Dr. OZ investigates America’s doctor suicide crisis

Meet activists on the front lines of uncovering our doctor suicide crisis on Thursday, March 22. Emmy-winning filmmaker Robyn Symon shares scenes from her forthcoming documentary Do No Harm: Exposing the Hippocratic Hoax. Reporter Ashley Edwards reveals how she discovered the recent Mount Sinai suicide cluster. Janae Sharp tells of the loss of her husband to suicide as a promising young medical student and I answer questions about medicine’s hidden epidemic plus read excerpts from Physician Suicide Letters—Answered. Go to doctoroz.com & enter your zip code top right for showtime. Set your DVR to record. You won’t want to miss this show . . .

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One comment on “Dr. OZ investigates America’s doctor suicide crisis
  1. Stephen S. Rodrigues, MD says:

    We are the cause of Physician suicides! Afraid of looking in the mirror to make the necessary corrections is being a part of the problem!!

    Every MD, Physician, Medical provider, academic, advocate, Physician group, hospital administrators, governmental agency, HHS, DEA, FDA, CMS, Texas Medical Board members, Texas Department of Insurance/Worker’s Compensation, Texas Medical Association president, Texas Governor has chosen to stay misinformed!!

    100% have not (seemed) to move towards reality and sanity to save humanity from “The Greedy Flesh and Blood Eating Dynasty.”

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