Looking for the second most inspiring doctor in USA

I discovered the most inspiring doctor a few months ago.

A poor single mom of two who overcame every obstacle to deliver health care for the underserved in rural North Carolina. In the coolest farmhouse clinic! For newborn to elderly regardless of ability to pay. Womb-to-tomb care via barter and trade—from chickens to roofing shingles.

Meet Michelle McPherson—the 2018 Visionary Woman in Medicine.

Leslie Michelle McPherson

Michelle had no money. She wasn’t even sure she was smart enough to become a doctor. But her town desperately needed one. So she studied relentlessly while working four part-time jobs and attending med school!

Then Michelle was hospitalized three times during training with $6000 in copays. She kept studying undeterred—even while in the hospital. Then she had care for her mom undergoing cancer treatment. Medical bills destroyed her credit. Student loans piled up. Now with $500,000 in debt at 8% interest, she couldn’t get a start-up loan.

So I sent her a $10,000 check to get her clinic going. Watch her mom’s face when she opens the surprise package:

After I shared her story, I got this email the following day:

“Dear Pamela, What a delightfully inspiring woman Michelle is. If she is the ‘most’ inspiring doctor you met in USA, who was the second most inspiring? The runner up? I would like to send you an anonymous $5,000 for that doctor.”

Wow! I was blown away.

Then came another email: “Check’s in the mail.”

I’ve spent the last 13 years helping hundreds of doctors launch independent practices to serve their communities so patients can finally get the care they deserve. I’ve sponsored med students for free retreats and been sharing the gospel of ideal medical care with anyone who will listen (while also running a suicide hotline for doctors on the edge of life and death).

Then I started offering $10,000 scholarships yearly to visionary women in medicine. Meet our 2017 winner here. I’ve been wanting to grant more scholarships (for men too) yet with no outside funding I’ve been limited in my ability to support all the absolutely amazing medical students and doctors that I continue to meet across the country.

So I am eternally grateful that a patient—a man I’ve never even met—would contribute $5000 to help a doctor he’s never even met.

“Pamela, It’s what came to mind when the idea popped into my mind after reading your announcement and watching the video of Michelle,” he explained. “I honor what you are doing . . . It is about supporting you and all the wonderful, courageous, and dedicated doctors you serve. It all touches my heart.”

Today I received the check:

5K Donor

“Just received the $5000 check which shall go to a wonderful and deserving medical student or doctor (more likely) who will be serving the underserved in the USA. I will keep you informed as to the person who is awarded this scholarship. Grateful to you.”

He writes back: “I look forward to seeing who it is. This is fun… ;)”

Okay so now I’m really on the hunt . . .  and yes! this is totally FUN!!!

Hey YOU . . .

Are you the second most inspiring doctor in the USA? Submit your story here.

Want to sponsor ideal clinics in rural America? Contact Dr. Wible.

Are you a doc wanting to launch your ideal clinic? Join our teleseminar. (scholarships available)

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