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Dr. Wible Keynote: “Act, Don’t Ask” →

Dr. Wible’s AMSA keynote from March 10, 2018, is transcribed and edited below. Click here for FULL keynote address—that received a standing ovation!

Pamela Wible: Alright I’m a little sleep deprived, I was in this room after the film last night until 1:00 in the morning,

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Looking for the second most inspiring doctor in USA →

I discovered the most inspiring doctor a few months ago.

A poor single mom of two who overcame every obstacle to deliver health care for the underserved in rural North Carolina. In the coolest farmhouse clinic! For newborn to elderly regardless of ability to pay. Womb-to-tomb care via barter and trade—from chickens to roofing shingles.

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Judith Wible, M.D., $10,000 Scholarship for Visionary Women in Medicine →

My mom is so awesome. Today she turns 75! So first things first . . .

Judith Pamela Wible

For the record: Judith Wible is a straight shooter. And she doesn’t take any BS. She scared the crap out of me as a child. 

My mom is not the typical mom.

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