of Walmart because I found the price was over 165$ cheaper and we TD the dr that we was filling there neckase the cost dofferance she said that it was fine and truely was a prefrrance not a requirement. The president of facility se t me letter so drs hands tord there. I never fsiked a UA i abide all rules accept saved near 200$ a month last 3 fills since found the price gap AMD for that I was booted. Within 48 hours I’m sick as heck withdrawls pain natious runny nose diareah drained physically lost my job started trying to find a dr to help me and none listen give me blood prseeure meds that reduce nothing and a nerve med for seizures I am still sick almost 6 mos but withdrawn stopped at about 10,days just now nk energy no desire constant pain and I can’t get any relief unless I pay street prices and I can tell you it’d very easy to spend 15,000$ in 6 mos or less for lesser doses sometimes not enough to even help the feeling of just melting into bed forever but paying 700-1000 a week to treat myself illegally of I chose to but not because thsys what I wanted I was forced and now not only in pain all time I’m addicted withdrals all time until I find a 10$ skngel dose and need 40 mg min each dose to benefit the relief… Yeah I know I rambled on pointlessly and typo a ton consider my day withdrawing I In pain 7-8 all time and I refuse to repeat my self to a 100th dr I am screwd hurting addicted and withdrawing and all I got is imkdiam ad

    • Inda605 says:

      Sorry to everyone for the incoheriant babling and many misspelled words. Just fill in the blanks I am sure you can decypher AMD also sorry for a double post I am a newb

  215. Pamela Wible MD says:

    Do NOT ask Dr. Wible your medical or legal questions. She will not respond. She can not legally give medical advice unless you are a current patient. Thank you.

  216. Elizabeth says:

    I’m 34 years old and have had extensive medical issues. My parents had 4 children and I am only one who has lived past the age of 30. With the types of infections that I get I often find myself in the er rather than seeing my pcp. As a result of this I have been treated as a drug seeker. The last doctor who told me I had kidney stones said that they didn’t hurt and to try tylonal. When asked about addiction I quoted I’m not addicted I’m just high maintenance. I have been ignored and lectured by er doctors and it’s annoying. My sister went to the er for a headache and was ignored and she died 3 days later from a brain aneurysm. If you don’t want to listen to your patients and treat them with dignity find another field.

  217. jacqueline says:

    The basics u know when ur in the hospital so much and when ur there for the 6 and 7 time the nurses and doctors start ignoring u and constantly taking the same test over and over not to find anything wrong when u get a call from ur regular doctor or one that’s in place of ur regular doctor that took a way different approach and test u actually didn’t take and find a problem that should be handled in the hospital and quite dangerous to ur health where u say self y one doctor finds this and u are blind to the situation where a patient can sue u for a mis diagnosis when u didn’t care to do that actual but u get to the ER and once again they are looking at repeats which were done and found nuthing which u did before but oNE doctor went another direction and found a problem explain?

  218. Ellie Smith says:

    The downside of looking good and young, yes there is one.
    Before I was diagnosed with POTS, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, many doctors dismissed my complaints solely on the “looking good” thing-you can’t possibly be sick, you are having anxiety issues.
    Even after I have been officially diagnosed, my then doctor still was rolling her eyes as she did not believe in the diagnosis. She was not the one who diagnosed me, but rather ER doctor who sent me for the tilt table test.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      That’s a tough diagnosis. I’ve missed it before. There are a few docs who specialize in the treatment of POTS. Hope you are okay.

  219. Dr. P says:

    Sheri Ricker IS a bad mother!

  220. T Wallin says:

    I have been profiled and pofiled again. I have repeatedly been documented as either faking or lying because I have witnessed horriic medical-related maltreatment and traumas for decades. I have also been the victim. I was told recently that I required inpatient treatment for developing PTSD after undergoing trauma, takin a new job and being exposed to chemicals tha caused MCS. Mental health “experts” are protecting environmental safety and health violators by blaming the victims. Disease, includimg brai disease comes from chemicals, not thin air. We are inundated with chemcals. Don’t let professionalsf convince you you made yourelf sick. They re lars and deceivers. And paid to do so.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Most doctors start med school as idealistic humanitarians. I’m still one of those.

  221. Angell Meeks says:

    For 3 years, my stomach and side complaints went ignored. Not just ignored, but laughed off scoffed at. For 3 years, I suffered so much physical pain and emotional.
    Every complaint of dehydration, dizzyness, food not digesting. Went written up as somatic. It turned out my gallbladder stopped functioning a long time ago. I tried to switch Drs before my surgery my Dr impeded me from doing so. I filed a complaint. Suddenly my medical records state history of depression and opiate abuse. I asked her why? She shrugged. I filed a complaint. The return email stated we cannot service your “perceived needs”. Even after surgery. I asked to have a personal meeting with an administrator. It seems clear to me the Doctor stamped some sort of diagnosis on my head because everything I say and do is met with a knowing head nod. No one will contact hospitals I been to or my past medical establishments. It’s unbelievable. The Dr scrambled to save her self by egregiously adding diagnosis that are not true. I am feeling like I’m in the twilight zone

  222. A86 says:

    I know you said not to ask legal or medical advice, but I was discriminated against today by a pain management clinic. I was just curious… who do you go to? I was told to talk to the manager of the clinic by a nurse at the clinic… my husband suggested talking to my doctor and asking her if we could still use the ombudsman on post even though he is retired now… my therapist even mentioned to me that it sounded discrimination. This was a total assassination of character towards me because of the color of my hair, how I dress and how I don’t advocate my words very well. Do you take the issue to the state govenor? Who do you tell to get it investigated?

  223. bonnie says:

    one doc says I had a tumor now it is a polyp, then one say I have a polyp and now it is lypoma, is it all the same, I don’t know i have pain for the last 4 years of my life no sex, can do the things I’d like to do always in pain. I only work. I still feel sick. Thanks for listening, don’t know what to do if I complain I will be black balled. Yet they can do what they want that isn’t fair.
    Sincerely, Bonnie

  224. Larry says:

    I am currently battling the pain clinic in my area over the poor care I have received. They have a monopoly when it comes to pain care in my area, being the only clinic within 100 miles.

