Telemedicine Tips & Tricks

Start your telemedicine clinic—today. Whether you’re a med student, resident, physician, or nurse—you can use telehealth to share your expertise now—and get paid.  No need to sit through another committee meeting or ask for permission. View video or download MP3 for details.

In today’s podcast/video you will learn how to:

* Practice telemedicine without any special platform—just your cell phone (or landline).

* Collect credit card payments or insurance reimbursement.

* Decrease your overhead to < 10%—(even 2 or 3%).

* Launch your clinic for just $627.  Here’s how I did it.

* Save 86% on your malpractice premium. Instructions here.

* Host interactive group visits—and get paid.

* Work from home naked—or while breastfeeding!

* Determine your special niche and target your ideal patients.

* Discover cheapest ways to market to patients. Download 147 ways to grow your practice.

* Learn sneaky ways to do physical exams virtually.

* Leverage staff in telehealth visits (& get reimbursed by insurance)

* Practice telemedicine from anywhere in the world!

* Sing the “happy doctor” song 🙂

If you are stressed out, anxious, depressed, or even suicidal, contact Dr. Wible for free 100% confidential help 24/7.

Thanks Kendra Campbell, MD & Kerry Traugott, DNP for your wisdom.

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15 comments on “Telemedicine Tips & Tricks
  1. Pratistha Strong says:

    Thanks Pamela for posting this! I have been doing “Telehealth” visits (before COVID19) and now during–super easy, patients love it, call them up on the phone, no nonsense, they have cc on Square or otherwise I invoice them. Sometimes they will initiate by FaceTiming me, if I am a minute too late! It saves the hassle and keeps overhead LOW!

    They are RELIEVED that they don’t have to come see me physically and potentially get exposed! They are thanking me for offering this. I tell myself constantly, keep being KISSeD( keep it simple stupid doctor )!

    Thanks for giving me the strength to have my own ideal clinic. It’s versatile, it moves with the needs of my patients (one patient was SO panicked and called me needing a few months extra of blood pressure medication–I calmed her down, told her she could purchase it at cost from me, I ordered her meds, she went from angry upset to pleasantly surprised at the cost of 6 months of meds was less than 2 mo at the pharmacy!!).

    I rather be in a little dingy in the ocean; I can paddle the waves and turn away from the storm rather than being in a giant ship–it would take hours for it to turn!

  2. Dr Andrew Buscemi says:

    I work in Urgent Care, while I thrive on seeing anywhere from 4-8 pts an hour, I am interested in doing telemedicine. Wish I had a mentor to walk me through it.

    Thanks again

  3. Kinal says:

    ECFMG certified FMG/IMG can provide this service also?

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Within your scope of practice according to your license. Coaching and other services can be provided and this totally depends on a variety of factors. Case-by-case basis. Happy to help you. We can talk if you like.

  4. Viet Nguyen says:

    I am tried to due with insurance and administration. I have followed you months and watched many of your videos. I admired your achievement and what you have done for the medical community. I am burning out. I am very interested in Telemedicine and practice-cash pay clinic where I can focus on patients and have the freedom to practice medicine that provides the most benefit to the patients. I need a mentor and I need your help to walk me through it.

  5. FMG says:

    I want to start am a foreign medical doctor and I am license PA from Puerto Rico.
    What do I need to do to start my practice. I already have an office where I run a private duty home health care agency can I use that office.

  6. Sher says:

    Hi Pamela,
    I have Ohio license and currently doing MPh at university of Arizona on F1 visa, which is student visa, not a work visa. I would love to practice tele-medicine to make some money. Can I do on F1 visa, where can I get this information ?
    Thank you so much for your help.

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Depends on type of telehealth practice. I’m happy to speak to you. Get clear on who you want to serve (niche target demographic) amd the types of services you want to provide under your scope of practice first and then contact me if you want guidance for next steps.

  7. Eva Mackey says:

    One of the physicians mentioned a website she checks for info regarding telemed regulations. Can you tell me what that website was?

    • Pamela Wible MD says:

      Not sure which one you need. There were several mentioned I believe and the doctors spelled them out by url in the recording.

  8. Liz says:

    Hi, Dr. Wible. I listened to this webinar which was really quite helpful. After listening, I immediately tried to get telemedicine malpractice insurance and have been quoted exorbitant quotes! One is $2,995, another $4K. A previous company i used for my micro-practice malpractice is refusing to take me back bc i didn’t purchase tail from them when i canceled. I feel stuck and really bummed that i may not be able to break even if i invest 3K 🙁
    I’m in Houston. I asked for part time and they will only write policy for full time. I would just go ahead and pay if i knew it included in-office coverage as well which I could use at a later time, but these quotes seem ridiculous!
    Any advice?

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