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Top 10 fears that hold doctors back →

In this podcast I interview a dear friend and therapist, Sydney Ashland, who shares the top 10 fears that hold doctors back.  Learn how to overcome your fears and boost your self-confidence in this 45-minute segment extracted from our physician

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Port Angeles doctor opens ideal clinic—designed by patients →

It’s like a scene from a fairy tale—a dream come true for the patients of Port Angeles, Washington. And the heroine of this tale is Dr. Lissa Lubinski, a family doc with a plan to open the first ideal clinic designed by patients

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10 signs it’s time to quit your job →

Attention all nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, midwives, doctors and anyone else in health care: here are the top 10 warning signs that it is time to quit your job. The first three are mine. The rest are from colleagues.

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How to say NO (for people pleasers) →

People pleasers are dangerous. They actually end up hurting people. Don’t be too nice anymore. Here’s how I recovered—and you can too! Listen in . . . Check out the letter I just received: Hi Pamela, I’m slowly making changes,

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A doctor’s love letter to a doctor →

My Dearest Love, Fiancé, Partner, and Best Friend, I want you to know just how much I love you. I genuinely love you with every ounce of my body and soul.  🙂 But I worry about you. You’ve been beaten

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Need a mentor? Here’s how to find one. →

If you don’t have a mentor or you’re not sure you’ve got the right mentor, read on . . . (and listen to the expanded podcast above). The right mentor will help you manifest your goals in record time. The

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My best advice for physicians in 3 minutes →

Last week I spoke at a residency retreat. A surgery resident asked for my big take-home message. Here it is (and this applies to everyone on the planet not just medical students and physicians). Remember the dreams you had as

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7 steps to financial freedom in 2017 →

I grew up studying my physician parents. My dad, a pathologist, was a hard-working hospital employee with multiple odd jobs on the side. He always worried about whether he’d have enough for retirement (though he never really wanted to retire).

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7 secrets to live your dream in 2017 →

I’m a family doc living my dream life in my dream clinic in my dream town. Now I’m spreading my love. During the past 12 years, I’ve helped hundreds of medical students, doctors, and health professionals overcome their fears so

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Is your doctor worth more than a plumber? →

I asked a group of docs I’m coaching how much they’re worth per hour. Interesting question given docs have 11+ years of specialized training beyond high school. Surgeons spend most of their 20s and 30s in school. By the time

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Medical marketing: 147 ways to grow your clinic now →

Need help getting patients? Medical marketing is my specialty. In 2005, I pioneered the first ideal clinic designed entirely by patients. Six months later, my waiting list was out of control—nearly twice my number of patients. I gave the list to a new

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Who else wants to be debt-free & quit working by 36? →

Want to step off the treadmill? Here’s a fool proof strategy: live debt free. If your life seems out of balance, maybe the life you’re living isn’t your own. If you’re a doctor, nurse, midwife, med student—anyone who wants to

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An ingrown toenail is not a lung transplant (how primary care is being held hostage to tertiary care) →

Here’s a quick review of health care delivery basics: Primary care – Stuff you can get handled with your primary care doctor in your neighborhood. Example: ingrown toenail. Secondary care – Stuff your primary care doctor refers to a secondary

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Want to hang out with diabetic truckers with erectile dysfunction? Or hippie women with chronic yeast infections? Who’s your ideal patient? →

Attention doctors: If you’re not attracting your ideal patients, don’t blame them. They probably have no idea how to find you. That’s your job. So who do you really want to see? What patient population makes you excited to jump

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How to triple your income on every patient (& boycott big-box medicine) →

Okay this is Medical Economics 101. Today we’re going to talk about overhead. It is big-box medicine versus an ideal clinic. This is my true life story. My Overhead—Before and After When I worked at a big-box medical clinic my

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