Dr. OZ investigates America’s doctor suicide crisis

Meet activists on the front lines of uncovering our doctor suicide crisis on Thursday, March 22. Emmy-winning filmmaker Robyn Symon shares scenes from her forthcoming documentary Do No Harm: Exposing the Hippocratic Hoax. Reporter Ashley Edwards reveals how she discovered the recent Mount Sinai suicide cluster. Janae Sharp tells of the loss of her husband to suicide as a promising young medical student and I answer questions about medicine’s hidden epidemic plus read excerpts from Physician Suicide Letters—Answered. Go to doctoroz.com & enter your zip code top right for showtime. Set your DVR to record. You won’t want to miss this show . . .

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One comment on “Dr. OZ investigates America’s doctor suicide crisis
  1. We are the cause of Physician suicides! Afraid of looking in the mirror to make the necessary corrections is being a part of the problem!!

    Every MD, Physician, Medical provider, academic, advocate, Physician group, hospital administrators, governmental agency, HHS, DEA, FDA, CMS, Texas Medical Board members, Texas Department of Insurance/Worker’s Compensation, Texas Medical Association president, Texas Governor has chosen to stay misinformed!!

    100% have not (seemed) to move towards reality and sanity to save humanity from “The Greedy Flesh and Blood Eating Dynasty.”

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