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How to stop pimping at your medical school (& heal yourself) →

Pimping is a “teaching” technique in which a student is grilled with rapid-fire questions (often about obscure medical minutiae). These much-feared public interrogation sessions can be so malicious that the student may be left crying—in front of peers, staff, and

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Loyola Commencement Speech “Live Your Dream” →

Angela Jiang: Good morning! As the class Vice President, it is my pleasure to welcome Dr. Pamela Wible to our graduation. Dr. Wible is a family physician and a pioneer in the ideal medical care movement. After completing a family

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Meet The Inspiring Docs Behind These Innovative Clinics →

Meet 3 physician entrepreneurs who are leading the way with innovative neighborhood clinics of the future. Innovative Primary Care Practice Models Panel featuring: Yami Cazorla-Lancaster, D.O., pediatrician at Nourish Wellness and Pediatrics in Yakima, Washington. Pamela Wible, M.D., family physician at a

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Open your clinic for $3,000—or less! I did. Here’s how. →

“It may sound silly, but what are the bare-bones requirements to practice medicine? I plan to launch a small, low-overhead, cash-only practice, but I’m having difficulty finding a clinic or physician to model.” No surprise that this doc who called me

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Medical school bullying? Here’s what you do. →

Got a bullier on the loose at your med school? Don’t just sit there. Do something. I just got off the phone with an old-school pediatrician who shared: We had a professor who would intimidate us during his lectures. He’d

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Has your dream job turned into a nightmare?

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