    They have never wanted to address my needs despite the FACT that I have been perfectly honest (even when it has looked bad upon me) because I was raised to believe that “honesty is the best policy.”

    One Nurse Practitioner cut my medicine (Percocet) down to two pills a day for my 24-7 pain, spoke over me when I tried to talk, accused me of being an abuser, outright lied about conversations I supposedly had with some of the other nurse practitioners (it is a roulette wheel of revolving staff) on previous visits, and then when I became emotional to the point of tears (I knew the pain I was about to face), he accused me of trying to manipulate them to get what I wanted.

    I had surgery at a different hospital 100+ miles away to help relieve the sciatica-like pain in my hips, legs, and feet. The dr performing the surgery specifically stated and wrote that the procedure would have 0 effect on my original, primary complaint and source of pain, namely my lower back.

    Since the surgery, the pain management dr (whom I never see) has decided that the surgery should have lessened my pain in my back somehow and is now in the process of tapering me down from a whopping (sarcastically speaking) 12 mcg fentanyl patch (which has practically no effect on my pain) and is planning on taking me completely off of pain meds despite being fully informed of my situation.

    Chronic pain patients have NO voice in what happens to us! My job is looking unsure at this point, my family continues to suffer, and I continue to hurt day in and day out…and no one seems to care.

    I have written, emailed, and called everyone I can possibly think of and it has done me NO good. So, I hurt needlessly all because a doctor does not wish to live up to the oath he took which stated that he would “do no harm.”

    My story, which I shortened here, continues to fall on deaf ears, and I continue with my tear-filled days, and sleepless nights, wondering when someone, anyone will listen. Is there no justice anymore? No compassion? Is there no hope?

  225. Jenn brake says:

    This is a mess. I been profiled as a drug abuser. I have ” multiple piercings and tattoos” “drug seeking behavior” “multiple scripts on Ktracs” “patient demanding medications”.
    They discontinued several of my prescribed psychiatric medications. I ended up with Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Syndrome. I became suicidal with a plan due to this condition. And contracted PTSD from my hospital stay and not 2 weeks after medical discharge, I ended up in the psych hospital. Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Syndrome can be a life long condition with life threatening reaults. Yeah, I was profiled as a drug addict due to taking my taking prescribed psychiatric medications and opioids for pain management. My psych meds were rarely administered and some compleatly discontinued. A drug screen was performed without my consent, when having a mental health episode as I was, I technically cannot consent. It is also against my religion to steal bodily fluids or any part of my body without my consent.
    Many, many other terrible things happened to me during my stay that constitutes patient abuse. And many other crimes.
    As for attorneys, many states have caps for each individual act of negligence. A cap is a set amount of compensation for whatever individual harm that has been done to them. Lawyers also hear “mental illness” and we get passed over for profiling with them as well. No malpractice lawyer would help me. They do not consider Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Syndrome a lifelong lifethreatening ailment. PTSD from the hospital is also not considered a harm caused by the hospital.
    So the little guy is out of luck. The legal gains are not worth my case. But I have a loophole I wish to share.
    Dr’s are not immune from committing criminal charges.
    File criminal charges you must prove guilty. If it is open court, fill out a media request.
    The first step is to file complaints with the state boards, joint comission and your insurance company. As well as The Joint Commission and the State department and AMA.
    Once proven in criminal court, and they are proven guilty, file a civil suit which criminal guilt has been ruled by the courts.
    Then sue for punitive damages in a malpractice suit.
    File a settlement agreement with the hospital and begin negotiations. Use all complaints, criminal offences and all outside resources as leverage for your settlement. But word your options as YOUR OPTIONS. Nothing that feels like a threat. Blackmail will ruin your case.
    For example, put a dollar amount on each complaint and have them buy The complaints. How much are they worth to the hospital and my settlement? How much prep time have you spent playing lawyer on your own behalf? How much was your bill and any other money you have spent on investigation hours. Look up fines and punishments with a dollar value for each crime committed. Don’t foget to add pain and suffering which in most states the cap is 250,000. But no caps on crimes. Add everything up to make your settlement proposal. Add half more than you are asking for pain and suffering.
    Some infractions, discrimination (profiling) mental health patients effecting their treatment.
    Insurance fraud
    Malicious misdiagnosis
    Patient neglect
    Patient abuse
    Felony and malpractice for altering records (if you have been profiled, get a copy of your chart. A hard copy!
    Many hospitals have a web site for patients that absolves all providers from any infractions against their patient. Make sure you read polices and DO NOT SIGN UP OR ACCEPT POLICY RESTRICTIONS that provide immunity to the doctors the minute you look at your records on that site. Get a hard copy from medical records. Just an OPTION FOR THE LITTLE GUY. FOR MORE INFORMATION
    Jenn Beatrice Brake

  226. rose vasalech says:

    moved to a new state. no doc appt for 6 months, so i made appt with a nurse practioner. had a bad car accident 1981 (in a coma for months) and have had 12 surgeries legs, 5 reconstructive surgeries on both fee, shoulder surgery and too many health issues (major ones). little did i know i moved to a small town who is filled with meth users. i have never been a drug addict. i came prepared with every doc, pill bottle and all medical records. lisa dell told me i am not taking on chronic pain patients if your not a drug addict. i was shocked and still am. i worked medical my whole life (dept of defense health risk appraiser). she told me don’t try and make a appt with any other doc in this clinic either.nowi am suffering

  227. Brian Salters says:

    I feel like I’m being left to die

  228. Jeanne Thompson says:

    I too have been profiled as a drug seeker. I was in rehab for hydrocodone prescribed for back pain when I was 70.I went my whole life with many comorbid illnesses and surgeries and never had any trouble with meds. Now I am treated as a drug addict. I am not I do not have any pain meds or anything else addictive in my house. I am now 72 and have cried so many times over the way I am treated by doctors and nurses. Also because I have so many health problems I am so afraid that when it is my turn to die will I not be getting anything for pain? I have went from enjoying life to a depressed and scared person of even getting sick. Sometimes I wish I would just die and not have to worry about this anymore.

