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Top 10 Lies Doctors Tell Themselves →


I’m Dr. Pamela Wible. I run a suicide helpline for doctors. I hear from a lot of physicians with distorted thinking patterns that limit our ability to reach our full potential as healers on this planet. Recognize any?

1. “I’m stuck in assembly line medicine.”

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What Depressed Doctors Do (When Nobody’s Looking) →

Do depressed doctors go to doctors? Do they even seek help? What do depressed doctors do when they’re not helping you? Doctors have affairs. They drink alcohol and smoke pot. They steal prescription medications. They binge-eat crap, scream, and exercise obsessively. Depressed doctors contemplate suicide. They hide their feelings to prevent being punished by licensing boards or mistreated by “Physician Health Programs.” Fact: depression is an occupational hazard in medicine.

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