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Physician suicide at epidemic levels in USA, India →

Today a physician told me she lost 3 colleagues to suicide in the last 2 months.  Loma Linda Hospital just lost 3 young doctors to suicide in 6 months.  Mount Sinai had 3 docs jump in less than 2 years—from

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What I’ve learned from 757 doctor suicides →

This article featured in The Washington Post and Chicago Tribune Five years ago today I was at a memorial. Another suicide. Our third doctor in 18 months. Everyone kept whispering, “Why?” I was determined to find out. So I started

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Physician suicide book banned, stolen from hospital →

Letter I just received from an anesthesiologist: Pamela, I had previously written you about the death of one of our residents in the anesthesia department [of a prominent US hospital]. I had mentioned another death [confirmed suicide] of a former

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