  229. Nancy S. says:

    I am writing on behalf of my husband. He was judged as an oxy abuser and also racially profiled due to his last name by the pain management clinic he was just terminated by, them citing his misconduct. The back story is my husband was shot during a robbery in 2006 then equired leukemia (cutaneous AML) in 2010 He was at most one week from death when he was sent to Dana Farber Cancer Institute for high doses of red and white chemo and radiation therapy.. he then went into getting stem cell transplant from his brother to give him a better quality of life. He then contracted graft vs host disease therefore his body attacked itself… causing severe organ damages and because his leukemia infected his muscles and under his skin he suffered nerve damage body wide. He now suffers from cancer pain chronically and there is no cure. When we first went to his pain management it seemed promising until he encountered the second physician in the clinic on his second appt… this doctor walked in and started talking to my husband about his meds like he was misusing them ect. they prescribed a medication as a top up that made my husband feel like he was high. every time we called them on an issue with his meds or anything they put it in his file as a red flag. etc. They caused my husband unnecessary distress on top of what he was already feeling. The second time we saw that doctor, he walked in and started speaking to my husband in a different language assuming he spoke polish cause of his last name etc, he asked my husband about the pain in his legs and wanted a CT on his lumbar spine even tho they were aware why he was taking this medication. and he wanted to have my husband to have back injections but because of his immune supression that would have caused an infection and kill him. this doctor also did not bother to read my husbands record and tried to perscribe a med that we had listed as an allergy. the racial and social profile my husband endured caused him to recieve a medication at his final appointment at the end of the day and their week..that he could not fill due to the cost. He ended up overdosing on his ativan and baclofen to get rid of his pain… he was in the ER then sent to psychriatric care due to emotional distress and altered mental state. I wish my husband can find a pain specialist who actually cares about his condition and treats him like a humam being.

    • Nancy S. says:

      I meant to add the reason he got kicked out is because he had a legit accident with his medication that they didnt believe and kicked him out.. no weening.. no shorter time between appointment periods… etc. just a boot. totally profiled him on both medication abuse and racially and he ended up mentally and physically harmed because their misconduct.

  230. Lynn says:

    At 15, my TMJs started dislocating. I had several surgeries to temporarily fix this. In my 20s I began experiencing joint pains and partial dislocations of other joints. I’m 5’8″ 105lbs. It took years to find the right doctors to tell me I have a hereditary connective tissue disorder similar to Marfans and Ehlers Danlos syndrome and how these disorders are unique to families. I was adopted and the only medical history known is birth mother was tall thin, and, mentally ill. So I was accused of having an eating disorder. I’m now 30, with bilateral total jaw joint replacements, and being told I’m so tall and thin no longer bothers me. I trust doctors again and have accepted that this is just how my body is. I wish I listened to my adoptive mother who tried to assure me of this all along, but I just needed to know why. To the specialists who looked past my appearance and gave me answers, I THANK YOU!

  231. Lydia Jacobs says:

    I was a target of profiling by my GP call me all names on earth calling me rude she even sent a letter at my work place, indicating that I was not suitable to work with vulnerable people.

  232. Ray says:

    My Doctor is profiling me.

    I am a shy person, and until I get to know you, I don’t talk to much.
    My doctor sees this as being a side affect of drug abuse.
    witch is far from the truth.
    I am sure that he is a good doctor, But he has made it clear that he doesn’t like me, and that he would rather I didn’t darken his doorway anymore.
    When I see him he has quite an attitude about it.

    I recently had a visit.
    My rotator cuff was acting up in the form of Bursitis.
    I couldn’t even move my arm.
    So he proceeds to insinuate that he thinks I am lazy, and that my arm got that way by not moving it.
    then I tell him how I realy got in this condition, moving 6 yards of bark dust by hand, and I had 4 more to go.

    So he gives me a cortisone shot and say’s (“Take it easy, you know, sit around watch football, you can do that!”)

    I don’t watch TV that much and I sure don’t watch football.
    I mentioned while I was there that I couldn’t sit on any of their chairs because it makes my neck swell up. He says,
    (“Well that’s a new one !”)

    When I first saw him I asked him about the swelling around my neck and Collar bone area.
    He just Blew me off and said I had a limpoma, and that they,
    (“whom ever “they” are) could do a surgery and cut it out.
    As to try and scare me from talking about it anymore.

    My condition is derived of Nerve damage to my cervical area, caused by falling off a roof.
    Now I can”t sit on most hard surfaces without my neck swelling up and my left arm hurting.
    Not to mention the sciatica going down my legs all the time and my scapula letting me know it is back there every time I sit back on something.
    But as he said (“Well That’s a New ONE”).

    He just wouldn’t listen to me, or didn’t have the time, to listen to me in the first place.

    I was there a couple of months ago and we were talking about the Cancer that runs in my family.
    Colon cancer, Prostate cancer, it has killed a few of my family members.

    I asked him if he would approve a follow up colonoscopy to the one that I had, (what I thought was five years ago,) he answers with,
    (“Ya I’ll go for that”) Like this is Let’s Make a Deal, and he is Monty Hall.


    I called about the colonoscopy and the nurse was going to just schedule it.
    But then, (I could tell she was reading my file,) says I think we need to schedule a preascreaning with doctor so and so, and we will let him determine weather or not you need a colonoscopy.

    SO I go there and the Doctor walks in and is very nice at first. He asks me a few questions very politely.
    AND THEN! He gets this strange look on his face and says, I am gong to go check your file I will be right back.

    I don’t know why he couldn’t have done that at the computer he was sitting at, and I know that he could of.
    But he gets up and leaves, I sit there for a few minuets and he comes back.
    Now he can’t get me out of the room fast enough, and has an attitude about it, with this mean look on his face.
    He said it had only been 4 years since my last colonoscopy and and that we will wait another year goodbye.
    As he was practically running for the door, I made sure to thank him for his time.
    He just sneered at me and shut the door.

