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3 danger signs it’s time to quit your job →

How to know it’s time to quit your job: Patient wanting refill threatens to be back with a gun. Employer sides with patient. TRUE STORY!

I posted this on Facebook and was surprised how many others chimed in with similar threats. One doctor summarized: “Being an ’employed’ physician means you are totally expendable.

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Doctor Suicide Crazy Socks Day is June 1 →


Did you know that June 1st is a day devoted to raising awareness about doctor suicide by wearing “crazy socks” and posting photos on social media with hashtag #CrazySocks4Docs? Though the concept seems strange, the goal is to normalize conversations about doctors’ mental health. Please listen to my full podcast analysis here .

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Doctor suicide: where are the vigils, cards & flowers? →


Two days ago a beautiful young doctor jumped to her death beside her NYC hospital. A resident in the victim’s building writes:

“I first heard of this tragedy from your Facebook page. I am so disgusted by the silence. I am having a hard time understanding why there are not flowers by where she passed.

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Suicided doctor: covered up with a tarp—and silence. →


Yesterday afternoon another young doctor jumped to her death in NYC. She landed at the entrance of the building where she lived.

Within less than an hour, I received the following emails about her. All published with permission.

“Hello Pamela, I am not a doctor,

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What I’ve learned from 1,620 doctor suicides →


This article featured in The Washington Post and Chicago Tribune

Five years ago today I was at a memorial. Another suicide. Our third doctor in 18 months.

Everyone kept whispering, “Why?”

I was determined to find out.

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