To the anonymous suicidal doctor who lost his job for standing up to abuse

I just got this email from an anonymous physician named “Still Hurting”

Dear Dr. Wible,

I’ve written before, hoping you would answer in some anonymous fashion on your blog.

I lost my career for standing up to abuse. I have no income, failing resources, limited health insurance that is exceedingly expensive, and several illnesses that will bankrupt me even with “insurance” (that’s what America is all about). I lost all the doctors I had for decades. I call other doctors, but their practices are full. Soon I’ll run out of money or die from lack of medical care, whichever comes first.

I am a broke doctor without a doctor, and no doctor seems to care.

And some say this is still a noble and just and good profession? Absolutely not.

The profession buries people like me just like they bury and forget the suicided. We just die in a slightly different way, euthanized through neglect, bankruptcy, despair, soul-killing days that endlessly stream into weeks and years of lost time until that once bright soul that loved people and life is so starved of love and acceptance it simply disappears, lost in time, forgotten, withered to ash, starved of purpose, love, human and social belonging—everything we worked for all our life. We die with all the accumulated pain of having had to experience the abuse and tragedy of being a physician in the United States of America. A soul death much worse than any physical death. And probably the reason why so many doctors choose physical death by suicide.

I loved medicine and science. I believe science only advances when opposing views are respected. Science is not consensus; it’s endless debate, disagreement and differences of opinion.

I lost my career over this belief.

The abuse I stood up against was unfathomable. Our hospital forced physicians to give up our right to bodily autonomy—to make decisions about our own health. They used coercion, threatened livelihoods, and forced all physicians to submit to an experimental medication without reviewing the data and deciding for themselves whether it was a good drug for them or not. With no evidence of safety or effectiveness, I refused to take it.

How can a so-called “caring, compassionate, and noble profession” advocate such a breach of medical ethics? What kind of profession, what kind of country, what kind of people would take away all that a person worked for all of their life, all of their resources, just over an experimental medication?

Without data, there can be no scientific evidence that this experimental “vaccine” would stop transmission, no scientific basis for segregation, discrimination, human rights violations, killing physicians by taking away their livelihoods.

I was always willing to be tested, to wear a mask or PAPR (how could you argue with that if concerned about respiratory spread?) But no, I was eliminated from the “profession,” like the lost, forgotten, silenced voices of all physicians you track who died of suicide.

The vaccine mandate ended my career and my life.

My letter is anonymous for good reason. I’ve spoken out before, and when I did the abuse and retaliation only increased. I cannot imagine what more would happen if I identified myself further. But, actually, I do know.

Still Hurting

* * *

Dear Still Hurting,

1) I am a doctor who cares about you. I feel your pain. I’ve been reporting on human rights violations in medicine for more than a decade. Assaults on physician humanity are longstanding, premeditated, and well-orchestrated to disempower the most ethical and integrous among us—for profit and control.

2) Please read my free ebook, Physician Betrayal: How Our Heroes Become Villains (quick 20-min read) that details the methodical dehumanization of idealistic humanitarians beginning in med school—and how to retain your soul amid institutional betrayal of physicians (and patients).

3) Your career is not over. I’m so busy helping suicidal physicians I retired my license to devote myself full-time to healing our misguided profession. I’m more effective than ever (even earning more without a license!). Open your mind and heart to all of your career options. I can help you. Imagine having your own coaching practice (like me) where you’ll never be mandated to experiment on human beings again.

4) Join our peer support group full of physicians who feel exactly as you do. Isolation is deadly. You can heal.

💕Pamela Wible, M.D.

P.S.  I just called the phone number in your anonymous letter. Please call me back.


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One comment on “To the anonymous suicidal doctor who lost his job for standing up to abuse
  1. Pamela Wible, MD + FRIENDS from Peer Support Group says:

    Shared your story in physician peer support group today. Here’s what other docs want you to know: (de-identified comments on chat & you obviously missed the live discussion)

    “Soul killing days that stretch on into weeks……lost in time,,,” – Wow. That captures it – doesn’t it

    Will it ever end? criminal activities?

    Yeah PHPs are like that

    Insurance and lawsuit based system attracts all corruption. I so so so agree each and every word; I died each day without dying so true. hollowness, corruption, with lives; i believe each and every word; its all bout money; even research is meant to be earning money not to save life, corrupted coop medical world, I understand and truly believe its true.

    We are beholden to the slimy politicians in Washington DC. That’s why we need to try and separate from the hospitals and make our own practice as quick as we can

    Wow — how did the profession advocate it? Because it got politically hi-jacked by Fauci—any contrary views were shut down; prior CDC director looked at the gene sequence and said “NOT consistent with natural evolution.”

    The Hippocratic Oath being taken by doctors while administrators and managers exempt? Medicine as business is no longer medicine. It’s business using medicine as a commodity.

    It’s breech of medical ethics – that attracts the bees and vultures; it’s all about money and power and about life anymore. That’s what is my biggest trauma.

    Not sure if this is the answer you want/need: I stopped believing it was a noble profession a long time ago. Instead, I focused on strategies to survive as a noble and compassionate person in a larger system.

    Still Hurting, medicine could easily be spelled Me(go)dicine. There is definitely ego in medicine that either does not recognize alternative points of view; or is threatened by them…Vaccine mandates must be part of a deeper, darker agenda…Karen Kingston’s point of view certainly is worth a listen.

    Still Hurting—how could it happen? I think because many who saw through it stayed silent—and many didn’t consider seeing through it bc its easier to go with the narrative—and there was quite a lot of manipulative medical marketing propelling it all forward

    Feeling betrayed not just by people we know, but also the agreed rules and principles that things are based on can be confronting beyond belief. (I’ve had a different experience recently but Similar themes, although not the same) I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. It’s so hard when there can be no repair with colleagues and the system, because we naturally seek repair and connection and harmony.

    I hope that you could find a position or change in a way to develop your own practice in the medical profession to continue to practice medicine. Medicine has become political whether you work for a corporation or hospital system, therefore you may need to go out on ‘your own’ and you will certainly attract like minded patients. You have gifts that are an asset. Yes we as physicians have given up a lot of power. It is time to take back as Morry is talking about.

    Still hurting you are not alone. You’re not weird or bad. You are part of our community.

    Governor Newsom has been forefront of some things which some various health care practitioners independently and “solo-ly” in many cases, do not agree / did not agree. It has led to many early retirees, or unwanted stopping of works… what medical education or research experience – studying of these literature reviews (we had three articles a week to study about methods, neg and positives of how experiments were set up) do these politicians have?

    It may be that this is the opportunity to take your life in a different direction, where you can live your life, and contribute in a brand new way that is healthier for you, and for the people you serve.

    it always hurt; to be real and honest


    Still hurting: you are not alone.

    STILL HURTING _ practical advice about financial situation — apply to your state’s Medicaid, here in Ohio members have unfettered access to everything, all meds covered, no co-pays, etc

    It is strange when you are being bullied how many people distance themselves from you rather than step up and support you.

    People are /were afraid. Docs are afraid (understandably) – so do not stand together since they do not know who each other are. and under the traditional hospital systems – un /disrespected, though supposedly heard, not listened to or vsv, underpaid, over worked, hated, envied against yet wanted and or needed because of necessary help they may need when they get sick/ loved ones.

    still hurting: as someone who suffered horribly and immensely from the vaccine please don’t consider your decision a bad one. You did the right thing! Congratulations! Now just find something you like doing that is not medically related and do it! Maybe you were meant to try something else for a while?

    Sometimes I wonder if the hospital administrators intentionally pit us against each other – divide and conquer.

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