    So now that I am BRANDED and My Doctor has made it so I cant get anyone to listen to me. what do I do?
    I have never had health insurance or been able to afford to see a doctor in my life and now that I can, I am Branded for life and they don’t want to see me.
    :>( ?????? Ray

  233. Henry says:

    The way I get treated by some of the Kaiser staff is ungodly, most surly in the ER. I spent 2 years straight in Kaiser as a patient. They told me in the last month of my stay there, that’s they had turned me into a “medical addict”. I have been “patient profiled” ever since then, one nurse accused me of pulling a gun on her, another slapped me in my face. I hate going to the ER at Kaiser Permanente, in order for me to go, I just about have to be dying. I try my hardest to fix whatever I’d bothering me at home, before I go in. In case you are not aware of what happens to me 90% of the time I go to the ER or I am hospitalized, Patient profiling is the practice of regarding particular patients as more likely to have certain behaviors or illnesses based on their appearance, race, gender, financial status, or other observable characteristics. In my case doctors ER doctors and Hospital-based specialist have referred to me as a, “drug addict/ Narcotic seeker” Faking being ill, or there’s nothing wrong with me, besides my chronic pain issues. Or that I don’t need to be concerned about my pain, and let them take care of my diabetes. Doctors have even said rude and nasty things about my person and my wife. They accused my wife of sneaking in medication so that I could kill myself and placed a watcher (sitter) in the room with me. I told my wife what one of the CNA’s told me and my wife didn’t believe me at first, she thought I was paranoid, until one of the sitters came in the room, my wife asked why they was there and they lied at first and said we are here to watch your husband, she told the CNA, I am here so you can go, they said no we can’t and we have to call the supervisor, the House nursing supervisor came in the room and explain to me and my wife that they suspected her of sneaking me medication to do harm to myself. Now the medication they where speaking of was U-500 insulin. To which they took my pump and had locked it in a pharmacy safe 5 days previous to this accusation. They treated us like we were dirt. They even stopped my church members from coming to see me, I am a pastor and they said it was too many black people here. I forgot to mention, I am a 33 year old male with many, many chronic illness. I also have many college degrees. But I digressed to the issue at hand, one doctor told me and my wife that, there is something in my medical file, that states I am a drug addict and this is why the ER and the Hospital-based specialist treat me so bad. This last visit took the cake, the doctor came in the room and the first thing out of his mouth was, I am not giving you any pain medicine, not hi my name is doctor “”””, no how are you doing, how can I help you, his first nasty words to me, I am not giving you any pain medicine, I don’t remember asking for any. I explained to him I had phone appointment with my doctor my primary care physician whom I love, and it’s hard for me to get to her she moved 60 minutes away from me, she begged me to go to the ER, if I could not make it to see a Minor injury doctor, if the pain became worse. What the doctor did not know, I had taken pain medicine I day prior to coming to the ER and it made me very sick, I just wanted to know what was wrong with me, and if he could help. This caucasian ER doctor whom I have never seen before, walks out of my room and closes the curtain and tells the black nurse who is a temp nurse for Sutter Delta here in Antioch CA, the doctor to the nurse:
    “Why in the hell did he come in here in the first place, he didn’t need to come here and waist my time.” She responds I don’t know doctor.” He then says to her we need to hurry up and do his labs so I can’t get him out of here, there is nothing wrong with him, re-check his blood sugar and discharge him…” “He’s looking for drugs…”

    By the way I came in for severe knee pain this time…

    I had enough and I asked to speak to the emergency department charge Doctor Who was not there so they brought in the charge nurse who is also the emergency department manager. I spoke to the nurse that was assisting me and she apologized and said he shouldn’t of said those things. I explained to her that that curtain is not a sound barrier in that patients are human and can hear every word that is sad about them.
    She apologized again and went and got the doctor, he came in my room apologizing several times saying he shouldn’t of said those things and that’s not what he meant. Even though what he said is what he meant because it came out of his mouth…

    My blood sugar dropped to 34 waiting to have labs done after I got an x-ray of my knee. I told the charge nurse I did not want to see that doctor anymore and wait to go to my next appointment in minor injury but the pain was really bad. Hey came back in the room and offered to write a prescription for Percocet the same medication that made me sick the day before, and prescription for an antibiotic.

    When he found out my blood sugar was 34 he change his directions say oh I can’t discharge you now it’s a real emergency, when just 15 minutes ago, you wanted me the hell out of your ER… Hurt and upset, I left and went to the Pharmacy and bought some glucose tablets and got my medication for antibiotics I refuse the narcotics because that’s not why I came here I have pain medication at home…

    I went to my Minor injury appointment, this doctor was nice and took her time to speak with me, she gave me a brace, and ice packs I took some anti-inflammatory medication, 2 days later the pain in my he completely went away…
    I would almost rather die then to go to Kaiser, I love my primary care doctor, even though they call her and tell her I am 51/50 in the ER when they hospitalize me. They always seem to leave out what they say and do to me. When you have been slapped or yelled at, cussed at, talked about badly. You don’t feel like being nice and social, on top of that I am sick, and being called a drug addict…

  234. Nancy cuadros says:

    Ive been screw by a lot of doctors, so my brain is deteriorating encephalitis manager I have nodules on my thyroid and tell me I’m going to dye why bother.

