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The #1 thing patients want from doctors →

Ever wonder what patients really want from doctors? Is it the fancy buildings with marble fountains? Is it the board certifications and diplomas on the wall? Is it the expert medical jargon and starched white coats? Nope. None of the

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The One Question You Must Ask Your Doctor →

Your doctor has more control over your life than anyone—other than you. Your doctor may be the first face you see as you’re born and the last one you see as you die. Doctors look deep inside you, in places

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The Surprising Way Patients Get Drugs →

Tom is diabetic, asthmatic, and broke. He’s back for a checkup. “I take my Metformin every morning with my grits,” he says, “but I don’t need no refill. I just got me some Metformin XR.” “How did you get extended

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