3 danger signs it’s time to quit your job

How to know it’s time to quit your job: Patient wanting refill threatens to be back with a gun. Employer sides with patient. TRUE STORY!

I posted this on Facebook and was surprised how many others chimed in with similar threats. One doctor summarized: “Being an ’employed’ physician means you are totally expendable. In every sense of the word.”


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Here are 3 danger signs.

YOU MUST resign immediately:

#1 To Save Your Life

If you (or your clients’ lives) are in harms way you MUST quit your job now—especially if your employer seems unconcerned about the loss of life. In health care organizations that claim to provide compassionate care this is an obvious red flag that they don’t actually care.

#2 To Stop Financial Theft

If the majority of the revenue you are generating is being extracted from you in the form of “overhead,” your money is being stolen. Some doctors are taxed with 85% overhead. That means if you get reimbursed $100 for seeing a patient, you only get $15. Here’s a quick video I made on how I tripled my income per patient by quitting my job. You should quit now and do the same.

#3 To Stop Fraud & Criminal Activity

If you are working in a clinic or hospital that is committing Medicare or insurance fraud by upcoding and billing patients for care they did not receive, your life and license is on the line. YOU are an accomplice to crimes in your workplace if you knowingly continue to participate in them.

If your employer is guilty of human rights violations and other crimes against humanity such as sexual harassment, bullying, hazing, and sleep deprivation that endangers your life or the lives of your patients you are supporting this behavior unless you do something to stop the crimes or withdraw your support by leaving the criminal organization.

Besides the obvious crimes against humanity, fraud, personal financial theft, and threats against your life that could end up in homicide or suicide, you are likely not feeling super excited about going back to work in the morning because you feel underappreciated, overworked, and underpaid so here’s our message for you:

It is your birthright to be a healer and give your gifts to the world. Do NOT let anyone hold you back any longer. Or threaten you. Or control you with fear. You must be free to practice medicine in alignment with your highest values. Watch this 52-second video above again and again until you recognize that YOU deserve to be free.

“I am bold, confident, empowered, powerful. I am a powerhouse. Who’s ready to live their dream? I am the beacon of light to other doctors who have been oppressed. Who have been depressed. Who have felt like the weight of the world was on their shoulders. Felt unappreciated, felt overworked and underpaid. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I am not alone in all the experiences that I’ve had in medicine that were just horrible. I’ve been there and we will overcome. Being beat up for seeing my patients for too long. And laughing with my patients and loving my patients. Come to the retreat. Get refreshed. Joyful. I found. My tribe. It’s gonna be fine. Everything is gonna be alright as long as you get the help that you need. We can be happy. We can be successful. We can be free. And fearless. I am fearless. I am confident. I am competent. I am a competent physician. YES YOU ARE!”

You deserve to live your dreams in medicine.

Can’t wait for our next retreat?  Get 20 hours of step-by-step fast track instructions now on how to quit your job, liberate yourself, and launch your dream clinic immediately—on demand.



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8 comments on “3 danger signs it’s time to quit your job
  1. Abused Doctor says:

    Abuse has become common in most medical organizations. Institutional violence. The abuse is passed down to patients and back up again. Thanks for drawing attention to the cycle of abuse and to doctor suicides. Bless you.

  2. DN says:

    Familiar story. I was written up for not writing a letter for a patient threatening me. Docs need to stand up for their rights or nothing will change.

  3. Donald says:

    a sign of the times, too, of our evolutionary process (bad word for a conservative to hear) when our responses begin with threats of violence. as a pediatrician, and you an FP, a child is to be treated with truth, no threats, only promises, to learn consequences. florida was the 1st state to codify deadly violence, make-my-day, stand-my-ground, I-felt-threatened, or my dumbass partner cop, etc etc etc, so of course the creep is back in an hour with a gun. republican fallacy of american exceptionalism is conflict resolution at the end of a smoking gun. to shoot someone is to good by the gods? a serious case of illogic. be killed or be retired. such an option. american, yay, we are armed and they are armed, a personal conversation. truly mass hysteria mass psycho-pathology. cheers.

  4. DC says:

    I love how you cut right to the issues, you call it like it is, and I love your fearless attitude.

  5. CB says:

    It’s sad that healthcare workplace violence and abusive behavior by patients are common. A lot of us are subjected to this on a daily basis and this is considered normal.

  6. Swati Shah says:

    OMG love this! Thank you!

  7. Queensland Doc says:

    Hi Pamela. Look at the AMA Queensland (Australia)’s response to survey results indicating the impact of bullying on doctors. This just set us back several decades.

  8. Claude says:

    I’m a patient and stumbled across the site and took a look. The healthcare situation for all us is bad it’s becoming a tragedy for sure from reading some of the issues doctors are having both in practice as well as from the abusive training.
    I’m a senior and in my opinion the worst thing that ever happened to healthcare was the privatization and for-profit healthcare that has skyrocketed in size over the past several decades.
    Money & billing is more important than anything now.
    The present system isn’t working for any of us.
    Doctor groups continue to sell to bigger groups, hospitals continue to merge also, maybe this is part of the cause of over working doctors and undermining the quality of patient care.
    Doctors, I’m afraid are the only ones who can join together as a group to change things. All the good doctors know how medicine should be vs how it is presently.

    Legislation also has to change things. The costs of medical equipment and drugs is higher in the US than anywhere else since Corporation profits are capped like they are in other countries.
    The government hasn’t been doing a very good job looking after anyone but the wealthy corporations. Hopefully times are changing and you doctors need to organize and precipitate the changes.
    We (USA) have the highest medical costs but quality of care is ranked about #16 in the world.
    Our system is totally broken.

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