  235. Natalie says:

    I just left my pain management doctors office they messed my appointment up and sent me home with nothing and a broke back till Monday comprehensive pain specialist in Clarksville TN

  236. Kelly Ryan says:

    This is kind of a long story. It is about my mother. She’s in her late 50’s, funny and a pioneer in anything she does. Her and my father are the most selfless and giving people I’ve ever known, and not just for church on Sunday’s. They live their message… which is something I find a lot of people lack doing In this world. My parents have been married for 27 years. They raised me and my two sisters and when we were teenagers adopted our youngest sister who is now 12. My mom is a vibrant and active woman in our community. She was given an award in our town because she donated the most time to hurricane sandy victims. Her and my father take turns sleeping at our church almost weekly for families in the Family Promise organization. They help everyone. But my mom is not able to receive the medical help she needs right mow.
    My mom also has neurofibromitosis. Her and my sister both have it. When my mom was pregnant with my younger sister (not the one with NF) she was a meter reader for the gas company and there was a gas leak at a house, my mom went to shut the gas off and the furnace blew up on her head. She had brain surgery and a shunt was placed in her head.
    On and off for years she was in pain with headaches and neurological issues, So a renowned neurosurgeon in Philadelphia replaced her shunt. But essentially, put it in incorrectly, and had to re do it that same week. So she had two brain surgeries in a 3 day period.
    The shunt hasn’t worked correctly since, and that was approximately ten yeas ago. She needs a new shunt. But every single new neurosurgeon she tries to see will not take her on as a patient because her “case is too complex”. I’m not sure if they really won’t take her on because she was a patient of the “renowned” neurosurgeon I mentioned earlier or because it really is that complex.
    She has good health insurance and takes care of herself, but for some reason we cannot find a surgeon to take her on and operate on her brain. It’s probably happened 10 times where she has an appointment to be seen, sends her records and is called back and told they are sending her records back and the doctor can’t see her.
    I didn’t even know things like this Actually happened in medicine and I’m a Nurse!
    We aren’t mad at anyone and we aren’t placing blame for her shunt’s issues. It’s never been about that. Things are very touchy when it comes to brain surgery and neurology, we know that.
    We literally just need an experienced neurosurgeon to help my mother.
    It’s hard to understand how someone can spend their life doing the “right” things in life and always try to take the high road but can’t find a doctor when they need one.
    This is my rant and my dilemma. I would love some guidance and appreciate any advice.
    Thank you so much,
    Kelly Ryan

  237. Pamala Church says:

    I am 46. Ive had both knees replaced. I have severe arthritis in my neck and shoulders. I have tendonitis in my left arm. I have been on nothing but ibuprofen 800 for over a yr. I wake up and cry thru the night at times. My ortho dr eont give me anything stronger. My family Dr said if my ortho dr wont what did i expect her to do. Even an ER Dr refused to help me. I have asked for the first time just about a week ago. Other than that no pain meds or asking for, for over a year.

  238. Sara says:

    Hello my name is Sara I leave in Panama City Florida.
    Few months ago diagnosed with mastoid fluid ? And crazy stuff up in my sinuses 🙂
    I like to keep dr. Name for right now. Im a tricareprime and referral to go see specialist.
    Well my doctor it’s about my sinuses and didn’t seem to care about my mastoid problem. Every time I ask a question… This is what I get…. Lady I said one thing at a time….. Really???? We are talking about my something causing infaction and not the mention really close to my brain!!!!
    Well I end up gotten my sinus crazy surgery few weeks ago. I went to surgery center as the time they told me.
    Staff didn’t even care and it was only 2 patient Including me. My surgery suppose to be at 11 am…. I was still waiting by 6 pm…. So finally I give up and start asking a lot of question….. Oh btw not ones nurse or others came to check on me.. Except told me to change….
    Finally dr showed up…. And he didn’t even know who I was or what kinda Procedure I was getting????? Are you kidding right???? You must be!!!! He had 2 patients and doesn’t check before???
    What scarred me the most he looked super high I mean I don’t know how high looks like but talking to him few times before and how the way he was acting. Plus I was a bartender long time that was not drunk!!! He was up the cloud didn’t give damn…..
    I go to surgery room usually you have your doctor waiting in there well mine wasn’t I did had quite a few surgeries before so this was the craziest and felt like horror movie. They prepped me And start given all my drugs to sleep I ask where dr.???? ……….. Silent…. Again I ask….. Silent….. Well I woke up not even knowing who the heck did my surgery????
    I believe maybe because I’m a Muslim??? Or what??? God knows why I guess I wish I did too. It was a horrible day of my! He is the worst dr. Ever!
    Now I don’t know what I need to do to so he doesn’t end up hurt anyone!!!

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Oh no. I am so sorry that happened. Can you write a letter? Submit a complaint. The medical system is undergoing massive change now and not everyone is handling the transition period well. Lots of forces at play that create a less-than-ideal environment for all. Don’t remain silent. You must speak up.

  239. Roger says:

    To many doctors think they are above the law that is why they are so rude and dangerous with tablets and diagnoses. I believe the doctors board also favours the doctors which encourages them to be more Mischievous, One wonders just how many Psychopaths their are in our hospital system and if they should have ever been allowed into the hospitals in the first place where care and respect should be the winner of the day not death and destruction which is happening right NOW, It’s not the patient that needs to learn how to be human it,s a hell of a lot of doctors!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To much Power in a nut shell)

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Doctors started out as human. Medical training and education is dehumanizing. Then they want to give us a test on “empathy” before we graduate. The problem is the SYSTEM, not the individual doctors (victims). Please see this –>

      • Niccole Van Benschoten says:

        No, I believe doctors and health care professionals started in their chosen line of work because they had compassion, empathy, and wanted a job that would pay them for their education and experience. I do believe the system is hardening for everyone. The problem is they have allowed themselves to be mentally manipulated
        by pharmaceutical companies, their employers, and the general consensus of health care providers in the 21st Century. Systems like Peace Health and their employees are the perfect examples of healing through moral justification and that is what is contributing to the breakdown and communication problems with patients and their doctors. I do not have the answer simply share the frustration with everyone else. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be scouring the Internet for the answer. Unfortunately medical professionals are proliferating this system
        instead of standing up to it. I have lost all respect and I know I am not alone with my frustration.

  240. Ann Paul says:

    Nurse practioners also profile, every time my father ends up in the hospital from something small like neck pain they think he is feeble because of his age, so they try to send him to a nursing home for recovery instead of recommending a specialist. This last time he went to the hospital, they sent him to a rehabilitation facility and after one week he demanded to leave and when his money ran out and his Medicare they finally did. Now they want to see his home, especially his bedroom and bathroom and are threatening that they will pull his Medicare from him unless he spend extra money for a new bed, or put bars on the wall ect, ect. My mother has had enough, she is trying to get their debt paid off but these medical Professionals are putting him into further and further. Last time they didn’t like his bed or mattress so my mother had to spend 6, thousand dollars so they would just leave them alone. I am never, going to any hospital again unless I have an attorney. You think politician’s are bad they are nothing compared to the medical field.
    Ann P

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      OMG. He needs a physician (or NP) who he can have a relationship with based on mutual respect.

  241. Staci, for my Mom Who Nearly Died Today says:

    My mother just underwent a surgery at San Juan Regional Center. She has a lot of health problems and was severely abused by her father and first husband. She has fibromyalgia, PTSD amongst other problems. My mom has had it rough. My brother was killed not five years ago and lived in apartments she still resides in. She is in the hospital this moment from a procedure where they took out ha third of her intestines, a hernia from lifting and taking care of a woman with no hospice care and also had polyps removed. We all dislike the treatment received at this facility. My mom’s blood pressure steadily dropped throughout the day. They’d said they put acetaminophen IN the wound and twelve hours later, was STILL being told she could not have anything but an anti-inflammatory used for arthritis – but had to order it first. My mom was passing out and crying out in pain all last night. Finally, nearly 24 hours later, they realized she was bleeding heavily internally. The nurses would come in, read the horribly low blood pressure, show the next nurse the wound and leave with uneducated excuses as to WHY she was being forced to suffer so inhumanely. The nurse actually said, “The doctor uses this anti-inflammatory because there’s lots of nerve endings in that area and he does this with a lot of patients. He also put acetaminophen inside the wound. We had to order the (arthritis drug) because we don’t normally carry it.” I cannot believe they said it was some widely-used approach WHEN IT HAD TO BE ORDERED! My mom bit down so hard from pain that she broke a tooth. We had very poor dental care all our lives because we couldn’t afford much. A single mother of four kids did her best. All of us never had a cap “wasted” on us. We had temporary fillings and never knew how terrible we actually were neglected until we all started having problems as adults. My mom saw the same dentist our whole lives and he ruined all of our teeth, cutting costs, as they lived in a couple mansions in the same city. Needless to say, my mother nearly DIED THIS MORNING BECAUSE OF NEGLIGENCE FROM GROUPS OF “PROFESSIONALS, BECAUSE SHE WAS LABELED.” She had to have a transfusion and finally, was given pain medication. She must ask or she doesn’t get it. I ewas terrified to leave her alone. She was passing out from blood losd and pain! Her heart isn’t strong and I worry that they havehurt her more than helped. Please tell us what to do. This cocommunity treats people with money like gold and the rest of us worse than the animals at the local shelter. She’s on Medicare and doesn’t deserve to die and live in 24 hours of hell because people want to be outright CRUEL. I am in shock, I am so sad for her and my father died there AND WORKED THERE after retiring a NM State Police Officer. The man that hit him, got a failure to yield – a misdemeanor ticket. My brother’s death was ruled a suicide and his body had been moved as pooled blood was in different spots and other people I know of who DEAL drugs, get plenty of prescriptions! This place is and has been so evil to my family. We are broken. I pray to God that my mom makes it out of that place and for the rest of her life, that near-death will be in her mind anytime she has to go there. Horror stories abound and HIPAA rights mean NOTHING to most evey health professional I’ve come across here. Please, HELP. What do we do? We’re all dead here eventually, already and in bad shape for fear of having to go in for anything. THANK YOU for this site and God Bless those in the same situation.
    Staci of Farmington, NM

    • Staci, for my Mom Who Nearly Died Today says:

      P.S. I didn’t mention but meant to, that a shot was given to my mom pre-surgery, to thin the blood after they explicitly told her to stay away from any blood-thinning agents. Also, I was on the call list and next of kin and heard from a FRIEND, that my mom was in a dire situation. The doctor seems very nice but what is the deal with this insanity? Her life, her kids and grandkids they saw standing around her, meant NOTHING to these people and in knowing our losses in this very hospital. What’s sad, is my mother and myself were actually afraid that she was going to die – long before the procedure. We had a bad feeling. Her lips were so chapped today, she could barely function and she ALMOST DIED. I was given Lupron, pregnant with my son after a physical exam for the entire first trimester. The doctor called me at work and told me to consider Things happen constantly. It must be looked into. We stand up and get rejected even worse. I don’t believe every health care professional here is bad but a lot of people are suffering. My brother was an Army vet with two bronze stars and never received his 21-gun salute at his funeral and no investigation to his death where medical professionals signed it off as suicide when an independent investigation was done that proved otherwise. It’s just awful living in an inescapable reality where even public service to your country or community and then death and near death, is commonly looked at with a blank stare… We will never win here. What kind of quality of life will we, – and others like us – just never know?

  242. Bethany Williams says:

    I was in a horrible car accident this afternoon with my husband and baby. I asked EMT to take us to the hospital. My body is banged up pretty bad, but other than that all I am experiencing is severe pain. No broken bones for me. My husband on the other hand has a slight fracture on his nose. OMAHA METHODIST HOSPITAL ignored our 10 month old infant. They separated my husband and I and I asked them how the baby was doing and they told me she was okay and that she was adorable and happy and smiling. She had a nasty mark from the accident on her neck. THEY NEVER EVALUATED HER. SHE WAS STILL IN HER CARSEAT 90 MINUTES LATER. I could have screamed. I asked the doctor if he could send me home with 48 hours worth of pain medication for the excessive amount of pain I was feeling and he said NO. I asked him why and he said that I wasn’t in enough pain for him to justify me going home with pain meds. I reminded him that I am allergic to Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and Naproxen — they call it a triallergy and he said he didn’t care. I will never understood why they refused me but gave my husband a bunch of crap. My knee and leg is black and blue, there isn’t a part of my body that doesn’t hurt… I can’t sleep and I find myself online looking up patient profiling. Doctors and nurses that stupid don’t deserve their license.

  243. kimmy says:

    My only health insurance is through the indian clinics.
    I have had Terrible abdominal pain, stomach pain, migrains, and back problems. I have been going to the same doctor since I was 11 years old, I am now 20, have not had a steady doctor, I have had many tests done, and the doctors office has yet to call me back about any of them, and have no records of my tests being done at all.
    Every time I go in and try to schedule an appointment I am immediately dismissed, because of my appearance they make me out to be a drug addict, only looking for perscription medications.
    I live every day in pain, and they don’t care.
    I feel ignored and helpless.
    I feel like I will be sick forever.
    They now, don’t even answer my calls, or messages left.
    I don’t know what to do.

  244. Niccole Van Benschoten says:

    I have been seeing this doctor for one year and every time I have gone in to see this woman my blood pressure is through the roof. In her chart notes I’ve obtained she accuses me of taking the whole appointment arguing with her about pain meds and that we cannot get to any other issues. I have inherited terrible arthritis all over my body. I also have had two complete knee replacements and will be getting the total hip replaced next week. I was taking norco for several years for pain control, until I moved and changed doctors. This new doctor refuses to prescribe any narcotic pain medication for chronic pain clearly documented. I had a feeling we had a communication problem and ordered a copy of her chart notes. Once I read them and did some research on the Internet I realized she was profiling me as a drug seeker. She wrote notes in this record that make me sound crazy and ridiculous. I believe for someone who only knows me for less than a year, she has slandered me by putting direct quotes of what she believed I said to her during the visit in my patient record. These are a form of profiling my character and discrediting my word to anyone who reads these records and their opinion of me is changed before they ever meet me. I believe I’m in a terrible mess but need to seek help to get this corrected before it permanently destroys my character and creditability.

  245. Miranda says:

    My husband is on workers comp and dealing with a horrible company called Esis and I believe they won’t pay for his medication because he’s on such a heavy dose and has had 6 back surgeries and needing a 7th! If anyone else has dealt with this company any advice is welcome!

  246. Kassie says:

    I went to a doctor about to years ago in so much pain in my leg and back. They kept saying your young (30) it’s from being on your feet all day and then he finally perscribed be Percocet which helped so much which he told me to take as needed. Then accused me of being an addict and made a big scene with pharmacy and everything. Sure enough the results of the MIR came back the one I had to beg for came back and I had a massive hernia in my back pushing up on all my nerves causing me to loose strength in my leg and feeling. It has been a year and a half since surgery and haven’t been on pain meds since the 2 months after surgery and now pain is coming back and I am afraid to call the doctor because of the way he treated me the first time. What should I do because pain meds would really help me right now. I need to work. Family of 5 and I am the only one that works.

  247. Sharah says:

    Does a self admitt Hosp.detox get reported to my primary care phys.since he prescribes my monthly pain meds I’ve taken over 6 yrs.for chronic pain? Thanks for any answers! Meds reached pain threshold and I needed to lower tolerance.

  248. Sharah says:

    Will my PCP find out I admitted my self into a drug detox to lower my tolerance to pain meds since my PCP writes my monthly scripts ? And did I violate my contract with him in doing so ?

  249. Regina Curry says:

    I am a 36 year old female with chronic pain from being a firefighter/emt/registered nurse with factor 5 Leiden deficiency (a medical disorder that causes frequent blood clots). At age 24 I had a heart attack with resulting heart failure. I have been in and out of the hospital a lot and no longer go to some hospitals where I have been told to my face that I I may as well quit coming to the ER because I am not getting anything for pain. I feel like now when I have to go to the E R that all the staff sees is my history, age, medication list, and long list of allergies. I have had staff roll their eyes at me, talk under their breath because they do not believe what I am saying, and laugh. Is it and weigh the consequences of what going to the hospital means with how bad I feel and dread going to the hospital because of past experiences

  250. Anna says:

    My name is Anna I had back pain now for five years but do to my x making me go to the er and dr to get pain pills for him now no one will gave me anything due to my past keep telling me they will not gave me pain p

  251. Robin Simonelli says:

    Referred to Mayo clinic after more than three years battling chronic infection contracted during revision of residual BKA, I was subjected to multiple tests and questioning about my medical history, family history and ultimately about past and present lifestyle. I was very impressed with their thorough investigation until being sent to gastroenterology due to a positive test for Hepatitis C where I was interviewed by an intern/resident. Her questions seemed normal at first but then became quite pointed with regards to lifestyle after I expalained that I had lost my leg in a motorcycle accident. I was completely candid as to my drinking habits, 2 to 3 a day, and when asked about “intranasal cocain” use I was truthful in telling her that I had used it at biker events occasionally over the years. Her demeanor changed drastically and the rest of our interview consisted of a lecture about the evils of drugs and alcohol and ended with the suggestion that I seek a rehabilitation center and attend AA meetings. She went out to get the doctor to finish up. He came in with her ten minutes later and never said a word to me nor did he ever once look me in the eye as she repeated her drugs and alcohol speech almost verbatim after which they both said goodbye and left the room. Two days later I had a second appointment with the surgeon and infection specialist. The first words out the sergeons mouth were “you need to address your cocain problem before we can do anything for you”. When I objected that I was only there to see if they could help with the infection in my leg and that his GI intern had made unwarranted assumptions he became distant and stated that he would forward my exrays and test results to the doctor who had done the initial surgery and “we can’t do anything for you here”. Does this seem like patient profiling and would it be worth persuing legally?

  252. barry bailey says:

    Five doctors in three practices lied to me about ischemic stroke symptoms.
    Two MRIs and three cat scans just to convince me my symptoms were nothing.
    After a year they tried twice to schedule me for minor surgery for nasal polyps.
    Tried to convince me that was the problem.
    Finally another doctor who was seeing me for pain management told me the truth and I got my surgery.
    Blockage was 97%.
    Police in N.C. tell me “you can’t prove it, nothing you can do about it”.
    FBI tells me to shut up and get on with my little life.
    Lawyers will not respond, say anything to get me out the door.
    States are using doctors to eliminate baby boomers.
    They are targeting those with no supplemental insurance.
    Doctors are using political profiling to determine who gets life saving procedures.
    They tend to be younger doctors.
    German doctors first did this to Jews in 1919.
    White doctors in the south did this to blacks from the Civil war till the 60’s
    The law is protecting these doctors.

  253. Dr. Mommy says:

    I have a daughter with multiple disabilities. I have been profiled more times than I would like to admit. I get two big strikes against me…

    1. I was a nurse before my daughter was born.
    2. I homeschool my child.

    Those two things alone start a trigger of suspicion before I even get a chance to speak during a clinic visit. And it is frustrating. Every statement or symptom my child exhibits is put before the light of scrutiny that I just might be one of those wacko moms seeking attention with a sick kid, or God forbid one that is making her kid sick on purpose.

    Here is the mom I really am…. I am trying to make my kid WELL on purpose, but even that can be judged as something it is not.

    If my child is gaining weight when they think she should be more sickly, then they think I am adding weight in a sneaky way to make her look too good. They start measuring more than just weight, and measuring arm fat, etc. Yet I am never proven wrong. It drives me insane that I cannot be trusted by them. Especially when my child is doing better than most with her diagnosis, I do not get happy staff or happy doctors. I get suspicious eyes and questions from those who think it is too good to be true.

    I leave the office feeling worse than I did when I came in and even my daughter is in tears as to how we are treated.

    My nursing knowledge is never taken seriously and only a point of suspicion.

    I am a partner in my child’s care, but not every doctor accepts that.

    I have found one doctor who is awesome and we had to move out of state and cannot see him any more. But I am going to try to see what I can do to get back with him. I am tired of most of the doctors treating me and my child like criminals!!

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      You deserve a doctor who respects and honors you and your child. That is the definition of a therapeutic relationship. Based on trust.

  254. Heidi says:

    I was starting to have sinus infections for 2 years non stop so I asked to be seen by a ent specialist also when I was 8 years old I had ongoing problems with my ears so this year I had seen this specialist the first visit was alright then the 2,3,4,5,6,7 visit even before and after surgery I kept being told that I am lazy,I am a bad monther,I was also being told I was good for nothing because I am on ssi and that this doctor supposedly pays me my checks she claims she buys everything for me I have been in such emotional distress I am constantly breaking down ..June of 2015 I had surgery to fix a deveated septum and a bump on my nose I have been in so much pain and when I came in her office to see her for my pains and nose bleeds ” she says well you are on ssi get your own medicine ” then started saying I must have high blood pressure for my nose to be bleeding anyhow I am a victim of patient profiling

  255. Heidi says:

    After 7 visits with the ent specialist she got the best of me
    I am a victim of patient profiling

  256. Pamela Wible MD says:

    From Susan Friedman:

    Hi. We believe our entire family has been profiled. Our daughter (who is now 24 yrs. old) has multiple disabilities. She had a kidney transplant in 2009 in Florida. Since that time her follow up care etc. does NOT seem to be the same as a “typical” patients would be. Numerous mistakes have been made (she was given meds she is extremely allergic to and had convulsions) and NO ONE EVEN CARED. She is now 7 yrs. out for her transplant and, her hospital transplant department is simply NOT doing their jobs. Each time my husband and I advocate for our daughter’s needs (because she can’t) we are “labeled” as troublemakers and ignored. Bottom line here is the fact that our daughter DOES have a kidney transplant that needs to be medically managed but, no one seem to want to do so. Isn’t there supposed to be a Transplant Protocol in place for patients? Isn’t this medical malpractice? Her transplant department is doing this to multiple patients (not just our daughter) and people have died. Really, they need to be shut down. Your comments are welcomed on this particular subject. Thank You.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      You should document your concerns. Meet with the clinic manager. If you feel that your daughter has been mismanaged, try to find out why. Best to resolve these things at the clinic level if possible. If not possible, change clinics and/or seek a legal opinion.

      • Susan Friedman says:

        I will definitely be seeking a legal opinion as this neglect has been going on since 2009 and, continues to get worse-if that’s possible!!! My husband and I have tried several times to speak with clinic managers, department managers, VP’s and CEO’s with NO luck whatsoever. All of our concerns have been documented over the years. We really feel that our hospital and transplant clinic, has some sort of “hidden agenda” and this is why they are belligerent towards us etc. We are NOT alone. Someone needs to launch an investigation into this hospital system – it’s terribly corrupt.

        • Pamela Wible MD says:

          I am so sorry this is happening. Please know in your heart that none of us went into medicine to hurt patients.The system is destroying the hearts and souls of our doctors. It is very sick. I am working 24/7 to change things. Literally finishing up a book on physician suicide letters right now at 4:00 am while trying to also help patients get the care they need and deserve.

  257. Maritza Gomez says:

    I am a woman who had Lyme disease and co-infections for 8 years before it went into remission. I had permanent neuropathy from the Lyme, and went to a pain specialist who put me on Avinza. It has helped the nerve pain and I take one daily. I have been seeing this doctor for about 5 years now and we have a very good relationship. My primary care doctor noted this and began treating me strangely . I would then ask to see the nurse practitioner. Something came upland the doctor pointed out my use of Avinza, and I knew I was then targeted. I switched doctors, and the second time I went to the new doctor, he was again very strange to me, and kept reading my files on the computer. I knew something was up. I went there for help to sleep, as lately I could not fall asleep at night. He was rude to me, and disrespecrful, and just plain strange. He did not care less about my sleeping problem. I was very upset because I knew I was again being targeted. I asked to see the practice manger, and she came in. I said to her that I had a very bad visit with the doctor. She told me that on my first visit, I was rude to the nurse practisioner, and she requested not to see me again as a patient. I started crying, and said I would never be rude to somebody, it was not in my nature, and I have no idea what I said that upset her. The manager then told me that maybe I should find another doctor as they were not the practice that would be useful to me. I was crying, and she was again, curt and strange to me. I left and went home. I decided that I needed to see my records to see exactly what was written n them. By my state law and HIPPA, the practicioner has to let you view your files in the office if you request it. Nothing can be altered in the files or removed. I decided to view my files with my husband present, and see exactly what has been written to cause these people to target me as they do. This Monday I will g